Ahh, sometimes fantasies and love can get the best of us. This series will be dedicated to

a club member that has the thoughts about Flamey as I do. Most of it will be Yaoi, just to

warn you guys. But, it is sweet and sentimental, and I hope everyone likes it. As always,

little kids should avoid these fics and Digimon belongs to Fox and all those other

companies. So, with no further ado, lets get to the story.



Greatest Love... (I'll set this one to R because it is mostly a transition chapter, don't

expect much action here, I want to really get into the characters.)

By Flamedramon_Lover


Last time on True Love: Trouble, Flamedramon X Steve in Shower... Mom comes home

you can pretty much figure it out.


Scene opens with Steve looking up at Flamedramon a worried look on his face. He shakes his head

slowly as his hazel eyes fill lightly with tears afraid they are going to get caught. Flamedramon

blinks for a moment not sure what to do, as Steve's mom calls from outside the bathroom again.

Steve slowly mouths the words, "pretend I'm not here" to Flamedramon. Flamedramon nods silently.


Steve slowly pushes a bit away from Flamedramon and slides flat on his belly lying against

the bottom of the tub. Flamedramon looks down at Steve for a moment at his feet and then

at the door. He clears his throat lightly trying to get the gummy fuzzy feeling out of them.

Flamedramon opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out, he looks at Steve a moment his

eyes filled with fear since he didn't know what to do. Steve looks at Flamedramon and waves his

hands trying to tell Flamedramon something without making any noise.


A bottle that was near the side of the tub is inadvertently knocked over by the waving motion as it

hits Steve after it falls. Steve bites down trying not to make a sound but a small sound escapes

from his vocal cords much to their dismay. Flamedramon starts becoming even more panicy, even if he

was the digimon of courage he had never faced something like this. Steve just shakes his head and

motions for Flamedramon to speak again.


"What was that sound?" Lyla asks from outside the door tapping it impaitently.


Flamedramon coughs and finnally is able to say something but it is quiet and dry the stress and tension

had made it hard for him to talk. Flamedramon clears his throat again and tries to say something, this

time he was more lucky as something finally comes out of his mouth.


"I dropped the shampoo bottle" Flamedramon says, his voice shaky and quiet, he was almost afraid Steve's

mom would be able to figure out what was going on.


"Oh.. ok..." Lyla replies, "Where's Steve?"


Flamedramon flashes a glance down at Steve as if saying "Oh no, she asked it, what will I say?!" Steve

looks up at Flamedramon he himself really not sure what to say. He had never faced this before either,

he knew his parents understood about... sex.. but with Flamedramon? That wouldn't be acceptable.. if

they ever found out Flamedramon would probally have to go.... away.... He stops thinking those

thoughts too much for him as he looks up at Flamedramon forcing a smile.


Flamedramon looks at the smile and seems to become more confident as he calls out, "Steve went out



Flamedramon has his hands clapsed together because he is worried that something would happen. His hands

begin to squeeze each other slowly as it tightens around his fingers. He is so tense and stressed he

just couldn't release them as he anxiously waits for the awnser or better yet Steve's mom leaving.

Turning around he kneels down slowly he can be with Steve in case this is their last moments toghether

he smiles slowly and taps Steve on the shoulder. Steve looks at Flamedramon slightly confused but get's

up slowly.


Lyla thinks to herself outside, "It makes sense that he went skating" she says to heself. Becoming vocal

now she tells Flamedramon, "Well.. ok, tell him when he comes back to clean up his room, I'll be back in

a few hours." Lyla grabs what she needs and walks outside. The door closes lightly behind her with a

click of the lock.


Flamedramon's keen ears pick up the sound, he remains frozen in place as he stands chest to chest with

Steve in the shower not sure if it really was over. The sound of the car starting and driving away

confirmed it. Flamedramon and Steve both burst into tears hugging each other tightly. Flamedramon's

reddish brown eyes slowly drip tears onto the shorter Steve. Steve cries into Flamedramon's chest

matting the fur even more making it salty with his tears.


Flamedramon manages out between the tears, "Steve... I thought I was going to lose you..."

Steve cries a bit harder just not wanting to be apart from Flamedramon, "I know.. me too.."


They just cry after that, both embraced tightly in each other, sheading their tears of love, joy, and

fear as stress and dangerously of the last event slowly passes. Nothing else could be done about it

both of them too devoted, too caring, too loving to even think about being apart. After a little bit

they slowly release each other and look at each other, their eyes still red from their crying.


Steve chuckles lightly as he looks at Flamedramon's reddish eyes the red a bit more than the brown

as he reaches up lightly and brushes the tears still clinging to the fur away. Flamedramon smiles and

reaches down with his hand and brushes Steve's tears away also smiling now, glad that it is over.

They had been scared, frightened, stunned, and many othe things all at once.. they had kept it inside

now that they had released it.. it felt so good.


Time slowly passed by, Flamedramon and Steve's relationship grew closer and closer... everyday... it

was special... hidden in the shadows.. or when no one was home... Flamedramon and Steve would share

some of the warmest moments... never did anything go wrong. Darkness was a cape of love for them...

hidden together, everything would be just perfect, everything was right. Passion, compassion, flowed

from each other like a fountain straight to each other's hearts.


As the months went by, Steve would always spend time with Flamedramon, they were always together..

closely together, everything they did together, when Steve went out... Flamedramon would come along

it was like a guardian angel watching over him all the time, a warm safe feeling Steve had when

Flamedramon was around.. he knew he was safe whenever Flamedramon was around, he would watch him

carefully, looking out for all dangers...


Flamedramon woke up and stretched feeling a slight pain in his arms he rubs them just gently massaging

the fur and flesh with his hands as he looks at Steve sleeping quietly next to him, his face had a

composing smile on it, a smile of happiness and joy. Flamedramon smiles as he feels a buzzing feeling

down his spine, and then up and around his ears as the buzzing noise started in his ears. Shaking his

head quickly he rubs away the strange feelings as they slowly floated away Steve started to stir. Flame

forgot about his problems with the pains and buzzing and smiles at Steve as Steve turned around in bed.


Opening his eyes Steve looks up at Flamedramon, his faithful dramon digimon smiling down at him. He

smiles up at Flamedramon and brings a hand up stroking Flamedramon's cheek just lightly enough to brush

his fingers through the soft velvety fur as the sun beams shined down on them both. Flamedramon makes a

low murring sound in his throat as he brushes against Steve's hand with his cheek as he hops out of bed.

Steve stretches as well and hops out of bed grabbing some clothes and putting them on. Walking to the

bathroom he does his hair before going out.


Flamedramon winces feeling the buzzing sound in his ears, brushing it off again, as he smiles at Steve

brightly. "So Steve, what are we going to do today?" he looks at Steve, Steve walks to the fridge and

pours himself a glass of milk as well as pulling out some bread and pops it in the toaster. "Well... I

thought we could go out for something wild and nature like.. maybe a hike up and arond the trees and

forests..." "Great Idea Steve.. I'm up for it.. but I'm a little hungry.." Steve smiles and shakes his

head looking at his dramon digimon, "yeah I bet you are, you are always hungry.." "You bet. Is that

toast done yet?" Flamedramon walks over to the toaster and looks at it. "Just about Flamedramon..."


The toaster buzzes for a second, Flamedramon reaches up to brushes his ears, as he catches Steve looking

at him, "Flamedramon?" "Hmm? Oh.. I thought the buzzing was me.. heh... " "Flamedramon.. Heh..." Steve

smiles and and pulls the toast out and sets it on a plate, before he could do anything half of a peice of

toast was in Flamedramon's muzzle. "heh, you are fast Flamedramon.." "what did you expect? Dramons are

supposed to be fast.." "Yeah.. I gotcha.. what did you think I didn't know?" "Of course not Steve... I

mean you are my partner..." Flamedramon replies with a wink.


Steve smiles and reaches down for the other peice of toast, seeing it gone he turns and looks at

Flamedramon whistling innocently... "Flamedramon.. I dont' know what I'm going to do.. you eat

faster.. than I can." Chuckling he pulls two more peices of toast out, being sure to get one for

himself before the other one dissapears. Steve shakes his head and spreads peanut butter over the

toast and eats his breakfast.


A little later Flamedramon and Steve set out to the moutains and forests. There was a bit of walking

involved and Steve looked at Flamedramon beggingly, "Flamedramon.. I don't want to walk that far..."

Flamedramon looks down at his partner.. "You mean.. you want me to carry you?" "Heh, yeah.. that's

what I mean.." "Sure.. Steve.." Flamedramon reaches down and wraps his arms around Steve's chest

holding him tightly as he clings tightly. Steve smiles and clutches to Flamedramon's arm holding on

tightly as he gets ready for the first leap into the air.


Flamedramon smiles as Steve clutches on, he brings his legs down his tail moving back and weaving

behind him as he takes a quick leap into the air feeling the ground move away from him, as he popped

into air. Everything was just perfect for leaping as he leaped high into the air sailing through the

air like a bird, the interia kept him going for a while before slowly making his desecent.. Grunting

slightly as he landed on the ground he smiles at Steve... "See.. that's the way to travel..." "yeah..

Flamedramon.. you're strong.. you can leap that high and far.. some of us can't.." "That's why I'm

here for you Steve.." "I'm glad you are..."


Steve clutches tightly to his strong protector, his lover, his partner, the only one he ever wants to

be with as Flamedramon leaped from place to place taking him further and further closer towards the

trees and the forest. "Hey Steve.. watch this..." "Flamedramon.. you better.. AHH!" Flamedramon leaped

up into the air backflipping through the air 3 times in a row landing on his feet. Steve shakes his

head and presses his head against Flamedramon's chest.. "Don't scare me like that... I thought I was

going to fall out.." "Do you think I would let you fall?" "Probally not.." "That's right.."

Flamedramon smirks and leaps on towards the trees.


As they slowly got closer to the trees, Steve looked up into to the sky seeing a darkening... "Umm..

Flamedramon I think it might rain..." "On a day like this, when me and you are out together? Never."

"Heh, as much as you don't want it to rain Flamedramon... I think it might... just look at those

clouds..." "Hmm..." Flamedramon says slightly musing as he looks up to the clouds almost hitting a

tree as they leaped into the forest... "Well.. at least we are safe inside the forest now.. Here you

are.." Flamedramon set Steven down gently and looks at his partner. "So... now what?" "Well I guess

we walk around and have some fun." "Sounds great!"


Flamedramon walked along the forest path as it wound around and over the hills, Steve walking close

to him. Flamedramon sniffs the air slightly remarking something to himself he stretches out his tail

and pulls Steve in close. "Hey!" "Steve.. just protecting you... don't worry..." "I know that.. you

just startled me for a second.." Steve smiles feeling the soft fur brush against his body gently as a

low omnimous sound of thunder comes from the south. "Um.. Flamedramon I think that means rain.."

"Yeah.. I guess it decided to rain on our little outing.. let's go take shelter in that cave, what do

you say Steve?" "Fine with me.. I don't want you getting drenched in the rain..."


Smiling Flamedramon makes his way to the cave, Steve following even closer, due the the fact the

tail was pulling him in, but he didn't mind. Scooting inside the cave staying near the edge of the

cave so there was still light Flamedramon crouched down near the ground sitting on the light moss

covered floor as Steve sits next to him. "You know Flamedramon.. this isn't such a bad place, quiet,

and peaceful.." "Yeah I have to agree with you there Steve..." Flamedramon smiles and looks at his

partner, Steve was looking at Flamedramon too, smiling.


Flamedramon stretches out his tail again and pulls Steve a bit closer, Steve smiles and crawls over

to Flamedramon hugging him closely finding the caches of Flamedramon's chest armor he unclasps it and

pulls it off slowly resting his cheek lightly on Flamedramon's soft furred chest. Flamedramon smiles

and releases his hold on the claws from inside and drops them to one side putting a blue hand on

Steve's head gently and rubbing the hair there gently. Steve smiles and closes his eyes feeling safe

and warm, Flamedramon's tail around him, his face resting quietly on Flamedramon's chest.


"Steve... I'm so glad I'm here with you, I always wanted it to be like this..." Flamedramon whispers

quietly to his partner as he strokes his head gently and carefully. Steve smiles and snuggles his head

deeper into the soft velvety fur of Flamedramon's chest rubbing his hands over the soft fur enjoying

the feeling. "I'm glad I'm here with you too Flamedramon, I always wanted us to be like this, ever

since the very beginning, I wanted to be with you like this..." "Steve... you don't know how much

that means to me, I knew I was yours as soon as I came out of the digiegg, I could feel it..." "Thanks



Steve brings his head up slowly and looks into Flamedramon's reddish brown eyes, they seemed a bit

darker, guessing it was because the sun wasn't out he smiles and pushes his face into the soft fur

between Flamedramon's neck getting a soft murring sound from his dramon Digimon. Flamedramon murrs

gently as he wraps his arms tightly around his partner pulling him closer to him, pressing their

bodies together gently feeling the cloth rub against his fur. He slides a hand between Steve's face

and his neck pulling Steve up so he can look at his eyes.


Blinking slowly Steve pulls closer to Flamedramon his nose touching the tip of Flamedramon's muzzle

as they look into each other's eyes. Slowly and gently Steve presses in gently kissing the tip of

Flamedramon's muzzle as gently as he could, Flamedramon's ears perk up slightly as he kisses Steve

back gently his soft muzzle brushing against Steve's soft lips, sharing this special moment with his

partner was just perfect for Flamedramon. Steve holds the kiss longer, as he and Flamedramon are

connected together, in friendship, in love, in partnership, as the kiss holds out longer and longer.

Finnally Steve pulls away gently blinking his eyes slowly small moist droplets building in the corner

of his eyes.


"Flamedramon... that was so wonderful... You don't know how much I love you..." "Steve..." Flamedramon

begins slowly nuzzling Steve's cheek gently with the soft fur on the side of his muzzle, "I think I

do... I think it's as strong as I love you...." Steve looks at Flamedramon his eyes glistening with

tears, he was so happy, he had always wanted to be with his partner like this... Flamedramon blinks

his eyes tears coming to them too, his reddish brown eyes were sparkled with tiny crystal like droplets

of water.


Sniffling just slightly Flamedramon allows Steve to rest on his chest as it rains outside, the soft

plattering of the rain creating a cascade of sounds from the outside, floating into the cave in a

gentle calm roar. Everything was just right as Flamedramon closes his eyes, hugging the one he loves

so dearly, close to his heart, knowing he would protect him with his life as he falls asleep quietly,

the sound of Steve's gentle breathing in his ears still.


After some time, Steve wakes up blinking his eyes, bringing up his hands he rubs his eyes slightly

looking up at Flamedramon, a small smile on his muzzle. Steve smiles feeling warm and safe in

Flamedramon's arms, he had slept so peacefully, looking outside he noticed it was getting very dark

the small streaks of red, orange, yellow, and purple filled the sky, hinting at the arriving sunset.

Steve brought a hand up to Flamedramon's muzzle and stroked it gently knowing Flamedramon would wake

up from the soft touch, but the Dramon made no response. Steve blinks in suprise and looks down at the

tail to his side, it wasn't quivering or swaying like it usually was.


Becoming alarmed Steve puts his ear against Flamedramon's chest hearing the beating of the heart

inside but it wasn't the same gently roar he would usually hear, it was much slower or it appeared

to be. Shaking his head he refused to believe what his senses were telling us as he brough a hand up

to Flamedramon's ears stroking them gently, startled by what he felt, they  were cold, freezing cold.

He grasps Flamedramon's shoulders and shakes him gently trying to get him to wake up, but there was no

use, Flamedramon wouldn't wake up, he was in some sort of sleep. "Flamedramon! Wake up, you can't leave

me like this!" Steve calls out to his partner, but he gets no response.


Instantly Steve knows he has to get help, but where would he get help? They were in the middle of no

where, the nearest house was miles away, he couldn't leave Flamedramon. "But... if I don't get help..."

Steve said to himself, not letting himself think more he stands up. "Wait here Flamedramon I'll get

help." Steve dashes out of the cave, as the sun starts to set lower, the sky darkening, he was against

the clock against everything, he had to get help to Flamedramon soon, Flamedramon had to be sick...


"Flamedramon, I'll get help don't worry..." Steve says to himself as he dashes through the forest

running as fast as he could, he had to get to someplace fast with a phone, if he could call the

emergency workers, he could save Flamedramon, if not... gasping for breath he runs faster trying not

to trip over the branches and tree limbs that were in his way. "FLAMEDRAMON, HANG ON!!" He yells into

the air as he runs for his love's life, he wouldn't let him die, even if he pushed himself to the end.



Well, never a dull moment for Flamedramon and Steve... what will happen? Why didn't Steve notice

the signs of Flamedramon getting sick? What will happen? Keep reading to find out. Questions,

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