Ahh, sometimes fantasies and love can get the best of us. This series will be dedicated to

a club member that has the thoughts about Flamey as I do. Most of it will be Yaoi, just to

warn you guys. But, it is sweet and sentimental, and I hope everyone likes it. As always,

little kids should avoid these fics and Digimon belongs to Fox and all those other

companies. So, with no further ado, lets get to the story.



Cleaning Up (NC-17 again for the sexual material. Heh, it will get worse as it goes on)

By Flamedramon_Lover


Last time on True Love: Flamedramon and Steve just shared some intimate moments and

are now sleeping in each other's arms.


Scene opens with Flamedramon hugging Steve in his sleep, a happy smile on both Steve

and Flamedramon's face.


Flamedramon has his arms wrapped around his love, Steve as his chest rises up and down

slowly in his sleep. Steve smiles happily, from the pleasure a while ago, as his mind is

filled with happy thoughts and wonderful ideas. His heart full and happy from the good

feelings and contentment he feels.


The clock slowly moves as time passes and the night fades away. The sun slowly rises

over the horizon and shows itself to the world lighting up the room with the faint early

light. Steve's mom opens the door slowly peeking into the room, looking around just a

bit, to check up on Steve, making sure he is ok. She looks around noticing that

Flamedramon's armor is all off. She wonders for a bit but pushes the thought out of her



Pushing the door open a bit, she steps into the room, looking around through the early

morning light. Everything looks normal, except Steve and Flamedramon tight embrace

with each other. She looks at Flamedramon's unarmored face having never seen it before.

She shrugs and walks out of the room, thinking a few things but deciding it is nothing.

She walks to the kitchen and picks up her stuff before leaving for work.


Time slowly passes by after Steve's mom leaves. Steve continues to sleep silently

hugging Flamedramon tightly in his arms. The sun slowly pushes higher and higher into

the sky, as more and more light fills the room. A single beam of sunlight flows into the

room and shines on Flamedramon's eyes. Flamedramon blinks a bit, as if trying to push

the sun away from his eyes. The sunlight continues the shine, as Flamedramon slowly

starts to wake up. Flamedramon lets out a small yawn as he opens his eyes, blinking a bit. 


Flamedramon looks at Steve smiling just a bit, giving him a small kiss on the forehead.

Enjoying the soothing warmth of the sun, he smiles contently, giving Steve a hug, presses

Steve's bare chest against his soft chest fur, just over the spine and back bones, running

over the skin. Steve lets out a small gasp from the sensations, still sleeping consciously.

Flamedramon looks down at Steve, pressed against his body, blinking his reddish brown

eyes at him, before giving him a small poke in the ribs. Steve shakes his head and opens

his eyes slowly.


Steve blinks his eyes, waking up slowly. At first he sees nothing but white and blue fur,

then feeling the soft rising and lowering of the Flamedramon chest he smiles and presses

his face deeply into Flamedramon's fur rubbing his cheek against the fur, smelling it and

enjoying the soft feeling.


"Flamedramon.... your fur is so soft..." Steve says quietly.

"Thanks... I keep it nice and soft with a good washing every day..." Flamedramon replies.


Steve pulls his face away from Flamedramon's fur and looks at him in the eyes. He smiles

a bit and presses a hand to Flamedramon's unmasked cheek, giving him a kiss.

Flamedramon grins a bit and kisses Steve, enjoying the small sensations. Steve pulls

Flamedramon closer, presses his nude body against Flamedramon's body, letting the fur

and skin rub together giving him greater pleasure. Flamedramon pulls away from the kiss

and winks at Steve. Steve looks at Flamedramon for a moment a bit confused, blinking

his eyes.


"How about you join me today for my little cleaning?" Flamedramon suggests in a half

mocking tone.

"You're going to make me wash your back?" Steve replies in an equally mocking tone.

"I dunno, why don't you come in with me and see?" Flamedramon suggests again half


"Ok, I will!" Steve proclaims.

"Heh heh heh," Flamedramon continues to chuckle, "I knew you wouldn't refuse."

"How could I refuse spending time with a dragon like you?" Steve replies half laughing

himself, poking Flamedramon in the cheek.


Flamedramon smiles and gets out of bed giving Steve a look. Steve pulls off the covers

and hops out of bed too standing next to Flamedramon. He shivers a bit, feeling the cold

air move over his body, not used to the sudden coldness. Flamedramon gives Steve a

little hug, looking him over a bit. He grins and then starts chuckling again. Steve looks at

Flamedramon confused all over again. He pokes Flamedramon in the ribs, giving him a



"Sorry...." Flamedramon says, "I just noticed you are completely ready for it..."

"What do you mean?" Steve asks.

"You aren't wearing anything!" Flamedramon exclaims.

"Hee hee hee" Steve laughs, "I guess so, that means we better get going."

"Yeah..." Flamedramon agrees.


Flamedramon turns and walks towards the door slowly, opening the door up, he looks

around outside. Grinning seeing that everyone is gone, he steps out of the room and

stands outside, stretching a bit, loosening his muscles just a bit. He pats down his fur a

bit, just for the fun of it as he waits for Steve. Steve peeks out the door also and then steps

out making a quick run for the bathroom. Flamedramon smiles and follows Steve in a

usual pace. Steve runs into the bathroom and waits for Flamedramon to arrive.

Flamedramon steps into the bathroom and closes the door with a foot. Reaching behind

himself, he locks the door to the bathroom the click of the mechanism running though the



"So what do we do now?" Steve asks.

"Isn't it obvious?" Flamedramon replies with a question. "Turn on the water, so I can take

a shower"

"I knew that!" Steve exclaims.

"Sure you did" Flamedramon replies sarcastically with a smile.


Steve steps into the shower standing there for a moment, waiting for Flamedramon.

Flamedramon quickly steps into the shower with Steve and gives him a look. Steve

understands and bends down, turning on the water so it is just the right them. The shower

starts up as steam slowly rises from the shower, the hot water impacting Flamedramon

and Steve. Flamedramon grabs a bar of special soap and begins lathering himself with the

soap, creating quite a few bubbles all over his body. Steve grabs another bar of soap and

lathers himself, while Flamedramon is.


"Hey Steve, do you mind if you help me lather my back?" Flamedramon asks.

"Sure... I don't' care..." Steve replies. "But only if you do mine too."

"Ok, it's a deal, you help me, and I help you..." Flamedramon says.

"Yup!" Steve replies and begins vigorously lathering Flamedramon's back.


Steve moves his hands over Flamedramon's back, clutching a bar of soap tightly rubbing

it over the soft fur. He starts at the top, near Flamedramon's neck, bringing the soap back

and forth across the fur, creating bubbles and lathering it well. Steve runs his fingers

through the soft fur at the same time, feeling them slip and slide through the fur due to he

soap and water.


Flamedramon smiles from the sensations of the soap and the fingers moving across his

upper back, he bends his back a bit, so Steve can reach it better. Closing his eyes,

Flamedramon presses a hand against the shower wall, relaxing completely, enjoying the

soap massaging he is receiving from Steve. Steve notices and grins, happy that

Flamedramon is enjoying it as he moves lower, running across the back bit by bit.


Steve works lower and a bit faster, making sure every little part of Flamedramon's back

is covered with a thick layer of soap bubbles. Flamedramon in turn, relaxes completely,

almost going to sleep, as Steve pleasures him from the soap and lathering. Flamedramon

feels a bit funny, since he is feeling a bit aroused from the lathering. He shakes his head a

bit forgetting these feelings and allows Steve to continue.


Steve completes the job, and gives the back a few more rubs, ensuring everything is

perfect. Flamedramon notices and turns around, letting the hot shower water run down

his back, washing off the soap, leaving his fur, sleek and smooth. Steve runs a hand

through the wet fur, enjoying the sleek feeling.


"Mmmmm.... Flamedramon your fur is so nice..." Steve says, "It has a special feeling

when it is wet."

"You think so?" Flamedramon asks.

"Yeah, it feels very... it's too hard to describe..." Steve says.

"Heh, I must be real special." Flamedramon says, "Now it is my turn..."


Flamedramon flips Steve around so the water is not hitting Steve's back. Flamedramon

picks up the bar of soap and rubs it in his hands rubbing it around, getting up a good

lather. Then pressing it against Steve's back, rubbing the soap bar up and down over his

back, stopping at the waist, so he doesn't wander any lower, for a few reasons.


Flamedramon runs his hands over Steve's back, letting them slide around over the skin,

rubbing it softly. Steve lets out a small gasp, from the feeling of Flamedramon's hands

running over his back. Flamedramon completes his job and flips Steve around, letting the

soap easily wash off Steve's back.


Steve turns around and looks up at Flamedramon, the hot water splashing on them both.

Flamedramon looks back at Steve, smiling just a bit, his eyes glimmering in the light. The

steam rising up from the shower and the hot water was making them both very hot and

something else.


Steve looks deeply into Flamedramon's reddish brown eyes, letting the beauty and power

of the eyes take him to a new plane. Flamedramon looks back at Steve's eyes, sharing the

moment of pure peace and harmony, enjoying the happiness and calm that reigns over the

area. Flamedramon opens his mouth to speak, but Steve presses a finger against

Flamedramon's mouth, holding it close lightly.


Steve then runs a hand down Flamedramon's chest from the neck down, slowly running

his hands through the white fur there. The water in the fur causes it to stick together

lightly, making it smooth and slick as Steve moves his hand through the fur.

Flamedramon smiles from the sensation, giving up on talking, letting Steve do what he

wants, because he wants it just as much as Steve.


Steve spreads his fingers out, making them into a sort of web shape, expanding the area

he can cover with one hand. He slides his hand down slowly, following the white fur,

pressing against Flamedramon's skin. Steve pushes his hand a bit harder, pushing his

fingers into Flamedramon's skin, massaging it lightly with his fingers. Flamedramon

closes his eyes; no longer looking into Steve's just enjoying the fingers dancing across

his torso.


Steve notices the Flamedramon's actions and smiles to himself, glad that Flamedramon is

enjoying his actions. Steve continues moving his hand lower, reaching the center of

Flamedramon's torso; he rubs Flamedramon's stomach area, lightly, just ensuring that

every place is covered. Flamedramon feels himself becoming more and more aroused

from the tantalizing finger play as his sheath begins to throb.


Steve follows his hand with his face; pulling his other hand away from Flamedramon's

face he sets it lightly on Flamedramon's back. Steve presses his face into deeply into

Flamedramon's soft fur, feeling his nose brushing against the skin on the other side. He

presses his other hand down on Flamedramon's back part of his neck, squeezing the flesh

there just lightly.


Steve trails his hand down Flamedramon's spine, moving along the bone there, rubbing it

in circles. He slides his hand across Flamedramon's back in a circular pattern moving

lower and lower each time a revolution is completed. Steve moves his face down slowly

resting it on Flamedramon's stomach, while his hand is directly opposite of his face's

position. Taking his right hand he sets is softly between Flamedramon's legs, on the

throbbing sheath rubbing it slowly.


Flamedramon moans quietly, deeply inside his throat, as Steve rubs his sheath. Steve uses

his left hand to rub the base of Flamedramon's tail, having moved down Flamedramon's

spine already. Steve bends down on his knees, kneeling in the shower he presses his face

against his right hand, which is against Flamedramon's sheath. Steve spreads his pointer

and middle finger on his right hand, giving his nose room to push against Flamedramon's

sheath lightly.


His left hands moves slowly in conjunction, rubbing in a circular motion like before, over

Flamedramon's tail base and his butt cheeks. Steve curls his fingers on his right hand and

slips two fingers into Flamedramon's throbbing sheath, one finger on each side of the

hidden pouch. He keeps his middle and pointer finger outside while his other fingers

move in, brushing the sensitive flesh of the sheath.


Flamedramon moans a bit louder enjoying the light rubbing over his lower body, and

most importantly the fingers touching the sensitive inside of his sheath. Steve closes his

eyes, letting his touch and his feelings do the work for him, his eyes resting. Moving his

head up, he presses his head against the opening of the sheath, breathing hot air into the

confined space, causing Flamedramon to shiver with pleasure.


Steve sticks out his tongue, between his tightly closed lips, pushing his tongue out as far

as he can; he brushes the tip against Flamedramon's throbbing member. His fingers

playing over Flamedramon's tail base, and buttocks quickly, exploring all the portions of

the blue fur, playing with ever little bit of Flamedramon' body.  Pressing his right hand in

a bit deeper he pushes against the soft flesh of Flamedramon's sheath, presses against it

lightly, gently brushing it also.


Flamedramon stands there, lost in pleasure as Steve plays with his body as if it were a

new toy. His tail moves slowly up and down with the pulsating of his heart, as the

pleasure slowly raises his heart increases it's pace. Along with his tail, as it moves up and

down faster with the pleasure, coursing through his body.


Steve smiles at the feeling of Flamedramon tail moving up and down quickly with the

pleasure. Steve withdraws his tongue in for just a moment, putting his right hand deeply

into Flamedramon's sheath, foundling the contents inside. Steve brushes his hand against

Flamedramon's balls lightly, taking each one in his hands, giving it a light squeeze and a

good rub.


Flamedramon's tail moves up and down faster, in tune with his breathing pace as it

slowly increases. He breathes in faster, not much but a small difference can still be

detected, his member throbs faster as it begins to push itself out of its hidden sheath right

against Steve's mouth. Steve pulls his head back a bit, letting Flamedramon's member

fully extend as more and more of the blue blood fills it.


Flamedramon opens his eyes for an instant looking down at his shaft, pulsating and

throbbing in front of Steve's face. He blushes for a moment, suddenly realizing what he

has gotten himself into, but he enjoys it... and he wants it, to tell the truth. Flamedramon

smiles and closes his eyes, letting Steve continue with pleasuring him.


Steve watches the shaft; throbbing and pulsating in front of him he brings his left hand

back with his right hand holding it under Flamedramon's balls. He cups his hands under

Flamedramon's balls, rubbing the area between the thighs and Flamedramon's ball sack,

getting a positive response from the dragon digimon.


Steve pulls one of his hands away from Flamedramon's balls, leaving his left hand there

to massage them. His right hand moves to the throbbing member in front of his face. His

right hand gives it a light poke, finding that it is rock hard and perfectly ready. Steve

smiles and looks at it for a moment, while his right hand rubs around the base of the

shaft, up and down moving his pointer finger to the vein behind it, he runs a singer finger

up and down it.


Flamedramon shivers from the slight rubbing down the underside of his member along

his blood vessel. His tail is now moving down faster than before from all of the

sensations coming from the most sensitive part of his body. His breathing rate also

increases, lightly huffing out air, but not panting at all.


Steve looks up at Flamedramon apprehensively for a moment blinking his own shining

eyes, looking handsome the way he is too. Flamedramon opens his eyes, looking down at

Steve for a little, his eyes sending messages, a gentle hinting at what he wants. Steve

understands the message and smiles giving making Flamedramon feel extremely happy.

Steve takes one last look at Flamedramon before returning his view to the

Flamedramon's shaft. Steve takes a deep breath, and opens his mouth wide, jabbing his

head forward, surrounding Flamedramon's member with his warm mouth.


"Ahhhh... yeah... Steve..." Flamedramon gasps out as the pleasure hits him in waves.


Steve keeps his mouth around just the head of Flamedramon's member playing with the

very tip, knowing that place is extremely sensitive to little actions. Steve darts his tongue

over the head of the pulsating member, licking up any traces of pre that slip out of

Flamedramon. He savors the taste and continues his actions, licking around the very tip in

a single motion, twisting his tongue back and forth lightly against the head.


"Mmmm... Steve, ...please give me more...." Flamedramon is able to say before

another wave of pleasure overtakes him.


Steve hearing Flamedramon's request, moves his tongue a bit faster but not too fast, not

wanting to drive Flamedramon over the edge right away. He rolls his tongue over the

second-degree zone of Flamedramon's member, between the tip and the depression of the

member. He slides his tongue over the area, coating it with his sweet saliva, letting it run

over the sides and down the shaft.


"Ohh... yeah... Steve, faster... I want to cummmmmmmmmmmm" Flamedramon lets

out a moan, dragging the m out on the word longer as the pleasure drives through him.


Steve hears this request also, but doesn't move any faster, wanting to extend the pleasure

longer for his digimon. He slides his tongue into the depression of the member, licking up

the area all around it, the sensory nerves there nearly exploding with pleasure as it sends

huge pulses of pleasure to Flamedramon's brain. Flamedramon pants faster with the

increased stimulation of his member, his tail moving up and down at a wild rate now.


"Yes... yes... yesssssss!!!" Flamedramon calls out as he reaches closer and closer to his



Steve decides it is time to start giving Flamedramon some real pleasure as he pushes

Flamedramon's member deeply into his throat, getting as much in as possible. Then he

closes his lips tightly, hugging the skin of Flamedramon's member like a suction cup,

making it air tight. Steve begins sucking hard, pulling air from his mouth, and in turn

Flamedramon's member.


Lyla is in her car driving home. Steve's mom stops at a red light waiting for it to change.


"Ahhhhh!!!! Steve!!!! Suck me harder!!!" Flamedramon calls out, deeply in lust.


Steve complies easily, sucking hard on Flamedramon's member pulling air from his

mouth and breathing it out of his nose. Then pulling more air from his mouth, so that his

cheeks are literally pressed up against Flamedramon's member. Flamedramon pants now,

as his pleasure rises up higher. He pushes his member further into Steve's mouth,

wanting more of it to have the same pleasure.


Lyla watches the red light change, as she steps on the gas pedal driving towards home,

only one mile away now.


"Almost there Steve!" Flamedramon calls as he pushes his member in faster and faster.


Steve follows the leader, and moves his head back and forth running his lips across the

rock hard member, sliding his teeth lightly against it, pushing just a bit into the skin.

Flamedramon gasps louder as his pleasure rises up higher and higher.


"Just a bit more!!!!" Flamedramon yells out, "I'm so close to cumming... just a bit



Lyla parks the care outside and walks towards the front door.


Steve increases his pace faster and faster, sucking Flamedramon with great skill, even

though this was his first time. He returns the favor Flamedramon gave him last night as

his mouth works hard over Flamedramon's member. He fills his mouth with air again,

and withdraws it, sucking hard, almost as if trying to pull cum out of Flamedramon.


Lyla fumbles for her keys as she stops at the front door. Finding the key she puts it in the

keyhole and unlocks the door, stepping inside.


"AHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!" Flamedramon screams loudly, his

loud bronze like voice vibrating through the house. "I'M CUMMMING!!!!!!!!!" he

continues as his member bursts for his hot seed, his balls contracting.


Steve sucks down cum, enjoying its taste, never knowing that Flamedramon tasted so

good. Flamedramon shoots quite a bit inside of Steve's mouth before stopping. Thanks to

Steve's air tight seal around Flamedramon's member not a single drop was lost as all of it

goes down his throat.


Lyla slams the front door, making a loud bang through the house.


Flamedramon opens his eyes widely all of a sudden as he perks his ears up. His breathing

pace slowly dying down, since his orgasm has passed over. Steve also snaps his eyes,

open hearing the slam, pulling his mouth away from Flamedramon's member, the taste of

cum still in his mouth he stays there frozen kneeling in the shower.


"Steve what are you doing?" Lyla calls out.


Steve freezes again, hearing his mom. He stands up slowly holding onto Flamedramon

tightly presses his body tightly against Flamedramon's wet fur. He reaches over and turns

off the water for the shower, both of them still having their happy after glows of sex.

Flamedramon pants and looks at Steve a little worried not sure what to do. Steve looks

back at Flamedramon with the same look Flamedramon is giving him.



"Steve, what are you doing?" Lyla asks again.



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