Hey, everyone. Flamedramon_Lover here, this little fic is for Aquarivamon. Just to explain, it was Aquarivamon birthday, and I wanted to give her a special present, because I am well different. Yeah, I'm different. I didn't want to send her one of those E-card things. So I decided to write her a special birthday fic comprising of her favorite digimon and her. So again, this fic is dedicated to Aquarivamon for her birthday present. Now, let’s get to the story. (Digimon is copyrighted to Fox and Toei. This is purely fan-fiction and is for the enjoyment of Digimon fans. Also this story contains sexual activities, if you are not of proper age for viewing his material, I strongly prohibit you from reading this. <Too bad I can’t stop you if you aren’t of proper age. >)


Birthday Surprise.

By, Flamedramon_Lover


The sun slowly crept over the horizon; it’s beams of light flowed through the windows of Kelly’s house. Aquarivamon lay in her bed with her little plushies around her. Flamedramon, Stingmon and Black WarGreymon. The light streamed through the windows and shined on Aquarivamon’s eyes causing a small illuminating glare. She shakes her head and slowly wakes up. Stretching a big, feeling a bit uncomfortable in all that hard armor, she stands up slowly loosening her joints. 


Mmmm….” Aquarivamon said sleepily, “I’m up.”


Turning her head she looks at the calendar on the wall. Rubbing her eyes slowly trying to remove the gummy feeling from them she looks at the calendar. She checks the date and then looks at the calendar again. A gigantic cake is drawn all over today’s date with the big numbers 18 on them. Underneath the gigantic cake it says, “My B-day.” Aquarivamon blinks for a second, thinking, then she goes into frenzy.


Yay, it’s my B-day!!!!!” Aquarivamon screams, “Whoooo hooooo!!!!!!”

“I know it’s your B-day Aquarivamon.” Kelly’s voice comes from downstairs, “But your party will have to wait until Saturday.”


Aquarivamon’s face falls, running out her door, leaving her posters of Flamedramon, Stingmon and Black WarGreymon waving in the air.


“But, Kelly…” Aquarivamon complained.

“Sorry, Aquarivamon” Kelly replied, “ Not until Saturday”

“So… I have to wait for 4 days?” Aquarivamon complained again.

“I have some stuff to do tonight,” Kelly explained, “Even if I wanted to, I would never get any time to have your B-day party.”

“But on Saturday, you’re going to have a real big one” Kelly continued, “ So, don’t feel bad.”

“All right Kelly” Aquarivamon replied defectively, “ I got all worked up over nothing.”

“Bye Aquarivamon” Kelly called, heading for the front door, “Your breakfast is on the table.”


Aquarivamon turns and waves bye to Kelly as the front door slams and Kelly leaves. Looking back at the table, it’s the usual food and she goes over, sits down and eats it. Moving her tail around so she is more comfortable. Looking at a note next to the food, she reads it.


“Oh, a note from Kelly” Aquarivamon said between a mouthful.

“Aquarivamon, no more drinking. I will be back tomorrow afternoon.” Aquarivamon reads to herself.


Aquarivamon sighs and prepares for another long boring day by herself in the house.  Putting the plate in the sink she pushes the chair in and mopes around the house. Opening the fridge looking for a nice cool drink she finds that all the Bacardi’s are gone. Close the door of the fridge, she sighs again and walks to the living room, slumping down on the sofa. Picking up the remote she turns on the TV.


Aquarivamon flicks through the channels looking for something good to watch, but all she can find is those infomercials and ad. Flicking to another channel, little fluffy things in different color suits dance around on the screen making weird noises. Aquarivamon screams and throws the remote at the TV flicking the TV off at the same time.


“Dang it! Why isn’t there anything good on?” Aquarivamon complained to herself.


Getting up again, she sways her tail back and forth and opens the front door going outside. Her blue body reflects the sunlight, while her armor makes her look like a gem. She kicks off her foot armor and sets it inside and goes outside onto the lawn. Lying down on the grass she stretches feeling each little blade rub against her body. Smiling to herself she closes her eyes and enjoys the sun smiling down on her.


“Ahh… this isn’t too bad” Aquarivamon sighs, “ I could get used to this.”


Flamedramon was a whiles away, doing his morning jog, wanting to stay as fit as possible. Looking down at his time he smiles. His foot armor hits the ground each time with a thump as he runs down the street quickly.


“I feel great.” Flamedramon tells himself, “ I bet I could run another 30 miles.”


Flamedramon looks up in the distances, spotting something shining and glowing with his reddish brown eyes. Wondering what it is, he speeds up his pace running faster, towards t glimmering object in the distance. Flamedramon arrives a few moments later and stops staring at the glimmering object, which just happened to be Aquarivamon.


“Wow, she looks even more beautiful with the sun on her” Flamedramon speaks quietly.


Aquarivamon hears something and opens her eyes quickly and sits up. Seeing it was only Flamedramon she sighs. Waving to him to sit down she smiles at him in a neighborly way. Flamedramon looks at Aquarivamon, then shrugs and sits down where Aquarivamon motioned him to sit. Flamedramon turns to her and looks at her quizzically for a moment, then deciding nothing is wrong he leans back and relaxed.

“Flamey… I mean Flamedramon” Aquarivamon starts, “What were you doing looking at me.”

“I was just doing my morning run, when I saw you.” Flamedramon replies closing his eyes enjoying the sun also. “So I decided to drop by and say hi.”

“Umm… Ok.” Aquarivamon says. “Did you know today is my birthday?”

“Yup,” Flamedramon says, “We will be giving you present later tonight.”

“We?” Aquarivamon asks a bit confused.

“Oh don’t worry, you will like it.” Flamedramon replies before standing up and running off.

“We… that was strange” Aquarivamon tells herself before leaning back and enjoying the sun again.


After sunbathing for a while Aquarivamon began to feel thirsty. She gets up and walks into the house. Walking to the kitchen she opens the fridge and looks inside with her green eyes for something to drink. Remembering that Kelly had taken away all her Bacardi’s she sighs and closes the fridge, getting a glass out of the cupboard. Filling it with water she gulps it down and sets the glass on the counter.


Aquarivamon rubs her hands over herself, finding that some of the juice from the grass had gotten onto her. Shaking her head she walks off to the bathroom. She walks in and closes the door, locking it. Unfastening the caches on her armor she drops her armor to one side on the counter inside the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror.


“Wow… no wonder all the guys are after me.” Aquarivamon comments to herself. There is something else that she said, but it was not discernable.


Stepping over to the tub she turns the warm water up and plugs the tub up. Opening up her bottle of bubbles she puts it under the running water as massive amounts of bubbles begin to form. She stops the water after the tub fills up and steps into the tub enjoying the warm water run over her body, caressing everything. The water runs through her curves, lines and cracks, soothing her. She leans back in the tub and lets the water surround her, and the bubbles floating around.


Picking up a piece of soap she rubs it gently over her body, just lathering it a bit before sinking back into the tub, enjoying the warm water wash over her and the feeling of the soap coming off of her. She closes her eyes, and relaxes completely half dreaming in the tub as the water and bubbles flow around her. She lies there for quite a while losing track of the time.


Stingmon walked down the street holding a card in his claws. He smiles and continues walking then suddenly remembering he can fly he takes to the air. Flying down the street he spots Aquarivamon’s house and lands. Walking up to the door he rings the doorbell still holding the card tightly in his hands.


Aquarivamon is jarred awake again by the doorbell as it rings. Stingmon presses the doorbell again as Aquarivamon leaps out of the tub.

“Be right with you!” Aquarivamon calls from the bathroom and grabs a towel wrapping it around her body.


She opens the door and runs to the front door opening it slowly. She looks out and sees Stingmon standing there.


“Did I catch you at a bad time?” Stingmon asks, looking at the towel and Aquarivamon dripping with water.


Stingmon looks at Aquarivamon lost for a moment or too, looking over her body. Aquarivamon looks at Stingmon, realizing what is happening, she gives Stingmon a kick.


“Oww…” Stingmon says in mock pain and holds a card out. “Here… since it is your birthday today, I got you this nice card.”

“Ah… Thanks…” Aquarivamon says.

“We will be back later tonight to give you your gift” Stingmon says.

“We?” Aquarivamon asks.


Aquarivamon holds the door with one hand and she reaches out for the card with the other, as soon as she grabs hold of the card, she notices that her towel has fallen off. Stingmon turns and flies off, leaving Aquarivamon blushing red. She closes the door quickly and pulls the towel back around her.


“That was stupid.” She tells herself walking back to the bathroom draining the water from the tub.


Hanging up her towel she puts her armor back on, leaving the hand, arm and shoulder blade armor in the bathroom, believing that there is no use for it. Walking back into the front hall where she had dropped the card off, she picks it up and flops down on the couch feeling refreshed from the bath and still a bit embarrassed at what happened at the door.


Opening up the pinkish envelop that is holding the card, she takes the card out of the envelope. Setting the envelope to one side, she looks at the card for a moment. Turning around she looks at the back seeing that special little sign.  Turning the card back around, she looks at it, seeing the usual birthday stuff. A cake some balloons candles, streamers, and other stuff like that. Opening the card she reads what is inside.


“You’re 18 now.” Aquarivamon reads.

“This is the best time.” Aquarivamon continues.

“You’re free, you’re free.” Aquarivamon reads.

“To do whatever you want.” Aquarivamon reads on.

“We hope this is your most pleasure-full day.” Aquarivamon reads, the last line.


“Hmm… that was strange” Aquarivamon remarks to herself setting the card down. “My most pleasure-full day.”


Shaking her head she lays on the couch, wondering what to do now. Turning she realizes that it is lunchtime, so she gets up and walks to the kitchen. Pulling out some of her favorite food she sets is down on the table. She is about to get up to go get a Bacardi out of the fridge, when she remembers again that Kelly took them all away. Sighing she pours some juice into a glass and brings it to the table, eating.


She chews her food slowly, swallowing she thinks back to that card. Her mind runs over the words, while she takes a sip of juice. Taking another bite of her food she thinks about the different possible meanings in that card and shakes her head. Finishing the rest of her food off she puts the plate and the glass in the sink and pushes the chair back in. Walking to her bedroom she lies down on the gigantic pink stuffed cushion and leans back.


She reaches out and grabs her little plushies… she grabs the Flamedramon one and looks at it. Giving it a kiss on the muzzle just for the fun of it she grabs the Stingmon one. Looking at the two for a while she tosses them to one side and grabs a purple fluffy pillow and sticks it under her head, and her ears. Each ringed ear sticks out of the pillow as she lays her head on it.


Lying back she closes her eyes enjoying the soft pillows and cushions under her. Stretching back she leans her head on her hands, relaxing. Her breathing slowly quiets down as she drifts off the sleep. Her chest rises up and down slowly, with her armor as she breathes in and out. Her greens eyes are shut tightly, sleeping soundly. Her blue body is lain out on the cushion sleekly.


Black Wargreymon steps out his front door and walks down the street carrying a small bundle of flowers. Walking down the sidewalk his heavy frame and strong body, land on the sidewalk with a “thump.” His armor clangs lightly as he walks towards Aquarivamon’s house, to give her a present. Each step he takes, takes him closer to Aquarivamon’s house.


Black Wargreymon looks at Aquarivamon’s house he notices that all the curtains are opened up like normal. The only difference was, Kelly’s car was not there. Shrugging the idea off he walks towards the house, stepping onto the driveway. He looks at the house before stepping onto the walk. Walking to the door he brings an armored claw to the door, tapping gently, not wanting to cut the door in half.


Aquarivamon is still sleeping quietly, lying on her cushions when the knock sounds. Aquarivamon doesn’t hear anything, while breathing lightly, sleeping. She shakes her head lightly from the sound of the light knock, but doesn’t wake up. Black Wargreymon holds his flowers tightly and knocks on the door harder, but this time using the flat of his armored claws. The knocking sounds like a light banging on the door.


Aquarivamon raises her ears hearing the banging noise. Opening her eyes, she rubs them lightly with her hands and sits up. Picking herself up from the cushions she brushes herself off. She hops off the cushions and stands up, stretching for a moment. Walking out of her room she walks downstairs.

”I’m coming!” Aquarivamon calls out.


Black Wargreymon waits on the other side of the door. Just for the fun of it he knocks on the door again, causing a loud banging noise.


“I said already, I’m coming!” Aquarivamon yells slightly angry.


Walking to the door she flings it open seeing Black Wargreymon outside. She looks him up and down. The large reptile-like digimon was black instead of his counterpart’s orange body. The armor was similar except the darker color. Aquarivamon looks at him questioningly and taps her foot.


“I was sleeping, you woke me up” Aquarivamon scolds.

“Whoops, sorry…” Black Wargreymon replies, “But I got you these nice flowers for your birthday.”


Black Wargreymon holds out a bundle of nice flowers out. Aquarivamon looks at them and smiles. Poking him lightly on the armor.


“How sweet…” Aquarivamon says, in a mocking tone. “But did you have to wake me up?”

“I didn’t mean to wake up, Aquarivamon” Black Wargreymon replies with a smile. “We want you to have all the sleep you can get, so you have energy tonight.”


Aquarivamon takes the flowers and sets them in a vase near the front door. Looking at Black Wargreymon she grabs him and pulls him close. Her eyes flash as she stares at him. Black Wargreymon smiles and stands still.


“Who are these “we” you keep talking about?” Aquarivamon demands.

“Huh? Nothing…” Black Wargreymon replies, with an innocent smile.


Aquarivamon sighs and lets go of him. Black Wargreymon turns and walks off down the road back towards his house. Aquarivamon closes the door and looks at the flowers smiling a bit.


“What are they doing?” Aquarivamon asks herself. “And who are these we?”


Aquarivamon leaves these thoughts in her head as he walks back towards the kitchen. Looking at the clock she finds out that it is already 6 PM. Blinking at the clock, she couldn’t quite believe that she had slept so long but the clock proved it. Sighing she walks to the fridge and gets out small snack because she really isn’t that hungry.

Eating her snack, she rummages around for maybe a hidden Bacardi but doesn’t find one. Sighing she flops down on the couch munching on her snack and thinking about the 3 visits she got today. One from Flamey, one from Stingmon, and one from Black Wargreymon, she got a visit from each of them. Pushing the thought from her mind as she finishes her snack she walks back into the kitchen.


Getting another glass out of the cupboard she fills it with some more juice. Picking it up, she toasts herself.


“Happy Birthday to myself…” Aquarivamon says, “By myself….”


She lifts the glass up to her mouth and drinks it down. Smiling softly she puts the glass into the sink and rinses it clean. Walking back into the room with the couch and the TV she flops down on the couch and flicks on the TV. Surfing through the channels she flicks the dial each time coming to a new channel.


She stops on a channel that seems remotely interesting. She watches it, blinking her greenish eyes at it. Feeling extremely comfortable since only her body armor is left, her foot and armor on her arms and shoulders are elsewhere. Relaxing with and stretching out on the sofa she watches the television with limited interest.


Again after a little while, the lack of things to do, she drifts off to sleep. The TV runs through the program and switches to a boring infomercial as Aquarivamon sleeps on. Her body curled up, and her tail draped over her smooth legs as she quietly sleeps. The clock in the kitchen strikes nine.


Flamedramon, Stingmon and Black Wargreymon gather outside of Aquarivamon’s house. They are carrying a large metal container, which has a small nozzle on one side. They walk up to Aquarivamon’s house and knock on the door. Aquarivamon is awoken again by a knocking. She pushes herself off the couch and stands up. Walking to the door she peeks out the little peek hole.


Aquarivamon sees Flamedramon, Stingmon and Black Wargreymon standing outside. Apparently behind them is a large metal container of something. She opens the door and looks at them quizzically.


“What you are guys doing here so late?” Aquarivamon asks them.

“We are just here to give you your present.” Flamedramon replies.

“Yes, a nice fun and pleasure-full one” Stingmon continues.

“We, as in Flamedramon, Stingmon and Me” Black Wargreymon finishes.

“Ok…” Aquarivamon says stepping out the way.


Flamedramon, Stingmon and Black Wargreymon step into the room, bringing the metal container too. Aquarivamon looks at it and taps it lightly.


“What is it?” She asks.

“You will find out soon enough.” Flamedramon replies smiling.

“It’s your present… or part of your present” Stingmon says.

“Sure…” Aquarivamon says. “Put it upstairs in my room next to the purple cushion please.”

“Ok.” Black Wargreymon picks up the metal container and brings it upstairs setting it next to the purple cushion in Aquarivamon’s room before coming back downstairs.


Flamedramon looks at Aquarivamon and shrugs.


“Well, we’ve given you half of your present…” Flamedramon says.

“Maybe the other half later…” Stingmon finishes.

“Woo…” Aquarivamon says, “What is it?”

“You’ll find out soon enough, what it is.” Black Wargreymon replies with a chuckle.

“Ok” Aquarivamon says.

“But first, let’s have a little party” Flamedramon says.

“Yeah, where are your glasses?” Stingmon asks.

“In the kitchen, like where they are supposed to be.” Aquarivamon replies.


Stingmon and Flamedramon walk to the kitchen and get 4 large glasses. They motion to Black Wargreymon and Aquarivamon as they walk upstairs. Walking to Aquarivamon’s room the step in and wait for Aquarivamon. Black Wargreymon walks in followed by Aquarivamon. Flamedramon closes the door with his foot and Stingmon walks over to the metal container.


Aquarivamon turns hearing the door click, but seeing that the door is not locked, she shrugs, just a tiny bit nervous. She looks at Stingmon as he stands next to the metal container. Stingmon kneels down and turns the nozzle filling a glass with a liquid. Aquarivamon looks at it and smiles.


“You guys got me a whole container of Bacardi?” Aquarivamon ask.

“Yes.” Flamedramon replies.

“How nice.” Aquarivamon says.


She walks over to Stingmon and takes the glass. She smiles at the guys in the room and tips the glass to her mouth and gulps it down. Black Wargreymon chuckles watching the Aquarivamon drain the glass. She licks her licks and smiles at Stingmon and hands him her glass. He takes it and fills it again. He fills the other 3 glasses. Flamedramon steps forwards and takes his draining it. Black Wargreymon and Stingmon follow Flamedramon and drink theirs down as well. Aquarivamon smiles and empties hers.


“Mmm…” Aquarivamon says. “That was good, gimme some more.”

“Heh,” Flamedramon chuckles, “it looks like you haven’t had any for a long time.”


Stingmon takes Aquarivamon’s glass and fills it again, handing it back to her. Aquarivamon takes it gratefully and drowns it down. Smiles just a bit drunk she hands it back as Stingmon refills it again. Aquarivamon takes it and gulps it down again. Flamedramon shakes his head watching Aquarivamon drown down another Bacardi. Aquarivamon kneels down and begins to serve herself. She gulps down glass after glass becoming more and more drunk. Stingmon watches Aquarivamon gulping down the Bacardi’s like the end of the world is coming.


“Aquarivamon…” Stingmon says… “I think you should stop now…”

“Stingmon…” Flamedramon says, “She is on her 11th… let’s see how many she can have.”

“But what if she gets sick?” Stingmon asks.

“She won’t” Flamedramon says.


Stingmon shakes his head unconvinced and puts a claw on Aquarivamon’s hand before she downs her 13th glass.


“Whaaaaaa?!!!” Aquarivamon asks.

“I think you should stop now…” Stingmon says.

“But, I dun waaannnnaaaaa!!!!!” Aquarivamon says, downing her 13th glass.


Stingmon sighs and backs off watching Aquarivamon self serve herself another glass. Aquarivamon gulps it down and drops her glass, from being a bit too drunk. Flamedramon smiles and walks over to Aquarivamon and leans down handing her a banana. Aquarivamon looks at it and smiles hopping on the purple cushion. She peels the banana and leans against the metal container of Bacardi. Sticking the banana in her mouth she sucks on it, leaning against the metal container.


Black Wargreymon watches Aquarivamon and chuckles. Flamedramon walks over and leans against the wall next to Black Wargreymon watching Aquarivamon. Aquarivamon looks up and smiles like a little drunken schoolgirl and sucks on the banana. She runs her tongue over it and takes a bite swallowing. Black Wargreymon winces, seeing Aquarivamon bite down on the banana. Flamedramon sees the wince and elbows Black Wargreymon. Black Wargreymon turns and gives Flamedramon a look. Flamedramon winks and Black Wargreymon blushes.


Flamedramon pulls off his claws and his faceguard revealing his handsome boyish face. Black Wargreymon follows Flamedramon’s example and pulls off his claws and his faceguard. Stingmon turns and looks at Flamedramon, the covering over his mouth moves back, showing a small grin. Aquarivamon cocks her head at them, finishing off her banana, as she tosses the peel away. 


Aquarivamon looks around at them, blinking, and smiling for a moment.  She beckons to them with a finger as she waves his tail back and forth. Sitting on the cushion, Aquarivamon looks like a gem on a large pillow. Stingmon steps forward, and kneels down looking at Aquarivamon. She leans over and pats him on the head with her hand. Flamedramon and Black Wargreymon stands back and watches the scene. Stingmon grabs Aquarivamon’s hand and kisses it lightly. Aquarivamon draws it back in surprise blinking her eyes but the alcohol begins taking effect.

Black Wargreymon steps forwards and walks to Aquarivamon. Looking at her he smiles in a most charming way and kneels down next to Stingmon. He puts a dark hand on her shoulder looking at her in the eyes. Aquarivamon blinks her greenish eyes at Black Wargreymon wondering what he is trying to do. Black Wargreymon moves his hand slowly from the shoulder to the clasps on Aquarivamon’s armor on the side. He puts a finger over the clasps and looks at Aquarivamon. Aquarivamon looks down and looks at Black Wargreymon nodding furiously.


Black Wargreymon smiles and unclasps the armor on Aquarivamon, as they slowly loosen. Aquarivamon smiles seductively at the 3 guys in the room and holds her armor up, not letting them see anything. They wait patiently their eyes moving over Aquarivamon’s body. Up and down there eyes go, observing and watching Aquarivamon with extreme interest.


Aquarivamon smiles and lets the armor fall a bit revealing her upper chest. Stingmon retracts the covering over his mouth and grins while Black Wargreymon smiles silently. Flamedramon watches in the back, slightly amused but also waiting excitedly for Aquarivamon’s move. Aquarivamon eyes the 3 guys looking at them with her green eyes, knowing what the want. Deciding to tease them she moves her armor back up.


Flamedramon shakes his head and chuckles softly as Aquarivamon moves her armor back up. Stingmon sighs and leans back slightly discouraged but his hormones still racing. Black Wargreymon looks at Aquarivamon quizzically unsure what she is doing. He opens his mouth, as he is about to speak, when Aquarivamon holds her armor with one hand places a single finger on Black Wargreymon’s muzzle.  He looks surprised and doesn’t say anything as Aquarivamon returns to what she was doing.


Aquarivamon lets out a playful laugh and drops a bit of her armor again. Stingmon smiles understanding what just happened. Black Wargreymon rolls his eyes, but remains close to Aquarivamon waiting for that moment. Aquarivamon again drops her armor so that her upper chest can be seen and she rubs a finger over that area just to excite the boys in the room. Laughing she pushes down a bit more just revealing the top of her wonderful breasts.


Aquarivamon continues as she drops her armor a bit lower, revealing half of her breasts just allowing the nipples to be covered. Stingmon is buzzing his wings rapidly as he waits for it the tension and slowness nearly killing him. Black Wargreymon waits also his mouth open just observing and enjoying Aquarivamon’s wonderful body. Flamedramon looks at the two and joins them walking over and taking off his chest armor leaving it to one side.


Black Wargreymon looks at Flamedramon shedding his armor left and right he un-buckles the chest armor on himself also and sets it to one side. He looks at Flamedramon and then Aquarivamon waiting for her next move. Flamedramon smiles and sits down near Aquarivamon’s legs waiting for her also as she reveals more and more of her body to them.

Aquarivamon gives a small laugh as she suddenly in one fluid motion pushes off all her armor pulling it off and setting it to one side. She lays then on the purple cushion in her naked glory as the 3 guys watch her. Black Wargreymon eyes move over her body, observing her, wonderful breasts and her sleek body form. His heart pounds inside of him as he removes the last of his armor laying it to one side, as his body is completely exposed to Aquarivamon.


Aquarivamon smiles and rubs a finger down Black Wargreymon getting a groan from him. Stingmon watches Aquarivamon and Black Wargreymon and blinks a few times his large eyes glowing softly. He reaches out and touches Aquarivamon’s cheek softly with his hands. Aquarivamon smiles and leans over and kisses him. Stingmon grabs Aquarivamon’s head and kisses her deeply back. She doesn’t care and continues kissing Stingmon.


Flamedramon watches Stingmon and Aquarivamon kissing, causes him to become a bit excited. He unbuckles his armor and looks at Aquarivamon’s legs and up her body. Moving forward a bit he lays between her legs and scoots his head close, right between her legs looking at her cunt, just slightly moist from the kissing she is doing with Stingmon. Flamedramon smiles and presses his face against Aquarivamon’s legs and sticks out his tongue licking around her pleasure center.


Black WarGreymon watches Flamedramon and Stingmon having so much fun with Aquarivamon he begins to feel a bit jealous. Aquarivamon moans softly as Flamedramon continues to lick around her pleasure center causing her much pleasure. Black Wargreymon looks over Aquarivamon finding that her wonderful breasts are still there and un-occupied. Black Wargreymon moves quickly as he looks at Aquarivamon’s breasts. Bringing his mouth to it, he flicks his tongue over Aquarivamon’s right nipple getting a small moan from Aquarivamon. He licks around it faster as the nipples harden enjoying the touch.


Aquarivamon moans into the kissing, as her pleasure rises. The 3 boys were trying to pleasure everywhere at once. Flamedramon licks around Aquarivamon cunt before plunging his tongue into it. Aquarivamon gasps, feeling Flamedramon’s tongue move into her pleasure area, moving around and licking all over. Flamedramon grips Aquarivamon’s hips in his hands holding them tightly, and spreading them apart. He pushes his face in deeper between Aquarivamon’s legs moving his tongue around.


Stingmon continues his kissing, and moving his arms and wrapping it around Aquarivamon’s head pressing his head in, deeply kissing her each time. He slides his tongue into Aquarivamon’s mouth, as it is met with her smooth sleek tongue. The two tongues intertwine together pushing and squeezing each other inside their mouths. Aquarivamon keeps her eyes closed as the passion and pleasure raises higher and higher, Black Wargreymon on her breast, Flamedramon on her pleasure center, and Stingmon’s tongue deep inside her mouth.


Aquarivamon begins moving her hips trying to push more of her body into Flamedramon’s face. Flamedramon knows what is happening and takes a hand moving it over Aquarivamon’s thighs. He slowly grips her little button by her pleasure center in his two fingers squeezing it and rubbing it between his fingers. Rolling it back and forth between his fingers he presses his face into Aquarivamon as far as possible, pushing his tongue in even further licking everything inside Aquarivamon’s cunt.


Aquarivamon can barely take the pleasure now, as she moans loudly into Stingmon’s kiss. Her body spasms suddenly as fluids flow from her cunt straight into Flamedramon’s waiting mouth. Flamedramon quickly sucks and licks it down relishing the taste, moving his tongue over Aquarivamon’s insides looking for more. Aquarivamon pants lightly from the orgasm, pushing Stingmon away so she can get a breath of air.


Black Wargreymon looks at Flamedramon, with his eyes. Flamedramon looks at Black Wargreymon and smiles standing up and offering his position to Black Wargreymon. Black Wargreymon gives a big smile trading positions with Flamedramon as he looks hungrily at Aquarivamon’s cunt. Aquarivamon looks at Black Wargreymon and then relaxes back, starting her kissing with Stingmon again. Stingmon flaps his wings in pleasure as Aquarivamon resumes their kissing.


Flamedramon moved to where Black Wargreymon was, pressing his face into the soft body of Aquarivamon. He licks her skin with his tongue before, moving up to the top of her breasts. Taking the right breast in his mouth, he sucks on it, rolling his tongue over the already hard nipples, squeezing the left breasts with his hands. He brings his teeth lightly onto the nipple licking only the exact tip pressing and pushing his tongue into it.


Black Wargreymon lies down, putting his face near Aquarivamon’s cunt, smelling the delicious smells coming out. He smiles moving closer, opening his mouth, he flicks his tongue over the lips of Aquarivamon’s cunt, tasting just traces of cum from her last orgasm. Moving his tongue over to the button, Flamedramon was playing with earlier, he slides his tongue against it, licking circles around it, then sliding his tongue up and down over it, just brushing it. Aquarivamon moans from this treatment, wanting more she waves her hand at Black WarGreymon, opening one eye.


Stingmon moves his tongue around inside Aquarivamon’s mouth, tugging and pulling with her tongue. Pressing his face into Aquarivamon’s face, his arms wrapped around her head he pulls her closer and closer into him, their faces pressed tightly against one another. Aquarivamon moves her tongue in unison with Stingmon’s tongue while her body shivers from the constant feeling that Black Wargreymon was giving her.  


Flamedramon pulls his mouth away from Aquarivamon’s right breast and moves to the left breast, repeating the process. First licking around the nipple, then gripping the nipple between his teeth, just lightly, licking the top of the nipple. His right hand moves out and grips Aquarivamon’s right breast, squeezing it and playing with it, rolling it around. Then his right hand moves up taking the nipple squeezing it and rolling it around in his fingers.


Black Wargreymon grew tired of licking around her button and moves his tongue down right in front of Aquarivamon’s entrance. Holding his tongue there for a moment, he takes a breath and plunges it into her. Aquarivamon moans loudly into Stingmon’s mouth, from the sudden intrusion. Black Wargreymon begins to furiously lick around inside Aquarivamon’s cunt, exploring everywhere with his long tongue, up and down his tongue move, vibrating in Aquarivamon’s cunt walls.


Aquarivamon breathes heavily from the sudden treatment she was getting from Black Wargreymon. She groans loudly as her body spasms for a second time, cumming all over Black Wargreymon’s tongue. He presses his face in and licks the sweet tasting liquid from Aquarivamon’s cunt, catching every bit of cum that flowed out of her cunt. Pulling his head back he smiles, still enjoying the taste.


Aquarivamon pants heavily as Stingmon pulls away from her. He walks over to Black Wargreymon, tapping him on the shoulder. Black Wargreymon backs off and moves to another part of the room, watching the scene. Stingmon positions himself in front of Aquarivamon’s cunt, ready for his turn. Aquarivamon looks up at Stingmon, completely ready as he breathing returns to normal.


Flamedramon hears Aquarivamon’s orgasmic moan, but shrugs and removes his mouth from Aquarivamon’s mouth. Pressing his face in between her breasts, he sticks out his tongue and licks the cleavage in between the two tight breasts. Dragging his tongue down, he licks all over Aquarivamon’s body, giving her a tongue bath. He slides his tongue lower and lower, moving methodically taking each portion of Aquarivamon’s body into consideration, being sure to lick everything.


Stingmon moves his head between Aquarivamon’s legs brushing his antenna over her cunt, his two long red, green antennas brush over her cunt. Pulling off his clawed hands guards, like Flamedramon’s, he tosses them to one side. He pushes a finger up into Aquarivamon’s cunt. She moans loudly as Stingmon’s finger enters into her. He sticks another finger then another into her. He begins to move them in and out of her rapidly.


Aquarivamon’s groans loudly feeling herself finger fucked to an orgasm. Stingmon increases the pace, pushing his fingers in and out of her faster and faster. Taking his other hand he squeezes the bulb on near the top of Aquarivamon’s cunt, while sticking his fingers deeply into her. Aquarivamon pants faster and yells out loud with her spasming body as she orgasms onto Stingmon’s hand. Stingmon retracts his hands and licks his fingers cleaning off the juices from them.


Stingmon steps back, tapping Flamedramon on the shoulder, Flamedramon stands up and walks over to Black Wargreymon. They smile at each other and then smile at Aquarivamon. Aquarivamon smiles back and pants heavily, her chest rising up and down quickly with each breath. She lies back on the cushion and rests regaining her breath while the 3 boys watch her.



“Thankies… boys” Aquarivamon pants out.

“No problem… Aquarivamon, plus there is more.” Flamedramon replies.

“More? Yippieeeee!!!!!!!!” Aquarivamon yells, the alcohol still in effect.

“Yes, more” Stingmon reples.


Black Wargreymon walks over to Aquarivamon, and kneels down between her legs. He looks at Aquarivamon grinning and holds his erect member in front of the entrance to her ass. He presses it against the entrance pushing in the head. Aquarivamon closes her eyes biting down on her teeth feeling a bit of uncomfortable. Black Wargreymon holds his member there just for a while, letting Aquarivamon’s body get used to it, before pushing his member in deeper.


Aquarivamon moans loudly, feeling Black Wargreymon’s member enter into her chocolate canal. Black Wargreymon presses in deeply, pushing in quite a bit before pulling out. Repeating he motion he pushes in a bit deeper each time, quickening the pace. Aquarivamon moans loudly each time Black Wargreymon pushes into her. He quickens the pace; beginning to push into her roughly while Aquarivamon bucks her hips against his thrusting increasing the pressure and the force of each thrust into her.


Black Wargreymon rockets in and out of Aquarivamon faster and faster, slamming into her each time. Pushing in one last time, he leans his head back and roars loudly, the mega’s voice echoing through the house as she shoots his pearly white cum into Aquarivamon. Aquarivamon feels cum flooding into her, she gives a loud yell and orgasms for the forth time that night, panting heavily. Black Wargreymon slowly pulls out of her and smiles contently.


Stingmon had been watching the whole scene and as soon as Black Wargreymon pulled out, and moved away he got in position and thrust his own hardened member into Aquarivamon’s entrance. Aquarivamon didn’t have a chance to catch her breath, as Stingmon begins to push rapidly in and out of her. She pants heavily as Stingmon continues to fuck her hard in the ass. Aquarivamon is driven by hormones now and begins pushing against Stingmon’s trusts, as she prepares for another orgasm as the pleasure rises up.


Stingmon leans his head down and tickles her breasts with his antennas while thrusting into her deeply each time. Aquarivamon giggles from the tickling and moans from the constant pleasure. Stingmon flaps his wings faster and faster, gripping Aquarivamon’s thighs in his hands as he begins to float into the air, still trusting deeply into Aquarivamon. Stingmon makes a loud hiss as he shoots his load into Aquarivamon. Feeling this Aquarivamon moans loudly again and orgasms again. Stingmon slowly stops flapping his wings and they descend back down onto the cushion.


Stingmon pulls out of Aquarivamon panting slowly, feeling extremely good. Flamedramon had been watching them enviously and was now ready for his turn. Moving towards Aquarivamon, she smiles seductively at him. He smiles and positions himself and thrusts deeply into Aquarivamon. Aquarivamon gives a loud yell from Flamedramon’s sudden penetration into her. Flamedramon wraps his tail around, and brushes the soft velvet fur covered tail over Aquarivamon’s breasts and lower body. Flamedramon pushes in and out of Aquarivamon.


Aquarivamon moans loudly, enjoying this completely, grabbing Flamedramon’s tail she squeezes it between her hands, letting the soft fur brush against her body. Flamedramon pushes in faster and faster, his incredible agility allowing him to move in a perfect flowing motion thrusting into Aquarivamon. He yells loudly with his deep sexy voice as he cums deeply inside of Aquarivamon. Aquarivamon moans loudly feeling herself filled a third time, she squeezes Flamedramon’s tail tightly as she orgasms again, the pleasure too much to bear.


Flamedramon pulls away and walks back over to his friends and they sits panting lightly watching Aquarivamon. Aquarivamon smiles her ass nearly overflowing with cum from the 3 simultaneous fuckings she got. She wipes some cum from her upper thighs with a finger and sticks it in her mouth enjoying the taste of it. She looks up at the 3 guys blinking just a bit in surprise, suddenly realizing they hadn’t even pleasure her pussy to the fullest yet.


Black Wargreymon was completely ready as he moved back between Aquarivamon’s legs. Aquarivamon smiles realizing what he is doing, and her question was answered. Black Wargreymon positions himself and pushes his member deeply into Aquarivamon’s cunt. Aquarivamon moans loudly as the large member penetrates into her. Black Wargreymon repeats the process as before thrusting in and out of Aquarivamon.


Aquarivamon moans deeply in pleasure, as Black Wargreymon continues thrusting into her deeply. Black Wargreymon pants heavily, his body begins to sweat as he quickens his pace. His large muscles bulge and pulsate with each thrust he puts into Aquarivamon. He feels his member begin to pulsate and throb as well as he nears his orgasm. Black Wargreymon begins to move even faster, wanting to push himself over the edge as Aquarivamon in turn is pleasured greater by the quickening pace.


Black WarGreymon roars loudly again, his deep voice shaking the house as he cums deep inside of Aquarivamon. He shoots more cum that ever into Aquarivamon’s body as he reaches his orgasm. Aquarivamon moans again feeling massive amounts of cum filling her body as she orgasms again, driven by the cum. Her love juices mix with Black Wargreymon’s cum, as they both pant heavily. Black Wargreymon finally pulls out of Aquarivamon and walks back to his armor strapping it back on. He sits, leaning against the wall panting heavily.


Black Wargreymon leans against the wall and closes his eyes. He lies down on the soft carpet and spreads his limbs, relaxing and regaining his breath. After a little while he falls asleep, his face has a smile plastered over it. Stingmon looks at Black Wargreymon and shakes his head moving over to Aquarivamon, motioning with his head and his eyes that it is his turn. Aquarivamon smiles and nods, giving Stingmon permission to proceed, Stingmon sees the nod and grins the covering over his mouth retracts again showing the grin.


Stingmon positions himself and slowly presses into Aquarivamon. She gasps lightly feeling herself again penetrated into. She wraps her legs around Stingmon’s hips pulling him in closer as the pleasure slowly rises again. Stingmon begins to thrust into Aquarivamon, his wings flapping slowly again. Pushing quickly and heavily into Aquarivamon his pleasure rises higher and higher as he moves faster and faster. Aquarivamon moans loudly to the constant trusting and pulls him even closer wrapping her tail around his legs.


Stingmon groans as he trusts into her hard, each time his wings flapping rapidly making a small buzzing noise.  Aquarivamon closes her green eyes and pants heavily as her climax approaches again. Stingmon makes a large buzzing sound as he thrusts deep into Aquarivamon one last time shooting his cum deep into her. Aquarivamon feels more cum flowing into her mixing with Black Wargreymon’s. She moans loudly and orgasms again, enjoying the feeling of cum flowing through her.


Aquarivamon slowly releases Stingmon from her legs and tail, lying back nearly exhausted. Stingmon pulls out of Aquarivamon as his member slowly begins to move back into its protective covering. He picks up his clawed hand guards and straps them on before moving to the opposite side of the room. Lying down he closes his wings and his eyes. Pretty soon he is asleep making a small buzzing noise when he breathes out.


Flamedramon looks at Aquarivamon, only her and him left awake. He moves over to Aquarivamon, giving her breasts a playful lick. He positions his member again outside her cunt, and slowly presses in, Aquarivamon moaning during the entire process. Once Flamedramon had himself fully in, he pulled out leaving the tip of his member in before pressing into Aquarivamon again.


Aquarivamon moans loudly as Flamedramon pushes deeply into her. Flamedramon moves his tail brushing it over her body rubbing the velvety fur over her breasts and stomach. Flamedramon increases his pace as he thrusts into her faster and faster. Aquarivamon moans louder and louder, as Flamedramon pumps into her faster and faster. Flamedramon and Aquarivamon moan in unison as the pleasure for both of them increase.


Flamedramon moves his tail over Aquarivamon faster as his thrusting pace increases, Aquarivamon begins to push her hips against his thrusting member. Each thrust’s energy and force is amplified as Flamedramon pushes against Aquarivamon’s thrusting hips. Flamedramon leans his head back and calls out in his loud sexy bronze like tone voice. Flamedramon pants heavily as he shoots a massive amount of cum into Aquarivamon.  His tail slowly stops moving and returns to its original position behind Aquarivamon and himself.


Aquarivamon calls out, orgasming hard, as cum fills into her deeply. Flamedramon continues to thrust into her as her cum flows onto his member. Aquarivamon pants heavily, as her orgasm runs its course. She reaches up, grabbing Flamedramon’s soft chest fur; she squeezes it tightly as the orgasm runs through her body. Flamedramon slowly pulls out of Aquarivamon and leans back resting and catching his breath.


Flamedramon looks at Aquarivamon, and moves over to her head. He gives her a kiss and pushes her mouth open. From there he slides his member into Aquarivamon’s mouth. He slowly pushes it in. As his member’s skin rubs over Aquarivamon’s teeth, he shivers, feeling small pulses of pleasure run through his body, down his spine.


The head of Flamedramon’s member pushes against Aquarivamon’s smooth tongue sending trickles of pleasure up his thighs and down to his tail. Aquarivamon moves her tongue a bit, rubbing it lightly over the backside of the head of Flamedramon’s member. He gasps lightly from the feeling of her wet tongue caressing over the thin skin of his cock head. She slides her tongue in a circular motion over the back dripping saliva onto it.


Flamedramon leans back gripping Aquarivamon’s ring ears in his hands squeezing them lightly as he mounts over Aquarivamon’s face. She presses her tongue onto the back, pushing in, exciting the thousands of nerves on Flamedramon’s cock head. He slowly begins to pant as Aquarivamon slides her tongue into the small canyon between the head of the cock and the main shaft, rubbing her tongue between the two parts, where the nerves are even more sensitive.


Flamedramon holds Aquarivamon’s ears tightly, as the pleasure runs through his body. He slides his tail down rubbing it between Aquarivamon’s breasts down to her cunt entrance. It slides around and pushes slowly into her cunt pressing lightly. The fur on her tail rubs against the button on right about her cunt, causing it to pulsate as Aquarivamon’s pleasure rises up. The tail moves in, slowly caressing the insides moving into every little crack exciting the nerves.


Aquarivamon runs her tongue around the canyon between the cock head and the shaft, licking the underside of the cock head. Flamedramon pants faster as Aquarivamon slides her tongue up and over the edge to the front side, dripping saliva over it and then, moving her tongue over the sensitive skin, brushing it lightly and tickling him at the same time. Meanwhile Flamedramon’s tail pushes in deeper exploring her insides as the fur brushes against the button outside.


Flamedramon slides his tail in deeper and deeper into Aquarivamon, pushing it against the sensitive skin inside. The muscles inside of Aquarivamon’s body contract as they squeeze onto Flamedramon’s tail, Flamedramon’s tail continues to move the soft fibers brushing against the sensitive skin inside exciting everything, the nerves send massive amounts of pleasure waves down her spine as she gasps lightly.


Aquarivamon moves her tongue to the very tip of Flamedramon’s member rubbing it slowly over the skin there. Flamedramon gasps as he begins pushing his member deeper into Aquarivamon’s mouth. Aquarivamon continues to rub her tongue over Flamedramon’s member, as the head of the member presses against the back of the throat. Each breath of air Aquarivamon takes brushes against the head of the cock, sending tickling sensations over Flamedramon.


Flamedramon begins to thrust his member into Aquarivamon’s mouth, each time the skin of the shaft rubs against Aquarivamon’s teeth sending shivers down his spine. When he presses in deeper, the head of his cock presses against the soft skin of Aquarivamon’s throat as it move around, exciting him, and causing him to moan deeply in pleasure. Gripping Aquarivamon’s ears tightly the trusts faster and faster into her mouth.


The tail inside of Aquarivamon was also in turn moving faster and faster, as it penetrated deeply into her. The soft short velvet like furs brushed against the most sensitive parts of her, while the tip had found the end of her cunt, ticking it lightly with the few hairs on the tip of the tail. Aquarivamon pants faster and faster as the constant trickles of pleasure shoot into her body, from her tail to her ears.


Flamedramon pushes his member into Aquarivamon’s mouth one last time, as the pleasure climaxes. Just as Flamedramon’s cock head presses against the back of Aquarivamon’s throat, he orgasms, shooting his cum into her throat. Aquarivamon closes her mouth tightly, forming a tight seal around her cock as his cum sprays from his member onto the back of her sensitive throat.


The sudden feeling of liquid splashing against the back of her throat and the constant tickling and thrusting of the tail drove Aquarivamon over the edge as he orgasms again. Her fluids flow from the walls of her satisfied cunt, dripping onto the blue tail of Flamedramon. Flamedramon feels wetness around his tail as Aquarivamon’s love juices flow onto it mixing with the fur.


Aquarivamon’s begins swallowing Flamedramon’s cum, tasting it, finding it very delicious. She sucks it down as cum flows down her throat and into her body. She begins sucking pulling more cum from Flamedramon as the tight seal around Flamedramon’s member forms a vacuum like chamber around his cock. Flamedramon continues to pant as more and more cum is pulled from him, his orgasm lasting longer than ever.


Finally Aquarivamon releases Flamedramon’s member from her mouth licking up the last traces of cum. Her muscles around Flamedramon’s tail releases allowing him to withdraw his tail. Both of them pant as Flamedramon rolls off of her and collapse over to one side, panting heavily his white chest heaving up and down. Aquarivamon pants with him, both of them enjoying the moment.


Flamedramon snuggles close to Aquarivamon wrapping his arms around her. Aquarivamon smiles completely sober, hugging him back. Flamedramon closes his eyes pulling her close to him as he falls asleep. Aquarivamon smiles and kisses him on the nose and snuggles up against his warm body, falling asleep also after that excruciating B-day gift.


The next morning Flamedramon wakes up opening his eyes as the first glints of sunlight enter into the room. He smiles and detaches himself from Aquarivamon and walks over to his armor strapping it back onto himself. He leans back against the wall, thinking over last night and the pleasure they had. Rolling back over to Aquarivamon he gives her a kiss as she opens her eyes.


“Thanks Flamedramon, all you guys” Aquarivamon says, “For that great gift”


Stingmon wakes up and sits up and rubs his eyes. Standing up he walks over to Wargreymon and shakes him lightly. Wargreymon wakes up and stands up next to Stingmon. Flamedramon gives Aquarivamon a parting kiss as he stands up with his two other friends.


“Happy Birthday Aquarivamon” Flamedramon, Stingmon and Black Wargreymon call out.


They walk downstairs and open the front door. Flamedramon, Stingmon and Black Wargreymon step outside and walk home. Aquarivamon is upstairs, leaning outside the window, smiling brightly, feeling the sunshine over her body. She watches them disappear over the horizon and waves goodbye to them.


“Thank you…” Aquarivamon quietly says smiling a small tear coming to her eye. Not a tear of sadness but a tear of joy and happiness for all time, forever and ever.


Happy Birthday Aquarivamon, I hope you liked it! This is officially my longest single fan-fic up to date. ^_^ Question and comments sent them to me at flamedramon_lover@yahoo.com. – Flamedramon_Lover