Renamon’s Heat




Renamon woke up with a soft sigh; she blinked and looked down at Guilmon who was fast asleep. She smiled down at him and kissed his muzzle.

She then quickly looked towards the entrance of the tunnel; she then leapt off him, onto her next destination.





‘Terriermon... come to the roof”


Terriermon blinked and sat up, he hopped off Lee’s bed and walked over to the window. “Renamon?”


“Yes, It’s me, come here Terriermon...”


“Uhh, okay...” Terriermon climbed up onto Lee’s desk then pushed open the window, quickly running out before it would slam back down onto him.



“I am up here Terriermon,”


Terriermon looked up to the roof and saw Renamon sitting on the edge. “Come up here,” she said quietly, then turned away, walking back towards the center of the roof, her footsteps could be heard echoing off the shingles.


Terriermon sighed. “Okay...” He then grabbed onto the drain pipe and began to climb up, once he had grasped the edge of the roof, Renamon took his hand and pulled him up the rest of the way.


“What did you want to see me about?” Terriermon asked looking up at her as she let go of him, letting him drop.

Without answering she got to her knees, and leaned forward till she was level with him.


“Well? Are you going to answer me or just sit there,” Terriermon asked watching her, although not showing it his mind was running with thoughts of what she might want him to do. The sweet smell coming for her was more then enough to make him a little woozy.


“Terriermon, I am in heat, and I want you,” she whispered, with slight smirk.

Before he could reply she pushed him onto his back, placing her hand on his lower body, she leaned forward and licked his face.


“Y-you do?” He asked rather stunned. He didn't think that this was actually what she wanted to see him about.

“Yes...” she answered him, she then rolled onto her stomach, then in an almost push-up like motion got onto her hands and knees. She swung her bushy tail over him, while showing him her awaiting vagina. Already wet from her encounter with Guilmon.


“Go on Terriermon, I’m waiting,” she said smiling. Terriermon stood up. His member already emerged from his sheath, fully erect.

He walked of to her, leaning over placing his head between her legs, taking a long whiff of her scent. He then climbed onto her back and positioned himself right over her.


“What are you waiting for?” She looked back at him, still waiting for him to enter her.

“I’m sorry, it just smells so good, and I can’t believe this is happening,” Terriermon replied, he then slowly pushed himself into her.

She moaned slightly, as she felt his long slender cock enter her. Terriermon then slowly began to move in and out of her, while also trying to keep from falling off of her.

She looked back at him again; she then lowered herself until he could stand on the ground.


“Please Terriermon, you can go faster,” she said with a soft moan.

Terriermon nodded and began to move faster, sliding in and out of her with ease. Terriermon moaned, as her scent seemed to swirl around him.


Renamon moaned ever so often, she began moving her hips with each of his thrusts. She then stopped for a few moments and looked back at Terriermon.

“Stop,” she said looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” Terriermon asked. He then pulled himself out of her.


“These shingles are cutting into my knees,” she explained as her then turned and sat down, using her arms to prop her up, she then spread her legs so her could continue.


“Oh,” Terriermon then quickly ran over to her, her pushed back into her. Renamon shivered in pleasure as he did. Terriermon quickly picked up speed, while licking her lower stomach.

She moaned again, and watched him lick her belly, it didn’t really bother her but it was still rather strange.


Terriermon used his small forearms to rub her inner thighs. She threw her head back and moaned again as her orgasm slowly began to build.

She removed one of her hands from the cold hard shingles and began to massage her breasts, hided underneath her fur.

She continued to massage herself as Terriermon began to go even faster, desperately trying to release.


She tightened her vaginal muscles tightly around him as her orgasm approached her more quickly.

Terriermon moaned ever so often, feeling her becoming tighter and tighter as he continued.


Terriermon groaned loudly. “Renamon I am going to burst any second!” He cried out, continuing his relentless pounding.

Renamon moans became lower and more frequent with every one of his movements. “Oh god! Terriermon!”


Terriermon let loose one last loud moan and released his load deep into her. Then falling forward, resting his head on her stomach.

Renamon moaned loudly as she felt his warmth enter her. She looked down at the small Digimon, seeing his already almost asleep.


She sighed and looked down at him. “Terriermon! I didn’t get to finish!”

Terriermon replied with a soft mumble before totally losing consciousness. She sighed and pushed him away from her, he fell softly onto his back and small grin on his face.

Renamon then began rubbing and squeezing her clit.


After a few moments Renamon screamed in bliss as her orgasm rushed over her, her juices dripping onto the shingles, running in-between the cracks. She then lay back and rested for a little while, her arms outstretched as she panted heavily.


“Hmm, where to next,” she whispered to herself, trying to catch her breath.


“Hmm.. Leomon, will do very nicely...” she smirked to herself and slowly got back to her feet.