Renamon’s Heat




Renamon slept quietly in a small tunnel under one of the large gargoyle statues near the parkway. She shivered slightly in her little nest like dug out. The pounding sound of the rain outside echoed through out her nest. She shivered yet again, in her almost unconscious state her hand fell between her legs.


She sighed softly and adjusted her position, barely enough room in the dug out for her to turn around, but her agile and limber body made movement possibly.

In her concentration to knock hit her head on the bottom of the statue her finger ran across her cunt, hidden by fur. She moaned softly, quickly taking notice of her position.


She sat hunched over, her back up against the dirt wall of her tomb. Her legs eagle spread against the sidewalls. She then decided that she might as well finish what she started.


She slowly slid her finger into her cunt, she moaned softly again, and began to slowly move it around. After a few moments she stopped and sighed deeply.

“It’s not enough...” Renamon sighed once again, she then lay back down, and she nuzzled her head against the ground and closed her eyes once again.


~~~ Meanwhile ~~~


Guilmon stood in his cave in the far side of the park, sniffing the air deeply. “Renamon... but she smells different... maybe she is hurt, if she is she will hurt me if I try to help her. I better stay were I am, I can talk to her when Rika, Lee and Takatomon come in the morning,”


He stood in silence for a few moments, then turned around slowly and walked to the very back of his tunnel. He then lay down and went to sleep.


~~~ Meanwhile Again ~~~


Terriermon sat on the window seal of Lee’s window, sniffing the air. “Renamon... she is going into heat, oh she smells so wonderful from here,” Terriermon said almost as if he was getting pleasure just from her scent.


“I would try to mate with her but she would probably just attack me,” Terriermon sighed and hopped off the window.



~~~ Late That Night ~~~


Renamon awoke with a start almost slamming her head against the base of the statue. She looked around wildly, even though she knew all she would see would be dirt and a thin hole leading to the surface.


“My heat... it’s here,” she twisted her body around and looked to her cunt, it was glowing a bright pink and dripping juices. 

“I must have masturbated in my sleep. Strange usually I can keep it under control...”


Then almost as if she wasn't even controlling her own body she quickly through her hand back down between her legs and began to thrust 3 of her fingers in and out of her dripping cunt.

Renamon arched her back and released load moans deep from her throat as she quickened her pace. Howling for release, before she knew it, she had almost her whole hand inside her. Finally with a few more thrusts she cried out loudly as her juices flooded out of her, soaking her hand, collapsing onto the dirt floor, letting her juices mix with the soil, her body spasmed ever so often as waves of pleasure jerked through her body, sending small amounts of her cum dripping out of her.


“I want more...” she moaned softly. She then shook her head.

“What I am talking about! Why can’t I get this under control, unless... this must be my last heat of the year,” she thought, knowing that her species go into heat many times a year, since their species of Digimon is deeply endangered.


Renamon closed her eyes again, panting heavily. “I have to try to keep it under control and make sure this doesn't affect our battles...” she sighed and fell asleep once again.





Guilmon moved slightly in his groggy state, he then jerked his head and opened his eyes wide as a flash of yellow caught his eye.

“Renamon? Is that you?” He asked in his child-like voice. He turned his head once again to find Renamon standing directly in front of him.


He stumbled back, surprised by her. “Hi, Renamon, are you here to play?” Guilmon asked watching her.


“You could say that,” she then lunged at him and like a flash of lightning punched him in the face as hard as she could.

Guilmon stumbled back and was slammed against the wall. He fell over in a heap.


“Renamon! That hurt!” Guilmon complained and began to stand up.


“Stay down if you know what’s good for you!” Renamon ordered and stomped on his chest.

Guilmon began to become scared by her now stern attitude.


“Okay...” he replied his voice like a scared child.


Renamon walked towards his head and turned around her round firm ass hanging above his head, she then knelt back and sat down on his head, her legs pinning down his arms, she then adjusted her lower body her cunt hung over her snout.


“Guilmon, eat out of me now!” She ordered again.


“What do you mean eat out?” He asked curiously and stared up at her, more confused then ever.


Renamon sighed. “I forgot you are nothing but a child. Guilmon, my pink hole, I want you to lick it, and

While you do that, rub the little bump above it with your nose,”


“You have a hole in you?! Is it a boo-boo? Is that why it smells funny? “ Guilmon questioned again, sniffing her cunt, taking in scents her never knew existed.


Renamon growled. “Yes, Guilmon its a boo-boo and if you lick it, it will feel better,” Renamon lied now just trying everything she could to get him to start eating out of her.


“Oh okay,” Guilmon opened his mouth slightly and his long tongue emerged from his mouth, he then ran his tongue over her outer lips.

Renamon shuddered with pleasure. “Oh, Guilmon it hurts so badly, please lick faster so it won’t hurt me anymore,” she groaned trying to convince him that it actually hurt.


Guilmon blinked. ’It must really hurt bad,’ Guilmon thought, he then began to lick her neither lips even faster.

“No, Guilmon, inside my boo-boo,” Renamon begged.


He followed orders and drove his tongue deep into her cunt. Her juices running down his tongue.

Renamon screamed in pleasure. “Guilmon keep going, Oh God, it feels so good,”


Guilmon continued, he mashed his face deep into her crotch, his nose rubbing against her clit, causing Renamon to squeal with pleasure. She took her hands away from his head and grasped her breasts; she began to massage her breasts while squeezing her rock hard nipples between her thumb and index finger.


Guilmon flicked his tongue around her cunt, now noticing the juices running down his tongue.


“Renamon! You’re bleeding!” Guilmon yelled his voice slurred due to his tongue, being up Renamon’s twat.

“Guilmon, I am not bleeding, that is not a boo-boo, that is my vagina, and if you stop again I am going to beat the living hell out of you now eat out of me!” Renamon yelled, her sex drive not in control as she continued to fondle her breasts.


Guilmon gulped and quickly began to drive his tongue in and out of her, going much faster then before afraid that she would hurt him. He let out an almost sneeze like snort, sending freezing cold air rushing onto her clit.


“Oh god!” Renamon yelled, her climax coming closer with every movement of his tongue. She tightened her vaginal muscles around Guilmon’s tongue as it slid in and out of her now dripping cunt. Her juices dripping out of her moist pussy, running down the sides of his face and his chin.


“Mmm! This juice is nice and yummy!” Guilmon said lapping up as much of it as he could.

“Oh, Oh! It’s called cum; any second now a whole bunch of it will come out at once,” Renamon moaned, panting heavily as his tongue searched through her folds.



Renamon suddenly let out a loud shriek as she threw her hands down to the dirt floor and clenched her fists, as her climaxed, her body shaking wildly as her juices flooded out of her. She then fell forward; she would have hit the floor put her extended arms held her up.


Guilmon’s face was literally covered with her juices, he continued to lap at her cunt, getting the last of her juices.

Renamon then slowly stood back up, still shivering slightly from her orgasm; she then looked towards Guilmon’s legs to see if her plan of getting him erect had worked.


She smirked as she saw his red orange member peering out from its sheath. She walked over to his legs and knelt down, she then grasped his member in her hand.

Guilmon looked down at her. “Renamon! Stop! Why are you playing with my pee-pee!” Guilmon protested.


“Guilmon, this isn’t a pee-pee, this is a penis, and I want to make you nice and hard for our next game,” she said as she pumped his cock a few times.

Guilmon let out a slight moan as she did. “Well, it does feel good,” Guilmon moaned.


Renamon queered her brow as she continued to pump his cock; it seemed to continue to grow in both length and width.

Renamon almost gasped once her hand job had done its job. “It’s so big....” She muttered.

She stared at his erect cock, almost a foot and a quarter as best she could tell.


Renamon grasped his cock again and stood up best she could, she then held his member right under her cunt.

“Renamon, what are you doing?” Guilmon asked.

“I am going to have sex with you, I am going to put you penis in my hole, and then I want you to move your hips up and down, okay?”

“Okay?” He nodded. “Will it fit all in your hole?”

“I hope it will...”


Renamon then slowly began to lower herself onto his cock, moaning softly, as did Guilmon; she then felt the one thing she was afraid of.

She was still a virgin...


Renamon inhaled deeply, she then threw herself down on him. Renamon screamed in pain, as a small stream of blood ran down Guilmon’s cock. After a few seconds of silent weeps she then began to take more of him into her.


“Renamon, why were you crying?” Guilmon asked and licked her face.

“I’m okay, Guilmon...” Renamon said biting her lip. She then rested unable to take in more of him, still about 2 inches of him not inside her.


“Guilmon, start moving your hips,” Renamon said.

Guilmon then began to slowly buck his hips. Renamon moaned softly. “Guilmon, go faster, as fast as you possibly can,”


“Okay,” Guilmon then began to buck his hips wildly, Renamon bouncing up and down on him, his long, thick member sliding in and out of her rapidly.

Renamon began to move herself up and down his member also, trying to get him to increase his tempo.


Renamon slammed down on him harder and harder each time, she gasped loudly as each time she slammed down on him the extra few inches forced itself into her.


“Oh God, Guilmon I am so close to cumming...” she cried out.

“I think I have to go pee-pee!” Guilmon yelled, continuing to buck his hips.

“No! Guilmon you are just going to cum,”



Renamon slammed herself down once more and yelled out again as her juices flooded out of her once again, drenching his cock in her nectar.


Guilmon arched his back, and released a huge amount of semen into Renamon, he groaned deeply.

Renamon moaned and yelled loudly as his seed filled her womb. “Oh god!”


Renamon collapsed onto of him, panting heavily, her chest heaving greatly. She sighed softly as she placed her hands on Guilmon’s chest, with was also heaving and lay her head down.


She closed her eyes slowly, exhausted. Guilmon had already fallen asleep. She sighed deeply and fell asleep.