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GABUMON>> Palmon, come back!

MATT>> Yeah, come back, you'll get lost out here, Mimi

They start running to catch up with Mimi and Palmon.

GABUMON>> Look, Palmon, I'm sorry about the belching. I promise I won't do it again.

MATT>> Yeah, me too. Will you guys come back?

MIMI>> Well, OK, we'll come back, well, since it was partially my fault.

PALMON>> Hey, speak for yourself. Why should we hang around these guys, they're a bunch of pigs!!

MIMI>> They said they were sorry, you heard them.

GABUMON>> Yeah, we won't do it any more, we give our word.

PALMON>> Well OK. It's not that I'm offended by burping, it's just the way you guys do it is so gross!

MIMI>> Well, let's go.

They returned to the campsite and sat down.

GABUMON>> Well, now, what should we change the subject to?

TENTOMON>> How about Gabumon and Palmon sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

GABUMON blushes

IZZY>> Tentomon, stop, you're embarrasing him!

TENTOMON>> But haven't you seen the way they've been eyeing each other?

PALMON>> That's just him!! I don't stare at him the way he stares at me. And he drools too!!

GABUMON>> I'm sorry, Palmon, I can't help it. You're like a delicious fruit, ripe for the picking.

MIMI>> I don't think Palmon's ready to be picked yet. She needs to ripen a bit first.

GABUMON>> That still doesn't change the way I feel about you, Palmon. From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I was determined to win your heart, but I never could get the courage to say anything. And I can sense that Matt and Mimi look like they've got something going, so it only follows naturally that the two of us should be together.

MIMI>> I do not!!!

MATT covers his face

MIMI>> Don't even think about it, Matt.

PALMON>> I never knew you felt that way, Gabumon. (goes over to Gabumon and holds his paw) &nbsp I'll be your girlfriend.

MATT>> Dude, that was easy, wasn't it?

GABUMON>> &nbsp Oh, I'm so happy!! &nbsp (gives Palmon a big lick)

MIMI>> &nbsp Awww, that's so sweet.

GABUMON>> All I ever wanted was to be your true love. &nbsp I don't want anything else but you, Palmon.

MATT>> &nbsp I think he wants more than that.

Everyone looks at Gabumon's huge red boner.

GABUMON covers his boner with his legs and his paws.

PALMON>> &nbsp Oh, so that's all you want huh? &nbsp I should have known. &nbsp All you guys are the same.

GABUMON>> &nbsp No we're not all the same. &nbsp Only I love you with everything I've got.

PALMON>> &nbsp I see. &nbsp Well, I'm very flattered that I'm such a turn on, but you'll just have to hold your horses for now.

GABUMON>> Look, I can't help the way I feel. &nbsp You might as well try to stop the wind.

TENTOMON>> Ahh, that's so romantic.

PALMON>> &nbsp Well, just try to control yourself as much as you can.

GABUMON>> & nbsp I'll do my best. &nbsp I'd never want to do anything to hurt you.

MATT>> &nbsp See, he's a nice guy isn't he?

GABUMON>> &nbsp You know I'll do anything for you, even if it means putting my own selfish desires aside.

PALMON>> &nbsp Well, I guess you're not so bad after all.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Wait! &nbsp What am I saying? &nbsp I can't ignore my desires, they're just too strong! &nbsp I want to devour you right now, Palmon!!

MATT>> &nbsp Oh, no, Gabumon, you just ruined your chances, you're so stupid!!

PALMON thinks to herself>> &nbsp I knew that was what he was after the whole time, but hey, it kind of feels good to have a guy want me that badly.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Matt, you obviously don't know the meaning of the word "horny".

MATT>> &nbsp I guess not.

PALMON>> &nbsp You're just going to have to keep your pants on untill I can decide if you're really the one for me.

IZZY>> &nbsp Gabumon doesn't wear pants, silly.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Although, right now, I kind of wish I did. (looks down at his throbbing boner.)

MIMI>> &nbsp If I had an extra pair of pants, I'd be happy to give them to you.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp I don't think your pants would fit him, Mimi.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Well, Palmon, hurry up and decide. &nbsp I'm getting hornier by the second!

PALMON>> &nbsp OK, I've thought about it and I've decided to say NO.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Is that your final answer?

PALMON>> &nbsp YES!

MATT>> &nbsp You don't know what you're giving up, Palmon, I'd think hard before I made THAT your final answer.

PALMON>> &nbsp Well, for right now, that IS my final answer.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Tell that to my hormones!!

PALMON>> &nbsp I really like you, Gabumon, really I do, but I'm too afraid of getting my heart broken.

IZZY>> &nbsp It looks like Palmon's heart and Gabumon's nuts just can't see eye to eye.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp I couldn't have said it better myself.

GABUMON>> &nbsp You just don't know how long I've waited. &nbsp I've been craving and fantasizing about you from the day I met you. &nbsp I've been longing for the day when my fantasies would become reality.

PALMON>> &nbsp What part of NO do you not understand?

TENTOMON>> &nbsp I think it's the "O" &nbsp It get's confused with "0" (zero) a lot.

IZZY>> &nbsp I think it's the "N". &nbsp Sometimes "NO" comes out as "MO".

MATT>> &nbsp Don't worry too much, Gabumon, She's just playing hard to get. &nbsp She really means yes.

MIMI>> &nbsp If you think that way about girls, Matt, then that makes you a rapist.

MATT>> &nbsp I am NOT a rapist, and neither is Gabumon. &nbsp I guess we'll just have to neuter him.


MATT>> &nbsp Just kidding, dude.

MIMI>> &nbsp Seems like that would be the humane thing to do. &nbsp He would be a lot more relaxed and happier that way. &nbsp Just look at him. &nbsp He's in agony.

IZZY>> &nbsp I think we know that, Mimi.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Please Palmon, If I have to wait another minute to get my nut off, I'll turn purple and DIE!

IZZY>> &nbsp Damn, Gabumon, don't you know how to masturbate??!!

MATT>> &nbsp Yeah, do what I do. &nbsp Whenever I get these feelings, I just whip out a picture of Mimi, and WHACK IT!!!

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Why would you want to slap a Picture of Mimi?

IZZY>> &nbsp I think he means slap his penis.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Oh, I see.

MIMI>> &nbsp Yeah, Matt, you just keep doing THAT!

PALMON>> &nbsp Oh, so that's what this is all about. &nbsp Just you and your stupid NUTS!!

PALMON thinks to herself>> &nbsp Man, how could I feel guilty for giving in, if he wants it THAT BAD? &nbsp I feel sorry for the poor thing.

MIMI>> &nbsp Relax, Gabumon, No one's ever died of being horny. &nbsp You're going to be just fine.

GABUMON turns purple.

IZZY>> &nbsp Hey, good one there, Gabumon, if that doesn't score you some, nothing will!!

MATT goes over to Gabumon and puts his arms around him and starts crying hysterically. &nbsp >>PLEASE GABUMON, DON'T DIE!! &nbsp (sob, sob) &nbsp You're the best friend I've ever had. &nbsp I can't let you die!

GABUMON>> &nbsp I'll try to hang in there for you, bud. &nbsp Somebody has to protect you.

MATT>> &nbsp Well, now, it's my turn to protect you. &nbsp You've saved my life so many times, now I've got to save you. &nbsp (he bends his head down toward Gabumon's dick, which already had some pre-cum dribbles. &nbsp He opens his mouth and thinks to himself>> &nbsp Man, I wish I hadn't just eaten. &nbsp There's probably a gallon of cum in there!

PALMON>> &nbsp Wait!! &nbsp (goes over to Gabumon) You can have me. (bats her eyes.)

MATT, IZZY, AND TENTOMON start clapping and cheering and hollering.

IZZY>> &nbsp Yeah, &nbsp use the old "make her jealous" trick, it works like a charm every time.

PALMON>> &nbsp Be gentle with me, Gabumon, I'm just a delicate flower that is yet to come into full bloom.

GABUMON jumps on Palmon and slides his long slithery tongue into her mouth. &nbsp The two kiss passionately and start moaning and breathing heavily.

MATT>> &nbsp Well, what do you know, guys, a live porno show right before our eyes!!! &nbsp This is our lucky day!!!

IZZY>> &nbsp Hey, we can tell them stuff to do! &nbsp You can't do that when you're watching a porno flick!

The two digi-lovers continued to kiss and slurp for about 10 minutes. &nbsp Then Gabumon started licking Palmon all over her body.


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