Gabumon, Matt, Palmon, Mimi, Izzy, and Tentomon were sitting around a campfire, relaxing and eating their dinner.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Ok, I think the meat's done now, let's dig in.

MIMI>> &nbsp What exactly is this we're eating?

GABUMON>> &nbsp I'm not sure you really want to know.

They proceed to divide the meat between the six of them.

MIMI>> &nbsp Hey, this looks red in the middle, I don't want to get sick...

IZZY>> &nbsp It's called rare, Mimi, very tasty that way.

MIMI>> &nbsp Well I'm not going to eat it, I always take my steaks medium well. &nbsp (folds her arms)

IZZY>> &nbsp Now come on, Mimi, I know you don't want to be rude to our host.

MIMI>> &nbsp What are you talking about?

IZZY>> &nbsp Gabumon hunted and killed this--whatever it is--for us to eat. &nbsp He deserves our respect.

MIMI>> &nbsp Well, he ought to respect my tastes too.

GABUMON sharpens a stick and hands it to Mimi. &nbsp >>Here you go, you can roast yours a little longer.

MIMI>> &nbsp Thank you Gabumon, you're the best.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Yeah, and you're an excellent hunter too.

The rest of them started on their dinner.

MATT>> &nbsp Hey this is pretty tasty.

IZZY>> &nbsp No kidding, It bears a remarkable similarity to a dish I had while I was in South America, called Pui-pui.

MIMI>> &nbsp That sounds gross, anything with a name like that has to be.

IZZY>> &nbsp It was roasted bat.

MATT immediately spit out the meat &nbsp >> You could have warned me you know.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Now do you see why I didn't want to tell you.

IZZY>> &nbsp We Japanese folks have really finicky tastes because we're spoiled by our cuisine which is the finest in the world. &nbsp But in other parts of the world, they have different tastes. &nbsp It's all a matter of appreciating other cultures, like this one, for example...

MATT>> &nbsp Izzy, do you EVER shut up?

IZZY>> &nbsp No, actually once I get started on something, I never seem to be able to reach the end of the stream of information coming out of my head. &nbsp I usually depend on other people to interrupt me...

TENTOMON shoves a wad of meat into Izzy's mouth.

MATT>> &nbsp Thank you very much, Tentomon. &nbsp Hey, Palmon, you seem awfully quiet over there, what's up?

PALMON>> &nbsp Just sleepy that's all.

MIMI>> &nbsp This still seems like the craziest dream I've ever had, and yet I know it's real. &nbsp If I ever get out of here, I think my regular life sure will be boring after all this.

MATT>> &nbsp Yeah, you're right. &nbsp It all seems crazy, and yet I have a feeling that us being here is part of some big plan or something.

MIMI>> &nbsp If we ever get out of here, the real world is gonna be pretty boring after all our adventures here.

MATT>> &nbsp Yeah, tell me about it. &nbsp Phone booths in the middle of nowhere, a factory that puts things together then takes them apart, it's like we're the only ones here that see anything weird about it.

PALMON>> &nbsp Gabumon, why are you staring at me?

GABUMON>> &nbsp Uhh, well, ahh, &nbsp (blushes) &nbsp I'm sorry, I was just, uh, thinking about something else, didn't know I was doing that, sorry.

PALMON>> &nbsp You do that a lot, you know.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Oh, I do, &nbsp (covers face with paws)

PALMON>> &nbsp It's okay, Gabumon.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Gabumon and Palmon, sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...

GABUMON>> &nbsp Hey, cut it out...

PALMON giggles and blushes.

MATT makes smooching noises.

PALMON>> &nbsp Stop it!

MIMI>> &nbsp Hey, I think he's just right for you, Palmon. &nbsp Don't fight destiny.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Okay, so I've got a little crush on her, so leave it alone would you?

IZZY>> &nbsp Hey, I know a perfect couple when I see one, and I definitely see one here. &nbsp I knew it all along.

MIMI>> &nbsp (Burp) &nbsp Excuse me! &nbsp (covers her mouth)

IZZY>> &nbsp That was pretty wimpy, Mimi, even you can do better than that.

MATT>> &nbsp He's right. &nbsp That was kind of weak even for a girl. &nbsp Even T.K. can burp louder than that.

MIMI>> .......

GABUMON>> &nbsp Let me try. &nbsp (gulp, gulp...)

MIMI>> &nbsp Oh, no, what have I done?

IZZY>> &nbsp Mimi, never burp around a bunch of guys. &nbsp This is what happens.

MIMI>> &nbsp Well, I take it back then!!

PALMON plugs her ears.

GABUMON rips out an extremely loud burp.

MATT>> &nbsp Hoo yeah!! &nbsp (slaps Gabumon's paw.)

IZZY>> &nbsp Wow, Gabumon, I'm impressed!!

MATT>> &nbsp Yeah, I can't even do one that loud.

IZZY>> &nbsp Of course that wasn't very, long, so we'll have to work on that.

PALMON>> &nbsp You boys are so rude and gross!!!

MIMI>> &nbsp Yeah, guys, cut it out!!

MATT>> &nbsp Hey, you started it!!

MIMI>> .......

GABUMON>> &nbsp I'm sorry, Izzy, but that's the best I can do.

IZZY>> &nbsp You should have more faith in yourself than that, Gabumon. &nbsp I'm pretty small, but I am the undisputed master in the fine art of belching. &nbsp Now watch and learn. &nbsp (straightens out his back and slowly exhales)

MIMI and PALMON plug their ears.

IZZY starts sucking in air.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Izzy, don't hurt yourself, now, be careful!!

MATT>> &nbsp Yeah, I wouldn't want you to puke all over your nice shirt.

MIMI>> &nbsp I hope he does.

PALMON>> &nbsp Mimi, why are we still sitting here?

IZZY>> &nbsp (begin burp) &nbsp You are my fire, the one desire, believe when I say, I want it that way, &nbsp (end burp) &nbsp we are two...darn it!!

MATT, GABUMON, and TENTOMON begin clapping.

MATT>> &nbsp Holy Kami! &nbsp Now that's a burp!!

GABUMON>> &nbsp Yes indeed, you are the master! &nbsp (bows to IZZY)

IZZY>> &nbsp I could have finished the rest of the song. &nbsp I do best on an empty stomach. &nbsp That one sucked.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp You're always too critical of yourself, Izzy. &nbsp Even though you excel at everything, you seem to always find your shortcomings.

GABUMON>> &nbsp You do well at pointing out MY shortcomings!

MATT>> &nbsp Ha, ha, He blew you away, Gabumon, no pun intended.

PALMON>> &nbsp Is this little contest over now?

MATT>> &nbsp I believe Izzy just ended all contests.

MIMI>> &nbsp I haven't been this grossed out since we ran down the sewer, chased by those horrible crud slinging Numemon.

PALMON>> &nbsp Tell me about it. &nbsp Now this whole place smells like stomach acid!!

GABUMON>> &nbsp Will you train me, Izzy, maybe I can burp like you someday.

IZZY>> &nbsp Sure, Gabumon. &nbsp But remember what Tentomon said. &nbsp Be careful not to try too hard, or you could puke all over yourself.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Sure, I'll keep that in mind.

IZZY>> &nbsp OK, Listen carefully. &nbsp Here's what you do. &nbsp Now, if you're going for length, you're going to have to get as much air into your stomach as you possibly can...

MIMI and PALMON get up and leave.

IZZY>> &nbsp Of course, having a big stomach always helps, which you probably do. Fat people always burp a lot better than us skinny folks, No offense to you, I'm sorry...

GABUMON>> &nbsp Oh, that's OK, none taken. &nbsp So where did you learn all this, Izzy?

IZZY>> &nbsp Well, most of it I learned at &nbsp When you're doing a long burp, it'll probably sound best if you do some sort of cool catch phrase, or even a short poem. &nbsp Trying to do a song doesn't work too well, as I just demonstrated. &nbsp OK, go ahead and do your burp again.

GABUMON starts swallowing air again.

IZZY>> &nbsp Wait, stop right there, you're doing it the hard way. &nbsp Don't you know there's a much easier way...

GABUMON>> &nbsp But, that's how I was taught...

IZZY>> &nbsp Forget what you were taught. &nbsp It'll take you an eternity to build up enough air if you do it that way. &nbsp Now, here's how to do it. &nbsp First, take a couple of swallows of air, and that will open up your esophagus. &nbsp Then expand your rib cage, and act like you're taking a deep breath, but don't breathe. &nbsp Hold your breath. &nbsp Your stomach will fill up with air really fast. &nbsp Keep sucking it in untill you're filled to the maximum. &nbsp Then let it rip. &nbsp My record so far, is 17 seconds, but when you try for extreme length like that, then you sacrifice quality.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Hey, Izzy, do you know that Mimi and Palmon are gone?

IZZY>> &nbsp Let 'em leave, we're having a guy conversation here.

GABUMON>> &nbsp But I'm worried. &nbsp We should go look for them before they get lost.

IZZY>> &nbsp I guess you're right.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp They went that way.

The four of them follow the trail where they had last seen them.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Mimi, Palmon, where are you?

MATT>> &nbsp Mimi, come back! &nbsp I'm sorry about all the belching!

GABUMON>> &nbsp Palmon! please don't get lost! &nbsp I'll never forgive myself if anything happens to you!

TENTOMON>> &nbsp You really care about her, don't you, Gabumon?

GABUMON>> &nbsp Yeah, I do. &nbsp You got a problem with that?

TENTOMON>> &nbsp No. Don't be so sensitive. &nbsp I think you two would look great together.

MATT>> &nbsp Yeah, me too.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Hey, I see something over there.

MATT>> &nbsp I don't see anything.

TENTOMON>> &nbsp Well, I do. &nbsp I think it's them right over there. &nbsp Let's go guys.

The four of them pick up the pace, and continue down the trail. &nbsp As they get closer, they can clearly see that it's Mimi and Palmon.


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