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Sora went back down on Tai again. &nbsp Tai's humping instinct started again. &nbsp Now that he had been exposed to this level of pleasure, Tai would never be satisfied with masturbation again. &nbsp He wanted to put a collar and chain on Sora so that he would always have her there to do this for him. &nbsp By now he was pounding her face so hard that it was starting to hurt her nose. &nbsp Tai's humping got faster and faster, and was almost involuntary. &nbsp All of a sudden, he realized that he was in the wrong place. &nbsp He stopped humping. &nbsp TAI>> &nbsp I'm gonna cum, Sora, better stop.

Sora went back to bobbing him again. &nbsp She had never tasted cum before, but she was curious to know what it tasted like.

TAI>> &nbsp (moaning) Stop, Sora, stop!

SORA>> &nbsp I won't let you cum, Tai.

She started sucking again.

TAI>> &nbsp Stop now, I'm gonna cum!!

Tai shoved Sora's head away.

TAI>> &nbsp Man, that was close!!! &nbsp I'd better rest a while. &nbsp Don't you dare touch it, Sora, don't even look at it!! &nbsp Tai's prick was throbbing so hard, it was starting to hurt.

SORA>> &nbsp OK, I won't

Tai rested for a minute or two, then he crawled on top of Sora, and slid his dick in her hungry hole. &nbsp They started kissing again, as he very slowly made love to her pussy. &nbsp Sora loved the sensation of the warm meat going all the way inside her. &nbsp Sora wrapped her fingers tightly around Tai's butt. &nbsp She loved feeling his butt muscles flexing.

So this was it. &nbsp They had both lost their virginity. &nbsp Long before either of them expected to. &nbsp They would both remember this for the rest of their lives, and any other sexual adventures would always be an attempt to try to recapture the feeling they were having at this moment.

Tai started licking and nibbling Sora's ear. &nbsp This alone caused her to have another orgasm. &nbsp Then he made his way down to her neck, as he slowly and softly made love to her. &nbsp They were both breathing heavily, and trying not to make any sounds. &nbsp Tai began lightly biting Sora's neck. &nbsp Another orgasm for Sora. &nbsp Tai began humping harder. &nbsp His heart began pounding so hard, he thought it would explode out of his ribcage. &nbsp Sora squeezed harder on Tai's butt muscles, as they flexed, becoming hard as a rock. &nbsp As the passion flowed through him, he began biting her neck harder.

SORA>> &nbsp Ooowww! Tai, that's gonna leave a mark!

TAI>> &nbsp So? &nbsp Let 'em see it.

Tai was really turning into an animal now. &nbsp He thrust harder and faster, and began biting Sora's neck even harder. &nbsp She silently yelped in pain.

TAI>> &nbsp So, getting a taste of your own medicine huh?

Tai kept it up, as Sora tried as hard as she could to hold back her cries of pain. &nbsp The bed was starting to shake. &nbsp Tai felt an orgasm coming on, but this time, he was going to plunge right into it. &nbsp He pumped harder and faster, and clenched his teeth. &nbsp Finally the orgasm hit him, and his ecstasy soared to a whole new level. &nbsp After it was over, his whole body went limp (except for his dick) and he tried to catch his breath. &nbsp They both laid there, too exhausted to move, wondering if it was all a dream.

TAI>> &nbsp I love you Sora!

SORA>> &nbsp I love you, Tai!

They laid there for a few minutes, still swimming in pleasure. Then Tai drifted off to sleep. &nbsp Sora stayed awake, but just barely, already planning their next adventure. &nbsp She was just about to fall asleep when she realized that she and Tai needed to get back into their original beds, before they were found out.

SORA>> &nbsp Hey, lets go back before we fall asleep, and they find us here.

TAI>> &nbsp Let 'em

SORA>> &nbsp No, we'd better go, I wouldn't want Matt to get jealous.

TAI>> &nbsp Oh, boy, I'm never gonna live this down, am I?

SORA>> &nbsp Well, we'll just keep that between the two of us.

They put their undies back on, and went back to the main room where the others were sleeping. &nbsp When they got back to their beds, they found that Agumon and Biyomon were missing.

SORA>> (whispering in Tai's ear) Where did they go?

TAI>> &nbsp (whispering in Sora's ear) I don't know. &nbsp Let's go look around.

They left, and began looking around the upper floor, opening doors. &nbsp They stopped at a room that they heard noises coming from. &nbsp They put their ears up to the door, and heard what sounded like someone jumping on a bed. &nbsp Tai turned the handle and opened the door slightly, and looked inside. &nbsp There was Agumon and Biyomon boinking it right there on the bed. &nbsp Tai opened the door.

AGUMON>> &nbsp Hey Tai!

TAI>> &nbsp I've been looking all over for you.

SORA>> &nbsp Hey, Biyomon, I'm really gonna enjoy watching this!!

Tai and Sora sat down on the chair beside the bed and watched their digimon get it on.

TAI>> &nbsp Hey, you guys, try to keep it quiet.

AGUMON>> &nbsp Yeah, I wouldn't want Gabumon to see us, he would cry.

The two human lovers cuddled each other in the chair, as they enjoyed the show. &nbsp Agumon started to moan.

TAI>> &nbsp shhhh!!!!

BIYOMON>> &nbsp Ooooohhhh!! OOOhhhhh!! OOOOOHHHHHH!!

SORA>> &nbsp Biyomon, shut up, do you want to wake EVERYBODY up???

Agumon started moaning and grunting louder, as did Biyomon.

TAI>> &nbsp Agumon, clamp it!!!

AGUMON>> &nbsp I can't help it! &nbsp I can't stop, it feels so good!! &nbsp AAAAAHHHHH!!!

Biyomon began wailing with pleasure.


BIYOMON>> &nbsp WHAT?? &nbsp GABUMON??? &nbsp I DON'T THINK SO!!! &nbsp SPIRAL TWISTER!!!

Agumon started yelling and screaming in pain.

TAI>> &nbsp All right, that's it, now everyone's up, you two better hurry up and finish it fast, cause they'll be cumming any minute!!

They started banging again, and this time, Agumon was careful to keep his mouth shut. &nbsp Tai and Sora anxiously awaited the arrival of their friends, as their digi continued rocking the bed harder and harder. &nbsp Eventually they started hearing voices and footsteps down the hall. &nbsp Suddenly the door burst open, and there were Matt and Gabumon.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Oh my Kami, I can't believe this!

Gabumon watched with tear-filled eyes as Agumon blasted his load into Biyomon's tail feathers. &nbsp The two of them collapsed on the bed.

GABUMON>> &nbsp Now I'll NEVER get to score me some.

MATT>> &nbsp There there, Gabumon, It'll be alright, you'll have your day.

GABUMON>> &nbsp You better save your sympathy for yourself, Matt, look over there! &nbsp opens the door wider, and points to Tai and Sora. &nbsp Matt bursts into tears.

MATT>> &nbsp Well, I guess I won't be getting any either. &nbsp Just a stupid loser virgin till the day I die!!

Joe and Gomamon were the next to arrive.

JOE>> &nbsp Hey, what's going on here?!

GOMAMON>> &nbsp (jumps up on Joe's shoulders) &nbsp Yeah, what's all the crying and screaming about?!

JOE>> &nbsp I have a feeling it's a long, long story.

AGUMON>> &nbsp Well, to make it short, Biyomon and I just got lucky!!

GOMAMON>> &nbsp So you all of a sudden got so horny that you couldn't control yourselves, and decided to go in here and bang yourselves silly.

AGUMON>> &nbsp Well, here's how it went. &nbsp Tai and Sora got up and decided to go off somewhere.

BIYOMON>> &nbsp We were curious, so we asked if we could come along, but they said that we had to stay here.

AGUMON>> &nbsp We stayed for a while, but we couldn't sleep, and they were gone so long, so we went to look for them.

BIYOMON>> &nbsp We found this room with the door closed, and we heard these noises cumming from inside.

AGUMON>> &nbsp After listening for a while, we could tell that they were in there having sex. &nbsp And after listening for a while longer, we started getting really horny. &nbsp Finally we succummed to our carnal desires, and went in here, and the rest is history! &nbsp

JOE>> &nbsp Ok, then, now that everyone's finished, can't we all go to bed now? &nbsp And all the humans sleep with their digimon partners, ok?

Everyone went back to their beds except Tai and Sora. &nbsp They followed behind, and stopped short of going back into the room, because Tai wanted to ask Sora something in private.

TAI>> &nbsp Hey, Sora, I was just curious, what was that plan you were talking about?

SORA>> &nbsp What plan?

TAI>> &nbsp The one about, what if Agumon and Biyomon don't want to leave us alone?

SORA>> &nbsp Oh, that one. &nbsp Well, I was going to trick them into coming outside with me, then I was going to use my digi-vice to retrovolve them back into Koromon and Yokomon, and then tie them to a tree and gag them.

TAI>> &nbsp You were smart to think of doing it that way. &nbsp You probably wouldn't have survived Agumon's fire-breath!

SORA>> &nbsp Yeah, I did think about that.

TAI>> &nbsp Couldn't you have just let them watch?!

SORA>> &nbsp I didn't want there to be any distractions, I just wanted it to be you and me. &nbsp And besides, eventually they would have wanted to get in on it.

TAI>> &nbsp Well, I guess you're right. &nbsp Good night, Sora, I'll be looking forward THE END

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