Hello again! Today I have special guest NGTheDoom who will help me write this story. He is my young apprentice and has a lot to learn but he shall try his hand at a Lemon. He did ask me for one small thing though. To fill the story with asterisks were needed. So, enjoy today’s work and happy debating *you know the kind ^ ^*


Destination, That Way!



Well, today seems rather odd, time is passing by rapidly and this dream is becoming so vivid I could roughly call it reality. However, who has ever heard of a speaking cat or sand storm deserts you can get lost in so easily?


**************************** NGTheDoom at your service *************************


“Are you hungry, Epsilon, I sure could use something” she smiled at me keenly.

This was not such a different dream than how my life was. I just jilled a “woman” and now she is asking for food, bleeding hearts of the world unite! I strolled out of the room to the smell of fresh bread. You never get such pleasantly greeting smells in my apartment. The wife of the hotelkeeper was on her knees, grinding up flour.

“Would you like some fresh bread? I heard you were quite famous with my husband” she continued to cook.

I spied her over, “Not really, something for my friend here.”

She handed Gatomon a loaf of bread tenderly and aptly looked at me. I handed her a few pieces of change, which she took excitedly.

We head out as Gatomon gnashed at the bread. She was so thankful for having food and a warm room to sleep in for the night. It was as if I came out of the blue just for her benefit and this was only a dream after all. I did grow inquisitive as to this dream; so far, I have been hurt, bled, and grown tired. No dream of mine ever had that and this Gatomon was not my choice of a woman I would want to spend time with. We set out into the desert once more in search of this advanced city, I had my doubts. These people did not know what a phone was let alone have a decent inn, let us just hope this other area was better. “Thank you so much” Gatomon piped up, “You’ve been so nice to me.”

She licked her paw and maw clean. Her fur was still matted from when I checked her the night before; she did not seem to take notice though. Rather, she went on about what a kind person I was. I wanted to laugh but that would certainly ruin the mood.

“Don’t you need a bathroom?” I asked.

She shook her head side to side, “I feel fine, why’d you ask?”

I stared at between her legs and turn back up to her face. She ponder for an instant, then checked herself.

“Oh!” Gatomon said in surprise, “I wonder how that could’ve happened?”

She skillfully bent into herself and licked the area flat. I was quite amused at this, if only my friends could do so *if only*. She spent a few more minutes fixing the fur on her leg for something seemed to have dried on her. Her face twisted up at the taste and she switched to scrubbing with her paw.

“I don’t know what I sat in, but it is nasty” she stuck out her tongue in displeasure.

I smiled, “I would not say nasty”

Gatomon looked up, “What?”

I smiled and held silent. She pulled on my leg for me to answer however; I was enjoying her interest in this. I guess you could call it game, giving them the chance to figure out what transpired. She thought for a few minutes then turned back to me for the answer. I laughed stridently and marched on. Gatomon tagged by my side, wondering the whole time what I had meant. We pasted the exit once more and found the desert to be very calm now. We could see small shrubs, cacti, and a few birds, or at least they looked like birds from here. I smiled at this tranquility and slowly trudged through the sand. Gatomon had a much simpler time as she could hop from place to place while regularly dispersing her weight.

“So, how long have you been here?” I questioned

“Since I was an egg” she replied

I thought about this and how crazy it was, “You are a cat, you do not come from an egg.”

“Sure I do” Gatomon smiled, “Didn’t your mommy ever teach you were Digimon come from?”

I laughed, “No, my mother did not have time.”

“She must be a very busy human” Gatomon nodded.

I did not want to continue with this conversation about my parents, “Well then, explain about where Digimon come from.”

Gatomon blushed, “Well, it’s really not… you know… it’s kind of like, umm, no… well…”

I chuckled at her bashful mannerism and assured her that I have heard a lot in my time. She wiped the look off her face and began to enlighten me as best she could.

“Well, when two Digimon really like each other, they” she giggled about her words, “Share data with each other and then one of them has the egg. It also happens when a Digimon dies and has love in its heart about someone.”

I could not help but poke fun at her, “So, you mean to say, they exchange data than they have an egg, which becomes you?”

Gatomon looked away from me, “Yes, that’s how it’s done.”

“Tell me then, Gatomon, would you like to share data” I gently stroked her head and laughed.

She moved slightly away and looked at me, “But, you said, you don’t like Digimon like that!”

I cackled, “Just playing with you, I don’t have data to share anyhow.”

“Stop saying that!” she wailed.

I chuckled to myself and we continued on our way. Gatomon muttered something under her breath though I could not figure out what. The sun was high overhead and relentlessly poured its heat on us. My only clothing was not much protection from the sun and Gatomon started to heat. From what appeared to be nowhere, a very large, reddish colored lizard appeared. I was moving frantically and swiping its three-clawed hand at nearby cacti. Gatomon paused and indicated for me to do the same.

“That’s a bad Digimon” she whispered, “We should get away from it.”

“I am not losing this trail!” I shouted, “I am a human and I’ll be damned if that little monstrosity deters my progress!”

 All at once, the creature looked in our direction and began to charge with its mouth wide in anticipation. Gatomon raised her claws and her ears hung low, ready for attack. I laughed and pulled out my signature weapon.

“You do not have to fight if you do not want to, I can handle a lizard” I turned my arm to the side and awaited this beast.

“You’ll be killed! You’re just a human” she snarled.

“You are but a house cat!” I growled back.

The little red creature made it to us and leapt at my throat. It was so clunky that I was easily able to get around it. I cast my weapon at his head and was treated with a show of pain but oddly enough, no blood. Its head was impaled on three of my six hooks and I dragged it towards the ground. Gatomon watched on at me, it was a shocked look of horror. The lizard had vigor in it for it could still move and fight under such pain. I swung it and pulled it across the hot sand until it lay on the ground panting roughly.

“Never” I yelled, “Call me weak!”

I pulled a knife from my side pocket and lodged it into the lizard’s skull. It twisted in one final display of pain and then exploded into dust. This was very different to me, when something died it usually stayed in that place. I huffed once to slow my breathing and tried to cool down.

“That was… not right” Gatomon stared at me, “You attacked like a monster!”

I grinned, “How else to fight a monster than become one?”

“I’ve never seen humans fight like that, only humans with Digimon partners even cross places like this” she looked at my weapon.

I was puzzled, “How come it does not bleed and why did it explode into some short of dust particle?”

Gatomon snapped out of it, “Well, Digimon die like that, bleeding is only something humans do.”

I laughed at how that sounded, I am sure we just loved to bleed! I noticed a scrape across my arm, maybe I did not move fast enough. It burned slightly and the skin smelled charred, not as if I have not been burnt before. Gatomon then informed me that the creature was a Red Agumon, a ferocious version of the normal Agumon. I looked back into my memory and realized how much I use to love Agumon; he was a great starting creature and had astounding fire attacks. She then continued to question me about how I was so strong and what my weapons were. It escalated into suspicion if I was a Digimon of some sort. I placed all her question to rest one by one.

“No, I am not a Digimon, my weapons are my own design of which I shall not speak, and I am strong because I decided to be” I said solemnly.

Gatomon scowled, “That doesn’t make sense! Humans are not as strong as that, no human ever takes out a Digimon by themselves!”

I smirked, “I guess you met the first then.”

I strolled off and left Gatomon’s mind in an uproar. She followed me and repeatedly asked me random question. I met her with silence that she found very frustrating. Obviously, ignoring her was my first mistake I would make, but many were to come. She suddenly stopped and looked at the ground; I halted to see what was wrong. Her body jerked with lighting speed and she tackled me to the floor. She was very strong for such a small thing, I will give her that, but her actions were not pleasing to me.

“What is wrong with you?” I struggled from her.

“Answer me!” she pinned me down again.

I looked at her face, “Hahaha, is it really bothering you so much?”

She put her hands on my shoulders and sat on my chest, “I won’t let go until you answer me!”

I laughed out but she was truly holding me down. I struggled to get free save for she was one-step ahead, it was different to say the least. It was hot and Gatomon had a small lining of sweat around her gloves. She only made it hotter by sitting atop of me and I detested heat more than anything in this universe. We sat in this position for a few minutes until I dared to play, this was still my dream and how could I lose in such a case? I raised my hands up and pulled her down. She was now upside down and her small slit was facing me.

“I will tell you whatever you want to know, but first I need to work over your frustration” I ran my hand over her stomach.

She quivered for a moment and tried to move away but I held her steadfast. I slowly brought my mouth in between her legs and ran my hot tongue up her cunny.

“W-what are you do-oo-ing, Epsilon?” she twitched.

“Calming you down” I said through another slow lick.

She panted, “You said… you d-don’t like… Digimon”

I engulfed her small cunny in an instance and ran my tongue up and down her needy slit. She tasted delicious to tell the truth. I forced my tongue as far into her as I could and she gasped.

“E-Epsilon, s-s-stop…” she trailed off.

Her tight box wrapped around my tongue and she began to wiggle her hips. Gatomon’s mouth hung open and her eyes shut tightly as I filled her body with sexual tension. I felt her spine shiver as my tongue moved in and out and around her lips. The little cat had stopped complaining and began to move in sync with me. I sucked at her like a vacuum until she moaned as loud as her little lungs could take her. Her body quaked and jerked up, all the while tears ran from her eyes. I know I was not hurting her, maybe it was too much for a first time. I felt a sharp claw grab onto my arm as her sweet juices flowed out. I still proceeded to lap at her as breath escaped her. Her cum was still sweet but thicker this time around. I smiled as I pulled away from the “cleaned” kitty and let her rest in my lap. Her face was red and her eyes were puffy from crying, despite that, a small smile played across her face.

“Epsilon… why did you… do that?” she puffed.

I stroked her back and asked, “Are you better now?”

She was at a lost for words. I could imagine this, what do you say to someone who just sucks you off with out any give motive? I caressed her fur with one hand and had calmed down as well. Something had always made me feel good about that, just never knew what it was. I was actually use to it after struggling; my body produced a lot of excess hormones while fighting, giving me more strength but making me a lecherous bastard. Gatomon bathe in her afterglow for a few moments before sitting up.

“You said you wouldn’t do that” she sulked, “But you lied to me.”

I laughed under my breath, “You were hostile, I had to sedate you. Did you enjoy it at least?”

She turned away as a tear ran down her cheek, “Yes”

“Don’t be reluctant of it” I lifted her chin, “You are delectable.”

She sniffled, “It did feel good, thank you… again.”

“About earlier, I had my fun with you as you slept” I tenderly stroked her back, “That was the reason you were dirty this morning.”

She looked at me for a moment or two then gave me a small hug. It appeared she liked this treatment and I was very generous after all. We got back to our feet and began to make our way toward the next town. Gatomon remained unvoiced and walked slowly beside me, only stopping every now and again to rest. The heat was blistering and not one cloud took residence in the sky. We came across a few more Digimon, but none of them were strapping for combat. After what appeared to hours, we arrived at another large sign. It was made of different metals, some of which I could not recognize.

FactoryTown” Gatomon choked.

We walked closer but soon found it to be futile. A large, metallic door impeded our progress and the only way I could see in was by scaling it. I banged against the door with both fists combined, hoping someone would hear it. A small slot opened up and two eyes peered at us.

“What do you want?” the voice said gruffly.

“We request access to a telephone” I stated.

The slot shut and then a large grinding sound filled the air. I told Gatomon to get back as the doors slowly opened. A large machine greeted issued us in and then the doors were shut tight, behind us.

The surroundings were futuristic, chrome lined the streets and buildings, large shards of metal coated everything, and the inhabitance seemed to be robots. A few humans wearing the garbs as in the last town made their way about the busy area. Organic creatures with metal body parts roamed around and things seemed to be moving at some timed pace. Clock works and technology flowed from every corner of this well-oiled town and Ependar came to mind with his crazy gizmos. I must be dreaming of Ependar now, I thought, but let’s just pray I do not end up like his experiments. I spotted a nearby telephone, there were several lined up in a row. I ran to it and dialed Eplex. No answer, then I tried Eplest, still no answer. I hung up the receiver and thought, fool, this is a dream! Gatomon came up to me and asked whom I was trying to call. I quickly said no one and forgot about the situation. Gatomon nodded and we walked around, this town may have something I want and they may be as gullible as the other place. I pasted by something that look like a magnet when my arm and leg were pulled toward it. The forced of the pull hurt more than I could possible imagine and the ricochet was not kind either. Next was my face that was pulled up against same magnetic pulse.

“Some help, please!” I shouted, desperately trying to pry myself off.

A robot creature came by and looked me over, “How are you sticking without being metallic?”

“Just get me off!” I shouted.

He pulled the switch and the magnet shout down. I pushed off of the metal plate and twirled my arm. I was hurting intensely now, all the added parts of my body felt like they were torn out and put back in.

“How did that happen?” the android asked once more.

I wiggled my jaw back and forth to make sure it was on, “I have a lot of work done to this body due to many accidents.”

Truth be told, several not so many accidental accidents. My left leg was had a new kneecap made of metal with screws, pins and bolts holding up. My left arm had a metal bar placed in because a bone was torn out and my right wrist was shatter and soon replaced with a rotating metal disk. Most painful was my half crush face, I had no teeth on the right side of my mouth that were real and the right side of my jaw was wired together with metal and screws.

“What kind of metal are you made of?” I queried.

The creature stopped and thought, “I am not sure, I have never asked myself that.”

“At any rate, thank you for helping me” I walked away.

Gatomon kept pace with me and we continued to search this place. I had to avoid four other magnets, these creatures must not be made of commonly know metals, my mind is so creative yet so brutal towards me. The strangest thing by far was the meat and fruit stands. Unlike the robots I knew from television, these robots had to eat and drink actually food and water to sustain themselves rather than oil and spare scrap. Gatomon was not asking for a bite to munch, which worried me a bit; so far, she appeared to be bottomless. My stomach growled in anger at waiting so long for food, so I stopped off.

“Would you like something?” I asked Gatomon.

She shook her head up and down, still was not saying much to me. We grabbed the food and my travel here seemed fruitless, I hope this had a nicer inn than Sand Junction. We searched about and asked a few people but finally found the place. It was bigger, but made of scrap from who knows what. Both way, it was dusk and we needed a place for the night. We slowly walked in to see a very large machine. Gatomon pulled me down and whispered it was a Guardromon.

“Good evening” the metal Digimon said in a rather empty voice, “Do you need a room?”

I smiled, “Yes, we do, two beds if it is not a problem”

“No error detected, two rooms will be substantial” he voiced, “100 units please”

I pulled another dollar from my pocket, “This is my currency from my town, it is worth almost four times as much as your standard currency.”

The machine took the money and scanned it twice. It handed it back and said it was not acceptable. I forced it on him once more but he said I was acting irrational, foolish robot. We needed a place to stay so I asked if I could get my money transferred into the common currency. I was told it would be impossible and its robotic voice was getting under my skin. I stormed out with Gatomon in tow and we searched around for some place to stay. The only place we could go was an alleyway. I apologized to Gatomon, but it did not seem to faze her, I grew more concerned about her, maybe I crossed the line. I found a small tattered cloth from a nearby trash receptacle and sat up against the wall.

“Here you go, not high class, but it will do” I handed Gatomon the cloth.

She looked at me with questionable eyes then wrapped the cloth around herself. I was fine in this position, I spent a long time in an alleyway when I was a child. It was colder here, just slightly, could have been that everything was metal and the temperature was low. My outfit was tight, kind of wet-kind of dry feeling, and was more than enough to keep my hot blood warm. Gatomon looked comfortable enough however, I was worried about her. I hope I did not upset her too much and this was my dream after all, I could do what I wanted. I was also worried about the time fluctuation, the last two days seemed to speed by in a few hours and I have not felt tired yet. If my estimations are right, it has only been 12 hours, I sleep maybe 5 hours of a 24 our day, so it would take three days to get tired at this rate. The people and Digimon of this dream seem to get tired at the correct times though, it was all very disorientating. I closed my eyes and laid my head upon the wall when I felt some warm fall into my lap. It was Gatomon and she was shivering a bit.

“It’s cold” she said groggily, “Can I sleep with you?”

“Sure” I rubbed her back.

She nestled my chest, “You know, you are really nice to me and I didn’t have any friends before you came along. Because my family was low class, I am low class. No one likes us and think we are evil Digimon. But, none of my family is like that. Thank you for being nice to me”

I had this feeling in my heart at that moment, something of happiness. I felt a tear drip from her face and hugged her softly.

“We don’t have a caste system where I come form and I am the lowest of the low” I sympathized with her, “It’s alright now, don’t cry anymore. I will be your friend for as long as you need me.”

She looked up at me through blurry eyes and smiled. The whole time I thought, maybe Gatomon is a reflection of me in this dream.

“Do you remember what you did earlier?” she questioned, “Can we do it again, but, you go all the way?”

I let out a small chuckle, “You mean, share data?”

She smiled and laid against my chest. I unbuttoned my suit from the back and slid it off of my body. Now it was nice and cold, just like my room. Gatomon, though new to the game, understand a fair amount of what to do. She rolled her little ass against my crotch and pawed at my bare chest. The new sensation of fur rubbing against my coarse skin was arousing to say the least. I ran my hands down her back and squeeze her petite bottom gently. She twitched in shock as my fingers skimmed her tight holes. She sat back and let me work her body over and over until her pussy dripped. I lifted her up and kissed her cheek, I then kissed down her body until I reached her sweet box. She blushed a bit but soon fell into a conscious coma. I licked and sucked at her like a ravenous animal, paying special attention to her tiny, pink clit. Gatomon wrapped her arms around my head and let me take her for a ride into an orgasmic fantasy. Needless to say, but I was well on my way to taking her. A few more licks and a kiss against her clit, then I stopped and asked her the all-important question.

“Are you ready for something better?” I smirked

She stared down at my erection and looked worried, “It looks too big, will it hurt?”

“If it does, I will stop, a deal?” I kissed her inner thigh.

Her body needed release soon and she agreed. I lowered her tiny body onto my lap and let her sit with my dick between her legs. She slowly reached out and touched the shaft. Her warm, furry hand encircled me, filling me with quite the sensation. I moved up and down to grind her against it and let her feel relaxed. I spread her warm pink folds with one hand and slowly placed the head against her warm opening. Carefully, it slid inside her. Gatomon began to breathe heavily as inch by inch rubbed against her firm walls. She moaned softly while my dick sat happily inside her. I held her miniature waist and started to thrust in and out of her. Her pussy was fabulous, better than a virgin, like hot jell within a narrow tube! I kept my eye on how she looked and it seemed she was in heaven. Gatomon purred and mewed as I pushed into her cunt, she quickly picked up the rhythm and moved her hips against my own.

“It’s so good” she groan, “Go faster.”

I picked up speed and her body tightened as I went deeper. A trickle of drool slipped out of the side of her mouth as she moaned.

“I’m almost there, right there!” she panted.

I felt her body fall limp in my arm as her pussy forced her orgasm around my dick and onto my lap. I came seconds after with an intense thrust and spilled my liquids deep into her. I fell back onto the wall with Gatomon in my arms. I was rubbing her chest soothingly as we shared the afterglow and noticed my lap was soaked.

“That was… that was great” she closed her eyes and laid against me.

I began to pull out although she stopped me and instructed me to leave it in. She did not want this feeling to leave, not after all this enjoyment. I was not one to complain about such a pleasant request as I pulled the blanket around us. The gutter was never such a happy place to fall asleep before I started dreaming; now I just worried about awakening.


To be continued…


Epsilon: Well, that was fun

NGTheDoom: Yeah! I added the asterisk! Fear my asterisk adding abilities! *asterisk*

Epsilon: You did nothing throughout this whole Lemon! Why did I let you work with me!?

NGTheDoom: Work? I was just adding asterisks

Epsilon: ..., …, well then (pulls out gun)

NGTheDoom: Don’t you mean *pulls out gun*

Epsilon: That’s it! You get to die now! (Chases NGTheDoom with the gun)

NGTheDoom: Don’t you mean *chases NGTheDoom with the gun*