Come loyal ones! The day is upon us! (Pulls out cellular deconstruction bomb) They all mocked me, yes, but who gets the last laugh now, world!? Wait sorry today is not Wednesday… Well then, lemon number three for all to enjoy, up until now, you probably notice the lack of hardcore loving. Never fear my readers, today you will get what you came for! Now the plot thickens and life spins out of proportion for Epsilon, what will his fate be? Well, it is a lemon so it should not turn out too bad ^ ^


First Stop, Sand Junction

(Avert your child-eyes!)


This is not possible! What the hell is going on? This cannot be so, it does not make sense, it is not logical! Stop!


---------------------------------------- Was I wrong all along? --------------------------------------


All at once, my skin had extra tension and my body became heavy. Too heavy to escape whatever was happening now and I felt a tug at my entire being. The device began to get bigger and bigger, all the while I was being pulled. I was scared, I will say that much, this morning was going to be different. At once, this immense chill ran through my body and my eyes shut tightly. It was as if I had entered onto a roller coaster. Pulled left, then right, then down and sharply dragged upward. My head spun but fear over took my eyes and would not allow me to open them. I landed with a hard ‘thud’ against the ground within a few minutes. My body slowly unwound itself and I gained control once more. The twisting nightmare seemed to have ended but a new one was quickly emerging. I was no longer in my room; however, some large forest took its place. I could not smell anything and my sense of taste were dulled. What was this place and how did I get here? I had no time to think of it now; I decided to move out quickly. Stumbling for a minute with after-shock, I slowly regained my balance. The forest seemed to echo with sound but none of them familiar. The grass was a bright shade of green, almost too green and the flowers had no scent. A fog hung over the woods like a pox over a hospital.

I started to reason, “What did I do… bad question, what is this place?”

I placed my hand in my pocket and found the stone object I was last clutching. It had changed somehow; it was now a rich orange and felt like cold metal instead of rough stone. It seemed to act as a compass in this place and a light kept pointing to a center direction. The light lead me into the wood where the darkness seemed to grow. With each step, it became darker and darker until the only light was on the device. I became curious now as to where I was going and what was in this place. A small light broke the darkness and I followed it out. From what seemed to be nowhere, a small town appeared. I saw different people on their merry way dressed in some type of garb. It could not be Pakistan, something was different and more was here then met the eye.

I stopped the nearest person I could find, “Excuse me sir, but I think I am lost. Can you direct me to a phone?”

The man looked at me curiously, “A phone?” he questioned.

“Yes, a phone, where would one be around here” I looked about.

“No phone around here” he shrugged

I looked at him cautiously, odd to have no phone in a small town. I bid him ado and began to search around. The buildings seemed wrong and appeared to be made of scrap metals and stone. The roads were much older as well and still retained many bumps and nicks. Possibly a third-world country, I assumed. Now the only question left was how I made it here. I tapped my head in frustration; this was not possible with a jet or any source of transportation I know. Suddenly, I felt a tug on my leg and looked down. Some white cat with gloves was pulling at me.

It began to speak, “Can you help me?” it queried with wide eyes.

I jumped back in absolute terror and pulled a knife from my leg, brandishing it first before preparing for a strike.

“What is this!?” I demanded, “How can you talk!?

The people close to me stopped and looked on with twisted faces. They stepped back and quickly muttered to one another. After several long seconds of quite, a woman stepped forward.

“Leave that poor thing alone!” she shouted.

“Who are you?” I snapped.

She backed up a bit, “Just leave the little thing alone, no need to fight.”

I raised a quizzical eyebrow, “It just spoke to me! What cat does that?”

Once more, the crowd fell into a frantic whisper. I heard bits about my strange attire and my peculiar actions toward others. A few men came rushing out with sticks and swords. They must be the law enforcers of this irate town. The cat backed away from me and the guards moved in. One charged me with his sword raised high. I grabbed the incoming blade with my hand and snapped it in two. The others stopped and held down their weapons.

“Really now?” I laughed, “No guns?”

The men glanced from one another and then back to me. The one whose sword I snapped stepped up to me.

“Who are you and what do you want with us?” he said firmly.

I lowered my weapon, “I am a lost traveler and I want out of this place. I will not harm you so long as you help me.”

The men began to talk amongst themselves. The towns people began to move on their way again and the freighting cat returned. It slowly walked behind one guard and peered towards me. One man pointed out into the distances and told me of a town with more technology that might be the way out for me. I nodded to him; it was good to see the law cooperate with me. The people of this town stilled looked at me in astonishment. Almost as if they had not seen such a human as me. The only main difference I could find was my clothes and skin color. I was white as where they were a reddish-brown and my clothes were still my tight, spandex one-piece from this mornings jaunt. I was also shocked that they did not know me, the great Epsilon who had a large bounty on his head. Maybe it was just an isolated town, except that did not explain that creature though. As I thought about it, it took on form. I remember an old video game with a cat called Gatomon, but surely, this could not be that creature. Video games are nothing more than pixels forced through a compressed “eye” to create an image on a television screen. A small movement in the background kept catching my attention. The cat was following close behind me. It began to irritate me as to its waylaying tactics, so I turned and beamed at it.

“What do you want?” I glared.

It coyly began to speak, “Well, I see your clothes are different so you must have lots of money… I was wondering if you would give me some change for something to eat?”

I stared very hard at the cat. Green gloves, white fur, walking upright, long tailed ringed with purple line and a gold band on its tail. Slowly, ever so slowly, it dawned on me. I was working too hard, this last mission drove me into a coma, and I was now dreaming. Since this was but a dream, why not play around and have some fun for a while? I began to snicker, silently at first, which soon escalated into a maniacal cackle.

“Sure!” I announced, “What would you like to eat?”

The cat was scared at my abrupt change in personality. It slowly pointed to a nearby fruit stand and nodded twice. I happily walked over to the fruit stand and banged the side.

“Two… no four pieces of your choicest pieces” I laughed on.

The woman who was watching the stand reached for the fruit hesitantly and hand me four pieces carefully. I asked the price and she said free of charge as long as I was on my way. I chuckled to myself, if only life was like this in the city! I sat up against a building and the cat did too.

“Here you go, guy” I stated with a smile, “Eat up and savor the taste.”

The cat took a bite and contentedly lapped at its lips. A few more bites and the fruit was gone. I tossed it the other piece and crunched mine. Very different this flavor, like strawberry and apple with just a hint of lemon. My mind was quite amazing at making up this odd world.

“Gatomon” the cat sat licking its paw, “My name is Gatomon and I’m a girl.”

“Are you now? My dear lady, forgive me for drawing a knife on you” I chuckle.

She smiled, “It’s alright, thanks for the food.”

“No problem” I exclaimed, “I was hungry anyhow. How long do you think it will be?”

She looked at me, “How long ‘til what?

“How long until I wake up?” I requested

She pulled the skin of my cheek out and released. It snapped back with a surprising spring to it. I felt it sting and reacted quickly to it. Usually dreams are not painful, but this did hurt. Gatomon pointed out that my hand was bleeding as well from catching that sword.

“Well now, dreams shouldn’t hurt but I guess I am still in pain from this morning” I reached for a bandage in my pocket.

“What happened to you this morning?” Gatomon asked with large eyes.

I pulled the bandage tight, “I stole some artifacts, was shot at, and almost blown away by a hand grenade.”

I began to laugh at my own statement, almost as if it did not mean a thing. I continued to live out my fantasy and stood up. I reached out for the sky but nothing happened. I tried again, but still nothing.

“What are you doing?” the curious cat asked.

I sat back down, “I am trying to fly.”

She squinted her eyes and carefully examined me. She then placed her paw to my head and counted to herself. It was odd but I could feel the soft fur against my head. Probably just my pillow resting on my face.

She sat back down, “You don’t feel hot, but you sure sound sick.”

“No” I smiled, “Just trying to enjoy my rest.”

Gatomon stood up in front of me, “You are still awake you know?”

I smiled vaguely, “if I were awake, you would not be here.”

She jumped on my lap and stretched both my cheeks out. She then released and they snapped back which seriously nipped my face.

“You’re not asleep crazy guy!” she shouted at me.

I thought for a moment and then lifted her up. Amazing, I thought as I moved her up and down, the weight was almost realistic and my left hand throbbed as if a knife actually cut into it. What a remarkable thing, the mind is. Gatomon looked at me stranger still as I pondered.

“Um, can you let go know?” she asked meekly.

“That is wild!” I declared, “You feel so real, I must have a grand imagination.”

I lifted her up and down a few times before placing her back on her feet. I looked her over once, bland for my imagination of a women, and why something from an old show? I was not sure of anything at this point, but this could not be real, just a very vivid dream… or so I hoped.

“What are you looking at?” Gatomon snapped my attention.

I thought for a second, “You of course, Gatomon was it?”

“Yes, my name is Gatomon and what is yours?”

 I laughed, “Well, that depends now, you are not a cop are you?”

She shook her head from side to side. It was quite adorable; she was almost child-like. Gatomon leaned on my side with her eyes fixed to my face, waiting desperately for an answer.

“My name is Epsilon, the one and only” I stated proudly.

Her head hung to one side, “I don’t know any other Epsilon.”

I laughed out and gently rubbed her head, I could have sworn that the fur was real. This was only a dream; I could probably tell the cops that I was the wanted man of a huge bounty. I could not fly though so maybe my mind was focused on how dynamics actually work.  Who cares anyhow? I stood up and dusted my pants; latex could get incredibly dirty with little effort. The men pointed east, so that was my destination until I wake. Upon closer investigation of the exit of town, I noticed the language was different. I can speak eight different languages but this was unfamiliar.

“Now leaving Sand Junction” Gatomon popped up from behind me.

She was still following me, not an unwanted guest and even I liked company in my own dreams. We made eye contact and she darted behind a fruit stand. The little cat seemed nervous of me and at the same time in awe.

“You may follow” I said calmly, “You must read the signs for me, deal?”

Gatomon smiled, “Alright”

I made my way past the sign and into a barren wasteland. Sand and wind were the scenery as well as a few shrub plants. This suit was quickly heating up and I could feel sweat drip inside. Gatomon however seemed just fine and walked one-step behind me. I paused for a moment to heave a sigh of confusion. I had no idea were I was headed and what this dream had in store. It was only a matter of time before I questioned Gatomon about her actions.

“Do not stand behind me, I take that as a threat” I warned, “if you are going to follow, walk next beside me.”

She slowly gained pace and looked up. Something seemed to be catching her attention but I could not put my finger on it. The wind was blowing sand into my mouth and up my nostrils adding just enough discomfort to make this a nightmare. It seemed as if we were walking for hours and the sun began to set. This day was going by fast it appear, almost too fast. I looked out into the distance and saw a sign. I gazed at Gatomon who was beginning to grow weary.

“That says, Welcome to Sand Junction!” she started

I became livid, “How is that possible?”

“The desert plays tricks on people” Gatomon shrugged.

I found this to be dismal. We just trekked a few miles only to end up in the same area we started. We did not make so much as one turn, so how did we end here? I went over to a new face and asked how to get out of this sun-parched hellhole. The word hellhole was unfamiliar to him, though he did have information on the rest.

“You simply need to wait for the twister to die down, it is amazing you traveled in there at all” he patted my shoulder. “It will end in about a day.”

I sighed once more, what a waste of time, I would be up in several hours and never know how this ends.

“Is there a place to sleep for the night?” I asked him.

He smiled wickedly, “You can sleep here tonight at my humble inn, it will cot a little for a stranger as yourself.”

I sighed and pulled out all the money I had on me. Only $17.50, that cannot be good when lost in the desert. The man spied out my money as if it were alien to him. He questioned from which city I came and I happily stated New York. I was greeted once more by an unfamiliar stare. I took advantage of my situation and told the man that each green sheet was worth four times what his standard currency was. His eyes sparked as I handed him a dollar and he gladly granted me access. I beckoned Gatomon to follow as he showed us to the room.

“Here you go noble sir form the great land of New Work. I hope we can accommodate you, just ask and we shall provide” his mind was bent sent on getting my money.

I nodded half-heartedly and observed this “room”. The mattress was a few inches thick laying on the floor and the window had a single pull back curtain. My studio apartment looked nicer than this place and I was going to tell him when I leave that this was what I meant by Hellhole. Gatomon however seen this place as a palace.

“Look at how big the beds are!” she said with contempt, “And we even have a cloth over the window! You must be rich to afford this.”

I laughed, “Rich in people skills.”

Gatomon did not understand it at face value. She did understand a nice room when she found one. Her first action was hopping onto the bed and sprawling out. She purred joyfully and closed her eyes.

“This is great! Beats the ground any day” she looked at me.

I sulked, “This is an awful dream, nothing too amazing but you. I am tired though, this will be the first time I slept in my own dream.”

I stretched out and undid the button on the back of my suit. I had to pry at it to remove the sweat-encrusted latex of my skin. I hate the heat and this was my first trip in the desert, I was not having fun. I had a pair of boxer shorts on due to the latex’s ability to crawl inside you and my skin felt so much cooler. Gatomon looked on with fascination as she witnessed my body for what it was. Hundreds upon thousands of scars lined almost every inch of my body. My arms, chest, legs and neck had cuts and deep impressions running up and down.

“What happened to you?” Gatomon asked intently

“My line of work” I sighed, “I end up in many difficult situations. Speaking of which, where is my bed?”

She chuckled, “Two beds in one room? You must be a king or something.”

“Yes, a king, too bad I ventured from my castle” I snorted.

Gatomon sat up again, “You are a king?”

“No” I said, “I was just joking with you.”

She let out an ill laugh and then began, “You can share this bed with me, if you want.”

I laughed, “Didn’t I pay for this room? I could have sworn I did and don’t animals sleep outside?”

“Animals!” she hissed, “I’m a lady!”

“Absolutely, how could I forget?” I fell beside her on the mattress.

Gatomon jumped up, “Hey! What are you doing?”

“Taking you offer, why?” I questioned with a smile.

“I don’t know, it just seems weird, you’re a human and I heard what some humans do to Digimon.”

That sparked my interest, “I am not going to hit you, not my style.”

“That’s not it, you know, it’s been happening that humans are raping Digimon…”

Peculiar, if I do say so myself, but she appear very frightened over it.

“No, no” I assured her, “I do not rape people.”

She was hesitant at first; however, she laid in the bed once more. Gatomon released a yawn so wide that you could almost see down her throat. Her teeth were small and sharp, as most cats and her tongue held the sand paper texture. She bid me goodnight as her tail curled around her small body. I was not tired however. I had so much vigor still and the darkness seemed to be out of place. Far too early but my wristwatch had stopped so I could not truly say. I laid awake in the bed thinking about this, maybe I could not sleep in my dreams. I felt a sharp pain enter my leg, which broke my concentration. Gatomon’s claw on her foot had scratched me and a small trickle of blood ran out. That too must be me; I was so use to being hurt and bleeding that it seemed natural in a dream. She tossed and turned throughout the night and managed her way against my chest. Her soft fur felt quite pleasant on my skin and she reminded my like the petite Epsine. Nicer personality though, maybe that is where “Gatomon” came from, my thoughts of Epsine. The only real difference is that Gatomon was about as big as my chest and Epsine was less than six inches shorter than I was. I moped about this lousy dream but could not take my mind off of Gatomon’s words. Sex with a Digimon, something I had not thought of yet in my wild experiences. I had done it all otherwise, but that seemed to be a new kink all by itself. It was my dream after all, so why not check to see if Gatomon was a woman. I reached my left hand around to her leg and slowly inched up. Her fur was silkily to the touch and reminded my of Eplest’s hair. I probed around for a few seconds until coming upon a rather warm, wet area. I was a little stunned at first; I was not expecting to find this. I moved my fingers around the lips of her small box and she mewed. I retained a laughed as I continued. She twitched as my hand ran across her small opening. I dared to play and gently inserted my index finger into her. Her body pulsated for a moment and she began to breathe heavily. I twirled slowly inside of her and her natural lubricant soaked my hand. Gatomon was as tight as a water bottle and twice as hot, clearly a virgin. With a few more thrusts, her body arched up and then fell back onto the bed. A thin, white liquid dripped into my palm and it was easy to she had an orgasm. Haha, I always loved to see them cum, something about it just made me feel good. I was curious as to how it would be. I raised my hand to my mouth and took a small lick. Surprisingly, it was sweet and tasted something like International Delight: French Crème. I greedily lapped it up and thought of how odd this scene would look. I looked outside the window about ten minutes later and noted the sun was coming up. I know it was nothing more than a few hours, but time seemed to go by rapidly. Gatomon stretched and sat up in bed. She smacked her lips a few times and cleared her throat.

“You already up?” she yawned.

I looked at the morning sun on the horizon, “Yes, couldn’t sleep.”

“I don’t know why” she commented, “I slept really good, better than usual.”

I laughed to myself at the inside joke. What also reminded me of Epsine was how Gatomon knew to get at my money.

“Are you hungry, Epsilon, I sure could use something” she smiled at me keenly.

This was not such a different dream than how my life was. I just jilled a “woman” and now she is asking for food, bleeding hearts of the world unite!


To be continued


Hahaha, that was fun, but there is more to come (literally), hope you enjoyed what has occurred so far and please give me any notes you think would be helpful to make my writing better. Do not say “More sex!” because that is obvious. Until then, I bid you ado (bows and fades into the background)