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'eavy: OI! WHAT THE FUCK!?
Trollmon:get on with the goddamn story im fuckin horny!
'eavy:fine jackass
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you aren't, I forgive you.
Trollmon:About bloody time!
'eavy: do you want a muffler up your ass? no? didn't think so.
Another explosion sounded beyond the wall she was using for cover, raining debrise onto her helmate.
Stupid Meremon and his damn ego! If he hadn't gone and insulted the Dark Angels like that this stupid
battle wouldn't be happening! She peeked oround the side to were her Royal Knight company was sqabbling with
Beelzemon's dark angels because her luitenent meremon thought himself 'superior' to the vigilantes.
"SHOTGUN!" a voice bellowed and she saw the idiot of a knight fly over-head with a black energy ball
buried in his chest.Serves him right she thought to herself.
She flew up into the air as to see the battle more clearly.
('eavy who is this chick?)
(an angewomon you jackass)
(sweeeet. am i gonna fuck her?)
(maybe. now piss off so i can right this thing)
Below her she could see throgh the smog 4 Knightmon engaging a digimon she did not recognise.
So she did a quike scan of him,
"Champion eh? Seems to be doing pretty good against four ultimates." she said to herself.
"SHOTGUN! SHOTGUN! SHOTGUN!" he shout repetedly as he sent three of the knights sailin.
The fourth charged from behind  to attack but the digimon doged this and hammered him in the side.
"Time for me to step in."she said as she flew down to the fight. As she got closer, she could see the trollmon in more
detail. He was about 6'4 with pale green skin, his hair was long and wet looking. He wore a sleevless longcoat
apparently made of croc skin, denim pants and was bare foot. He had a metal knee pad on his left leg with a skull
on it ant a three spiked elbow pad on his right arm.
"That is enogh!" she called to the rogue.
"What your gonna stop me?" he replied with a smile.
"If I have to."
"Bring it girly."
"CELESTIAL ARROW!" she cried as she sent the bolt at him but missed as he side stepped it, ran up
and slugged her in the gut.
(*gasp* thats no way to treat a lady!)
(she started it)
"Your pretty fast."
"Well your just pretty."
"SHIT" he cried as the energy swept into him. He colapsed to the ground goaning and bleeding.
"I warned you..." she said softly as she walked towards him.
"To bad he didn't listen!" a voice shouted from behind as Angewomon was knocked out cold.
(eh? whens the real action gonna start?)
She awoke with a throbing headache sometime later to find that she was imprisoned in a dark cell.
(o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 scary)
(i swear i'll go get an exaust pipe! don't think i wont!)
"ah, your awake." a cool voice said from beyond the bars of the cell
"Whos there? Myotismon?!"
"yes it is i. a brilliant proformance i must say. fighting your own comrades?  What were you thinking?"
She said nothing and drew her legs up to her chest.
"not talking eh? ohwell. by the way you should take care of your friend over there, he's in nasty shape."
he said as he left and chukled to himself.
 She looked to her side to see trollmon lying against the wall. He was breathing somwhat heavely.
"hey blondie," he said in a weak voice" hows it goin?"
"shhh your in bad condition. i didn't think i hit you this hard." she said as she examined the wound across
his chest.
"you didn't, i got up right after fang face got ya, he did quite did qite a number on me for that as you can see."
"i CAN see" she replied as she applied a healing charm to to wound.
"no problem"
"hello kides how are you?" a pompus voice called to them"i am piedmon and i've decided to test a no weapon on you"
as he said this he opened a vile and blew some pink dust at them
"and whats that suposed to do tinkerbelle? make us fly?"
"youll see"he said in a sweet voice and then left.
"that guys off his rocker."trollmon sad under his breathe. But as he said this a warmth was spreading throughout
Angewomon's body. it spread to her breasts causing her nipples to become rock-hard and easily seen
through her outfit.
(what do you care your about to get laid)
(oh, right. shutting up)
It continued to spread until it reached her vagina wher the heat seemed to magnify.
She let out a small moan as she began to rub her tits. looking over she could see that it was starting to
affect trollmon aswell from the bulge in his pants.He looked up at her, his breathing becoming even more laboured"i need you!"
With that she threw off her helmet and began kissing him very passionatly while he kissed back.
She could feel his muscles tense as she sat on his lap trying desperatly to undo his belt, but in her clouded mind it was tricky.
He wasted no time with formalities and simply tore her suit clean off leave her large breasts exposed to the cool, dank air and he
began sucking on one and massaging the other with his hand.She moaned outloud as waves of pleasure spread through out her
Then with a triumphant smile she yanked loose his pants to his fully erect 10inch member. Not able to take anymore she quikly positioned
her dripping pussy over his cock than slammed down hard on it. they both moaned as they began pumping eachother, ech one trying to get
rythem in there mad fucking.
"HARDER! FASTER!" she cried and trollmon complied as he shove all of his cock in and out at an increasining rate, depth and velocety.
(warp facter ten mister spak)
(all right! thats it! come here you little..)
Their bodies beganto quake as each one's orgasms set in in waves, drenching one another with their love juices.
 After 3min of blinding ecstacy angewomon slumped into his arms and fell asleep as he did, both exausted.
"it seems to work quite nicely lord Piedmon."
"as it does" he said from his throne, an evil grin crossing his features.
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Trollmon:hello can someone unti me or can you at least
reamove the car horn from my ass?
trollmon:HA! IT WORKS!