Cast the bones by dragon's fire
                                             The heavens weep amongest the pyre.
                                            Earth doth shake by horrors wrought
                                            Amidst the quake, my will be sought.
Emeral gleam                                                                               Ruby eye
Terror dream                                                                                Burning sky
In the coming                                                                               On devil's wings
Final scream.                                                                                Does it fly.
                                                   Molten iron in baleful eyes
                                           Find the strength in bond that ties.
                                           Yonder light in darkness been
                                      Through the shadows, come be seen.

YEESh! What was I smoking?
Any way, this is some crap I came up with during my nervouse breakdown
last year. And theres more to come!
 And i also forgot the pasword to my email so the new one is
Therefore I will not have read any flames or whatnot that was sent
(like i care)
Goodbye and have a safe trip.
your pal The Troll