This is a story containing violence/fighting. It is based off digimon, which I claim no possession too, and are copyright Toei. There are gay relations in this episode, but no sexually explicit. Past that… 18 or older please. Thanks, enjoy J




Xavier slowly drifted down from the air. His body descended partially curled, his wings spreading wide just a few feet from the ground, furling and flapping a few times, breaking any force that was in his descent, making his landing soft and comfortable. His smooth, blue sole hit the warm cement of the school’s main court; the art building his class was in just a little further, though there was no good landing spot near it. He looked to the clock tower, so high it was visible from most the campus. He had ten minutes until his class began, so he decided to leisurely stroll, his breath just a faint puff from the flight. Even though he’d been doing it all his life, it still required a good bit of work to pump his wings, carrying his mass through the air. He smiled faintly. It was a cool day, enjoyable. Not exactly expected, but he wasn’t going to complain. His eyes took in the plants around him, the school having decorated the court well. There were high shrub walls around the edges, then a small inner shrub-wall with four entrances to the very center of each wall. The entrances to the outer court were opposite, at the corners, of the entrances in the inner wall. He moved toward the shrub wall, a faint scent of earth in the area, a nice, natural bouquet.

            Xavier smiled gently, looking at the bushes closer as he neared. They had recently been trimmed, likely last night, and the scent was a sweet, piney, aromatic one. He closed his eyes and gave a slow, deep breath, his white chest puffing out slowly as he took in the sweet air. It was going to be a nice, relaxing day, Xavier decided. He had his two hour life drawing class, which he enjoyed quite a bit. Today they were finishing up their drawings of a chosen ice-type digimon, in six views; frontal, side, dorsal, down upon the Mon, and up through the floor. Xavier was done on most of it, he just had to finish the floor-up view and shade it. After was a class on energy focusing, using attacks such as Devian’s Holy Flame. After the energy class he had three hours of painting. All were enjoyable classes.

A soft yawn stifled Xavier’s thoughts, just as he was passing through the gap in the wall. As he moved into the hall way, he heard a murmur, “There’s the fag…” he turned with a scowl on his face, just in time to see something large and dark hit him on the forehead, his vision going black, his body slumping to the floor.


            Xavier felt as though he were being nudged, oh so faintly, and woke, his eyelids slowly sliding open, his eyes slowly clearing. He felt something warm form his forehead to his chin, realizing it was a line of blood. His vision cleared enough to see where he was, and he looked about. It was dim, but unmistakable. He was in the middle of one of the school’s battle arenas. His eyes flicked about, noting the sand-on-rock floor and the high roof, for flying types. Arena 3A, no doubt. A voice rang cockily from behind him, “Glad you woke up, you faggot…”


            Devian flew madly over the school, flying to where Xavier was. His white body glided soundlessly through the sky, his wings almost scarily quiet. He flew around the art area, his sharp eyes scanning around, flicking from here to there. He knew Xavier was in trouble, was hurt. Even from the moment they’d met, the two shared a mind, it felt. They could feel one another’s emotions without being near each other, even share thoughts at times. Time had only made this ability stronger between the two. They couldn’t’ constantly talk between one another’s mind, or see through one another’s eyes, but it worked now and then. And Devian had no doubt his love was in trouble; he would bet his soul upon it. He kept fluttering around; the one thing he couldn’t bet on was where Xavier was…

            Devian landed atop the art building, at one corner. His eyes continued to scan the area. A Mon or two were looking up to him, though he didn’t care; he was doing something incredibly important. Though Devian hadn’t realized it, he had been flying about naked, and with his own body design, of course it would attract a few wandering gazes. Devian closed his eyes and focused hard as he can, a soft whimper upon his puffing breath. He had flown as frantically as he could, a gentle sweat just barely forming on his brow. He focused as hard as he can, his eyes closed tight. Xavier… please… be safe… where are you…? As though someone turned on a television in his mind, he saw a clear picture of the battle arena, looking around from ground to ceiling, and then it faded. Just a flash of a thought, but it was enough for him. He launched himself into the air quickly, a feather or two falling down along the walls of the art building, his new target approaching quick as he could make it do so.


            Xavier slowly stood, with grace and honor. He knew the voice behind him, and he wouldn’t be intimidated by it. He turned slowly, careless of the presence…s. He thought he felt multiple Mon there. His eyes gazed from one to another. There were four Angemon. The Holy Strings, as they called themselves now. A band; or so they wished. Xavier and Devian used to be a part of the band, before the Mon with an attitude problem came about. The new band had never gotten more than a lucky chance to get a gig before, and that failed spectacularly, though the newest member blamed it on their old songs. Among them were three regular looking Angemon; the drummer, Gregory, Xavier’s replacement, bass guitarist, Alex, and a keyboard player, Jonathan. And then there was the one before them all. He was muscled. Angemon normally were lithe a Flamedramon, but this one, he was like a leomon. His skin was entirely black, his clothing scarlet instead of blue, gray instead of white. And his helm was solid black as well, instead of the pure silver of a true Angemon. And through his helm you could see the deep, devilish red glow of his eyes. This was no normal Angemon, obviously. He was the product of a Black Wargraymon, and an Angewomon. A rape, at that, though anyone who cared to mention the fact was generally ‘taught a lesson’ by this little gang. He was Devian’s replacement, electric guitar and vocals. He was a supposed prized student of this school. His father, though evil as he may be, was a powerful owner of an enormous business. Everyone watched out for this Mon, or so it was believed. Xavier’s eyes narrowed, looking behind them. Amongst their legs and behind them were teams of gazimon, at least two and a half dozen.

            This particular black Angemon had quite a qualm with Xavier and Devian, though he’d not done anything upon it before. Xavier and Devian had been quite a success with their band, Afire, along with Alex and Jonathan. They had made quite a bit of money while they were together, until the black intruder struck, took what he thought he deserved, and chased away the ‘fags that were bringing the band down’. Alex and Jonathan were too scared to try to stop the black intruder, and too ashamed of it to admit they still wished to be Xavier’s and Devian’s friends, or so Xavier thought, and hoped. But boy, was it great when they played, just a few years ago… The beautiful sound of Devian’s voice wrapping lucidly around him, the music strong in his ears, his paws flying about, beating the drums in time to the music, to the base, sweat slowly beading upon him as the energy, music built deep within him… Xavier’s fingers quivered gently, hungering for the sticks to be between his fingers again, or to take up a guitar and play a ‘guitar war’ with Devian upon stage again, Alex taking the drums while they played back and forth…

            “You know, it’s not polite to bow to your superior, you fag”, growled the black Angemon. Albert was his name, though everyone called him by the name he wished- Obsidian. The mon felt it was honorable and intelligent, given his color, and despised his real name. “At least say hello, you worthless shit...” The red glowing eyes, looking through a clear area of the helm, narrowed dangerously upon Xavier. “Oh yes, you’re the mute one, the poor little boy who can’t speak…” he grinned satanically. “I remember now… Well in that case, just listen, whore.” The other three Angemon and gazimon gave soft chuckles, as though Obsidian had made a rather witty joke. The little gang wasn’t known for intelligence, obviously. “You see, you shit… We’re tired of having gays on campus like you and your little lover boy.” He grinned gently, his black lips pulling back to show falsely whitened fangs. “Always checking us out, wanting our asses, probably gonna try to get us drunk, rape us, maybe even kill some of the weaker ones just to feel ‘em up while they’re still warm.”

            Xavier continued to stare at the leader, his auburn eyes simply gazing without care. He stared, rarely blinking, simply as though he were being lectured to by a teacher. A twitch at the corner of Obsidian’s mouth let Xavier know that his lack of fear, or worry, was getting to Obsidian. “You listening you fucking whore?!”, screamed the black creature. Xavier just shrugged faintly, eliciting a growl from the Angemon. Then he smiled, and resumed his ‘usual business’ face, as though he did this every day. He probably did, finding some sort of target to enjoy himself. “Well, I suppose you can’t talk, so our weakest member will have to take you on…” Jonathan scowled gently at Obsidian, both for being called the weakest and being forced to do this, though he made sure the black Angemon couldn’t see it.

            Xavier stood there as the Angemon approached, his eyes watching each movement carefully. He feigned a yawn, looking at the mon with his sharp eyes. Their color shifted just a little, to a lighter red, almost pinkish colored. The mon smiled gently, puling his fist back. “This should be easy.” Jonathan had never seen Xavier fight.

 He charged forward, his fist glowing as he prepared Xavier continued to simply stand there, staring. The Mon got just close enough to hit, and lurched forward, calling ‘hand of fate!’, swinging his fist. Xavier simply bent his right knee, his right paw going to the ground. The Mon flew over his left leg, all of his momentum and d force going into the air, moving him forward. Xavier wasted not even a moment. He took in a breath, his chest swelling, until he closed off his throat. His chest compressed, as though he were breathing out, though nothing escaped. He shifted his weight to his left knee, lowering it to the ground, and then pivoted on it. His right paw slid in an arc upon the ground, following his turning movement, making an arc facing the mon. With the smallest sigh of breath, the ground behind the Angemon lifted just as he landed on the floor. Xavier stood, using his wings for lift, and held his hands before him, palms toward the Angemon. The ground lifted into the air like a scroll of fabric, sand scattering, and the edges of the stone frosting over. Xavier thrust a paw forward, clenching the fingers, expelling his breath in a white-misted sigh. As though a giant hand took the stone, it frosted over and the form of a paw dented into it; fingers of the stone wrapped around the Angemon, clenching tighter and tighter as the fist closed. Xavier could feel the Mon’s struggling in the stone, and stopped just as the Mon was losing his breath. He would just barely be able to breath, but he would survive.

            Xavier turned to the remaining three Angemon, to the gazimon. He leaned back a little, his tail pushed to the ground to hold him up. He stood there for a moment, then crouched down, his left side turned back. His paw raised, palm to his abducting group. He let out another sigh, his breath misted as though it were freezing cold in the arena. Obsidian growled in anger, lifting his arm, pointing to Xavier as though the gesture could kill him. He barked out, “Get him!” and the gazimon swarmed forward, like a wave at sea.


            Devian was in quite a panic now. He was trying to focus, but he was worried about his love, more implications than any other could know of… Xavier had long ago entrusted Devian with his own secrets; Xavier, at age eleven, had fought with his dad. It was over something stupid, Xavier never really explained what. Devian remembered the night clearly, one where they were at their  tree, their second visit there, just after moved… just as they were about to leave, the black sky cradled with a thousand stars above them and wrapped tightly in the warm sea below…


            Devian was holding Xavier gently, the Mon’s head upon his chest, as always. Devian was on his back, resting his head against the base of the tree, looking up through the leaves, to the glittering sky. Xavier’s arm was wrapped around Devian’s waist, their tails coiled between Devian’s legs. Xavier’s own legs had Devian’s right captured between them, softly crossed around it. Devian gave a gentle startle at a hot tear falling to his chest. He looked down from the sky, looking to Xavier. A soft shiver passed through the Mon, and Devian knew it wasn’t the air; it was a warm night. Devian’s lips slowly moved own, kissing atop Xavier’s head, cooing quietly, “What’s wrong, my love…?” Xavier slowly released Devian, and Devian allowed it; he knew something important was upon Xavier’s mind. The blue Flamedramon sat gently upon his knees next to Devian, looking to the white Flamedramon’s chest, not meeting his eyes. His lips started moving, silently telling Devian the story. ‘When I was younger… well…’ hot tears continued to fall. Devian’s wing gently curled around Xavier, trying to support him all he could.  ‘Well… dad and I were fighting… over something stupid…” he looked up for just a moment, then lowered his gaze again as if scared. ‘We got into a really big fight, and it was one of the first times we ever really fought... It… was when I told him I was gay…”

            Devian winced gently. He knew how that could be, it had happened to many of his gay friends, though his parents were so accepting, loving… He leaned forward, kissing Xavier’s forehead again, then sat back. He waited patiently, and after a few moments, Xavier continued. ‘H… he told me he didn’t need a gay son, that he wanted a real boy for a son… I ran to my room, and slammed the door…’ he gulped softly, an obvious knot in his throat, choking him gently with his silent words, the tears continuing quickly.  ‘L… later that night, dad came to my room... He knocked on my door, but I wouldn’t answer… He told me, through the door… he was sorry, that he loved me no matter what... that it had just… surprised him so greatly…’ Another gulp came from Xavier. He moved into Devian gently, shaking softly with silent sobs. ‘I… I told him to go die, that he didn’t need me for a son… I left then, out my window, and flew off…’ he bit his lip gently. ‘D… dad was a Flamedramon, as you know…’ Xavier couldn’t even hold his eyes open any more, he put his paws to his face, and sobbed softly into them. ‘Dad chased after me… it was winter, and raining really badly…’ Xavier took a slow, deep breath. ‘D… dad died that night… he... he was murdered while he was looking for me…’ Xavier shook his head gently. ‘W… we don’t know who, why… They just did it… H…. He was raped, and murdered…’ Xavier collapsed into Devian, holding him tight. Hot tears streamed down his velvet cheeks, falling to Devian’s chest. He felt a gentle whimper, and saw Xavier’s lips move, ‘H… he died because me…. Because my words… That’s why I won’t talk any more…’

            Devian held his love close, silent tears in his own eyes, hoping that Xavier would not see them. He didn’t want Xavier to know he was crying as well, he wanted Xavier to feel comforted with strength, loved, like he was… not to know the tears of hurt for his love, the tears of rage that slowly descended down Devian’s cheeks.


            Devian slowly landed on the floor before the battle stadium. Because Xavier would not speak, he could not call his attacks. A Digimon’s true power laid in his words, in the sounds he uttered when calling an attack. Devian had no doubt that if Xavier spoke a single word, he could destroy any being on this campus… but for now, all he had was his breath. It was rarely known, but along with the power of words, there was power in a Mon’s breath… hopefully it would be enough.

            Devian pushed into the stadium, the door unlocked, which it should not have been. Whoever was in there, they brought Xavier to fight… though no one would murder on this campus, they could break every bone in Xavier’s body… They could hurt him as much as they wanted, as long as they claim, with witnesses, it was to be a ‘kosher’ fight between the two, willing on both parts… but Xavier charged before their equipment was on. They were in a class A3 fighting school. The only two stronger classes were A1 and A2 fighting schools, and there were only a few dozen who were strong enough for those.

            Devian burst into the battle arena just in time to see Xavier hit back by Alex. Alex wore a large trench coat, his arms inside t body rather than the sleeves, and they could fly out seemingly random from the coat. Xavier skittered back through the sand, his body tossing sand into the air as it skidded. Devian saw a glint sticking from under the coat, and knew instantly what it was. Alex’s weapon, unique for an Angemon. Thrice bladed katars.

            Alex lurched forward, looking as though he were about to kill. It seemed Albert had more of an affect upon Alex than Devian had thought. Devian reached out with his right hand, his silver-colored staff forming, summoning it from its place in his house. If there was one thing Devian knew, it was speed. Before Alex was half the way to Xavier’s body, Xavier looking up with contempt, Devian was there, standing before Xavier; it was a quick sprint, one he could do quite fast. Devian saw a twitch of surprise pass through the charging Angemon, then a quick reaction of a katar going toward Devian’s throat.

            Devian scowled, and his paw sliding forward in an arc in front of him, carrying the staff with it. Alex stopped dead in his tracks. Nothing moved for a moment, then Alex’s helm split in two, revealing heavenly blue eyes. The Mon fell backwards, his six wings spread beneath him. He reached up a white-gloved hand, the katar within it crumbling. Devian growled faintly, words barely audible upon it “Don’t touch him ever again.” Devian’s staff arced and hit the Angemon in both sides of his ribs, then in the center of his stomach, just under his sternum. The blue eyes widened for a moment, pupils shrinking. The Mon passed out, lying, arms hugging his center.

            Devian looked up, finally having time to take in the surroundings. He saw an Angemon stuck in place, a stone fist rising up from under the sand, holding him. He looked toward the edges of the arena, gazimon passed out, various wounds and frost upon them. He looked to the opposite side of the stadium, to a grinning black monster, to a white Angemon at his side, a frightened look upon his body, though he mocked the same smile as Albert.


            Xavier looked up, blinking a few times from the sand dust in the air. He looked up to see Alex charging him, wincing and shrinking back within his wings a bit. A white blur moved in from the side, and the Angemon stopped. And fell. It happened so fast, the Angemon laying upon the ground, blessedly blue colored eyes closed, Devian looking around as though nothing were happening.

            Devian’s head turned, looking over his shoulder, looking to his fallen mate. A purple eye gleamed gently, a smile in it as he looked at his mate. Xavier smiled back gently, glad to have his love, his protector here. Xavier blushed just faintly, he couldn’t help but do it sometimes when Devian smiled at him. Xavier’s mouth fell open in a silent gape, something wrapped tightly around him, around his neck, crumpling his wings close, binding his arms and legs.

            Devian’s eyes widened and he turned back to the two remaining antagonists of the situation.


            Devian growled faintly, his eyes looking between the two. Thin black chains were wrapped around the white Angemon’s hands, matching their much larger black brethren encircling Xavier. Albert’s ability, no doubt. The black demon grinned gently. “I’m sorry to interrupt this touching reunion, but you need to get your ass beat now.” The corner of his mouth curled gently. “Well, not literally… don’t want that pathetic cock of yours getting all hard, now do we.” He laughed gently, but it was obvious his words were hollow. Devian smiled gently, and bowed to each of them.

            Obsidian gave a snarl and laugh. “Finally, the respect I deserve as a superior mon to you.”

            Devian rose from his bow, shaking his head gently. “No, no Albert…” the red eyes flared with rage. “You see, I was taught that you bow and apologize to one if you must hurt them.” The red eyes flared deeper, a loud growl coming from the black beast before Devian. Devian smiled gently and nodded. “Shall we continue? Both my love and I have a class to attend.”

            With a growl of rage the black digimon charged forward, straight at Devian. Devian grinned gently, giving a small shake of his head as the black wings, only two of them, opened behind Albert, charging him forward faster. If there was a second thing Devian knew, it was what Devian and Xavier had both practiced in a rather significant type of fighting; the use of one’s momentum against them.

            Devian’s staff went straight into Albert’s chest. The other end lowered and dug into the ground, and the large Mon let out a massive grunt as all the air was pushed out of him and he went flying over the two Flamedramon. He collapsed head first into the round, gasping, the sand taking a bit of the impact. What Devian hadn’t counted on was Albert reaching out, grabbing his staff, and wrenching it from his paws. The staff now lay to the left of Albert, a few feet away from him.

            Devian’s eyes moved back to Xavier, the chains surrounding him. The green and purple eyes glanced back to Gregory. His eyes narrowed, looking to the chains among the Mon’s fingers. “Release him.” The white Angemon smiled and shook his head no, a finger raising, straining the thin chains in his hands. Devian’s hands slid through his wings, right to his left wing, and vice versa, as he heard Xavier give a hard, choked breathing sound. He knew the chain around Devian’s throat was tightening.

            “What are you going to do, tickle me…?” Just as Gregory began laughing, the attack came at him. Devian had tossed two handfuls of feathers into the air, about fifteen in total. Left in his paw was a single feather, large and virgin white. He took his arm back, pointing it quickly at the Angemon, the feather between his pointer and second finger.

            Devian’s chest rumbled, a growled attack called from his throat. “Minds Afire!”; the feather went flying at Gregory. Just after, the feathers he tossed up had drifted in front of Devian. He lifted his paws, palm outward, and shouted, “Crystallize!” The feathers all turned, quills pointing to Devian. They took on a glazed look, the feathers shining, as though they were crystalline razors. They went flying toward Gregory, just after the first feather.

            Gregory saw the attack coming, and held his arms up, fingers still bound, shouting, “Grand shield!” A clear, golden glass-looking barrier formed just before him. The lead feather turned ghostly, then simply to a clear outline of itself. It passed through the shield, going straight through Gregory’s helm. The shield shattered as the Mon went stiff, the feathers following the lead imbedding like small daggers through his hands. Blood began to slowly seep out as the black chains shattered, dissolving. Gregory fell to his side, bleeding hands clutching his head as he screamed out in agony.

            Devian’s attack was his most powerful, or useful. It made the target feel as though they were engulfed in searing flames, burning every inch of their flesh, burning to the very bone. Gregory wouldn’t be moving for the time being. After the initial scream, Gregory’s whole body went limp. His eyes were wide open, his mouth as well… Devian knew if it lasted long enough, there was every possibility Gregory would die.


            Xavier watched with a shiver at his mate’s brutal attack. He absolutely hated it, imagining what pain the other must be in… but what must be done… He stood slowly, with Devian’s assistance. Giving a gentle kiss to Devian’s cheek, a quiet ‘thank you’ sounding from his mind to his love’s. Devian smiled and hugged Xavier close, kissing and nibbling his cheek back. “Anything for my love…”

            Xavier felt something moving behind him, his tail twitching. Devian released Xavier, who turned. He knew he should feel anger deep inside him, churning in his stomach, building as he looked upon the black Angemon that was standing up. But he didn’t, couldn’t. Xavier held his paws before him, feeling his breath collect deep within him. Exhaling, ice formed between his paws, in a long staff, looking as though it were a gnarled tree limb, made of frosted ice. A large, curved scythe blade formed at the top end, the edge looking wickedly sharp.

            Xavier dashed forward, a quiet whisper flying across the sand. Just as Obsidian took a step forward, Xavier swung his scythe in the reverse direction, the base of the staff tripping Obsidian by the knees. The black Mon tumbled backward. Xavier turned upon his heels, standing up, then bringing his scythe down, moving to his knees. The very tip dug just into the skin at the black Angemon’s chest, blood slowly welling up into it. Just a pin prick, but enough.

            Devian walked closer, a soft frown upon his face.


            His eyes met Albert’s, a quiet growl upon his breath. Devian looked to the Angemon, whose eyes returned glowing, blood-colored rage at him. He scowled faintly, and then crossed his arms, standing at the Angemon’s feet. “He suggests you don’t move…” Albert snarled loudly and made to move, and Devian could see the tip of the scythe slip deeper, like a hot knife to butter, into Albert’s skin. The Mon stopped, and then lay back. “Will you allow us to leave without attacking us?”

            Albert’s lips curled to a snarl again, but with a look to the scythe, he gave a hissing “Fine.” accompanied by a ‘faggots’ under his breath. Xavier’s scythe dissolved to a million particles of ice, which simply disappeared into the air. He stood up and turned, his wing curling gently around Devian, who turned as well. They walked toward the opposite end of the stadium, holding hands, Devian looking at the wound upon Xavier’s head, a quiet coo of comfort upon his breath.

            From the corner of his eye, Devian saw something glowing. Looking over, he saw a large black and orange ball swirling above Albert’s hand. The Mon cried out, “Terra Hand!” and began to swing forward. Just as he did, black poured from above into a form, standing up. Five loud shots rang through the stadium, and both Devian and Xavier smiled gently at the large black ears.

            The ball floating above Albert’s hand had five perfect tunnels through it, and his helm went flying off. Solid red eyes glared out at them, simply a pupil among a red plane. The attack dissolved above his hand. “You just can’t keep yer word, can yah? Sit your ass down!” came a sinister voice, a grin behind it, Devian was sure. The Angemon collapsed, and the tall gazimon nodded. “Good boy. Stay.”

            Rex turned and grinned at the two Flamedramon. He looked just like a gazimon, except he was tall, wearing tight leather pants, and a long, open trench coat. He was about the same height as Xavier. Both Flamedramon knew he was a cross from a gazimon and Beelzemon. A quiet fluttering sound came as Jen, Rex’s girlfriend, fluttered down from wherever Rex had. She matched her boyfriend well. At one time, a Lillymon… since then, neither of the Flamedramon were sure. She didn’t have the flower hat, but did have long tendrils of black hair, pale white skin, large, green eyes. Upon her back were giant, clear, gossamer wings, faintly in the shape of leaves. She wore a black dress usually, a red bandanna around her arm matching Rex’s.

            Devian smiled gently as they came over, Rex holstering his guns at his hips. They stopped just a little before the Flamedramon, Jen holding up her hand, over Xavier’s forehead. The wound there sealed, and the blood faded away. She stood back, and Xavier smiled gently, bowing in thanks.

            Rex looked between the two, then grinned gently. “As nice as the sight is…” he took his trench coat off and tossed it to Devian.

Devian tilted his head, looking down, then blushed gently. Wrapping the coat around himself, he tied it closed, looking up. “Thanks”. Jen giggled softly “I believe you two have class just now…” Devian looked to the clock in the arena, then back to them. “Ten minutes until your energy attacks and my piano class…” he chewed his lip gently, looking to his love. “We should go…” Xavier nodded gently, sticking his tongue out in distaste.

Devian gave a quite chuckle, thinking to himself how adorable Xavier looked like that. Xavier acted as though he heard him, and probably did, smirking gently. Devian looked to his two friends, nodding gently to them. “Thank you two for showing up…” he looked to Jen. “Knowing you, I won’t even ask how you two knew to be here.” She smiled gently, putting on an innocent face. Devian looked to Rex. “And thank you for the cloak… I’d hate to see how many people…” he blushed faintly and sighed, rolling his eyes.

Rex grinned in the way only a gazimon could, then shook his paw. “Oh not tah worry at all, just return it some time…” the grin turned more mischievous. “The eyeful, and I do mean full, was more than worth it.” Xavier moved his paw to his mouth, as though he were to giggle, and Devian signed and rolled his eyes. “Keep him on a better leash.” He said, pointing to Jen. Jen grinned quite cutely, and then shook her head. “Oh no, I quite agree.” Devian gave a groan of displeasure, “You two are intolerable.” He stuck his tongue out at them, then turned to head off to class, his tail holding Xavier’s gently, who walked along side him. They reached out, Devian with his left, Xavier with his right, and snapped at the same time; the stone-hand dissolved and Devian’s attack banished, releasing the two Angemon, who slumped limply to the floor, passed out. With a quick look over his shoulder, he noted that Albert was gone, one of the small, rear exit doors open. Devian sighed softly, having a distasteful feeling that this wasn’t over, just as he felt a peck on his lips, looking down, his mismatched eyes meeting the deep, auburn pools of his lover.





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