This is a lemon story with yaoi in it, if it offends you, don't read it.
Got to be 18 to read., you know the drill.

Davis had just finished watching Flamedramon and Stingmon training, and
he was ready to go home. After flamedramon returned to his rookie form,
Davis grabbed him and, after saying goodbye Ken and Wormon, they went to
the computer terminal and they were suddenly in Davis's room. Veemon and
Davis were both starving, and sense all of Davis's family was spending
the weekend at his relative's house, Veemon could go eat with Davis in
the kitchen. After thirty or so minutes of eating, they both leaned back
in their chairs, stomachs bulging. Veemon said, "I'm going to bed. You
comin'?" Davis said no, he was gonna watch TV. Veemon headed off for
bed, and Davis sat in front of the TV and flicked it on. After about ten
minutes, he wasn't paying attention to the TV. He started to think.
 "Why do I have feelings for Veemon? I know I love him, but he could
never love me. He isn't gay. He could never share my feelings.  Why do I
love him? I just knew it when I first saw him. He's the only person I've
ever truly loved. It just isn't fair." Davis kept on thinking for a few
more minutes, then deciding that nothing good was on and that he was
just depressing himself, he went off to bed. When he got into his room
he could see Veemon laying on top of the covers, legs wide open. This
just made him feel worse, so he stripped to his usual sleeping clothes,
his underwear, and got under the covers. As he was drifting off to
sleep, he heard Veemon start to moan.
 Davis looked up and then put his ear close to Veemon's mouth, trying to
hear him. He heard " Ohhh Patamon." Davis fell back, startled by the
fact that Veemon liked Patamon. He had always thought Veemon was strait.
The thought that Veemon might also be gay had never occurred to him.
Then he looked down between Veemon's legs and saw that his sheath was
bulging. Then Davis couldn't resist. He started by planting a light kiss
on Veemon's lips. He was trying to enjoy it, but it wasn't good without
Veemon kissing too. Then Davis got an idea. He parted Veemon's lips with
his own, then lightly sucked until Veemon's tongue slid into his mouth.
Davis started to suck on Veemon's tongue, swallowing his saliva. Then
Davis broke the kiss and licked his way down past Veemon's crotch to his
feet. Davis lightly licked the bottoms of his feet then went through
Veemon's toes. Then Davis lightly sucked on Veemon's claws and toes.
Them he moved back up to Veemon's crotch. Veemon's Six-inch cock was now
out fully out of his sheath standing strait up. Davis realized that
Veemon's cock was white, like his belly. Then Davis brought his head
down, took in Veemon's musky scent, and took Veemon's cock between his
lips. It was the best thing Davis had ever tasted, especially the
pre-cum that had started to flow out of Veemon's member. Davis could
fell the strong tightening of his underwear, so he pulled them off,
letting the fresh air meet his cock. He brought his right hand up to
meet Veemon's balls, and stopped sucking to cover his fingers with
saliva. Then he brought it up to Veemon's tailhole, and slowly rubbed
his pucker.  Then he slowly pushed in one finger, then another.  Soon he
had four of his fingers in, and started to wiggle them back and forth.
And that set Veemon over the edge. His whole load went into Davis's
mouth, which he gladly swallowed. Veemon suddenly jumped awake as the
orgasm hit him.
 Davis jumped back, with Veemon's cum dribbling out of his mouth. He
just froze there. Once Veemon got over his orgasm he said " Davis, why
were you doing that to me?" Davis just sat there, dumbfounded. Then
Veemon stammered, "Did you want to do it?" Then when Davis nodded
slightly, Veemon jumped on to him, kissing him deeply, tasting his own
cum. Then Davis finally got his voice back, and he said " Your OK with
it?" " Ya, I've always thought you were kinda cute, I just didn't want
you to hate me if I told you I liked you." Davis reached over, grabbed
Veemon, and hugged him tightly. "Ive always liked you to, Veemon,
especially once you digivolved to flamedramon."  Then Veemon felt
Davis's stiff cock pressing on him and he looked down. There was Davis's
six-inch cock, standing there in all of its glory. Veemon looked up "you
must really need to come, huh?"  "Ya." Then Veemon got out of Davis's
grip, and brought his head to Davis's crotch. He sniffed Davis's dick,
then took in the whole thing in down to the root. Davis shivered all
over. Veemon started to suck hard and massage Davis's balls. Then Davis,
noticing that Veemon was starting to get stiff again, laved down on his
bed, and brought Veemon's legs around, till he was facing Veemon's cock
again. Then he took Veemon's whole cock in, tasting the cum that he had
missed earlier. Then Davis stuck two of his fingers into Veemon's tail
hole again. Then he added the other two, and Veemon moaned around his
 Then Veemon stopped sucking, and pulled out of Davis's mouth. He said
"Hey Davis, how about a little change?" "Huh?" "You want me to digivolve
to Flamedramon?"  Davis's heart skipped a few beats. "You would for
me?"  "Yhea." "OK. Let me get the digivice." Davis went over to his
dresser and pulled his digivice out and put in near Veemon. All the
sudden there was a bright flash of light and there stood Flamedramon,
now with a nine inch blue cock standing at attention. Davis went up to
Flamedramon and hugged them, then they walked over to the bed. They
continued making out and slurping. Then Davis pulled back. "Flamedramon,
you want to try something else?" "Like what." Then Davis put his mouth
near Flamedramon's ear; "I want you inside me." "But I don't want to
hurt you." "I'll tell you to stop if it hurts." "OK. Get on your hands
and knees." Davis did so, and then Flamedramon got behind him. Then
Davis started to moan as he felt Flamedramon's long tongue slide up his
ass. Then Flamedramon pulled his tongue out, and rolled Davis over.
Flamedramon spit in his hand and rubbed it all over his cock, making
sure that he wasn't going to hurt Davis.
 Then Flamedramon lifted up Davis's legs and put them on his shoulders.
"Tell me if I'm hurting you and I'll stop." "Okay." Then Flamedramon
gently put the head of his cock to Davis's asshole. Then, slowly,
Flamedramon pushed in down to the root. Davis winced, but didn't say
anything. Flamedramon stayed there until Davis could adjust, then slowly
started to pump in and out. Davis was starting to get really horney, so
he moaned "Speed up." "Ok. I just don't want to hurt you." "You won't."
Then Flamedramon started to speed up, getting into a steady rhythm while
he started to rub Davis's balls and tightly jack him off. They both
started to moan loudly, and Davis thought how lucky he was that no one
was home. Then Flamedramon stated to go so fast that the bed was shaking
like there was an earthquake. They were both nearing their orgasms, but
they needed something else to push them over, so Flamedramon leaned
forward and started to suck on Davis's nipples, and that did it.
Flamedramon entered Davis down to the root, and cummed into Davis's ass,
his cum pounding against Davis's prostate, which made him cum between
them, making little bridges of cum between them. Once they both stopped
cumming, Flamedramon pulled out of Davis, and they started licking the
off each other. Once they finished their meal, Flamedramon
de-digivolved to Veemon, and they laid down in each other's arms.
 "I love you, Davis." "I love you too, Veemon." And they drifted off to sleep.

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