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Chapter 2

Something between them


Part 7:


Foxie was dreaming about what happened, her first sexual encounter with a human. She hoped that would happen again; and maybe one day go further. She smiled as she was reminded how he had held her, how his hands had made her body shake with pleasure. With his hands between her thighs, touching places she didn’t know were inside of her, only making her want more, asking her how she liked her toast. Toast…?


“I hope that you like chocolate toast, Foxie.” said Dominic to his digimon, who was awaking. The night had been exceptionally reinvigorating for him, with Foxie snuggled against him. He slept deeply that night, and it was all due only to her reassuring presence. To thank her, he decided to make her breakfast in bed. He deposited the tray containing the meal on the bed. Foxie stretched herself, while the delicious aromas of food filled her senses.

“Mmmm, it smells good, what is it?” Said Foxie, opening her eyes.

“Two eggs, orange juice and chocolate toast. I remembered that you liked chocolate.”

“Oooh, thank you so much. You are so nice. In fact, it should be me who should thank you.” she said, with a little smile on her face.

Dominic started to blush. “You know, it wasn’t just you, who had a good time last night.”

Once she ate her breakfast, Foxie sat on the couch, grabbed the remote and started to watch T.V. So, like the every other day, she stayed on the couch, watching TV. Though, she did wonder where Dominic went everyday, ‘except for Saturday and Sunday.’ She thought to herself as “Digimon Tamers” started playing. She had been following the series, again, well….. because one of the original tamers had been a girl and her Renamon. She even compared the Tamer’s styles to that of her tamer. She was glad her tamer tended to be more of a mixture of Henry and Takato than Rika, though she did warm up towards the middle of the series.


Two weeks pass


It’s a beautiful day in May; the air finally had that spring smell to it. The sun was bright, but not as bright as it would be in a few months. Plants and flowers in the area were beginning to bloom. Dominic had finally found time to work in the garden, just to have some fresh vegetables on the table. For the occasion, he was dressed in some old cloths:  t-shirt, shorts and no shoes. It was going to take two hours to till, pull grass, plant and water the earth, dried by the sun. Foxie was really bored, so she decided to visit him, bringing the occasional two sodas: one for her tamer and one for herself.

“Hey Dominic are you thirsty? I brought a soda for you.” she said while coming closer to him.

“Ah, thanks! I’m about to die of thirst!” said Dominic, while returning the shovel that he used to turned over the dried earth with. He tried to brush the mud off, doing nothing more than spreading it around on his arms. She gave the soda to him, making sure that the dirt did not soil the white fur of her paws. Dominic drank the refreshingly cold soda with gusto, as did Foxie.

“Do you want to help me with the garden, you will see its very relaxing and if you are hungry you have only to stretch out your hand, to have fresh vegetables.” He says while pointing of a finger a beautiful red tomato.

Foxie looked at the tomato hungrily, but then looked at the state of Dominic clothes. She couldn’t even see any of the white of her tamer t-shirt, being covered by dirt and sand. He had ground his elbows into the dark, rich soil and the hair of his arms was covered with drying dirt clods. This shocking sight made Foxie think of how she would look if she participated in this activity. She promised herself that she would never approach the garden, except to collect vegetables.

“Thanks for the offer, but no. I don’t like being dirty’’ she said, taking a step back.

“What’s wrong? Its just dirt. The worst that could happen is you will be half brown.” Dominic said, observing her terrified expression.

“It’s not you who’ll need to clean yourself with your tongue.” The dirt’s taste not being extraordinarily delectable, she avoided being dirty.

At this point a diabolic idea of ingeniousness crossed the mind of Dominic.



Part 8 :


Foxy, noting that she was not useful any more, turned around and headed towards the house. Behind her, her tamer was making an enormous mud ball, softened by the water, which he had used to water the garden. He threw the mud ball at Foxie, as she walked toward the house. “SPLAT” It hit her between the shoulders and began to run down her back.

“No! He couldn’t have done that! That would be suicide,” she thought to herself.

She putted her hand on her back, collecting the disgusting substance. She prepared herself for the worst, as she brought her hand in front of her. Disgusting brown mud was dripped from her paw, as she narrowed her eyes in anger, she turned to see Dominic, doubled over with laughter. She clenched her fist as she felt the slimy mud slowly oozing down her beautiful tail. Foxie fixed her gaze on him.

He felt the weight of her stare even through his laughter. It was if someone had turned off Dominic’s laughing switch. Suddenly he wasn’t laughing, he looked at his partner’s face and became worried. “Come on, Foxie! It was just a joke. Don’t tell to me that you don’t have a sense of humor.” He said, as he realized that maybe he had gone too far this time.

“Oh, but I DO have a sense humor,” she said, as a sly smile crossed her face “Let me show you.” She turned and walked away, then disappeared as she teleported…

She appeared just behind Dominic, who had no time to recognize what happened. With her paw, she took him by the hair and forced him to his knees, then she pushed his face into the moist, freshly tilled earth, filling his nostrils and mouth with dirt. Then Foxie released her hold, she didn’t wanted to suffocate him.

Yuucckk. He said, as he began to spit up clods of moist mud. He hadn’t seen that coming!

Now Foxie was happy. Her tamer knew what she had to taste to keep herself clean. “So, how do you like my sense of humor?” she quipped

“Dirty!” answered Dominic while scraping the mud from his tongue. “But now you have a good reason to learn how to use the shower.”

“Yes, but did you really need to do that?” she pouted, “A little spot would have been enough.” She was looking at her tail that had become brown and yellow.

“Don’t worry,” he said, as he tilted her chin to look in her eyes. “I promise you that mud will come off in the shower.”


Foxie let Dom take his shower first. That was going to be at least 5 minutes! Soda always seemed to run through Foxie and the need to urinate started to become urgent. She was sorry to disturb Dominic during his shower, but she had too.

“Dominic, will you be finished soon?’’ She asks.

“Err, why?” he answered, having an idea of the reason.

“Ahem, you see, the soda that I drank earlier...  well… PLEASE, I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER, I NEED TO GO PEE!’’ She started to cross her legs. The human world had many advantages, but the fact of having to relieve herself in only one place was certainly not one. In the Digi-world, she would have relieved herself long ago. Not having toilet or bathroom, anything in that world could replace them: forest, tree, or bush…

“Okay. If it’s an emergency, you can teleport yourself in the bathroom, but only this time.”

 As soon as she heard these words, she teleported herself to the other side of the door. Being unable to wait longer, she hurried to sit on the toilet. At any other time, the fact that she released her bladder and there being another digimon or human in the same space, would not have disturbed her. But the fact that this person is her tamer was embarrassing.  Then she glanced at the shower, looking down she saw a heap of dirty clothing, Dominic’s clothes. She wondered what he looked like without his clothes.  Unlike digimon, all humans were unique.

Her pressing desire being relieved, she gathered her courage and asked the question that might get her the answers she wanted. “Dominic, is it hard to use the shower?” asked Foxie.

“Not really, but I don’t know how you will like it, according to what you told to me, Renamons don’t really like water or baths.” He said.

“Could you show me, please?” She asked and waited for his response.

“If you want. Let me finish, dry off and put on my clothes.”

“Not like that!” said Foxie.

“Why ‘not like that’? How do you want me to show you?”

“What I want to say is, I want to learn from you in the shower.” Under her fur, Foxie blushed. In spite of what happened between her and Dominic two weeks before, it remained a constant tension between them.

“Oh, I understand what you’re trying to say. Okay you can come in with me, but I’m warning you the water’s hot.” Dominic said, as he awaited the reaction of his digimon.

Foxy was pleased she had the courage to express what she desired, as she moved towards the shower door. Opening the door, a cloud steam escaped. When the steam cleared, she couldn’t believe the excitement that the site of his wet, nude body did to her. It was the same feeling that overwhelmed her when she saw that movie, just more powerful. She entered, closing the door behind her. Dominic had completely blocked the water, keeping Foxie dry, for the moment. Her eyes moved up and down his wet body, they stopped at crotch level.

Intimidated by Foxie’s eyes, Dominic asked, “Is there a problem? You’ve never see a nude male before or you just find it small, because if its what you think, I’m warning you it’s is not to it’s maximum size.” He started to have the same feeling as when Foxie had surprised him on his computer.

“I did not know that the human males became aroused so quickly.” she said.

“I am not aroused…”

“So why is your penis out?’’ For her, it looked as though Dominic was aroused and ready for action.

“Sorry to disappoint you, but if it was inside me I would have a serious problem.” He started to think why she might believe that.

“Are you saying that male humans always have their sex, you know, outside?’’

Then Dominic remembered that male creatures, like digimon, had their sex organs retracted inside of them, except when they need it. “Err, yes. We are really different from other species. The fact that our sex is always outside is a good example.’’

To Dominic’s great relief, Foxie diverted her eyes from his crotch.

“Interesting. So, if you would show me how this shower works.”

“Like I said, it’s easy. A knob to turn for cold water and an another for hot water.” Dominic pointed the two objects.

“Is that all? And how do we wash ourselves?”

“Normally, we use soap for our skin and shampoo for hair. In your case, I think we will only use shampoo. Watch me.” He takes the bottle, poured some shampoo into his hair and began to lather the dirt and mud from his hair. “That’s all.” He said as he rinsed the shampoo from his hair. “That’s how we take a shower.”

“I see,” answered Foxie. Then her voice became more sensual as she said, “So, beings this is my first time, can you help me wash…everywhere.”

“(Gulp), No problem. But for that, you’ll need to be wet.”

Dominic took a step to the side, letting the hot water reach Foxie who instinctively closed her eyes. Her fur soaked quickly. At first, she found the feeling strange, but after she got used to the idea, she began to relax, the hot water soothing each of her muscles. Once her fur became completely wet, she opened her eyes and looked at her tamer, and he looked at her. Her fur, being wet, had lost much of its volume, revealing Foxie’s firm breast and pert nipples. She also looked at her tail, which was usually about as big as her thigh, now looked more like an Irish Setter’s tail, as the weight of the water made her tail seem to droop. Seeing the real size of her body was a new experience for Foxie. She turned to Dominic.

“So, do you want to give me a bath?”

“Oh yes!”






Part 9 :


Then Dominic took the bottle of shampoo and starting at Foxie’s head, began to work it deep into her fur. What he didn’t recognize was Foxie’s reaction to his ministrations.

As Dominic began to lather her head, Foxie felt a fine sense of contentment wash over her and she began pressing her head against her tamer’s hand. Then he moved to her neck, rubbing in more shampoo, then began to scrub the mud stains off of her back. He didn’t do the tail. He was saving that for last.

 He turned her around to face him, seeing her beautiful breast for the first time. They were pure white. In the center, surrounded by her pinkish areola was her nipple. He applied shampoo on them and lathered it up but not without a small sigh of contentment from Foxie. The softness of her breast surprised Dominic, as he gently rubbed it to the fur of her breast. Her nipples hardened as he lathered her breast, bringing another sigh from Foxie. He gradually moved down her body, to her belly and, passing her crotch, began to wash her thighs. He got down on his knees and washed down to her ankles, before he softly washed each of her toes and nails.

The sensuality of Dominic washing her, touching every part of her body, began to stimulate Foxie, as she felt a dampness between her legs that had nothing to do with the shower. Her breath began to come in short gasps as his hands moved about her body, coming ever closer to her most intimate spot. He slipped his hand between her thighs and started to caress her pussy and ass, sliding his hand back and forth between the two, while washing.

“Mmmm, don’t stop. The shower makes it even better.” she said, taking her paw and putting it on Dominic’s hands between her thighs, applying additional pressure.

“I see that you like that.” he said, feeling Foxie’s clitoris slipping between his fingers, it had become particularly big, a characteristic of the Renamon species. He moved again to Foxie’s ass, lathering it with shampoo as he went. This was exciting him as he  realized that his dick was hard and throbbing between them, as caressed her firm buttocks. 

Under the ceaseless stimulation to her body, Renamon started to feel the waves of an approaching orgasm. Her pussy lips dripped her lubricants and left bubbles in the shampoo, forming a pink line in the white bubbles. Remembering her last lesson from her tamer, she slipped her hand between her thighs and started to masturbate. With two fingers, she began stimulating her two pink lips. Dominic, at this time, was concerned with Foxie’s tail, not noticing her initiative. A small sigh of pleasure, coming from her, made him notice what she was doing.

“You like that, don’t you? I see you remembered something from last time. How do you like that?”

“It’s so good!” she purred as she arched her back. “Hurry and finish!” She inserted a finger in her cunt and found her G-spot, moaning in pleasure as she began arouse it. She started to tremble, feeling her orgasm approaching.

Dominic had now finished with her tail. Once the work finished he moved back to look at her. It was difficult to know that there was a digimon under all these with bubbles. At the same time, she had an orgasm. She cried out in pleasure as she dropped to her knees. Her juices began to leak through her fingers and the soap, dripping to the floor of the shower.

“God, its so good.”

“Now we need to rinse it off,” says Dominic, “Come with me under the water?”

Foxy obeys, letting Dominic take her into his arms. While water rinsed all of the shampoo from her fur, she felt his erection pressing against her. Once completely rinsed, she turned around to see his organ.

“I see that you enjoyed washing me,” she said, while looking the hard 7-inch cock that seemed to pulse with the beating of his heart. “Rather impressive for a human. You’re much bigger than the males of my species, who are much taller than you.

Dominic saw another occasion to teach Foxie something new.

“Would you like to learn something new?’’ he asks. 

“Yes! What it is.” She answered, coming closer to him.

“Do you know what oral sex is?”

“No, I don’t have any idea. Is it a another form of masturbation?”

“No. It’s when you make your partner feel good with your mouth. In this case you will need to suck me, by putting my dick in your mouth.” Dominic awaited the reaction of Foxie.

“That sounds good, but tell me if I do something wrong. I’ve never done this before.”

Foxy knelt in front of Dominic and took his erect sex in her paws. Foxie gave the head a tentative lick. The taste of his pre-cum, as it dripped from his dick, was heavenly. She began by licking it all over with her tongue, before she took his hot shaft into her mouth, loving the contact between it and her tongue. With her other paw she took Dominic’s balls and began to gently play with them, not to hurt him, but just sufficiently to add more stimulation. She inserted his penis deeper into her mouth.

“Ouch Foxie! Watch your teeth.’’ said Dominic closing his eyes.

Not wanting to hurt him like that again, she decided to change her approach. With her long canine tongue, she started to lick it gently up and down, as he reacts instantaneously.

“O yeah, like that. Lick it!”

Foxie’s tongue was giving him new sensations. She was licking his dick like it was a popsicle, her tongue covering every inch. Seeing that he was about to cum, Foxie decided to give him the coup-de-grace. She licked his balls and finished by the end of his dick.

“Foxie, I think I’m about to… to…c c c cum!”

The heat of the semen that spurted into her mouth surprised Foxie. Finding the taste good, she licked her paws clean, and finished by licking him clean too.

“Well, how I was?” she asked, licking her lips to get all of the cum from her face

“You were incredible. For your first time, you did that like an expert! I guess we should get out now.”

Once out, Dominic dried himself with a towel and got dressed. Foxie’s fur, being thoroughly soaked, he brought one for her, too. With that one, she could only wipe a half of her right arm. Limited by the number of towels on hand, they decided to use the hair drier. Half an hour later, Foxie was completely dry. She preened herself in the mirror, running her paws through her glossy fur.

“Wow, my fur has never been so soft, and I feel so clean.”

Dominic came close to her and put his nose into the fur around her neck, he took a deep breath.

“And smell so good.” He said. “But next time we won’t have to use as much shampoo. We used a whole bottle for that beautiful fur of your’s. I think its time to go to bed, it’s getting late.”

Dominic and Foxie went into their bedroom, to the same bed. It had become normal, because they slept so well when they were together.

The next morning when Foxie awoke, Dominic was preparing to go to school.

“Good morning Foxie. How was your night?’’ said Dominic while making his breakfast.

“Fine, thank you. I wondered, if today I could go with you to school, so I can know what you are doing there.” She asked.

“I told you, they put annoying and useless stuff in my head, especially math. If you want you can come with me, but I’m warning you’re going to be bored.” He said as he put his shoes on.

“I’ll take the risk.” she answered, as they left for school.



Part 10 :


The morning went well. People found it a little odd to see a digimon in chemistry class, everyone except Foxie. Some people noticed the beauty of her fur. It was only in math class that the teacher reacted to her presence.

“Mr Dominic, can you tell to me why we have the honor of the presence of this guest in our classroom?” Said the old woman, intrigued by the digimon sitting at the back of the class.

“I’m showing her how the school system works and how your classes are interesting and useful.’’ said Dominic, a bead of sweat rolling down the back of his neck.

“Okay, she can stay, but she can’t disturb the class.” the teacher said.

Like Dominic said, Foxie found school boring. To remain sitting all day was worth some rosettes on her ass, but finally, the bell sounded and they could leave.

“Come here Foxie. I want introduce you to Sam.”

Dominic and Foxie waited for Sam at the exit.

“Hi Dom! Who’s this with you?” asked a young girl about 17 years old. She was about the same size as Foxie, with long brown hair and holding an impressive quantity of books.

“Hello Sam. This is Foxie, my partner. Foxie, this is Sam, my best friend.’’

Foxie was surprised to see a female human. The name Sam evoked the image of a male.

“You gave to her the same name as my Renamon?” she said, surprised.

“Err no. In fact, Foxie is written in French with an “ie” at the end.”

“Okay. Happy to meet you Foxie’’ said Sam, tightening her hand on the digimon’s paw. “Foxie, I’d like you to meet Foxy, my partner.”

Suddenly, a 7 foot male Renamon materialized beside Sam. During that moment, the two Renamon eyed each other.

“A male digimon with a female human. Strange,” said Foxie.

“A female digimon with a male human is as strange as that.’’ said Foxy, the male Renamon. He noticed the beauty of the fur of this female, as well as her scent.

“Well, now that you know each other please forgive us, Sam and I need to talk about school. You can wait for us here, we won’t be long.’’ Says Dominic.

They moved away quietly, the two Renamon not knowing how to react. The male Renamon started the conversation.

“So, how long have you been in the real world?’’

Foxie turned to him, “About 3 weeks. And you?’’ she responded.

“Seven months. I believe that you noticed that our two worlds are very different.”

“That, I learned quickly.” said Foxie.

“Your fur is amazing, and you smell… good. Do you use shampoo?’’ says the male while coming closer to her.

“Yes, and thank you, you also you smell…you smell…’’

Foxy approached the male to smell him better. An odor of more than him was impregnated in his fur. Foxy knew this odor, the smell of sex. Even if she did not know who it belonged to, she could figure it out from the lingering smell of Sam on her paw.

“Sam and you, you have…”

Foxy looked with amazement at the female Renamon. How could she know about Sam and him? He remembered suddenly how she knew that.

‘’Y… yes.  Sometimes, living with the humans can make us forget that digimon have very developed senses. Indeed, Sam and I have had some... affinities. Do you and Dominic have…”

“No, not just yet. I guess I’m not the only one to feel that way about my tamer?” she asked.

“You’re right. Every digimon that I’ve met, male or female, appears to have a certain attraction towards their tamer. I found that the bond between us has strengthened since we did. I believe that the fact of us being in the real world with our tamers is making us feel this way.

Foxy turned around to see his tamer coming with Dominic.

“Foxy” said Sam, as she approached, “we can go now. Thanks Dom for all these explanations.”

“No problem, Sam.” Said Dominic.

“Ready to be teleported Sam?” said Foxy, the male Renamon.

“Are you saying that you teleport with Sam!” asked Foxie. “Why?”

Sam answered this question. “You see, Foxie, when you teleport, if somebody holds on to you, they’re teleported too. It is much faster than going by car, then Foxy comes at end of school and brings me home.”

“Okay. It’s really a good idea. Dominic and I should try that.” Foxie said as she looked at her tamer.

“Good-bye you two” said Sam as she disappeared with Foxy.

Dominic turned toward Foxie and said, “I think we should wait before we teleport together. If you want I’ll help you, training with smaller objects, to start. I don’t want one half of me be teleported and the other half left behind. Do you want an ice cream? My treat.”

“Is it the frozen, sweet milk that you told me about?’’ she asked.


“Okay. I am curious enough to try it.”



Part 11 :


They went together to the nearest ice-cream parlor. Dominic took a double fudge ice cream cone and Foxie wanted the chocolate, of course.

“Foxie, eating ice cream is different from the way we usually eat. We don’t bite it, we lick it.” Dominic explained to her. Dominic licked the ice cream to show to Foxie. He was curious to see what she could do with her long tongue.

“OK.” She brought the cone to her muzzle, her tongue snaking completely out of her mouth, and did like Dominic. The cold sensation was new to her but the sweet taste made her forget that. The chocolate flavor filled her mouth and the cold cooled her off, which was fortunate because she’d been sitting in warm classrooms all day.

“Mmmm. That’s so good.” She closed her eyes and started to lick faster. She ate it so quickly that the end of her nose became covered with chocolate ice cream, as well as the fur around her mouth. Dominic, who observed her, started to become mildly aroused. He watched Foxie, jaws agape. Then she noticed the facial expression of her tamer.

“Err, why are you looking at me like that?” she asked.

“I was just remembering what happened in the shower,” he said, lost in the memory.

“I see. I am glad to know that I affect you so much’’ she said, very flattered by what Dominic said. To know that her first experiment in oral sex was a success encouraged her to, maybe, try it again.


Two days passed and Friday finally arrived. Dominic asked Foxie is she’d like to rent a movie from the video club for the evening. She agreed but once they arrived at the movie club, they had a dilemma.

“Horror or action?” asked Dominic.

“I would like horror, to be scared by a movie sounds like fun. What about this one?” She pointed to a movie on the rack.

“Alien! Foxie, are you sure that you want to see that movie? Even for me, it’s a bit on the scary side,” he asked.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m strong. The things that scare me are rare. Let’s go, we’ll take that one.”


Part 12 :


During the movie, the only things Foxie said were “Eeeeeeek”, “Yerk” or “AHHHH.” At each stressing passage, she dug her claws into Dominic’s arms. When the creature left the belly of the one of the crew members, she put her head under the arms of her tamer and refused to leave it. Once the movie ended, he wanted to go sleep. He pushed himself upright, massaging his arms marked by Foxie’s claws, and took her in his arms and brought her to bed. She simply refused to move.

“Let go, Foxie! You can’t stay like that. I will stay close to you.”

Once with her in the bed, she clung him, trembling. Dominic saw nothing wrong with that, but after 20 minutes, just as he started to fall asleep, a voice woke him.

"I… I can’t sleep. I have tried everything, but there’s nothing I can do. Each time I close my eyes, I see what happened in the movie” said Foxie.

“Okay, I understand. If you want, I can show you the second part of what we did in the shower.”

This made her forget all about the movie. “If that can make me forget what I saw and please you, I accept.” She said as she snuggled closer to him.

“Precisely” answered Dom, “the second part is to please YOU. This time, it will be me who does all the work.”

“But how you will suck me, I don’t have penis?”

“Oral sex for males is different than for you, for females, we lick.”

“You want to lick my pussy? That sounds good. What do you want me do?”

“Just lie down on your back and spread your the legs.” he said.

Foxie laid back and spread her legs revealing her sex to Dominic. He lay down on top of her and began kissing her, light little kisses that seemed to burn they’re way to her soul. Dom knew that he’d have to arouse her before he started on her pussy, so he moved to her neck and throat, leaving little kisses and bites behind. But when he bit her shoulder, Foxie stiffened in pleasure. This is an erogenous place for all female Renamon. It’s common for male Renamon to bite their mates here while mating, their sharp teeth never piercing the skin, but giving the female more pleasure while mating.

Her sigh of pleasure encouraged him as he continued down, gently nuzzling aside the fur on her breast to get to her succulent nipples. He passed his tongue over her nipple and felt it harden under his probing tongue. He began to softly suckle her as his hand cupped the other breast, fingers lightly pinching and twisting it.

Foxie pressed her breast to him as her back arched in pleasure. She took her paw and passed it through Dom’s hair, her sharp nails gently brushing against his scalp, as he moved to her other breast. Pleasure shot through her again, as he began to suckle her hot nipple. She looked down at her tamer and noticed that his eyes had never left her face. It seemed that he revelled in her pleasure; lived to see her orgasm. She reached out to him, brought his lips to hers and gently passed her tongue over his lips. He merely smiled and moved lower on her body and with soft bites and kisses.

 He started kissing her navel, going down slowly. The fur of her belly and thighs rubbed his face, filling his nose with her scent. Dom decided to explore her slit with his tongue. Using just the tip, he prodded the slit of her sex. Dominic touched his tongue to the bottom of her slit then slowly pulled his tongue up Foxie’s slit, who answered immediately with a spasm of surprise.

“Oh, yes!” she moaned “Harder, Dom, harder!”

After few minutes of this treatment, Dominic felt Foxie’s clitoris against his lips. He decided to lick it with the end of his tongue, gently. Foxie’s body began shaking with pleasure. After that, he wrapped his lips around it and began to suck, gently at first, then with more pressure as she cried out his name. She was now ready, her sex revealing itself to the Dominic’s mouth. Seeing that, Dom decided to do like she had done to him in the shower. He started to lick her with long strokes of his tongue, like a lollipop, licking her pussy from the bottom to the top.

“God! That feels soooo good. Can you…arph… can you go faster?”

Dominic struggled to obey. Foxie took him by hair and pulled his head between her thighs. She did not want him to stop, because an enormous orgasm had slowly begun to wash over her..

“Don’t stop! It’s close… It’s coming. Dom your tongue is so hot. There, I’m cuming! …Mmmhmm”

As the waves of pleasure wash over her, Foxie felt what it might be like to love someone more than herself. She spilled her juices into Dom’s waiting mouth and Dom immediately started to lap up the nectar of her body. Her juices were intoxicating to him; he started to clean inside of her as he putting his mouth on her and inserted his tongue deep into her vagina. The sweet taste of her made him want to go deeper. Once there was no more of her juices, Dominic raised his head and looked into the radiant face of satisfaction on his digimon.

“The look on your face, it’s just so beautiful and satisfied. So, do you believe that you will be able to sleep now?’’ he asked.

“God blesses the perverse human mind, and their mouth,” said Foxie while lying back on the bed. “As for the movie, I don’t even remember the title.’’

“Good. So good night. Sweet dreams.”

“Good night.” She said as she yawned and closed her eyes.

Foxy fell asleep without thinking about the alien, which had burst through the belly of the human in the movie. Three weeks passed and the examination period for Dominic started.