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This is my first lemon, which I have finishes writing on December 10, 2005 in his original version (French). The drafting will have take 2 days (I was on fire lol) and the translation of French to English 1 day. This work contains approximately 5250 words, which I find quite good for a first test. I am a student living the town of Quebec, Canada. Yes Canada is English, but ALL Quebec is French (we are a little bit reject). To translate that text, I used my head and a translator on Internet, so sorry for the bad sentence structure or spelling mistakes. That was all for my life section, Good reading and enjoy--Doom.

Thanks to SaberGatomon, who corrected my text and improved it (God he make a fabulous job). Without him, my work would be shit. THANKS DUDE J




Chapter 1

The Beginning, The Meeting and The First Time


He was looking at Foxie cooking in the kitchen; Dominic thought that he was really lucky to have a partner like her. Since the time that they became partners, Dominic and Renamon had grown really close. After many digimon battles and challenges, they knew that they could count on each other. How many times Foxie had saved him from an aggressive and stupid digimon, which did not distinguish the potential adversaries from the human ones, in return, he was an excellent tamer. His strategies with the Digi-modification cards gave an irrevocable advantage in Foxie’s battles. The combination of these two formed a mixture of courage and determination that could face any problems, those everyday battles or the more difficult fights. In short, they formed a whole, like two socks, one not being able to exist without the other one. Dominic remembered their rather strange beginnings, which had brought this Renamon in his house 5 months earlier.



Part 1:

The summer day was perfect. The clear blue sky made the dew of the night before evaporate quickly. It was as if some benevolent being had smiled down on this spot on the Earth and given it perfect weather for the day. But this sunny day wouldn’t be the same for everyone.

Mom, I’m taking the car to go to the CivicCenter.’’ Dominic said, all while moving towards the door, jingling the car keys. Suddenly, a hand seizes his, with astonishing dexterity the car keys are torn from his hand. With a sigh, Dominic looks up at his mother, preparing for the worst.

And what makes you believe that I would let you take the car, young man? You know that I hate it when you drive the car alone. What would happen if you had an accident, nobody would be there to take care of you and you’re only 17 years old.’’ asked his anxious mother.

I promise, I will be very careful. I am an adult now and I have my driver’s licence. If I have an accident, I would have my cellular, you see’’ he says, pulling the cell phone from his pocket. He tried to catch again the keys, without success.

And what you do you’ll do over there?! Empty my credit card?!’’

No! It’s the annual meeting of Digidestined! Everyone will be there! There will be a contest for most beautiful and most powerful digimon. Anyway, all of my friends will be there.’’

“You know, in my time digimon didn’t exist and we lived very well without them. To know that my son will be a few meters from creatures, with quasi-unlimited capacities, doesn’t make me happy. If one of them were to attack a human, I wouldn’t like to think about what would happen to the victim.”

“That’s the reason they have human tamers. They make sure of the safety of their digimon and that they are accustomed to the operation in human society.” Dominic said, finally succeeds in catching the keys and posted a victory smile.

“OK, OK. After all, what’s the value of a mother’s opinion? But promise to be careful. The car didn’t like its last meeting with the neighbour’s mailbox.’’

“It was an accident! You distracted me! Telling to me about your country music! I’ll see you later; I’m out of here. And I promise you, I will be careful.” said Dominic at the same time he open the door.

Then Dominic’s mother was alone, finally… but not totally. The cat was rubbing between her legs and meowing for its food. “At least you listen when I talk about country music.” she says to Cinnamon, the family cat, not understanding one word, except that his food was being served in his food dish.


After a short drive


Here we are, the CivicCenter. I’m in such hurry to see all those digimon.” Dominic could not contain his excitement.

Since the first Digi-destined and their digimon appeared, 2 years before in Japan, things had changed. The media made the existence of digimon known to the whole world, causing a wind of panic, especially in the adults. Some said that these creatures represented a threat to humanity and that they should be eliminated, without exception. But after the Digidestined and their partners saved the Earth, people started to understand that there were good and bad digimon. After that, a great number of digimon, their human tamers with them, appeared. Who could have thought that they were so numerous, it was astonishing that their secret was not discovered earlier. Finally, to cross a creature of another world in the street had passed, from the event of the year, to an ordinary meeting. The children often brought their companions to the school to show them to their friends and so that they can play with them. Step by step, digimon were integrated into the way of human life, so that they were seen as equal to humans.

Dominic had been surprised one day while going to the bathroom. While relieving himself at the urinals, Leomon had come to piss next to him. In spite of the banality of the act, to have cat-like man of 8 feet urinating beside you in a public bathroom, that can be a surprise. There had been also some accidents implying a human was wounded by a digimon, but it was always a bad digimon. The good ones always took care that nothing happen to their partners or their friends.


The parking of the CivicCenter was almost completely filled. However, he arrived one hour in advance. The annual meeting was an occasion for all the tamers and their digimon to get together and tell about life with their partner, to exchange and buy various Digi-modification cards. This event attracted people of all the corners of the country. The beauty contest attracted many of the female digimon; the beauty of Lillymons and Angewomons had astonished Dominic. At this time, they emphasized all their advantages. The ambient air was scented the most delicate odors. Some top model agencies were always present in the search of new talents. But this contest comprised almost only females. The males were attracted generally by the contest of power. Weight-lifting, demonstration of their capacities on steel plates of 1 meter thickness or demonstration of reflexes made a party of the various tests. Sometimes, winners of the two contests decided to leave together.


Once the problem of parking was solved, Dominic crossed a dark alley in the direction of the entry of the CivicCenter, without suspecting that a humanoid form followed him. The felted steps of this entity couldn’t wake the suspicion of the human it followed. It was then a small electric storm formed around Dominic, stopping him. The lights around him started to flicker. At this point his right pocket...

“Oh shit. I‘m on FIRE!”

 After a few seconds of this strange dance, he realised his pocket wasn’t on fire but was glowing brightly. Then, the light disappeared at the same time as the electric storm. All was become like before, as if nothing never happen.

“What the f...’’ said Dominic, putting its hand in his pocket. In the place of his cellular he found a Digi-vice.

No, that’s not possible. That cannot be real, it is a dream, a fantasy. It’s too beautiful to be true. But yes, it is quite real. It’s to say that... yes... I AM THE TAMER OF A DIGIMON! Uhhh, but where is he?’’

Behind you, and you need to say she’’ said the humanoid form.

While turning around, his heart skipped a beat. It was something that was going to happen to him more often than he though.


Part 2:

A splendid female Renamon stood in front of him. She was approximately 5’ 4'', he noticed, as she looked him right in the eyes. Her eyes, intensely blue, expressed a great quickness of mind and a well-developed curiosity; her delicately decorated yellow fur with a few tufts of white hair returned it. Its purple leather gantlets with the sign of Ying-Yang on the top of the hand was matched perfectly with the two small black spheres on its thighs. Below her eyes, black hairs formed a W. The end of its ears, its arms, the lower half of its legs and its belly were entirely white, cut out perfectly with the remainder of its silhouette. The hair on her chest was much longer than the remainder, hiding perfectly what hid below and a white tuft finished its tail, so silky and fluffy in appearance.


The human that she stood before had his mouth hanging open. Thin and 5’ 8'', his head was surmounted by a short tuft of blond hair. Strange texture and colors decorated his skin and body. His legs were blue, his chest black and his head and arms were beige, looking more natural than the first 2 parts. His eyes were the result of a mixture of pale blue, grey and green. The claws of the front paws of this human were missing, like those of its back paws, which were quite strange. Made of a rubbery substance, heaps of small wire were intertwined and attached. By taking some small sniffs of the air, she identified this human as being a male.


Dominic stared her for a few minutes, without anything to say. Renamon then broke this silence. What, I have something on the muzzle?’’ She says, wiping at her face.

Armh, a well ebebbe...’’

Remembering who he is, Dominic closed its mouth, think about what he can said and articulated a comprehensible sentence.

Hello....’’ He says.

Hi’’ says Renamon.

Are you are really my...’’ In spite of the obviousness of the answer, he was not able to prevent himself from putting this question to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

According to the Digi-vice that you hold in your hand, yes’’ she says while leaning over the small object.

The Digi-vice was had all of needed information on Renamon. Her principal rookie attack was Diamond Storm, one of the most powerful attacks for this type of level. It also gave the position of the digimon.

Then I’m not dreaming, I really became one Digi-destined. Incredible. I believe that the annual gathering of tamers and digimon will be able to wait the next year.’’

 The annual gathering of tamers and digimon? What’s that?’’ Definitely, she had lots of things to learn from the real world. Why digimon would gather annually? The heat season was far away.

Its a gathering where all those who have a digimon are invited to take part in contests of strength and beauty.’’

Beauty contest?” said Renamon.

I believe that it would better for you come home. There we’ll be able to discuss this and I could answer all your questions. For starters, my name is Dominic’’


To convince Renamon the car was not going to attack her was a quite imposing task. Once onboard, Dominic started the car, the fur of the digimon doubled in volume and all its hairs were standing straight up. While growling, she sought from where the danger could come and prepared to fight it. Once over the small fright of seeing an enormous hairball growling in the seat next to his, he realized that she was not at all accustomed to  technology and the human way of life.


Relax, relax. There’s no danger, it is only the engine of the car. This is used for to us to move quickly.’’ Dominic knew that it was going soon to have to explain everything, which was not a mean task.

But this earthquake?’’ said Renamon.

“It is only the engine which creates these vibrations. Don’t worry, as long as you will remain beside me nothing will happen to you. Now, we will start to move’’

I wasn’t worried, I was on my guard.’’ answered the insulted digimon while trying to smooth its fur.

“Well, that’s what I thought.’’ says Dominic while posting a small smile.


The remainder of the travel was held well. Renamon was impressed by the speed, which could reach without having to move. Dominic explained the general operation of human, while passing by their law, way of life, the manners of behaving. This Renamon was definitely quite curious for a quiet digimon type.


Part 3:


Here we are. This is my house. But I warn you, my mother doesn’t feel good about digimon.’’ he says.

Who is the Alpha male of this house?’’ She asked.

Em, I live alone with my mother. We don’t have dominant males in our society’’ answered Dominic a little disturbed.

 Then how do males divide females?” Renamon was curious to know how all the males coexisted without territory fights or brawls for a female.

Humans in general have only one partner. A male will have only one female, and the same with females.”


“ONLY ONE FEMALE PER MALE! You don’t find that sad?” Definitely, these human had strange practices. In her world, a dominant male could have ten females.

Err.... Yes’’ answered Dominic, trying to imagine several girls for only one man. Eternal fantasy of all teenagers.


They entered the house, Dominic trying to think of a plan to convince his mother that Renamon had to remain in the house as she was now his partner. When his mother saw him entering with a digimon, the expression on her face did not bode well for him. After having told her what happen, Dominic noticed his mother accepted the situation rather well.

“No question, never in my life. You know, as well, that digimon make me nervous and I do not see the use to have one of them in the house.” said the anxious mother.

There is no use to having a digimon. They are intelligent beings like you and me, and they have feelings and needs. We are not talking about a vulgar animal’’

Renamon observed the quarrelling with the young human with the old Alpha female. In spite of the strange operation of this world, she thought that she was going to like living here. Dominic finally succeeds to convincing his mother, ensuring to her that he would show Renamon the operation of the real world and that he would be responsible for all that she did.

OK,” says the mother of Dominic. "But she will need to be useful around the house.’’

From around the corner and down the hall, came another family member, yet to meet Renamon. Attracted by the new visitor, the cat of the house had come into the center of attention. An odor which he had never known floated in the air. With prudence, it approached behind the enormous yellow animal to smell it better. To welcome to her, it decided to impregnate it with its scent while rubbing on its legs.


Eeeeeeeeek” screamed Renamon, surprised from behind.

Throwing a glance to her legs, a large striped ball of hair rubbed on it. After having made an extraordinary jump to escape from the animal, she turned towards Dominic, waiting for an explanation. Dominic had forgotten to tell the digimon that they had a pet.

 It is only a cat. Renamon. It’s not dangerous. He is only happy to meet you.” he answered.

Leaning towards the strange animal, Renamon asked, And what is the usefulness of a cat?’’

In spite of the simplicity of the question, Dominic didn’t know what to answer. It ends up summarizing in a few words the utility of this cat.

It’s used to fill its litterbox and to put hair everywhere in the house. And sometime, it’s a pet.” Was all that he could say.

Ah, of course’’ she answered then petting the head of the cat.


The next week was troubling. Renamon, in spite of her goodwill, had learned the costs the 1001 dangers of the house while passing from the microwave, the toilet and to the washing machine (Moreover, Cinnamon had still not recovered from the washing which the digimon had given him. Indeed, Renamon by hearing ''washing machine'' believed that this one could wash all, including a cat, which loses its hair) However, she had progressed. She was now able to look at television alone and not set fire to anything. She found human food quite good, each meal made her discover new tastes and the variety was impressive, she was particularly a fan of chocolate. The vacuum cleaner still inspired mistrust to her, since the machine had tried to swallow her tail. The comfort of a human house was quite a bit nicer than that of the Digi-world, in particular the piece of furniture, which is called bed. Dominic’s room, being particularly large, they could install a second bed in this one, make it her part in the house.


Part 4:


One evening, she was very tired; she decided to go to lie down earlier than usual. When she got to the door of her room, she noticed that it was locked.

“Nuts, it’s locked. I don’t have choice, if I want to sleep I will need to teleport in the room.”

While concentrating, she arrived immediately on other side of the door and moved towards her bed. At this point she noticed that Dominic was there, in front of the screen of its computer with its earphones on the ears. Strange sounds came from earphones whose volume was rather high. She approached furtively behind him so she wouldn’t disturb him. On the screen of the computer, she could see a movie where a man and a woman made love. Dominic appeared particularly concentrated on what he saw.


Renamon had always wondered what a human would look like without clothes; they always had something on them. She never had seen a human walking without clothes in the street. She supposed that they acted like that for the same goal as for Gabumons, to store the heat. While observing over Dominic’s shoulder, she realized that the human were completely deprived of hairs, except on the top of the head and on the level of the crotch. All their bodies were covered with a slightly rubbery skin. No scale, no feathers or tail. Even the sex of the man was covered with this same beige skin. It did not have folds, no bright color, it did not double volume and it did not even have a knot. In spite of that, the fact of looking at these two humans having sex together started to excite Renamon, especially as the cries from the female let her know that she was having a good time. At this point Dominic changed the movie. This movie seemed to cause more of a reaction from him. It was only a female human, only this time, in the same age range as Dominic. Surprisingly, the absence of a male did not seem to disturb her.


Then she started to rub her body as small sighs of pleasure escaped her lips. While pinching her nipple, her right hand started to go down in direction of her pussy. It is at this time that Renamon couldn’t understand what this human was doing. With the fingers of a hand, she filled her cunt. At this point in time she had a powerful orgasm. Intrigued of what she saw, Renamon was jealous of the fun that the human was having. What she did look so good and its cries of pleasures gave only to Renamon an increasingly pressing desire to find a male.


She had already lived 2 seasons of heat. For her, virginity and the questions about sex were thing of the past. But what she saw was completely new for her, and she wanted to try that. She leaned then towards Dominic, who had still not noticed her presence, because his concentration on the video and rather strongly says to him close of his ear so that he can correctly hear it in spite of its ear-phones What’s this female human is doing?’’


The heart of Dominic stopped beating during approximately 3 seconds, time for his brain to translate these words and identified them like coming from Renamon. Before he even looked behind him, he remembered checking the door was locked.


Seeing the face of Renamon leaning above his shoulder, reflected in the monitor in front of him, he tasted the greatest moment of embarrassment he had ever known. He hurried to close all the windows and to turn off his earphones, all while removing them.


He then turned to face the digimon and noticed that the door of its room was as always closed, and locked.


But how do you...’’ He said, pointing at the door with a finger, realizing that it was red as a tomato.

“Do I have to remind you that my species can teleport?’’ she answered, realizing that her tamer changed color, another characteristic due to the absence of hair.

Did you see what I was looking at? If yes, how long you were there?’’ He started to perspire.

“About 10 minutes. Since the 2 humans were having sex until the moment of this human... About that, what she was doing?”  Asked the curious digimon.

Are you saying that you don’t know what she did?” The tension at Dominic started to drop. Have you already at least made...”

If you want to know if I’ve mated, yes. But as you noticed, our two worlds are really different. For us digimons, there sex is limited to the season of heat and with a male and a female. Once again, what was this female was doing?’’

Ummm… well…you see... when... somebody is alone and that... when she wants to have pleasure, but there is nobody of opposite sex, and well....’’ To explain that was difficult for Dominic.

“Yes…’’ say Renamon waiting for an answer.

“We call that masturbation. Its when... we give pleasure to ourselves.’’ He had finally succeeded to explain it. From now its embarrassment had completely disappeared, it remained only one small feeling of discomfort.

You want to say that I can be satisfied sexually while being alone? And even have an orgasm, like the female of the movie’’ Definitely, she was going to like this world.

“Yes’’ Answered Dominic. He thought that he will need to explain to her the few rules of intimacy in the house.

Can you teach them to me?’’ Renamon thinks that while learning, she could satisfy the urgent need between her legs.

What? I don’t think that I understand you.”  Indeed, Dominic surely didn’t understand.

I asked you if you would teach me how to masturbate. I am completely new to this and I believe that you know how, according to what I’ve seen.” she said, nodding toward the monitor.

Dominic was now completely paralyzed. Renamon, one of the sexiest female digimon, was asking him to teach her how to masturbate.


Aaaa well... euf... emm...’’ Was all that he was able to say.

Feeling the hesitation of her tamer and her libido in fall, Renamon decided to encourage him. While rubbing her tail against his face, she sat down on him. It was at this point she kissed him. Not knowing how to react, Dominic did not move. At the beginning it was only a small kiss, but more time passed Dominic’s hesitation stopped and he wrapped his arms around her. Then, Renamon inserted her tongue in his mouth, a real French kiss. She was curious to know the feeling of a human tongue, and she was not disappointed. Although short, this one was very strong. Renamon broke the kiss to leave a chance for her tamer to answer. Once Dominic realized why she stopped, he answered.

Ok, if you insist. But if you want me to stop, let me know’’

“If it is like in your video, there is no chance that will happen. Tell me what to do. Whatever you want, I’ll do’’

His kiss had awaked her excitement; she was readier than ever to pass to the act.

Well, sit on my lap, your back towards me and your legs spread.’’ Renamon obeys. In spite of the unusual position of its body, the fact of having a hot body stuck on her was particularly pleasant.

While drawing aside her legs, she realized how wet her pussy was. The strong odor, coming from her hot sex, broke the last of Dominic’s doubts of how far this would go.


Part 5:


The heat of Renamon’s body spread completely to Dominic’s. Not knowing where to begin, Dominic decided to start with the top. He started by kissing Renamon’s neck, while his hands explored the body of his partner. His hands briefly brushed over Renamon’s upper body. Slowly they penetrated the tuft of white fur covering her breast searching for the treasures within. He cupped her breast gently and began to caress them.  Once their targets reached they started to caress them and pinch and twist her nipples gently.

Uhm’’ the caress on her body really started to excite Renamon, her pussy becoming increasingly wet. Her nipples hardened under ceaseless stimulations.

Considering the attention to Renamon’s breast sufficient, the right hand of Dominic began a long descent, while its left hand continued the work. The feeling of the soft fur running between its fingers was indescribable. Approaching the crotch of Renamon, his hand causing shivers of excitement in her, causing her breath to come in short gasps.

Finally, the end of its fingers touched the wet pussy. Using his fingers, Dominic started to rub the lips of her pussy. With each movement, Renamon let escape a small gasps of pleasure.

“Ummmmmm harder!” She moaned, as she began to feel waves of pleasure washing over her.

Dominic followed her advice she was giving him. He continued the movement while pressing harder. After a few minutes of this treatment, he parted her lips to stimulate her clitoris. Using all his fingers, it started to describe small circle on the concerned part.


Ohhhh yes, like that, don’t stop.’’ Her orgasm was now inevitable. Renamon felt a wave of pleasure going up slowly to the top of her body. She arched her back as the waves of pleasure threatened to engulf her. Once the few seconds of pure happiness passed, she was startled to be pulled upright, held by the arms of Dominic, surrounding her body.

You don’t believe we’re finished, we’re only to the half way point.” said Dominic.

“Really? The sex with humans is much longer than with my species. Okay, let us see whether the second part is as good as the first.” She said as she looked over her shoulder and into the face of her tamer. Renamon was reinstalled comfortably, waiting with curiosity until the second part began.


The first part was called a clitoral stimulation, the second will be a vaginal. If you want anything special during, let me know, I do it. Each girl has a different preference.”

Dominic inserted his finger in her already moist cunt. It took only a few seconds for him to find the her G-spot. He started to stimulate it with light pressure.

“Whoaaa! Harder, please.” This part of Renamon had never been really stimulated like this before, the males too being occupied by their own pleasure. She never knew that she had these sensitive spots inside her. She felt as if she would drown in the waves of pleasure that were washing over her, as her breath came in ragged gasps.

After a few minutes, Dominic judged that it was time to move to the next level. In addition to the finger already present, he added a second. He abandoned her G-spot to concentrate on her cunt in general.

This sudden addition of size surprised Renamon as she moaned with pleasure. For the second time, she felt an orgasm was coming. Definitely, masturbation was not for neglect in her sexual life, but to add to it. In spite of the size of the fingers inside her, She wanted more, needed it, and lusted for it!


“More! Yes, like that. Mmmmm. Deeper!” she cooed, as he pushed another finger into her tight pussy. Her vagina was now completely filled, giving her the extra pleasure needed to start her second orgasm.

“I…I think I’m c…I’m cumiiing’’

Her body stiffened with pleasure. Her pussy ejaculated a spurt of cum on the hand and fingers of Dominic, soaking his pants as well as the chair he was sitting on. He wrapped his arm around her as she spasmed in the throws of her orgasm. She was panting heavily as her orgasm subsided, held up only by Dominic’s arm around her waist. She felt as though all of the strength of her body had been drained by her tamer. Curiously, he tasted Renamon’s juices.

“Mmmmm, yummy.’’ He said, while licking his fingers.


Part 6 :


How did you like that?’’ He said, while preparing to going to sleep.

It was... magic. If you, humans, still have some secret like that, do not hesitate to tell me or teach them to me.” answered Renamon, completely exhausted by all this pleasure. She started to clean her fur with her tongue, more by habit that by preoccupation with cleanliness, because the human houses were very clean.

Dominic lying comfortably in his bed, he says to the digimon

You know, if you want, I could show to you how to use the shower. I think you will find it is very relaxing.’’

“Okay.'' She said "So, can I sleep in your bed tonight? I find that the room is really cold.”

This proposition did not displease him.

No problem. But I warn you, I sleep with the blankets.’’

Renamon smiled at him. "No problem'' she said as it all while settling in his bed. Once lying and comfortably installed, Dominic thinks of the week, which had just passed.

“Renamon, what would you say to finding you a name. I want to give a true name, not that of one of your species. I want to be able to differentiate you from the others. It would be useful, especially that you look all identical’’


Renamon had never considered this. It wouldn’t harm her and it would make her unique, her own person.

If you want, but I do not have any idea of how humans name things. How do human find a name’’ she said.

Generally the name is influenced by a feature or personality, a physical characteristic or a similarity with something else.”

"I’ve heard it said that my species looks like the animal which you call a fox. Foxy could be good a idea’’ She liked the pronunciation of this word.

It is a good name, but it’s too common. My friend Sam already has a Renamon with that name. What do you think about Foxie? That’s says the same thing, it’s pronounced the same, but the word is in French.’’ For his part, Dominic found that this name would match perfectly with his digimon.

I like it. From now on, my name will be Foxie.’’ To have her own name made a funny impression to Renamon.

“OK then, that’s your the name. Good night’’ said Dominic, closing the eyes and snuggling closer to Foxie’s soft fur.

After what happened, I do not doubt that I will.” said Foxie. She closed her eyes, hearing the reassuring beat of the human’s heart.

The human and the digimon spent a pleasant night, each one next to the other, sharing their body heat.



SaberGatomon: I was so glad get to do the editing work on this lemon. If you read it before it was edited,  I’m so sorry, but you can see what I had to work through! >___<

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