The smart Davis

Disclaimer- I don’t have anything to do with digimon.


It all started after the digidestend defeated Melomyotismon and got back to earth. Davis started to think about how he was acting and made a major decision.




Davis walked up to Tai’s home and pressed the doorbell. Seconds later Kari answered the door with a smile on her face.

“Hi Davis, you wanting to talk to Tai?” Kari asked

“Yeah, is he in?” Davis said. Kari shook head.

“He’s gone out to get some soda’s with Agumon and Gatomon, he’ll be back in a little while. You can come on in and wait if you want” Kari offered.

“Thanks" Davis said stepping into the apartment. He saw textbooks and notepads scattered across the table.

“Homework?” Davis asked

Maths, and I’m really stuck” Kari replied, sitting back down at the table and rubbing her forehead.

“I might be able to help” Davis offered and Kari gave a little chuckle

“No offence Davis but I don’t think you’ll be able to help”

“Well at least let me see it” Davis said slightly annoyed

"All right, no harm in that" Kari said passing Davis the sheet and it went:

What is a quarter of 198? =

If I’ve got 200 yen and split it with 6 of my friends, how much will they get each? =

If I work in a store for two years and I’m a trainee for an eighth of that time, how long was I a trainee? =

"See what I mean, their tough" Kari said when Davis had read them all

"But I already know all the answers" Davis said, "What is a quarter of 198? = 49.5

If I’ve got 200 yen and split it with 6 of my friends, how much will they get each? = 33.3 yen each

If I work in a store for two years and I’m a trainee for an eighth of that time, how long was I a trainee? = 3 months" Kari stared open mouthed and wide eyed.

"How did you know that?" Kari asked doubtfully

"Well to tell you the truth Kari, I didn’t come here to talk to Tai, I came here to tell you something." Davis said, not able to look Kari in the eyes

"What is it?" Kari asked

"Well, I’m…smart" Davis told her. Kari stared at him in silence for a few moments, not knowing what to make of this information.

"I’m don’t know what you mean, Davis" She said quietly. Davis sighed angrily.

"Ask me any question, go on, ask me," He demanded in a pissed off voice. Kari flinched, she’d never heard that tone used by Davis before.

"Ok, ok. What’s 300, multiplied by 4, plus 190, take 71, divided by 10?" Kari said thinking of the hardest question she ever heard.

"That’s easy, its 131.9" Davis answered after ten seconds. Kari grabbed a calculator and ran the sum, he was right.

"Davis I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. But why didn’t you tell anyone?" Davis stared at the floor nervously.

"I… thought that if I showed my real self you’d all hate me"

"Now why would you think that? We’re your friends" Kari said

"Because it’s happened before, before I met any of you. I let people know that I was a genius and they didn’t like me for that. They chased me, beat me up, teased me, stole my things and ruined most of my childhood" Davis told Kari almost in tears "And when my best friend turned against me to so he could be popular, I didn’t know if I could trust any one any more. So just before a started my next school I decided to play dumb." Davis told here getting up and bursting into tears. He moved to the other side of the room and stared out at the window the tears running down his face.


Kari walked over and gave Davis a hug and he cried into her shoulder. It took Davis five minutes to calm down and Kari finally asked

"Why didn’t you tell me sooner, I don’t bully people and you know it"

"I don’t know" Davis said miserably "But every time I wanted to tell you, images of my past came into my mind and … I…" Davis fell silent, Kari couldn’t blame him, it was obviously painful memories.


She was going to ask another question when Tai came in with Agumon and Gatomon.

"Sorry I took so long but…" Tai began but stopped when he saw Kari was holding Davis gently by the arms and he could see that Davis had been crying by the red around his eyes. Gatomon shouted, taking no notice of Davis, "Kari, is something going on between you and dumb ass that I should know about?" That made Davis even more miserable and he almost started crying again

"Oh, dumb ass is a cry baby now huh" That was all it took, Davis burst out crying again and ran out of the apartment pushing Tai aside

"Davis, wait." shouted Kari, but he was already gone "Thank you very much Gatomon" Kari yelled at her digimon partner
"What, what I do?" she asked innocently.

"You upset Davis and made him cry"

"So, it’s just Davis, dumb, arrogant, greedy and he always trying to get into your pants, Davis" she yelled at Kari

"If you didn’t notice Gatomon, he was upset and had a good reason as well and I was trying to comfort him until you opened you mouth" Kari screamed at Gatomon

"You where trying to comfort him, the same guy that would ask you on a date even when your down, he probably strut’s around thinking he owns the city" Gatomon screamed back. Agumon and Tai decided that this was an argument they had to stay out of and moved swiftly into their bedroom.

"Davis hasn’t asked me out on a date since we beat melomyotismon and he didn’t want anything in return of saving the world, so you owe him an apology Gatomon" Gatomon turned her back and folded her arms.

"I won’t ever say sorry to dumb ass Davis, never"

"For your information Gatomon, Davis is not dumb, he’s really smart and here’s the evidence to prove it" Kari screamed and tossed her homework books at Gatomon and ran after Davis. Gatomon stared down at the questions in the book and was shocked by what she saw.


Davis stopped running half way home to catch his breath, but he was still upset and people were staring at him. He glanced around, trying to find a place he could hide while he calmed down when he saw Yolie’s family store across the street. He ran inside and saw Yolie sweeping the floor

"Hi Davis, what’s the matter?" she asked, Davis just kept his head down and walked over to the furthest corner and sit down with knee’s to his chest still not looking up. Yolie ran after him and knelt by his side.

"Davis, what’s wrong? You can tell me," Yolie said gently, but he still didn’t look up or speak

I better call the others, Yolie thought as she went back to the check out and grabbed the phone.

Kari was just across the street when she got a call on her cell phone, it was Yolie.

"Hello" Kari said

"Hi Kari, can you come to my store, Davis is here and he seems…"

"Really upset" Kari cut in "Sure, I’m just a cross the street, I’ll be there in ten seconds. And Yolie, please don’t call anyone else alright?” Yolie sounded confused but agreed. With that Kari hung up and ran across the street and into the shop. She was pleased to see that Yolie had turned the sign to CLOSED.

"Where’s Davis" she asked quietly. 

"In that corner, but he’s not speaking or even moving." Yolie answered pointing to the far end of the store.
"Just give me a minute with him." Yolie nodded and stayed at the counter while Kari went to the corner where Davis was. She knelt down in front of him. She touched his cheek, only then did he look up to see Kari’s face but then looked down again seconds later.

"Davis, I’m sorry for what Gatomon said back their, but she didn’t know" she said quietly, sadly and lovingly

"It’s not your fault Kari, you shouldn’t be sorry" sniffed Davis; Kari gently put a hand on Davis’s shoulder

"I’m sure she’ll say sorry, you can forgive her right?" Kari asked

"Yeah, but, what will the other’s say when they find out?" Davis said in a quiet voice

"Well whatever they say, I’ll be right by your side" Kari said proudly and gave Davis a kiss on the forehead, this cheered him up a bit, he even gave Kari a little smile.

"Want to get some ice-cream" Kari asked with a little smile, this made Davis raise his head

"Yeah, that would be nice" he said getting up "I’ll pay for them as well"

"No, I’ll pay for them" Kari said gently

"Have you got your wallet on you?" Davis asked Kari did a quick search of her pockets and found nothing. She gave a small chuckle

"Look’s like I left it at home" She said smiling

"Well that’s settled then, I’ll pay for them." Davis said. They walked back toward the front door "Bye Yolie"

"See yah." she shouted. She was confused over what all the fuss had been about. But she was sure that Davis would tell her when he was ready.  


Davis and Kari was walking away from the ice-cream place into the nearby park

"That place had some weird flavours," Kari said. Davis gave a little chuckle

"What’s so funny?" Kari asked

"You’ve got some ice-cream on your face"

"Where?" Kari said

"Right… there" Davis said tapping the tip of Kari’s nose with his ice cream

"Hey, that’s cold" Kari whimpered but still chuckled but then heard a rustle in a bush near by, a rogue Gizamon jumped out and started snarling at them. Davis instinctively jumped in front of Kari as they slowly backed away. He looked at the Gizamon and ran some geometry and physics through his head.

"Stay behind me and move when I tell you to" Davis whispered to Kari who gave a slight nodded. The digimon charged at them and leapt into the air

"NOW" Shouted Davis and he and Kari jumped to the side, the digimon went flying into a near by tree and hit it face first.
The Gizamon fell to the ground unconscious Davis helped Kari up and they both ran to the exit of the park, only when they where down the road did they stop and get their breath back.

"That was quick thinking, thanks" panted Kari

"No… problem, any… time" gasped Davis "You… all… right?"

"Fine, just a little… dusty" Kari answered trying to catch her breath.

"Let’s get you home," Davis said, who finally got his breath back


When Kari opened the door and Gatomon saw that she was dirty, and with Davis

"Kari, what have you been doing?” she said dashing towards her

"Don’t worry, a digimon attacked us but thanks to Davis’s quick thinking we didn’t get hurt" Kari said smiling

"That had better be what happened" Gatomon grumbled giving Davis a cold stare

"Hey it’s the truth. Take a cat nap or something" Davis said coolly. That made Gatomon mad she leapt forward at Davis ready to strike. She suddenly felt a swift pain in her side and she landed on the floor left of Davis. Who, when she looked up had his left arm up in the air facing in her direction.

"I didn’t want to do that Gatomon, but you left me no choice," he said sadly. She was shocked; surprised that Davis beat her in one move

"H… how" she stuttered

"Surprised that ‘dumb ass Davis beat you? Never under estimate your opponent" Davis said wisely "see ya Kari" and then left.


Davis went back to Yolie’s shop to get a snack when he walked in she was nowhere to be seen

"Yolie, you here?" he shouted

"I’m right here," she said back coming out of the toilets putting her glasses back on as she walked back behind the counter. She looked at Davis with concern in her eyes.

"So what made you so upset earlier?"

"Gatomon called me a dumb ass and a cry baby" he answered bring a chocolate bar to the counter

"People call you that stuff all the time, way did it effect you this time?" she said while taking the money from Davis

"I was thinking of my childhood, and, I guess I was pretty vulnerable" he said miserably, he wasn’t liking the way that Yolie was taking her line of questioning, but he felt he owed her some kind of explanation.

"Why, what happened in your childhood?" she asked leaning on the counter. Davis gave a big sigh and thought for a minute

"All right I’ll tell you, but you’ve got to promise not to tell anyone" he said, staring her straight in the eye’s

"You have my word as a digidestand" she replied




Davis had finished his snack by time he got home, when he stepped in he saw Jun reading one of her teenage magazines and TK siting next to her with his head on her shoulder

"Hi Jun, Hi TK" he said miserably and walked in to his room and closed the door behind him, Jun and TK had been dating the last three weeks Davis didn’t care.

"Shouldn’t you see what’s wrong with Davis?" TK asked

"In a bit, he’s going to cry soon" Jun answered and they heard deep sobs less than a minute later


 Finally the crying stopped and Jun entered Davis room half an hour later. She sat on the edge of his bed. 

"What’s up Davis?"

"Nothing you should know about" He said quietly

"C’mon Davis, I’m your sister, give me a little slack ok" she said gently while siting down on a chair

"I was thinking about my childhood, that’s all"

Jun gave a big sigh "When are you going to let that go? It’s all in the past no one cares about your IQ, you can drop the act." Davis shifted uncomfortably

"Easy for you to say" Davis whispered

Jun gave another sigh; it was impossible to talk to him when he was like this.

"I’ll give you a shout when dinners ready. Oh and TK’s staying for dinner" she said as she left. Davis got up and grabbed his digivice and pointed it at his computer. Veemon came running into the room.

"Hey Davis, wait for me" Veemon shouted but it was too late, he was already gone.


Davis was on File Island when arrived at the digital world. He was on some cliffs, which overlooked the ocean, he sat down near the edge and went into deep thought. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back and all he could think about was the time’s when people were nasty to him.




"TK, can you get Davis, dinner is ready" Jun shouted from the kitchen

"Sure" he replied and knocked on Davis’s door but he heard no reply, he went in to see Veemon pacing up and down in front of the computer

"What’s wrong Veemon, and where’s Davis?" he asked the blue dragon Digimon

"He went to the digital world and he’s been gone for age’s" He replied worryingly

"I’ll call the other’s" TK said while walking out of the room "Jun your going to have to put dinner on hold." he muttered grabbing the phone.


When the other’s arrived in the digital world it was starting to turn dark
"Where can Davis be? I’m missing my favourite show" Matt said when he suddenly felt a sharp pain across the back of his head. Sora had slapped him.

"Matt, Davis is the leader of the new Digidestend, show some more respect" Sora said angrily.

"Hey, who’s that over their" Joe pointed at a shadowy silhouette in the distance. The spiky hair was a big giveaway.

"Its Davis" Kari said happily. She ran over to him yelling his name to grab his attention. Something was wrong, why wasn’t he moving? A few feet away she hesitated.

"Davis, are you all right?" she asked. He suddenly grabbed her by the shirt and yanked her round. He held her over the edge of the cliff and the raging ocean below. She saw his eyes, which stared blankly at her with a mournful pain. Did he even recognise her?

"Davis, what’s the matter with you?" Tai shouted dashing forward to save his sister. He was six feet away when Roachmon and Vilemon suddenly burst out of the ground, blocking his path. An evil laugh echoed over the area, sending a chill down everyone’s spines.

"I know that laugh anywhere, it’s Devimon" TK said, shaking with anger.


A black appeared in the sky and rapidly twisted its shape and grew in size until Devimon was revealed to them all. He flew out of the sky and hovered in mid-air behind near Kari. He was close enough to touch her if he wanted. 
"We’ll beat him no problem" Agumon yelled. All the digimon, except Veemon who could digivolve while Davis was in his trance, Digivolved into champion forms. Except Agumon and Gabumon who warped digivolved into their mega forms.


Meanwhile Davis was still holding Kari over the edge

"Davis, I’ve got something to tell you" she said shakily "I forgive you for what your about to do, and, I… love you."

Those words echoed through Davis mind triggering the happy memories and feelings. He realised what he was doing and Kari away from the ledge, his eyes were filling with tears. Devimon saw this and growled with rage. How did she do it? His plan had been perfect. They would pay for this.

"God Kari, I’m so sorry, god I’m sorry Kari" Davis sniffed. Kari wrapped her arms around him.

"Davis its ok, you didn’t know what you were doing, there’s nothing we can now" Kari said hugging Davis, he stopped crying and pulled himself out f her embrace.

"There’s nothing you can do Kari, but there is something I can do" he said seriously "I love you " Without any warning he dashed towards Devimon hesitated as he suddenly saw Davis charging towards him.


Davis jumped at devimon with a mighty growl and wrapped his arms around the digimons body. They fell toward the raging ocean below. Dvimon tried to fly but Davis had grabbed his wings.

"This is for Kari" Davis angrily shouted as they hit the water.


"Daviiiiiis" Kari screamed at the top of her lungs, all the digimon performed their most powerful attacks on all the Roachmon and Vilemon disintegrating them in seconds. Tai ran over to Kari, was now slumped on the ground and looked over the edge. Nothing but water crashing against the Cliffside. Tai put his arms around Kari and she twisted into his shoulder and cried.

"Do you know what the last thing he said to me was" she said between sobs "He said he loved me"

After what seemed like a painful eternity, Tai helped Kari to her feet and in silence, the group walked back to the digiport. Veemon walked slowly by Kari’s side, the same tears of bereavement that ran down her face ran down his too. They both suffered the same feeling of loss over their cherished friend

Jun was waiting when the others came back

"Where’s Davis?" she asked confused and Kari started to cry again. Veemon sat into a corner and stared at the floor.

"Jun, Davis… is… " Tai began

"He’s what" Jun asked, now scared for her little brother

"He’s dead" Ken aid quietly as he slumped onto Davis bed

"What, no… that can’t be… That’s not true…your lying." she yelled her eye’s filling up with tears

"He sacrificed himself to defeat devimon" TK explained sadly "They both fell into the sea"

That was when Jun collapsed onto the floor crying TK knelt down beside her and hugged her and she cried loudly into his shoulder.


They decided to wait to tell Davis parent’s what had happened when they got home, they now sat on the couch looking nervous

"Mrs Motomiya, we have some bad news about Davis" Ken said quietly, not able to meet her gaze

"What, what’s happened to Davis" she asked confused

"Well, Davis is… is" Kari started but then saw a light come from Davis’s room and heard foot steps, she saw a figure leaning against the door frame. His clothes were torn and soaking. His hair was plastered to his face and his body was a multitude of coloured bruises.

"Davis" everyone gasped in unison

"Davis… is in need… of an ambulance" he gasped and fell to the floor, completely exhausted




The Doctor came in with the x-ray results. Davis lay unconscious in his bed and his mother and Kari sat beside him. The others were in the hospital, but the doctor had forbid that many people in the room and would only let two people in. Jun had shocked everyone when she told Kari to go instead of her.


"Mrs motomiya, your son has a sprained ankle, three broken ribs and a fractured left arm. Now, can you tell me what’s happened to get him into this state"

"I can" Kari said and explained to the doctor what had happened in the digital world, and all the time she was holding Davis right hand. The doctor marvelled at the amazing story.

"Well, all I can say is that he’s lucky to be alive" doctor murmured as he left the room.

"Kari, I’m going to get some coffee, would you like some?" Mrs motomiya

"No thanks" she replied quietly and Davis mum left.

"Oh Davis, I never realised how much you loved me" she whispered and kissed him on the head.




The first thing Davis saw when he woke up was a blurred shape; he blinked a few times and everything eventually slid into vision. He was looking at the ceiling of the hospital. He looked around and saw Kari asleep next to him; he gently stroked her hair as she woke up

"Oh Davis, your awake" Kari said shocked

"Look’s like it, how long have I been in the hospital?" he asked in a dry voice.

"About four days" she answered

"How long have you been here?"

"About four days" she said again "Davis, I’ve got something really important to tell you. When you fell in the water with Devimon, I realised how much I loved you" Kari was blushing now and Davis’s heart was pounding like a jackhammer in his chest. Before he could say anything Kari gave him a kiss on the lips, taking totally of guard. He tried to hug her with his left arm but felt a massive surge of pain

"OW" Davis yelled. Kari pulled away, afraid she’d done something wrong, but she saw him looking at his arm and guessed what had happened.

"Oh Davis, I forgot to tell you. The doctor said that your left arm is fractured. Plus you’ve got three broken ribs and a sprained ankle" Kari told him while she held his right hand. They were about to kiss again, except everyone moved into the room. They had heard his yell and decided to stuff the doctor’s orders.

"I take it from that cry of pain Davis is awake" Tai said happily

"Yep, alive and kicking" Davis said joyfully "Well, not so much kicking, but still alive"

"Well its good to see your ok" Ken said, smiling broadly

"Yeah you had us scared for a moment there" Jun said siting on his left side "So how’d you feel?"

"Ok I guess, apart from the pain in the arm"

"How did you survive that fall Davis?" Yolie asked

"I guess Devimon’s body broke the fall" Joked Matt

"Well I want to hear everything, how you got up the cliff, how you got to the digiport, everything" Mimi said happily

"Hey Davis needs to get his strength back first. Let him rest up for a bit" Joe said, he spread his arms wide and turned to the group and began to herd them back toward the door.

"Oh ok, see ya letter Davis" Mimi said as she gave him a kiss in the cheek

"Bye Davis" Sora said kissing him on the other cheek

"In a while crocodile" Yolie said kissing him on the brow

"See ya bro." Jun said giving him a gentle hug

"You coming Kari?" Tai asked as the others left

"No, I’m going to stay with Davis for a bit"

"Ok, we’re going to get something to eat, so we’ll be down the hall" Tai said and went after the other’s, Kari look at Davis who’s face was a deep red

"I should try this sacrificing thing more" he squeaked, Kari just chuckled.


A week later the doctor walked into Davis room to find him having an arm wrestle with Kari (using his right arm of course)

"Come on Kari, you call that an effort" he laughed

"Excuse me Mr Motamiya" the doctor, said surprising Davis and Kari slammed his hand onto the Table

"Hey Kari that’s not fare, he distracted me," Davis said pouting

"All’s fare in love and war" she said putting on a sly look

"And you know how much I love you" Davis said sighing

"Don’t we all" the doctor said under his breath. Those curtains stopped people seeing what was happening, not hearing it. "Anyway, good news, your ready to go home, but you will need looking after"

"Oh that’s fine, me and his sister can look after him," Kari said happily

"But what about school?" Davis said to Kari

"Don’t worry Davis, the holidays have started"

"I’ll send a nurse in to help get dressed and pack you things," the doctor said starting to leave

"Oh no, I’m not having a stranger help me put some clothes on" Davis said

"But how are you going to put your clothes on?" the doctor said turning around

"I’ll help him," Kari said blushing deeply, the doctor said nothing and left

"Alright my little helper, help me get out of this bed" Davis said teasingly, Kari helped Davis sit up and he let out a few grunts of pain

"Thanks, can you get my clothes for me?" Davis asked while slowly got out of bed, Kari got out his clothes from the draws and when she looked up she saw Davis ass

"Oh my, what a tight ass you’ve got," she said walking over and squeezing it

"Hey, calm down Kari, I’m just getting out the hospital, don’t put me back in." Davis said surprised at how Kari was acting

"Come on, show me what else you got under there" she said seductively. Davis hand shot out and lightly touched her crotch she felt a sudden wave of pleasure, which made her go weak at the knees.

"What… what was that?" Kari panted leaning on Davis bed for support

"That, was the work of my magic fingers" Davis chuckled "Be a good girl and I’ll show you more of what they can do."


When Davis and Kari got to Davis place she stopped him before he opened the door and pulled him into a passionate kiss

"What was that for?" Davis asked

"What, can’t a girl kiss her boyfriend?" she said leaning against the door

"Oh, you want a kiss do you, well come here then" Davis said slyly pulling Kari into another kiss. She never felt anything like this before, her whole body tingled with pleasure. Davis was the best kisser in the world to Kari’s standards

"Wow" was all she could say when they broke the kiss

"Let’s go some place a little more private" Davis whispered into Kari’s ear

"Hope you mean just kissing" Kari said back nervously

"Do I look like I can go past that stage?" he said with a laugh.

"I see your point" Kari said and opened the door, they both stepped into the apartment and when the door closed it was pitch black. Davis switched the light on and he heard people shouting ‘SURPRISE’

"What the" Davis said, confused and half deafened. All his friend’s jumped from hiding places around the apartment.

"It’s your return party" Kari said smiling

"Huh?" Davis said still confused

"Come on Davis, you don’t risk your life and come home to find no party" Matt said handing Davis and Kari a drink

"Hmm, I see you point" Davis said happily, then the party got under way.


An hour into the celebration Mimi asked

"So, how did you survive?"

"Come on Mimi, Davis has just got out of hospital he doesn’t want to tell story’s" Tai said, but Davis shook his head

"No, I said I’d tell you when I got out of hospital. So turn down the music and gather round," Davis said sitting in his favourite seat (the chair, get a better view of the TV) with Kari sitting on his lap. Veemon turned down the music and sat in front of Davis. Davis took a deep breath and began his story.