Okay this is my first lemon I do not know if I am a good writer 
this is the first thing I have ever written and I do not know if 
IM any good at it I will leave my e-mail address at the bottom and 
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Time warp
T.K and Kari were at Tie's house. T.K and Kari were playing with 
their didgi vises and T.K dropped his then he reach down to pick 
it up . At the same time Kari reach down to get it for him they 
Bumped their heads, and . she dropped hers. When the didgi vises 
hit the floor, a light came from them then T.K and Karie vanished 
in a ball of light. Oh shit , where did they go?! 
T.K and Kari reappeard.in Tai's house all of a sudden Tai walked 
in but he was older.. Kari asked "Tai is that you?" Tai look down 
and fainted. Later that afternoon all the digi-destined were assembled, 
Izzy was directing it all ok. Izzy said"My theory is that when you 
to dropped your didgi vises and they hit the ground the interaction 
of that caused a time warp basically it was a fluke but I think 
you are stuck here. And I doubt even I can do the calculations 
to generate a time warp. So you guys are stuck here and since are 
TK and Kari were lost 4 years ago I guess you guys can pick up where 
you left off. tomorrow and we will enroll you in school. Until 
then we should all get some sleep.
late that night T.K woke up and noticed that codey was staring at 
him He could not believed that a guy was staring at him with sexual 
eyes. Then Kari knocked on the door and it brook the tension. 
TK screamed "yes come in!" She comes in and thinks 'what is going 
on here that TK raised his voice?' then she said "hi TK what are 
you doing?" as she is walking over to his bed. TK says "trying 
to get some sleep but everyone keeps coming into my room." Kari 
then says "should I leave you?" He responded as he was patting his 
bed for her to sit down "no i wanted to talk to you all day but 
never got the chance." TK puts his hand on hers and says "I want 
to know how you feel about the time warp junk. It is nuts." kari 
says " I want to know what really happened. It makes no sense to 
me or the other kids. We should try to find out but it sucks to 
be here four years from when we left and still be the same and everyone 
else is grown up. We were left behind." He pulls her down on the 
bed in his arms with no resistance and says "its going to be all 
right. All that we have to do is get by."Kari liens forward and 
kisses T.K.on the lips T.K. Returns the kiss. Codey as he is watching 
is shocked by all this. Than T.K. starts to open his mouth to let 
Karie's tongue in. Codey started getting hard from watching T.K. 
and karie make out. Then TK start to put is hand up her shirt and 
Kari grabs his other hand and places it down by her crouch. Karie 
started to feel up his crouch and cannot believe how hard he became 
so fast. He then takes her hand and places it down his pants. 
Kari straddles his and pulls off her nightgown. He grabs her barely 
peaking mounds and she leans down to kiss him. Then he takes his 
hands and places his hands on her firm butt and moves his hands all around her buttocks. 
Codey says "can I join?" They totally ignore him. He still cannot 
believe what he is seeing and he desperately Wants. a piece of Kari 
but more so of TK. Kari gets off of TK and goes over to Codey. 
She pulls down his pants and then started give him a Blow Job. TK 
as he is watching her do this to Codey starts to jerk off. Codey 
starts to push her head up and down then starts to moan her name. 
TK comes over and pulls down Kari's underpants and starts to finger 
her pussy as he is jerking off. Then as a few seconds pass he takes 
his tongue and runs it up and down her pussy then starts to eat 
her out. Her eyes start to roll back and he hips start to stiffen 
as she screams in orgasmic bliss. Codey as he sees Kari in pleasure 
start to cum. Yolei as she was sound asleep in her bed was awoken 
by the sound of the screams from the TK's bedroom. She rushes out 
of the room and slammed open the door. She could not believe what 
she was seeing but at the same time was turned on. She came into 
room and shut the door. TK looks at Yolei says "come over here." 
she is a little taken back and but comes over to him. He pulls 
her onto him, but she gets right back up. He says "its a fun game." 
He pulls down her underpants and has her straddle him and she puts 
her tongue is his mouth. She tastes something strange but does 
not pull back but instead kisses him more. He says to her "come over to the other bed."
They get up and go over to the other bed. She lies down on her 
back and he sits on the edge and kisses her more. She pulls off 
her nightgown and her breasts were there for all the world to see. 
He starts to groupes her breasts and then sucks on them As he is 
sucking on her breasts he gently moves his body and his dick to 
her moist hole. He increases his tempo until they are both moaning 
in ecstasy. TK is the first to cum and has his load go deep into 
Yolei's cunt and filling the womb up with his seed.By now Codey 
and Kari are horny as hell again and in unison say what about us. 
TK gets Karie and Codey goes with Yolei. TK start humping Kari 
at the same time Codey starts pumping into Yolei. They increase 
their tempo for a few minutes then all cum at the same time in moans 
of ecstasy they all collapse in a Puddle of cum

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