The protector Fox/Renamon

Disclaimer-If you are under the age of 18 you shouldn’t read this story.

Fox-age 15, male

Outfit-dark back trench coat (like the one Neo wears in The Matrix Reloaded)

Weapon-katana (sword)


"Fox! Please help me!! Aaaahhhhh! No, please don’t! Please fox helllllaahhh…"

"Stop!" Fox bolted up right and yelled as he awoke. He looked around a minute before he stood up and stretched. "It was just a dream." He told himself to try and calm down as he looked at the darkened sky. It had been some time now since he had left Charlie and Sarah and, surprising to him, he was getting lonely. "It was nice to have the company of those two. And even though Sarah hardly ever saw me, it was still nice to be close to her, uhh. But I must remember I’m here to help digimon, not make partners with them. Besides, they’d just get in the way." With that said, Fox put on his trench coat, strapped the sword to his back and set off into the dark forest.


"How did the council know?! How did they know that Charlie and Sarah had sex?! I was watching and had the entire ground secure! No one, digimon or human could have possibly been spying on them with out me knowing! So, how did they know?! "Helmph…" Fox’s thoughts were interrupted as he heard someone. He advanced to where he heard heavy struggling and looked about. A wall of bushes to his left was shaking violently. He strained his hearing until he heard a voice; A female voice and she sounded extremely panicky. "Oh no." Fox quietly said and agilely jumped into a tree for a better look. He looked down and saw a tall, dark digimon with two guns in holsters and a masked over his eyes. "Beezlemon." Fox’s gaze turned towards the figure on the ground. Her hands were tied behind her back, her legs were bound together at the ankles and she was gagged. "Renamon!" He yelled quietly.

"Heh heh heh. Poor Renamon all tied up because she wouldn’t cooperate. But don’t worry cause after I get started, the pain should cause you to pass out." Beezlemon teased Renamon as he pulled some clothespins out of his vest. Renamon looked back at him with great fear. She began to cry as he advanced on her, smiling evilly. "Ready, Rena?" Beezlemon asked sarcastically. Thump! "What the hell?" Beezlemon questioned as he whipped around. "Who the fuck are you?!" "Leave her alone!" Fox yelled coldly. "Oh, and I suppose you’re going to do something about it?" "Yes." Fox said as he unsheathed his sword. Beezlemon dropped the clothespins and pulled out his guns. "Kid, you don’t stand a shit of a chance." He pulled the trigger on one of the guns while aiming it into the air. "You better leave while you can." "I will when you’re away from her!" "Fool." With that Beezlemon aimed his guns at Fox and pulled the triggers simultaneously. Fox quickly deflected the bullets with his sword. "How the?" "Run away, before I make you Swiss cheese!" Beezlemon just laughed and squeezed the triggers over and over again until he was out of ammo. His mouth dropped as not a single bullet hit Fox. Fox looked at Beezlemon a moment before he seemingly disappeared. Beezlemon looked around intently but couldn’t find him. "Guess h…" Fox Reappeared with the sword point at Beezlemon’s throat. "Go away!" He didn’t hesitate this time and fled for the cover of the forest. Fox sheathed his sword, walked over and bent down beside the bound Renamon. She was obviously terrified and tears were still rolling down her cheeks. Fox reached down, untied her hands and feet and removed the gag. "Are…Are you going to… To hurt me?" She asked with a whimper in her voice. "No! I just saved you, I’m not about to hurt you!" Fox replied gently. Renamon’s whimpering died down and she smiled vaguely. He smiled and sat down beside her, all the while removing his sword and coat to make her feel more comfortable. "So, what’s your name?" Fox asked. "Amee, and yours?" "Fox, nice to meet you!" He said smiling. Amee started to cheer up a bit and shook Fox’s hand. "Likewise!" She finally smiled happily and seemed to not fear everything. "Well let’s see about some wood and get a fire going! No use sleeping cold, right?" "Right."


Amee lay on Fox’s trench coat, close to the fire. She was deep in thought, thinking of how close she came to being raped. Then the thought of Fox not showing up crossed her mind. What would have happened? Would she have been killed? How bad would he have hurt her? The thoughts began to frighten her and a tear rolled down her cheek. "Amee, what’s wrong?" Fox’s voice brought her back to reality. "I was thinking… What would have happened if you didn’t show up? Just the thought of it scares me." "Well I showed up and defeated him so you don’t have to worry. I promise to keep you safe." Amee smiled and felt comforted, but slightly confused. "Fox, I’m curious, how did you move so fast? I mean I saw you move your sword fast enough to block every bullet Beezlemon shot at you. Then you disappeared and reappeared with your sword’s point at his throat like you were there the whole time. How?" There was a moments pause as Fox searched for an answer. "I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I just knew I had to help you no matter what." Amee looked surprised at him for a moment. "No matter what? Even If it meant your life?" "Yes." Amee’s mouth dropped slightly. Here was a guy, whom she had never met or seen, in her entire life, willing to die to save her. "I mean, that’s why I’m here; to protect those who need it." "What do you mean ‘that’s why you’re here’?" "Before I answer that I have to know one thing." Fox said seriously. "What?" "How old are you?" He asked quizzically. Amee sweat dropped. "Uh, I’m fifteen. Why?" Fox nodded a few times. "Yes…As am I. But why are you alone? Why don’t you have someone with you; a friend or someone you love?" "Because…Because they died." Fox looked at her, sorry for what he had asked. "Two days ago, a lot of shady people entered my village. We all knew they were trouble, but showed them our hospitality anyway. Soon after we learned that they were a gang of rapists, robbers, and murderers. All they wanted was some food before they…Killed or raped us. When the fighting broke out most of them were distracted, so I ran into the forest. But one of them saw me and chased after me. I eluted him for two days, until tonight. He found me behind those bushes and pulled out some rope and a gag. I tried yelling for help, but he gagged me before I could yell very loud; so I wasn’t sure if anyone heard. After he tied my hands and feet, he told me he would rape me till I passed out. I started to cry uncontrollably, feeling the pain all ready. When he pulled out the clothespins and started to walk towards me, I’d just about given up hope; but that’s when you arrived. I watched you fight him and you moved so fast it scared me into thinking you wanted to rape me too. I figured you must have been one of them claiming his right to the bounty. After you defeated him and walked over to me, I thought it was over; I’d stand no chance against you even untied. That’s what I figured when you untied me; you could gain better access to me. But it was when you removed the gag that surprised me. So I guessed I could at least ask you if you were going to hurt me. That’s when you told me that you wouldn’t hurt me and here we are. That’s why I’m alone and how I came close to getting rapped. In case you were wondering. What about you? Why are you alone?" "When I was young my parents were involved in a terrible accident; they both were killed instantly. My uncle, a master swordsman, took me in. He taught me how to wield a sword and how to focus my energy. Still I got into trouble, like in training I would accidentally brake things, but he somehow always saw the funnier side of it. He was such a happy person, until I watch him fight. You see as I was growing up, my uncle owned a weapons shop. One day some men came and demanded all his weapons and money. He refused so they pulled out their guns and aimed at him. My uncle smiled and drew his sword, striking a defensive pose. They shot all their rounds at him, but not once did they hit him. He blocked every bullet with his sword and with one stroke, disarmed all of them. The determination I saw in him was unbelievable, as was his power. The men fled and were arrested the following day. When my uncle knew I watched him fight he told me that I too had the power to do that. So he continued training me and after a while, I was a steady match for him. When I turned fourteen, he showed me this world for the first time and told me to protect those who need it, and left me here. So that’s what I’ve been doing, protecting those who need it. And to keep an open mind I travel alone and stay in the shadows; so as not to alert the enemies." Amee stared at the fire, absorbing the story Fox had just told her. "Do you ever get lonely, Fox?" "Yes, I do." Amee looked at him a moment. "Since I have nowhere to go and you feel lonely sometimes, do you mind if I stay with you a while?" Fox smiled responded happily, "Sure! I could use some company." Amee smiled and walked over to Fox. She sat down beside him and looked at him compassionately. "Is something wrong?" Fox asked nervously. "No, nothing’s wrong. Um, can I share something with you?" Amee asked. "Sure, go ahead." "You know the biggest reason I was terrified about getting raped was that I’m still a…" "Virgin" Fox interrupted. "Yes. Can I trust you with a big secret?" "Ya." "I’ve never even touched myself; despite the urge to do so. I’ve always wanted…My lover to have that honor." "Why did you tell me that?" "I honestly don’t know. I just felt like I could trust you." She smiled and Fox smiled back; however Amee’s face soon turned more serious. "Fox can I ask you a question? Are you a virgin?" "What?!" Fox yelled aloud. "You mean your not?" Amee asked sadly. "Well no, I didn’t say that. My uncle trained me constantly, so I didn’t have time to…" "Yay!" Amee yelled as she put her head onto Fox’s lap. "Yay? By that I assume you want to become more than my traveling companion, right?" Amee started to blush and even through her fur, Fox could tell. She nodded slightly while lifting her head up and kissing Fox full on the mouth. Amee licked his lips and he parted them so she could slip her tongue inside. Fox reached down and gently grabbed Amee’s ass while tongue wrestling with her. She let out a squeak, but it was muffled in the kiss. After about a minute they stopped kissing and fox lay down with Amee on top. She quickly through off his shirt and began to unfasten his pants, all the while re-engaging the kiss. After a little tinkering with the button, Amee finally got Fox’s pants, and underwear, off. She turned and looked down at his raging erection. She was surprised at how big it was; at least seven and a half inches long. "My you’re a big boy." Amee said turning back and kissing Fox again. Fox gently began to message Amee’s back, getting her to sigh a little. He then rolled Amee on her back, so that he was on top, and broke the kiss. Fox stuck out his tongue and slowly began to lick down Amee’s body. He stopped as he reached her breasts and began to gently suck and nibble on her right, then her left, all the while messaging the one he wasn’t sucking on. Amee began to moan loudly at his gentle treatment to her breasts and had to bite her lower lip to keep from getting to loud. Fox stopped sucking on Amee’s breasts and continued downwards, stopping and licking around her belly button before licking down to her snatch. He began to slowly lick around the outside of her pussy lips while massaging her breasts as he did so. Amee bit harder on her lip as she began to moan louder, trying desperately not to yell out his name. Then Fox licked the inside of Amee’s soft, tender twat and sucked in every now and then. Right as Fox knew Amee was about to orgasm, he stopped. She was slightly disappointed but did her best not to show it. Her disappointment didn’t last but a second as she felt Fox positioning his dick at her cunt opening. He looked up at Amee and asked, "Are you sure you want me to do this?" Amee looked back and nodded giving him the go-ahead to continue. Fox smiled and grabbed her hand while sliding in her just enough to touch her hymen. He pulled out slightly and thrust in as quick and as hard as he could. Fox felt Amee’s hand grip his tightly, almost enough to cut off circulation, and heard a muffled scream from her. He looked at her very concerned and worried for what he’d done. But that didn’t last long as Amee nodded and told him to continue. He obliged and slowly started to pump in and out of her, picking up the pace as he went on. The pain Amee felt was now completely gone as Fox pounded her as fast as he could go. Amee could no longer hold back and yelled his name as she had her first orgasm. Fox kept going, never once braking tempo as he humped Amee to her second orgasm. Her pussy was now so full of her cum that a lot of it was dripping down to the ground. Fox began to moan louder and louder until finally, he came hard. Amee felt his hot cum fill her up and some of it was seeping out of her pussy. Fox panted heavily and collapsed down on Amee’s stomach. When he finally caught his breath, Fox put on his underwear and shirt and laid back down. Amee lay her head down on his chest and they both fell asleep, no longer alone.



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