Title-  Ranemon’s Fruit Loops


Author- DaeLightHawk


Characters- Ranemon/4 Toucanmon




Warning and Legal- I do not own Digimon or Bandai. I have no connection to any affiliates of said companies. This story is not meant to be Canon. This story contains Yaoi, Anal, and Oral. If any of these disturb you please turn back now. I am not responsible for any persons dislike of subjects in this story. Read at your own Risk.





Ranemon was traveling to a small island, after receiving a notice from her local fan club that they had stolen the d-tectors of the evil humans. “Dearies, those d-


tectors and spirits will, be, mine!” Ranemon thought in her usual Dixie manner. Approaching the island, she began to think of what she would do to those pitiful


little humans. “Those boys, ooo, they’ve made fun of my looks for the last time, and the girl… Well, that girlies gonna have to be go, little meanie trying to say


she’s cuter than me. Why, I’m the one with the fan clubs all over the digital world! But then she is kinda cute, what with those sugary lips… What am I thinking?”


Ranemon shook her head, trying to push the thought from her head, and resolved to just get to the island quick. But even Ranemon couldn’t neglect that feeling


stirring in her pelvis at what she thought about Zoe. Ranemon decided that when she got to the island, she could waste a few moments for some private time.


Landing on the beach, she had only enough time to look around before ducking behind a bush, and breathing long and hard, she spreads her legs slowly, letting


the chill air slide between her legs, exciting her as she leans back and leans on one arm, putting her hand to her clothing between her legs and rubbing herself


through the fabric. Ranemon moaned, the feeling sending chills up her spine as she continues rubbing herself, sweat beading on her forehead as she spreads her


legs farther and leaning forward, looking down at her pelvis. Almost drooling with anticipation, she moved the fabric from her sex, the scent wafting up and her


eyes slid half closed as she shuddered at the smell, a drop of saliva dripping from her chin onto her leg, setting it ablaze with desire, forcing her to penetrate herself


with her index and middle finger. Rubbing herself slowly at first, but slowly gaining pace she began moaning louder with each thrust, leaning her head back and


putting her other hand to her breast, pinching her nipple through her clothing and clenching it tightly as the sexual fervor hit her, her drool flowing out over her front


and down into her pussy, lubricating it even more as her fingering attracted the attention of several passersby. “Hey what’s that noise?” One Toucanmon asks the


others. “What noise, you rainbow beaked freak?”


“Hey! I’m not a rainbow beaked freak! And the noise coming from that bush!” He said, walking over and peaking over, his eyes going wide as he sees Ranemon


touching and rubbing herself. The watching Toucanmon pulls himself away, his bird penis starting to force itself out of its pouch, showing off the digimon’s obvious




“What was it? And what’s with that woody? What, was there some Poromon having an orgy or something?” One Toucanmon said, laughing at his own joke.


“It.. Was Ranemon! She was touching herself and drooling all over her body!”


“Yeah right, the great and wonderful Ranemon resorting to masturbating in a bush. And my names Cherubimon!” he said, causing the whole group to laugh. “I’m


serious! Take a look for yourself!” he said, the Toucanmons’ dick still hard and stiff, craving release. “Fine, fine! I’ll look you pervy bird-brain.” And with that,


the others looked over the bush and saw it, the beautiful sight of the magnificent body of Ranemon, nearly naked and rubbing herself, covering her own body with


her saliva, drenching the sand with her juices.


The Toucanmon fell back shocked, a drop of blood appearing on their noses. “Wow! When did Ranemon get so horny?!”


“I don’t know, but I like it!” “Yeah, but what’s any of this mean? It’s not like we have any chance of being with her” one Toucanmon said in sadness, the sight of


Ranemon planted in his mind as he unconsciously moved his hand to his dick and started to squeeze and pull on himself, masturbating at the sight. One of the


other Toucanmon looked at him and noticed his shaking hand, and started salivating over his strong friends dick, wanting to lick it, to have it in him, one end or the


other. Getting to his hands and knees, the Toucanmon crawled over to his friend, looking up with the big dick in his face, and extended his tongue, licking his


tongue across the tip.


Surprised, the licked Toucanmon looks down and sees his friend giving him a big smile, taking a long lick up his dick, dragging his tongue from the balls up to his


head. The Toucanmon moans, putting his wings on the back of the Toucanmons’ head, rubbing the feathers along feathers, as his moans attract the attention of the


other two. Looking over to find their friends engaged in rather inappropriate acts, the two look over at each other, then down at the others dick, and suddenly


realizing how horny they were, smiled to one another as they walked over to their friends and positioned themselves behind them, grabbing either by the waist,


and pulling their dicks into the asses of either, causing both to suddenly cry out as they were penetrated in their very virgin asses, and starting to rock back and


forth, moaning as their dicks are crushed by the asses of their friends.


Beginning to enjoy their positions, the sodomized Toucanmon returns to licking his friends dick, desiring to cause him to cum all over his face and have him lick it


off. Reaching down and cupping a nut in his wing, the Toucanmon tilts his head and licks the underside of the balls, up to the bottom of the shaft, then all the way


back up to the head, sending tingles up his friends body.


Her body spasms and shakes as she finally climaxes, moaning loudly and cumming, catching as much in her hands as she can and pouring it on her body, rubbing


it all over herself as she starts to come down off her sexual high. Using her water powers to clean herself off, she becomes very aware of the presence of


someone and stands, peering over the top of the bush. As she comes into focus, the Toucanmon getting sucked finally gives in, cumming hard and covering his


friends face, but not only his. As a long stringy piece flies towards her, Ranemon suddenly became elated, moving like lightning to catch it in her mouth, a small


drop landing on her lip, dribbling down her chin as the Toucanmon who came looked shocked, both by Ranemon having seen them, and that she would willingly


take his cum and swallow it.


Ranemon, with her now dripping pussy still exposed, walked seducingly over to the Toucanmons, grabbing the closest, the one sodomizing the licker, turning his


head, and spreading his lips, as she leans in, and suddenly spits out the cum from her mouth into his, choking him as she grabs him and pulls him swiftly away,


tossing him into the bush, the Toucanmon gasping as the dick is ripped from its ass, Ranemon dropping on her back and sliding under him. “Oh, I’m sorry dearie,


did I hurt you? Lemme kiss you and make it all better now” as she said that she leans forward and licks his dick, gently kissing the shaft and sliding her hand up


his backside, massaging his butt with her fingers. Sensing his apprehension at the feeling, she giggles in her southern bell way, licking her again and whispering “So,


you like that kind of feeling, eh? Well try this” smiling to herself as she dug a finger deep into her butt all the way to the second knuckle, wiggling around in his butt


and pulling his dick farther to her mouth, swallowing it all into her mouth.


“Ooh, Ranemon” He moans, continuing to lick over his friends dick as his gets sucked by Ranemon.


Crawling from the bush, the Toucanmon who was thrown spots her, sucking the dick of the digimon he was fucking. “That’s no fair, I wanted him to myself and


she just comes along and steals him? Warrior of Water or not, I’m going to make her pay!” he thinks, waddling over, and quickly grabbing either of her legs, and


lifting her backside and putting his dick to the tip, lining up quickly, he plunges deep in her pussy, causing her to moan loudly as she’s reamed by the digimons’


large dick, almost bringing her to climax but she suppresses it, as he starts to rock into her as she sucks the dick, but wanting something more. Pulling her mouth


off of his dick, she leans her head back, and looks at the Toucanmon sodomizing another. “Hey big boy.. How about a real piece of ass?” and winking at him, he


realizes what she wants, and pulls out, nipping the digimon in front of him on the neck. And as he waddled over, Ranemon lifter her backside, preparing for him.


Positioning himself under her, Toucanmon put the head of his dick to her ass, and slowly pushed himself into her, forcing himself into her butt and causing her to


falter for a moment. Gaining momentum, the Toucanmon started grunting as he pushed himself into her cute little ass, pulling almost all the way out and then


pushing way back in. Ranemon was being driven insane by what was happening. Here she was, with 3 Toucanmon fucking her, the Warrior of Water, from all


ends. Ranemon had forgotten she had a finger in one of the Toucanmons asses, and started wiggling around her finger around while she licked and sucked his


dick, pulling her finger out of his ass and licking it before sticking it back in, sliding in easier and wiggling farther around, licking him from the base of his shaft to


the middle of his dick, then swallowing it into her mouth, the dick quivering as she slowly moved up and down.


Toucanmon couldn’t believe it. Moments before he couldn’t believe he was seeing Ranemon naked, and now he got to have her suck his dick. This was the


greatest moment of any Ranemon Fan Club member in history! He started to twitch as he realized he was going to cum. He reached up and started to massage


his friends dick as he licked it, wanting him  to cum at the same time. As he massaged the dick he could feel the dick swell and he knew it would be soon. “Oh


yes, please cum in my mouth” he whispered to his friend, licking up the side of the cock in front of him.


“Ohhh, Man you’re good at that! Keep it up, I’m gonna cum!” He moaned as he starts twitching, humping his friends head, the cum spilling from his dick head,


lining his friends mouth.


Feeling the cum sliding into his mouth, Toucanmon moaned and began sifting it all around in his mouth, tasting it all as he started shaking, pulling back from the


cock as he leans his head down, looking down at Ranemon, the sight of her actually sucking his cock setting him over the edge, pulling out as he cums, spilling all


over Ranemons’ beautiful face, and watching as she rubs it all over her face, then licking her hands.


“Mmm, Dearie you have some delicious cum, hunnie, almost fruity” Ranemon says, looking to the Toucanmon fucking her pussy, and pulling him forward and


whispering “Lick mah face clean, you crazy bird” she cooes, pulling his beak to her mouth and licking the length of it. Opening his beak, she put her face into it,


purring as he licked her face up and down with his bird tongue. Ranemon opened her mouth, and bit down on the Toucanmons tongue.


Feeling his tongue being pulled into Ranemons mouth, the Toucanmon began humping at a slower pace, but a stronger force, driving himself into Ranemon all the


way, then pulling back out to the bottom of his head before pushing himself all the way to the base of his dick. Toucanmon felt Ranemon swallowing his tongue


like it was a dick, licking up and down the sides, moving her head back and forth on it, drooling on it all, the spit dripping from his and hers mouth all over the




Ranemon felt that familiar sensation to swell inside her, forcing herself back into the dicks penetrating her, her pussy being opened and shut, her ass being torn by


the large Toucanmon dick in her ass, causing her as much pain as pleasure as she cringed, realizing she was starting to bleed. “Oh yea dearies! Fuck me harder!”


she screamed to them, her ass squeezing like a vice around the dick, as if trying to milk it for all the cum it was worth. Ranemon could feel the dick in her ass swell


as the cum slid up the shaft, rising into her ass. “Oh yes! Fill me!” she screams in lust as the hot liquid bursts into her, filling her ass. Looking at the Toucanmon in


front of her, she smiles sweetly and saying “You’re the only one left, hun, so why don’t you just cum in lil ol’ me and get it on over with?” and grabbing his ass,


she pulls him forcefully against her, pushing his dick deep inside her.


Toucanmon couldn’t believe his ears. Ranemon actually wanted him to cum inside her! He began speeding up his pace as his mind raced over that fact, leaning


forward and placing his entire beak over her breast. “Oh yes! Come on dearie, it’s just you and me left to go so lets get that ‘cock’ crowin!” she yelled at the


Toucanmon, forcing herself onto his cock, squeezing her vaginal muscles and crushing his dick until he was whimpering.


Toucanmon couldn’t hold it anymore, starting to moan loudly he finally gave way, letting his cum bursting into Ranemon, filling her up as the two broke into


moans, and hugging eachother until the cumming stopped, large globs dripping from Ranemons’ pussy as the two fell back exhausted.


“Mm, Hunnies remind me to look you up when I get horny next. You give the greatest orgies and ya don’t rip me in two like most of the big mons out there” she


said, blowing a kiss.




Author’s Note: I would write more aftermath, but that’d go against my rule of messing up the real episode too much. Hope you guys like my work, and please,


feel free to review! Always looking for some peer advice :D