Title- Mimi’s Numemon Shuffle.

Characters- Mimi/Many Numemon Palmon/Many Numemon.


Warning and Legals- I do not own Digimon, or Bandai. I have no connection to any affiliates of said companies. This story is not meant to be Canon. This story contains situations of Rape, Underage Sex, Oral, Anal, Beastiality and Scat (Defecating on other people). If any of these disturb you please turn back now. I am not responsible for any persons dislike of subjects in this story. Read at your own Risk



Set during the episode “Togemon in Toy Town”. After escaping the Numemon in the sewers after removing the black gear from Andromon, Mimi finds herself running from Monzaemon. “Oh dear! What’s wrong with that big teddy bear?” Mimi yells as Monzaemon’s eyes blast a laser behind her causing dirt to blast up. “Hey toots! Over here!” shouted the leader of the Numemon from a ditch. “Not on your life, mister!” Mimi screams back, as she looks back and realizes Monzaemon is really close. “Well, let me rethink that, okay.” She says almost absentmindedly, jumping into the ditch and hiding, as Monzaemon walks by, heading back on his way to find the other digidestined. “So toots, now that I’ve saved you, how bout a date?” the leader of the Numemon says. “Not even if you were the last man on earth!” she says, repulsed by the slug like digimon. “So is that the way you want it eh? Well too bad! Numemon go!” he yelled, causing a large amount of Numemon jumping from hiding places around the two digidestined partners grabbing at them, grabbing Mimi’s arms and legs and pulling her to the ground, and knocking Palmon to the ground, before piling on top of her and holding her in place, tying her fingers together to disable her Poison Ivy strike. “Oh! What are you doing?” said a worried Mimi, while she was trying to struggle against the Numemon holding her down on the ground, her breathing causing her body to rise and fall as she was front side down. “I decided that if I couldn’t have you, toots, I would just take you!” the leader said as the Numemon began to tear her clothing around her waist line. Mimi, realizing what the Numemon were planning, began to scream and struggle harder. “Oh no! Stop it! Please I don’t want to!” but Mimi’s words don’t help as the Numemon finally strip her down to her pink panties, soft cotton with stitched stars. The Numemon admired the young woman’s butt and crotch, each one licking their lips as they wanted first dibs. “Back off you weak Mons! I’m the leader so I get first crack!” he chuckles at his pun as he positions himself behind Mimi, her sobbing becoming louder as she realizes it’s really going to happen, she’s going to be raped. “No, please don’t, don’t do it, I promise… I’ll go on a date with you! I promise! Just don’t do this!” she cries as the leader of the Numemon slides her panties to one side, revealing her young pussy. Leaning forward to lick her, it causes a set of mixed feelings to run through Mimi, as her body reacts to the lick by moistening her slit. The Numemons leader reached down and ran his hand along her pussy, cupping as he moved back up and collecting her juices, rubbing them over Mimi’s exposed butt hole. At the feeling of the Numemons hand running along her butt, pouring her own liquid along it and even penetrating her with a few of his fingers, she sobbed as loud as she could, knowing he was going to put himself in her butt. “Mimi! I’ll.. Help you!” Palmon struggled to say underneath the pressure of the Numemons holding her down, trying her hardest to send a poison ivy strike at them, but it was no use, she was held down too hard and she couldn’t escape. “Don’t worry, Palmon, you’ll get treated just as fun” a Numemon sitting on Palmon whispered to her. “But you’ll get something even more fun.” Palmon couldn’t help but whimper as she worried about what it might be. Turning back to see if Mimi was okay, a scream midway through turning told her she wasn’t, as the leader had finally penetrated her butt with his digimon dick, and was moving back and forth furiously beating her with him, the leaders dick 8 inches long, which was actually why he was leader. Mimi was crying, tears flowing down her face as her butt is violated by the disgusting sludge digimon. A Numemon, sighting her open mouth, positioned himself in front of her and pushed his dick towards her. Mimi, who’s eyes were so clouded by tears never noticed the vile thing until it pressed into her, but when it touched her lips her eyes opened wide and she came to the realization of what it was. “No! I wont!” she thought as she suddenly clamped her teeth shut before the digimon’s dick entered her mouth. At the invitation of the first, two other Numemons came over and grabbed Mimi’s mouth, getting their grimy hands on her and forcing her mouth open, causing the foul taste of them to linger in her nose and on her tongue, nearly making her gag. But this time instead of using his dick, the first Numemon pulled out a pile of Numemon Sludge and shoved the pink pile into Mimi’s mouth, filling it before all 3 Numemon placed their hands over her mouth and plugging her nose. Mimi was forced to either swallow the foul substance or suffocate. Not wishing to die without seeing her parents again, Mimi sorrowfully swallowed it, nearly vomiting as the disgusting substance slid into her. Even though she was crying hard over what the Numemon were doing to her, Mimi’s body started to feel good all over, like what was happening wasn’t as bad as it was made out to be by her mind. She started to almost lull off, her body becoming numb and almost not noticing the defilement of her butt. Suddenly a visage blocked her vision and she looked up, only to be met again by the Numemons dick in her mouth. Mimi tried to yell out, to cry or to shut her mouth, but she was too numb to do  anything. The dick moved in and out of her mouth, filling it with the horrible taste of garbage and the Numemons dick which tasted terrible alone.

Palmon watched as her tamer was raped by the horrible Numemons. “Oh Mimi..” cried the digimon, appalled by the activities in front of her. As she was crying, a Numemon who was holding her down was positioning himself behind her, and she cried out as she realized something was pressing against her slit. The Numemon started rocking back and forth with his dick inside her pussy, causing her to whimper with each push. Palmon wasn’t even aware as she was getting humped that a Numemon had backed up to her face and squatted down till his butt hole was right above her head. Palmon barely noticed the grunt, and upturned her face in time to be hit with a piece of Numemon dung, coloring her face a dark brown and the smell filling her nose and her tears causing the brown clumps to run down her face, her sobs interrupted by spits as it flows into her mouth, making her heave. “Haha, do you like that, you greasy leafed fern? Then you’re going to love this!” the Numemon shouted, as another Numemon grabbed her upper jaw and he grabbed her lower, forcing her mouth to gape open, as the Numemon forced his ass to her mouth, wiping what was left over her teeth and her tongue, causing her to gag even more as the crap covered her lips and face, clogging her nose.

Mimi looked over when she heard the sound of Palmon gagging, and saw her digimon partners face covered in the Numemon shit. Mimi’s eyes opened wide as she saw what was happening to Palmon, and she tried to scream her name, but at that moment the dick in her mouth finally came, filling her mouth with the disgusting Numemon cum. At her mouth being filled with cum, she finally came to her senses and tried to spit it out, but the 3 Numemon who held her mouth open, were there to hold it shut, as well. Being forced to swallow it all, she heaved and vomited over the ground when the Numemon removed their hands. “Haha! Would you look at that! Looks like she’ll have to be trained!” the Numemon guffawed, and at that last notion, she looked up, whimpering and sobbing, she says “Oh, please, don’t do whatever you’re planning, I don’t want anymore! Please don’t do anymore!”. At her begging, the Numemon laughed, and they forced her mouth open again, and shoved in a new pink goo pile into her mouth, the others just putting them all over her face, covering her eyes, her nose, and coating her lips as the Numemon laughed at her humiliation. Mimi tried crying the goo out of her face, but it clung fast, clearing only enough for her to breathe, and to try and push out what all of it was in her mouth but it was either swallow or deal with this clump, and she chose to continue tasting rather than swallow more from these disgusting digimon. A sudden push from behind her made her scream as the leader of the Numemons suddenly started pumping harder, pulling all the way out before pushing back into her ass. At this new pain, Mimi began clawing at the ground, trying her hardest to get away from the cruel digimon, but it was impossible. The leader of the Numemons began pushing in and out faster, causing blood to spill out of her ass and onto the ground as the girl is ripped apart. At the last minute before he cums, the leader of the Numemon pulls out, and shoves himself hard into her pussy, breaking her hymen in one swift motion and cumming deep inside of her. Mimi gave up as she felt the liquid filled her inside, slumping to the ground as the Numemon pulled out, and they all got off of her, and the Numemon on Palmon stopped their defilement and pulled away with their leader, leaving Mimi covered in pink goo and filled with cum, and Palmons’ face covered in Numemon shit, and her pussy and ass stinging from the treatment.