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A warm breeze blew in the world. All around, depending on where you lived,
the weather was just right. Not too cold, not too hot, but always perfect.
Digimon frolicked, played, and basked in the warm rays that the sun gently
shown down. All were happy ... well, all but one. One Digimon was unhappy,
for the world had turned its back on him. Instead of warm rays of sunshine,
he was hit by cold drops of rain from a cloud full sky that wasn't there.

"This is it. One more step and I will be free. Free from the pain, from the
questions, and the confusion." Gabumon stood high atop the cliffs edge,
gazing down at the rocky bottom. His breathing was erratic, and instead of
slowly moving his eyes to look at something, he would sharply and quickly
move his eyes and head as one, never focusing on anything for to long a time.
He was behaving like a mad Mon, someone who felt as if insanity was his only

His pulse was racing, his blood boiling, and his mind ... lost. He swiftly
turned around to say good-bye to the world that hated him so. Once again, a
few feet away from him, at the edge of the forest, he saw the blur that had
been following him, but as always, it disappeared before he could get a good
enough look at it. "You! You shall haunt me lo longer! Farewell to you, and
to this whole cursed world!" His paw like foot took a step back and touched
air. He lent back, giving a little push with the foot that was still on
ground, and then gave into the fall. With his arms out, and a sick and
twisted look upon his face, Gabumon gave a maniacal laugh as he plummeted to
his demise, or in his words, his freedom. The last thing Gabumon heard was a
females voice scream out his name in bloody murder, as his madness caused him
to blackout.

He next found himself surrounded by many different colors of light. He seemed
to be floating, for there was no ground, but he felt solid foundation beneath
his feet. "Hello?" His voice echoed before it faded away. "Where am I? Am I
dead?" He thought aloud. Some of the colored light came together and swirled
around in front of Gabumon, forming what looked like to be a whirlpool.

"No. You are not dead, but meerly somewhere in-between life and death." A
voice came from within the vortex, one that Gabumon couldn't distinguish as
either male nor female, for it sounded as if to be both.

"Who ... what are you?" Gabumon tried to take a step back, but found that he
was frozen stiff.

The deeply furiosus, yet calmly soothing voice spoke, "We are the voice of
Destiny and Fate, and you have forsaken us. For doing this, we leave the
decision of Heaven and Hell to you. Choose carefully, for once you do, you
can never change your mind. Now... CHOOSE!" then disappeared, taking all the
colors with it, all but two.

Too Gabumons left, he saw a bright light, shimmering in all its glory.
"Heaven." He then looked to his right, and saw darkness, one that sent a
chill up and down his spine. "And Hell..." He then gave a light chuckle
turning back to his left, "Well, this will be an easy one," and taking a step
towards Heaven. But instead of moving forward, he moved back. "Huh? What
Again he tried to take another step, this time putting a little more
force in his footing, but all it lead to was failure. The light grew dimmer,
and farther away from Gabumon. In a last attempt, he broke out into a run as
he watched the light slowly be engulfed by the darkness.

He came to a panting stop. Trying to catch his breath, he looked, and saw
that the light was completely gone, all there was, was the cold darkness.
"You have chosen well little one." A truly evil and demonic voice came from
behind Gabumon. He turned to see who it belonged to, but all he could see was
the silhouette of a cloaked figure behind a sanguine background.

"Wh-Who are you?" Gabumon fell back in fear, for that was the only thing that
struck him as he looked at the cloaked figure.

"That does not matter. What does, however, is the fact that you have chosen
to come and spend eternity in my realm." The figure moved to the side,
allowing Gabumon to see that the sanguine background was really a doorway,
one that led to a place of fire, for that was all he saw, fire. Cracks in the
ground caused molten lava to spew up, splash down, and splatter around,
spreading the red light. The figure then lifted an arm, his cloak gave way a
bit where his hand was. Gabumon looked at its hand, and saw that there was
none. Instead, there was bone. No flesh, no meat, just bone. Gabumon didn't
know what held the different digits together, but he saw that the pointed
through the doorway, and to the place of fire. "Now come, let us get to know
each other better, I am sure we will become the best of friends."

The figure gave a laugh so evil, that it sent chills up and down Gabumons
spine. "I have to get out of here. I have to get to the light!" Gabumon
shouted as he stood up and tried to run. To his joy, Gabumon was able to move
forward instead of back, but that laugh stayed with him.

"Where are you going little one? You cannot escape from me, I am the bringer
of your happiness. You wanted to be free from your suffering, so I will give
you new ones to think about! YOU CANNOT RUN!!!"

Gabumon ran and ran with all his might, scared that if he should slow down in
the least bit, whatever that thing was back there would get him. "I can see
it! I can see the light!" As he was running, a gleam of light came into
Gabumons sight. "Just a little farther and I will be there..." But he had
spoke too soon. Although his legs were still running, he had stopped in his
place. "No, please ... leave me alone ... let me go ... please!" Gabumon
pleaded, he knew what was going on.

"But I told you, you cannot escape from me. No one ever has and no one ever
"There is a first time for everything!" Gabumon turned, all the fear seemed
to have just ... left him. He threw his head back, a small spiral of blue
light forming around his muzzle. "Blue Blaster!" He threw his head forward,
the spiral, taking the shape that of between a blue fire ball and a bolt of
lightning, shoot forth, straight at the cloaked figure, but dissipated just
before hitting it.

"I already told you, infidel. You can't resist my power. Give in to it, give
in to..." The cloaked figure went silent. "What was that?" Gabumon heard
nothing, but it seemed as if the figure did.

"Ga . u . on. Ga .. bu .. mon.." Gabumon heard a faint voice call to him from
the light. He turned back, and saw that the light was growing.

"No! This is impossible! No one can resist my power! I am Natasmon!" The
figure, Natasmon, bellowed, as the fire behind him grew dimmer. "I will get
you Gabumon! Mark my word, You will be mine!" Natasmons voice slowly faded
away as Gabumon shot towards the light at so high a speed that it almost took
off his fur.

As he got closer, Gabumon felt a warmth embrace his body. "Gabumon...
Gabumon." The voice that called to him got louder, and he recognized it, it
was the very same voice that he had heard just before he found himself in
this place, just before he passed out, half way from his death. The light
grew brighter, closer, and warmer, and just before he was totally taken by
the light, Gabumon was hit by a wave of water...


*Gasp cough* Gabumon sat up, shaking his head, trying to get the water off.
With his vision blurred, he looked around. He was in a cave, from what he
could tell, a small fire was right besides him, but far enough that his fur
wouldn't get hit by a rampant ember. Next to the fire, Gabumon expected to
see what he saw, a white blur. He rubbed his eyes, finally clearing his
vision, and the blur was clear for the first time ever.

A feline Digimon stood before him. She had fur that was as white as an
angelic aura with celestial blue eyes. Gabumon was intrigued with her, but
then he realized something. "Where am I ... Gatomon? ... Am I dead ... Is
this Heaven?"

The feline Digimon gave a small chuckle and spoke, "Well, you are delusional,
but at least you are awake." Her voice, although being sarcastically humorous
at the time, was filled with care, concern, and sensitivity. "You are going
to be all right, I caught you halfway down the cliff, and brought you to my
cave to recover. You have been out for several hours. How do you feel?" She
walked over to Gabumon on her cat like paws and squatted in front of him.

Gabumon looked her over, up and down, and he couldn't help but feel a teensy
bit aroused when his eyes fell upon her chest and her pink nipples showed
through her fur. He quickly came to his senses and looked her in the eyes. "I
am alive? No ... NO! Why? Why did you save me?"

The level of Gabumons voice caused the other to jump back in fright, but she
landed in a fighting stance, as if ready to strike him down in a second. "I
just saved your life, and you have the audacity to yell at me? And to think I
expected a "Thank you for saving my life Gatomon. What can I ever do to repay
you?" How dumb am I? No really, I am asking you. How dumb am I?"

Gabumon was angry for being denied his freedom of life, but then he came to
the conclusion that even being alive must be better then spending eternity
with Natasmon. He calmed down and stood up with a slight wobble. "Please,
forgive me, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that, I am sorry." Once
again he caught himself staring at he nipples. He was close to the fire, but
Gabumon guessed that it was cold for the fact that they were sticking out
harder now that she was farther from the fire. Gabumon shook his head
slightly and gave a sigh, walking around the fire so not to be caught looking
at her again.

She let her guard down, what he didn't know was that she saw him staring at
her, but what he also didn't know was, that inside her head, she was smiling.
"Yes, it is, and you are Gabumon. Now that we have been introduced, why were
you trying to kill yourself?"

Gabumon sat down Indian style with a sigh, the fire in-between the two of
them. "I was trying to find peace..."

"Peace from what?" she moved around to his side and sat down next to him, in
the same way he sat. She sat quite close to him, in fact, her fur lightly
brushed against his.

"The confusion of love. The uncertainty if I will ever love, or be loved by,
His voice was full of depression, his shoulders were slumped, and
his gaze to the caves floor.

"Aww. That's really sad." She put a paw on his shoulder, slowly moved it down
and started rubbing his back, ever so lightly.

"I know," Gabumon was still filled with a hatred of life, but for some
reason, her gentle touch made him feel better, as if a new meaning had filled
him. He turned his head to look at her slightly, with a smile. "Hey, I have a

"You can ask me anything." There was a soft purr in her voice.

"For a while now, I have been stalked by someone or something, but every time
I would try to get a good look at it, all I would see is a white blur..."

"Go on." She smiled a bit, moving closer to him.

With the heat of the fire, and that given off by Gatomon, He noticed that it
was getting to be a bit warm. Little beads of sweat started to form on his
brow. "And when I was coming to, my vision was blurry from the water that you
splashed me with, and you looked very much like the blur..." He paused for a
second, thinking to himself. *What if it was her? Why was she following me?
Maybe I shouldn't have brought it up. Yeah, I am probably wrong, anyway. I
mean she lives in this cave, at the bottom of the cliff, so she probably
heard me yelling from the top and saved me. That's it.*

Gabumon was brought back to reality by a paw that was put down on his knee.
He looked down and say that Gatomon was lightly rubbing his inner thigh. He
looked up at her, she had expected him To do just that, for she was already
looking at him, they locked eye contact, a smile on her face, and a look of
confusion on his. "Gabumon. I was the blur."

*Well, there goes that idea.* "You were? But why? Why were you following me?"
Gatomon didn't stop massaging his thigh, in fact, she had moved up a bit,
getting closer to his crotch. As she did that, she, herself, moved closer to
him, there bodies were almost as one, but he felt no need to move back. He
felt almost comfortable with all this. Almost comfortable. "Gatomon, what are
you do..."

She went in for the kill. The entire time he was in her cave, she just wanted
to jump on him, and do as she pleased, but she held out until he was at least
awake. Sitting so close to him, being right besides him, and still, she held
out, but no longer. She had to have him. She leaned her head forward, pressed
her lips against his, and, using her tongue, she penetrated his lips and
played with his muscle. She licked his teeth, and swirled his tongue around.

She slowly stopped the violation the she had just committed, and pulled away
when she realized that he was just sitting there, not doing anything. She
looked away, feeling like something cheap. "Gabumon, I-I'm sorry. I just
couldn't help it. I followed you around because I ... I think I am in love
with you. Please forgive me Gabumon. I'm so sorry."

Gabumon couldn't deny what was going on inside him. He felt pleasure
throughout his entire body as soon as her lips touched his. He shook his
head, his eyes wide open, as well as his mouth. "Gatomon, why didn't you just
come out of hiding and tell me?"

"I was afraid that you wouldn't feel the same way about me."

"Really now, Gatomon, have you seen your self? I mean, you are beyond
beautiful, and you are a very warm hearted Digimon, who obviously cares about
others over herself if you risked your life to save mine." A thought struck
him, causing him to smile. Gatomon looked back at him.

"What? Why are you smiling?"

He moved his body so that he would be facing her. "I just remembered
something. I need to thank you for saving my life."

"Oh," She smiled and slightly blushed, moving her own body. "No, you don't,
it's all right."

"No really, I need to do something for you, so please," Now that they were
facing each other, he leaned forward. "Lay back."

She looked at him with eyes filled with puzzled eyes. "Why, what ... Ohh. No,
Gabumon, you don't have to."

"I know, but I want to." "Are you sure?" "Absolutely."

She lay back, a smile on her face, her fangs out. "All right then."

He slowly crawled over her body, meeting her face to face, he stared into her
blue eyes, and she into his red. He lent down, kissing her softly on her
lips, then he moved to down to her neck. He stopped kissing, and began to
lick, almost groom, her fur. He figured she was enjoying herself, for she was
lightly moaning and purring. He moved on, continuing down to her chest,
stopping on each nipple, and, ever so softly, nibbled on them.

The moans that came from Gatomon increased in volume, and she was clenching
her paws. Gabumon went on licking her, down her belly, in and around her
navel, and on to her vaginal area. She was breathing hard and moaning loudly
as he ran his tongue around the lips of her pussy. Her heart went passing as
she was sent into ecstasy when he inserted his tongue into her, lapping like
a dog, rubbing against her clitoris.

She was sent over the edge in a couple of seconds, she didn't know if it was
because she was that horny, or if it was because Gabumon was that skilled. He
continued to lap, licking up the juices that she gave to him. After he had
cleaned her out, he crawled over to her side, and laid down. "Thank you for
saving my life."

She was still panting. "Your ... welcome. And ... thank you ... for that."
She came to her normal breathing pattern, her heart slowing down as well.

"Did you really mean it when you said you love me?"

She turned her head to face him with a smile. "I meant it with every part of
my heart and soul."

"You know what?" "What?" I now have a reason to live again." "Oh yeah? What's
that?" "You," He blushed.  "I love you to Gatomon."

Well, it looks like everything turned out to be good.
But What was the deal with that Natasmon, was that real, or just a dream?
Find out on the next installment of "Does Suicide Equal Love."

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