Cyrus continued to roll around on the ground screaming and yelling. His body was full of pain, well, the parts of his body that he could feel. Anything below the middle of his spine was gone, he felt it naught.

                Weregarurumon, naked, ran towards the sounds of his love. Behind him ran Flamedramon, who knew nothing of what was going on. He found Weregarurumon, almost dead, near his home. In an act of kindness, he nursed him back to health. Weregarurumon held no memories of what happened to him. All he knew was that he was attracted to Flamedramon, as Flamedramon was to him. They ended up having sexual intercourse together. After they were done, Were heard the pleas for help far off in the distance.

                Hearing the pleas, his memories came back to him for they were the cries of his dream love Cyrus. When Flame found Were, he had no clothing. But that didn't stop Were from running nude to help Cyrus.

                “CYRUS! I'M COMING!” he yelled out with all his strength in his voice, and in his legs. He ran faster then he thought he could have ever, but with every step he took, it felt as if he was getting farther away, rather then closer to Cyrus.

                “Weregarurumon! Slow down, wait for me!” Flamedramon tried to keep up, but quickly fell far behind. He was a lover and a fighter, not a runner. Yet he tried his hardest to keep up with Were. Unlike Were's genitalia, which hang out like a humans, Flame's was always concealed in a protective pouch. He never needed worry about clothing.



                “YOU FOOL!” The deep thunder like voice came from everywhere, shaking the volcanic ground. While Cyrus lay in pain, and Were and Flame ran towards him, Hybridmon stood in the bowels of Digital hell.

                Normally, if a Digimon dies, they would be sent back to Primary Village, where they would return to the Digital world as a Digi-egg, but should a Digimon take his/her own life, they end up in Digihell, doomed to spend eternity under the torture of Natasmon, the most evil Digimon ever created. He sits in Digihell, never to be released, less the world fell true destruction.

                “First you loose that Gabumon to that Gatomon. Then you loose both the Human and the Weregarurumon! TELL ME NOW WHY I SHOULDN'T STRIP YOU OF YOUR POWER AND LET YOU ROT IN MY DOMAIN.”

                Again, normally, a Digimon, when killed, would return as a Digi-egg, but, for some reason, Hybridmon had the power, that any Digimon killed by his hand, would drop to Digihell. He was Natasmon's right hand Mon. possessing the ability to move freely tween the Digital world, and Digihell, He went around, causing as many Digimon as he could to kill themselves, and if they don't, he would take there life. He preferred to watch them suffer a tortured mind, and rather them kill themselves, but whatever worked.

                “I am sorry O' Evil One, It won't ever happen again, I swear it to you. Why would I lie to you, you gave me this power.”

                “Yes, well. You better make sure that I have some Digimon to torment, and soon. I grow bord of seeing the same faces over and over.” There was no form to the voice, but it came from the rivers of molten lava that flowed on the ground. It came from the cavern walls that shook as he spoke. It also came from the stalagmites and stalagmites that populated the floor and ceiling. “No go, and don't return until you have gotten me a new victim...” The voice faded away, and Hybridmon was left alone.

                “Damn him! I don't know how that Weregarurumon survived my Atomic blast, but I will have him next time.” He turned to go back to the Digital world, when a small weak little Gomamon hopped his way to him.

                “Please, Oh mighty Hybridmon. May I have a rest?” His voice was hoarse from yelling in agony, and his body full of cuts and bruises.

                Hybridmon had an idea. “As a matter of fact, you can have a rest.”

                The Gomamon's eyes light up with happiness. “Really? I can?”

                “Yes, You like to swim, don't you?”

                “Umm ... yes sir, I do.”

                “Good. THEN SWIM IN THIS!” Hybridmon kicked the Gomamon into one of the rivers of lava.

                “AHHH!! NOO!!!” The Gomamon screamed out in pain as he slowly sank to the bottom of the river, never to return.

                Hybridmon's smile faded as his body faded out of sight, and into a forest in the Digital world. “Now, back to business. Natasmon said that I had to bring him new faces, he didn't say who. I am still having fun with the Human and that Weregarurumon. So I will have to get rid of that other one, the Flamedramon.” He gave an evil chuckle as he started walking off into the woods.



                Weregarurumon mad it to Cyrus's side. He knelt down, but dared not to touch him in this state. Flamedramon caught up with Were, only to find him tearing over another's, half dead, body. “Who is that. What is that? Is he OK?” Flame asked, worried about the odd looking Digimon

                “His name is Cyrus. He is a Human. He is hurt, we need to help him.” Were answered back through tears. “Is there water nearby?”

                “Yes, Due north, not too far away, a river.” Flame answered back.

                “Good.” He couldn't help it. He picked Cyrus up carefully, ignoring the scream of pain that followed. He raised his snout to the air, and took in a sniff of the surrounding environment. He then turned in the direction of the water. “Follow me.” He commanded Flamedramon as he ran off to the water.

                Flamedramon watched him for a second, deciding weather or not he should follow. “Don't you get it? You aren't wanted. Why do you think he is always running away from you?”

                Just as Flame was about to take a step, he was stopped by a voice that came from no where. “Who's there?” Flamedramon called out.

                “I am the Great Hybridmon. And you...” Hybridmon came out from behind a tree. “Are dead.”

                “What?” Flamedramon tried to take a step back, but he couldn't move. He struggled but to no avail. “Hey, weren't you just paralyzed?”

                “Oh no, you mean Cyrus. I am Hybridmon.” He said while he walked over to Flamedramon.



                Were ran through the trees, looking for the water. He took one final bound and reached the water that ran through the mid section of the woods. It is rumored that the water of the digital world has healing properties, but on;y to Digimon, Were was trying his luck by using it to heal Cyrus.

                He walked into the water. There was a current, but a soft one. Were gently placed Cyrus down so that he lay in the water from his neck down. “Please work ... don't make me lose the one I love. Come on Cyrus, be strong.” At that moment, Were remembered that Flamedramon should have caught up with them by now.

                He looked around the woods, but saw no trace of him. “Flamedramon!” He called out, wondering where he could be. He gave a soft growl and whispered into Cyrus's ear. “I will be back my love, don't you worry, you just get better.” He then stood up, and back tracked his way into the forest.



                “What do you want from me?” Flamedramon asked, still struggling to get free.

                “That is simple. All I want from you, is your life.”

                “What?” The sudden realization of who Hybridmon was just crossed Flamedramon. “I..I have heard of you, you are the only one who can truly kill a Digimon, but, what do you want my life for?”

                “You got yourself involved where you shouldn't have been. It isn't your fault really, but oh well.”

                Hybridmon raised his right arm into the air as a black energy started swirling around it.  “DARKNESS BLADE!” He yelled out, the dark energy forming into a long solid blade, pure black. He placed his left hand on Flame's shoulder, and got his blade ready to swiftly plunge it into Flame's abdomen.



                Were ran as fast as he could, now that he wasn't caring Cyrus, he was going faster then before. He made it to the spot that he had found Cyrus rolling around on the floor, and he stopped short, his jaw dropping. He watched in shock as Hybridmon thrusted a black blade into, and back out of Flame's body, blood dripping down the tip of the blade.

                Were gasped as Hybridmon slowly twisted the blade, and pulled it out of Flamedramon. He ran as fast as he could at Hybridmon, jumping into the air, and thrusting his foot in front of his body. “Garuru Kick!”

                He landed the kick across Hybridmon's face, causing some blood to splatter away, out of his mouth and nose. Hybridmon fly away, hitting a tree. Were acted quickly and kneeled down, catching Flame before he fell. “NOO! Don't die on me Flamedramon. Please, don't die....”

                Flame, with the last of his strength, spit out some blood that was in his mouth. “Remember me Weregarurumon. You were my first, and my last...” He then faded away, his soul going to Digihell.

                Were cried as he stood up, looking at Hybridmon, who had gotten up, and simply smiled, wiping away the trail of blood from his mouth. “How could you?!”

                Hybrid spit some blood to the ground. “He should be the least of your worries. While you are here. Where is your lovely Cyrus, huh? You left him unprotected, weak, vulnerable for an attack.” Hybridmon's body started to fade away as he sad that. His voice fading into silence.

                “You leave him alone!” Were shouted, but got silence in return. “Cyrus...” Were turned, tears still rolling down his cheeks, and ran off into the woods, into the direction of the water, and of Cyrus.



                Hybridmon's body appeared right behind Cyrus as he lay in the water, his pain slightly gone, but he could still not feel his legs. “Hello brother...” Hybridmon spoke, walking to the side, slightly into the water, so he could look Cyrus in the eyes. “How do you feel?” Cyrus just gave a moan, not really knowing what is going on. “I will have to act quickly, before your "love" gets here. I hope you can swim, well, at least better then a Gomamon I once knew.” He gave a twisted smile as he kicked Cyrus's head forward, pushing his body into the water.

                Cyrus was taken with the light current, but up ahead, the current got faster, as it got closer to a water fall.



                “See you later, brother. I am sure of it.” Just as Weregarurumon was coming through the last few trees that blocked the river, he heard Hybridmon say those words. He then disappeared. Weregarurumon ran to the waters edge, only to find that Cyrus wasn't there. He looked down the river, but didn't see him, he had gotten to far.

                “Cyrus!” He shouted as he began running down the waters edge, hot on the trail of Cyrus. He didn't get to far before he was hit from behind with confronted with the one thing he didn't want to see at that moment. He came to a speedy stop as the figure stood in front of him. “Get out of my way.”

                “Oh come now. You don't actually think I am going to let you just go and get him, now do you?” The figure walked closer to Weregarurumon.

                “I saw you bleed, you aren't immortal, now get out of my way before I kill you.” Weregarurumon growled at Hybridmon.

                “I may not be immortal, but I am unstoppable, or have you forgotten?” Hybridmon walked around Weregarurumon.

                Were figured he would make a run for it, he had wasted too much time talking to Hybrid, but he found that he couldn't move. Hybridmon had done what ever it was that he did to Cyrus, to him.

                Hybridmon laughed at Were. “Where do you think you are going?”

                “Let me go!”

                “Oh, now you are TELLING me what to do?” He smiled as he came top a stop in front of Were. “Let me explain something to you, something that will change the way you think about me, and of your "love" Cyrus.”

                “I don't care what you have to say, LET ME GO!” Were struggled to get free, but he couldn't move one bit.

                “Oh, but I am sure that you will be interested in hearing this. You see, it begins long ago...”

                Were continued to struggle, but he was forced to listen as Hybridmon spoke.



                Cyrus was barreling down the, now a fast moving, river. He was just barely awake to what was going on, the pain had subsided, the water healing him, and all he could do was stay afloat. He struggled to make it to shore, but he couldn't get out of the middle of the river. It grew wider, and the current went faster.

                All of a sudden, there was an odd silence. Cyrus gathered his strength to look forward. To his demise, he found that the river ended, and it came to a fall. He struggled and struggled, but using the last of his strength, he called out, “Weregarurumon! I love you!” As he plummeted down the steep falls. The last thing he remembered was a long drop before he passed out cold.



                “You see, Cyrus and I are actually brothers.” Hybridmon continued to speak as Weregarurumon struggled to get free.

                “What are you talking about?”

                “Brothers, of the same blood, having the same mother.”

                “I don't believe you. SHUT UP!”

                “You aren't in a place to be demanding. You are in a place to be listening.”

                Were just gave a sigh, Hybrid was right. “How?”

                “Long ago...” Weregarurumon was left with nothing to do but listen as Hybridmon spoke.



                Cyrus woke up, but he didn't WAKE up, he was already up. He found himself standing on a single small piece of rock. It was just large enough to hold him standing up, and nothing more. He was surrounded by a river of molten lava, as far as the eye can see. The piece of land he was on was high up, about nine feet from the river of death.  He was underground, in some sort of cavern. It wasn't hot, oddly enough, but there was an eerie coldness surrounding him.

                He looked around, finding no other sign of life, he called out, figuring it wouldn't hurt. “Hello!”

                “Hello! Ello! Lo!” His call echoed through the cavern, but he got no other response then that.

                Right then and there, there was a sudden rumble in the cave. The molten river started to bubble and spit up as a form started to emerge from it. The rumbling shook the small piece of land, and it caused Cyrus to loose his balance. He slipped off of the land, but luckily he grabbed onto the ledge with his hands.

                “Hello, my son.” The form came out of the lave, some of the melted rock dripping down it's long cloak. The face of the figure was hidden behind the hood of the cloak. Cyrus maneged to pull himself up, back onto the small rock. He didn't risk standing up, out of fear of falling again. Instead, he kneeled on the rock. “I haven't seen you since you were just borne.”

                “What are you talking about. Who are you? Where am I? What am I doing here?” So many questions came to his mind, but he stopped himself from asking them, hoping to get a response to the questions he just asked.

                “My poor little one, you know nothing of what has passed. Allow me to introduce myself to you. I am your father, Natasmon, ruler of Digihell, the place you stand. You are dead. Killed by your brother, Hybridmon.”

                “Wait... Hybridmon ... my ... my brother? I'm dead? How can this be?” Cyrus didn't know how to react, he just knelt there, awaiting the answers.

                “I shall tell you. Long ago, I was freed from this Hellhole, and was able to move freely around the Digital world. But I did so not as the ruler of Digihell. I saved my powers, for I had a plan. I knew of another place, your world. I traveled around, looking for a way to get in, and finally found the way. Upon my entrance to your world, I met a woman, she saw me come through the portal into your world. Wishing now to have fun, I had my way with that woman.”

                “Wait, what do you mean, had your way with?”

                “I mean, I raped her.”

                “Oh my God...”

                “Please, no more interruptions.” Cyrus nodded in agreement. How was he to argue with this ... this thing that floated into the air, out of molten lava? “After having my ... Raping her, I quickly made my way back to the digital world. Where I awaited the birth of her child, for I knew she was going to be pregnant. Nine months passed, and the woman gave birth to two children. I never expected her to have twins, but she did. One of those children contained hybrid DNA. He was a cross between a human, and a Digimon. The Digital DNA that was within him was mine. Even with only Half of my data, he was the strongest Digimon ever created. He possessed strength beyond what I thought posable. To this day, he knows not what he is capable of doing.”

                Cyrus, his legs going numb from the position he was in, shifted his weight and sat down on the small piece of land. “Here, I am sorry for the lack of land.” Seeing Cyrus shift around, Natasmon raised a hand, it becoming uncovered from the cloak. As the hand of Natasmon rose, so did another piece of land come out of the magma, this on being at least twice the size of the other. It rose right next to the piece of land that Cyrus was on, only it wasn't attached to anything beneath it. It seemed to raise up along the piece of land that Cyrus was already on.

                “T-thank you.” The piece of land came to a stop, and Cyrus spread his legs along the rock, sitting up, his hands behind him, holding him up. He looked at Natasmon, and saw his hand. It was no hand, it was bare of flesh and skin, it was only bone.

                Cyrus gave a shudder as Natasmon continued to talk. “That child was Maverick. The other child, was you, Cyrus.” Cyrus gasped. “You contained none of my data. You were perfectly human. Shortly after you two were born, I stole Cyrus from your mother, and told her never to speak of this to you. Now, do you understand?”

                “But, this can't be, I mean, I thought I was just dreaming. Digimon aren't real, it is just a show!” Cyrus stood and shouted at Natasmon.

                “No, It is very real. Some time ago, humans found a way into the digital world, those people turned the idea of Digimon into a show.”

                “Oh my God... I can't believe this... The ruler of Digihell is my father, and the strongest, most evil Digimon is my ... my brother, and I am nothing?”

                Natasmon held back from the truth. Cyrus actually contained, and still does, some data of his. In fact, he contains more then Hybridmon. When they were born, Natasmon felt a more evil presence in Maverick, that is why he chose him in stead of Cyrus.

                “Please, tell me more. I want to know everything.” Cyrus told Natasmon.

                “Very well...”

                “Hey ... HEY! WAKE UP!” Natasmon was interrupted by a soft, angelic voice that pierced the cave.

                “NO! NOT AGAIN! NOT MY CYRUS!” Natasmon shouted. This had happened before, and he knew what, who, it was.

                “What's going on?” Cyrus asked, a bright light forming around him, enveloping him in its warmth. The light grew until it filled the whole of the cavern, and then it faded. Natasmon was left there, floating in the air, alone. Cyrus no longer stood on the platform.

                “DAMN IT! If he finds out his true power, he could destroy me!” Natasmon yelled to himself as he slowly sank back into the lava.



                “That, is the truth of your "Love".” Hybridmon just got done telling Weregarurumon of the past of him, and his brother Cyrus.

                Were stood there, movement, none. “Even if you were telling the truth, which I still don't believe you, I wouldn't care. I love him. No, I don't even love him. What I feel for him goes beyond that of the word love, And there is nothing you can do or say that can change that!” He shouted back at Hybridmon. The thing is, he did believe him, and he did feel a bit different for Cyrus, but the fact remained, he wanted to get to him, make sure that he was alive.

                “Well, story time is over, and Cyrus should be dead by now, I guess I can let you go, but not after having a little more fun with you.”

                “What do you mean?”

                Hybridmon just smiled at Weregarurumon. “You'll see.” Were was released from the paralyses, and was encircled with a dark energy that blotted out his vision. A fast brush of wind blew past Were, as if he was traveling at a fast pace across the land. The dark energy faded, and Weregarurumon found himself in a ruined city. The buildings were all toppled over, very few stood whole. He looked around, and found himself alone.

                “HYBRIDMON!” His voice fell on deaf ears. He gave a sigh, and started walking, looking for the exit of the city. “Please, be alive Cyrus, I will find you. I promise.” He whispered as he walked.



                Cyrus spit up some water as he sat up. He crawled back and rubbed his eyes vigorously. “What? Where am I?”

                         “Calm down, it is OK, you are all right, just calm down.” A voice came from in front of him, it was the same voice that spoke before he left Digihell. It was a voice he recognized, it was the voice to a Gatomon. “Can you stand?”

         Cyrus stopped rubbing his eyes, and looked at the Gatomon. “Am I alive?”

         “Well, yeah. I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to revive you but ...”

         “OH, THANK YOU!” Cyrus leapt forwards and hugged the Gatomon. He then pushed her back, and kissed her on her furry little lips. The Gatomon, so caught up in the moment, sliped her small tongue into Cyrus's mouth and licked around inside.

                Cyrus, realizing there are two tongues in his mouth, pushes awah from the Gatomon, and blushes.

                “Oh... I'm sorry, please forgive me, I shouldn't have kissed you.” He continued to blush as he stood up, his entire body soaking wet. A slight breeze blew across his body, and it felt as if the pressance of another was in the breez, it felt almost like, Weregarurumon. Cyrus looked around, but didn't see anyone else but the Gatomon.

                “Oh, no. It is my fault.. I used my tonge... ” Cyrus looked back at the Gatomon, and noticed that underneath her white fur around her cheeks had turned red with blush.

                Cyrus chuckled as he shook himself like a dog, then ran his hands through his hair, pushing it back, out of his eyes, and squeezing the water out of it. He then shook his hand dry and extended it out to the Gatomon. “My name is Cyrus.” He said with a smile.

                “Oh, we are going back to formalities now? And I thought you liked me...” She smiled back at him and took his hand,her paw being a lot smaller then his. “My name is Val, a pleasure.”

                They released hands. “Val, that's an interesting name for a Gatomon.”

                “And Cyrus is an interesting name for a... what Digimon are you exactly?”

                “Oh, I am a Human, I'm not a Digimon.”

                “That's wierd, you have the scent of a Digimon, just of one I have never encountered before.” She looked at him, examining his stature.

                Cyrus didn't know what she ment by, “A digimon I never encounted before.”. “Well, thank you for saving my life. I can't even begin to express my gratitude.”

                “I thing that kiss was thanks enough.” She blushed some more. “Come to my cave, I will get you dry, and give you some food, you must be hungry.” Val said as she started walking. Her tail flicked against Cyrus's arm, and she gave a seductive purr.

                Cyrus looked at her from behind and smiled as he started to walk, catching up with her quickly. “So how did you get the name Val? I thought all Digimons' names WERE their names.”

                “Well, When there are other types of the same Digimon in the same area, it gets kinda confusing to keep calling everyone Gatomon, or what have you. So often, Digimon get different names. Mine, however, was givin to me by a Gabumon I once loved a while ago.” She gave a soft sigh and continued to walk. Cyrus noticed that they were going upstream of the river, closer to the falls.



                The sun was starting to set, but Weregarurumon couldn't find his way out of the vast city. The streets all looked the same, all having the same debris. In fact, Were noticed that whereever he turned, he was on the same street, he couldn't find his way out of the same street that he appeared on when Hybridmon transported him there. Were was getting tired, and it was getting cold out, the wind speed picking up. He had no clothes on, so he relied on his fur alone, something he hadn't done in a long time.

                Not since he was at this one city, it was back when he first started to roam around, he felt odd walking around naked while all the other Digimon wore armor, or had protective sheaths to hide there hanging member. He walked past a store that was selling this pair of pants in the window. They were free to anyone who could beat a minitormon at arm wrestling. Were all most lost, but he recovered quieckly and slamed the other Digimon's arm onto the table. All the witnesses gasped in shock that someone was able to do it, and the owner of the store was yelling at the Minitormon as he handed the pants over to Were.

                Were put them on as soon as he got them, and has never bought another pair since. Back then, they didn't have the rips, the tatoo, nor the spiked knee pads, but with time, Were got his image down.

                *Crack! Smash!*

                Were was interupted from his memories by the sound of glass shattering. He turned to where the sound came from quick enought to see a shadow of a form jump away, and into the shadows of a towering building that was still standing. Were walked over to the shadows. “Hello? Is anyone there?” He called out, and awaited a responce.

                “What are you doing in the city of lost roads, with no clothes nontheless.?” A voice called out from the darkness, it was a male voice.

                “I was ... placed here, against my will. Who are you? Show yourself.” Were demanded

                “You enter my city, without asking, and then you start demanding me on what to do? Who do you think you are?” The voice asked, walking out of the shadows. the sound of his bare paws could be heard padding there way closer to Were.

                Were watched as the voice's originator came out into the light. He took a step back, taking in how beutiful of a creature stood befor him. He had seen his type before, but only different. The figure looked like a Renamon, long slender body, made for speed, long pointy ears, black claws, both on his feet and hands, and a white belly and from the knees down, but instead of yellow fur, he had fur that was black, not a pitch black, but one that blended in with the shadows. His markings were in a blood red color. In stead of having purple gloves, he had gauntlets that were a blazing orange-reddish color. They shifted in color, almost like glowing. His eyes were a glowing mystic white. Were didn't notice the eyes earlier, for The fox type Digimon didn't open his eyes till he got right infront of him.

                “My name is Weregarurumon. I am lost, and wondering if you could help me out.”

                “I am Shadou Renamon, and you are lost, just like all the others that enter this city without permission from me.”

                Cyrus was attracted to the mysteriusness of Shadou, and circled asround him, getting a better look at him. Shadou just watched Were with his eyes. When Were got behind Shadou, he looked at his tail and smiled. “Well, how do I get permission to leave your city?”

                Shadou rised a brow and turned around to face Were. “You must do something to please me, and why are you smiling?”

                Were stopped smiling and looked Shadou in the eyes, he could almost see himself in the reflective orbs of Shadou. “Oh, nothing, I was just admiring your tail, it looks so... soft.” Were couldn't help it, he smiled again, looking lovingly into the eyes of Shadou.

                Shadou squinted his eyes and took a step back. “What?”

                “I don't know, I just think you are an atractive Digimon.”

                “Heh, I am sorry, but, one, I don't know you, and two, I don't go that way.” Shadou took another step back, and turned around, giving Were the shove off. “Now, if you want to get out, you need to do something that no one ever has before to amaze me.” Shadou's tail flicked lightly.

                Were continued to smile, and an idea came to his mind of how to amaze Shadou. He slowly walked up to him, pressing the front of his body against Shadous. He wrapped an arm around Shadou and lightly rubbed the fur on his chest, while his other hand strocked Shados back, going down to the base of his tail.

                Shadou Renamon was takin by surprise. He turned around quickly, and Were gave a little tug at Shadou's tail. When Shadou came face to face with Were, Weregarurumon pulled him into a kiss. Were plunged his tongue into the mouth of Shadou Renamon, swrling around inside, and playing around with his tongue. Shadou couldn't help but give a short moan of excitment, but he quickly pushed away from Weregarurumon. “What are you doing?”

                Weregarurumon let go of Shadou. “Did I amaze you?”

                “No, you just shocked me.” Shadou couldn't show that he was amazed, never before had he been kissed by another male before, and he rathere enjoyed it, but in stead, he had to make it look as if he were disgusted.

                “Oh come on, you know you liked it. ” Were ran a hand across Shadou's chest, going around in circles around his nipples.

                “S-stop it, I mean it, I will hurt you...” Shadou took another step away from Weregarurumon.

                Were took a step forwards, still running his hand across Shadou's chest, slowly moving down untill he reached Shadous protective sheath. He gently caressed it and squeezed it gently.

                Shadou closed his eyes as he was enjoying his sheath being touched by the Werewolf Digimon. He took a step closer to Were, and touched his paw to his chest. “You know, you do amaze me, your touch is like nothing I have ever encountered before.”

                “And you an't felt nothing yet.” Were said as he lifted Shadou off of his feet, and placed him on his back gently.

                “What are you doing?”

                “Just sit back and relax, you will enjoy this, and I am sure it will amaze you even more.” Were said as he walked inbetween Shadou's legs andknelt down. He stroucked Shadou's sheath some more, slowly coaxing his member to poke out. With his other hand, he caressed the inner thighs of Shadou, slowly moving up to his ball sack.

                Shadou was just shocked at the amount of pleasure he was getting, and from a compleat stranger, he didn't know what to do but enjoy the moment.

                Were leaned inwards, lightly licking the tip of Shadou's long member, it wasn't long untill Shadou was rock hard. “By the way you get excited, I would say you were a vergin.” Were smiled up at Shadou.

                “No, I am not, it has just been a while.” Shadou said in a short gasp as Were licked up and down his exposed meat.

                “Now, prepare to be amazed.” Were said, then he suddenly enveloped all of  Shadou's member in his mouth. He used his tongue and wrapped around his member as he began to suck the air out of his mouth. He then began to bob his headup and down, going slowly at first, but he quickened the pace as he went along.

                Shadou grasped the dirt with his paws, and let out moan after moan of pleasure as he was ent into a world of pleasure. Were growled seductivly as he went faster and faster with the movment of his head. He fondled Shadou's balls with one hand, and with the other he played with the fur on Shadou's stomach, lightly petting him.

                Were was obbing his head as fast as he could, and had been sucking had enough to inhale Shadous member, but he didn't stop, he knew that Shadou would soon enough reach his climax, and release his seed. Shadou began to thrust his hips up with the movment of Weregarurumon, untill he finaly arched his back, bucked his hips, and released his hot seed into the awaiting mouth of Weregarurumon.

                Were gulped down all of Shadou's seed, and sucked the last of it out of his shrinking member, licking it clean as he let it out of his mouth. “Well?” He asked Shadou who was panting.

                “That ... was simply ... amazing.” He answered back.



                Cyrus sat in the cave beneath the falls, the rumbling of the water could be heard. He sat on a soft bed as Gatomon cooked some fish over the fire. “Thank you again, for everything.”

                “Don't worry about it, I am just glad I could help you.”

                Cyrus smiled. “So, what happened to this Gabumon you were talking about?”

                “Oh, Alex....” She gave a soft sigh.

                “Was that his name?” He felt as if he was intruding in on something, but he wanted to know.

                “Yes, we named each other.”

                “Oh, I see.” He nodded.

                “A couple of years ago, I met him the same way I met you, He jumped off of the cliff to his death. I saved him, and we fell in love. But he was still depressed, and he left on a mission to find peace.”

                “Oh, I am sorry. I am sure he misses you.”

                “As I do him...” She moved to the bed from the fire, and sat next to Cyrus.

                Cyrus felt bad for making the conversation, so he leaned over and gave Val a small hug. She hugged him back, and gave a smile.


                “Anytime. There is something I must ask you.”

                “Yes?” She got up and turned the fish over on the fire.

                “I was wondering if you have seen a Weregarurumon around here?”

                “No, but if he is around here, he would have found his way to the City of lost roads.”

                “The City of Lost Roads, is a place where anyone who goes in, instantly gets lost on what ever street they are on, never being able to be released. That is, until the Digimon the roams the streets helps them to escape.”

                “I see. I need to go there as soon as possible then. Thank you for everything, but I must be off.” He said as he stood off of the bed.

                “Wait! Umm... Well, it's night time, so, it would be better for you to get a full nights sleep, so you can be at full strength tomorrow. You know, in case something happens.” She said with a sly smile. She just wanted to get him to stay. Truth is, she really missed Alex, with all her heart, but she also missed having a male companion around, although she would never admit it.

                After thinking for a moment, Cyrus came to a conclusion. “Yeah, you are right, I should stay, but I wouldn't want to impose on you.”

                “Oh, you are not imposing, trust me.” She smiled as she moved to the bed. “Besides, the bed is big enough for the both of us.” She winked at Cyrus. He lightly gasped and tilted his head.

                “Val, are you ... coming on to me?”

                “Well, yeah.” She replied, moving closer to him a grin on her face. “I mean, look at you, you're strong, you're handsome, you're simply dreamy.”

                Cyrus tried to move away from Val, but the bed was right behind him, so he tripped and fell over onto it. At that moment, Val leaped onto Cyrus, and started to purr. “Umm... I really don't think we should be doing this, I mean, I have someone, and you have someone, and just because they aren't here, that doesn't make this Mmfmh!”  His words were interrupted when Val pressed her furry little lips to his. This time she was more forceful with the kiss. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, and swirled around with his tongue.

                She proved to be stronger then she looked, she had him pinned down and at her whim. He maneged to shake her off, and he got up off the bed, and headed, hastily, for the way out of the cave, but he was tackled to the ground by the furry feline. The rolled around on the caves floor for a while, almost rolling into the fire, then Cyrus finally pinned Val down.

                “All right now. Let's just settle this like two mature people.”

                Val gave a sigh, then nodded. Cyrus let her up and she patted the dust off of her fur. “I have to say, that was the most fun I have had in a while.” She smiled at Cyrus. “You said that you have someone? She must be a very lucky Digimon, err, Human.” She said as she went to the fire and checked on the fish.

                “Actually, it is a he, and he is a Digimon.” He brushed the dirt off of his clothing as he sat on the bed.

                “Oh, my mistake, I didn't mean anything I was just ... I ...” She looked at him with a nervous smile.

                “Don't worry about it, I just miss him, and I need to make sure he is all right.”

                “Well, I have three things to say to you. First, I am sure he is fine, Second, The fish is done if you are hungry, and third, you are still welcome to spend the night, I am sure he is resting as well.”

                He smiled at her, and nodded. “Thanks, that means a lot to me.”

                She walked over to the bed, handing him the stick that had the squired fish on it. “Eat up, then we rest, I will show you to the city in the morning. In the mean time, please, regale me with your story, why did you fall over the falls?”

                He nibbled on the fish. “Mmm, this is good.”

                “Thank you.”

                “Well, if you really want to know. It started with a dream I used to have...”



                Shadou Renamon showed Weregarurumon around the city, explaining that it was once a bright, Digimon filled city, that is, until Hybridmon turned it into ruins. They walked mostly underground, in the city's sewer system, it, its self, was an under ground labyrinth, but Shadou knew his way around. He led Were to a large room, filled with furniture. A bed against the far wall, and another next to it. Next to the first bed, was a large lamp, lighting the whole room.

                “This is my home, from here I can tell if, and when, anyone enters the city. Sometimes I toy with them, make them think they are seeing things, but you, for some reason, I had to confront you, I can't explain it.”

                “Well, I am glad you did, but you were supposed to lead me out of the city, why have you brought me here?”

                “Well, first of all, I couldn't have you walking around without any clothing.” Shadou walked to a dresser, and opened a draw. He pulled out a pair of never before worn jeans. They looked exactly like the pair that Were had before, only these had no rips, and no tattoo. Shadou handed the pair to Were with a smile. “I hope you like them, I have been holding them for someone special, like you.” He smiled at Were, who took the jeans and put them on, they were a perfect fit.

                “Thanks, but I should be going now, I have to find someone, it is imperative that I find him.”

                “I am sorry, but I can't allow you to go and look for anyone right now, there are many dangers outside of the city at night. You must spend the night first, I will lead you out of the city in the morning, and then you can be on your way.”

                After giving a sigh, Were nodded in agreement. “Very well.”

                “Good. Now, are you hungry?”

                “No, but I am really tired now that I think about it.” Were said as he walked over to the beds. “Which one is mine?”

                “The one to the right, all though I was hoping that we could share a bed.” Shadou said as he walked to Weres side.

                “Listen, Shadou, there is something I should have told you ...”

                “I know, I know. You are in love with another.”

                “How did you know?”

                “I could see it in your eyes, you have been separated from him for a while, and you miss him, but trust me, I am sure he is all right, and I promise, in the morning I will help you find him.”

                “Thank you, you have no idea what that means to me.”

                “Yes, I do. Now, let's get some sleep.” Shadou smiled as he walked over to his bed, sitting on it.

                Were nodded and walked to his bed. “Good night Shadou Renamon.” Were said as he sat and squeaked a bit, but he laid down, and almost instantly fell asleep.

                Shadou watched him for a little, then went to sleep himself, shutting off the light next to his bed.



                After eating the fish, and telling Val all about him and Hybridmon, They both laid on the bed. Val snuggled as close to Cyrus's chest as she could. Cyrus paid no mind to her, he was just very tired, and her warmth was welcome for she didn't have a blanket. Cyrus was the first to fall asleep. Val stayed up to watch him. She giggled lightly and kissed his nose, then went to sleep.



                Cyrus awoke in a forest. It was dark, too dark. He looked up and saw no skyline, it was just pitch blackness. He knew it was a forest from the smell of the trees, but there was another smell, one the sent chills down his back, it was a deep, rancid stench, it was the scent of death. He stood up and tried to walk, but tripped over some uprooted trees.

                He luckily put his hands in front of his face, so he didn't slam onto his face as he fell to the ground. He got back up, and looked around. He tried to yell aloud, but the forest ate his words, and turned them into silence.

                “Do not try to speak when in this world, for you will not have the ability to do so, just free your mind, and let the words speak from the tranquil pool of your thoughts.” A familiar voice came from no where, startling Cyrus, causing him to fall on his rump.

                *Ok, clear my mind, I can do that, I used to meditate, I can do this, nice and clear....* He closed his eyes and thought to him self, then he tried to clear his. Being successful, he asked. “Who are you. Where am I?”

                “You are in the world between worlds. I never thought that I would see you here, brother, but due to recent findings, I am only shocked at the fact that you don't know.”

                “Brother? Hybridmon? What are you doing to me? Let me go back to the Digital world. Please, all I ask is to be with Weregarurumon, can you not have enough compassion to allow that?”

                “Easy, brother, I am not doing any of this, you came here on your own. I am meerly here to explain something to you, something that I hope you will use to free me from my prison.”

                “Your prison, what do you mean?”

                “You thing I LIKE killing Digimon? You think I like serving my father, the deadliest Digimon around? If I were to ever turn my back on him, he would kill me instantly. That is why I am coming to you for help, in this place, where he cannot find us.”

                “I don't understand, what could I do?”

                “Look, brother. There is something you do not know about your self. All those years ago, when father cam back to the real world to get one of us, he was initially going to take you, but I contained a more sense of evil, so he took me instead, but now I grow tired of all this death, I want to rest, and I need you to help me.”

                “Wait, why would he want to take me, and how can I help you?”

                “Damn it, brother, are you not listening? You contain more Data from father then I do, you are more of a Digimon then I. You are the most powerful Digimon that roams the land, you even posses the power to destroy father, and put a stop to Digihell, freeing anyone who is down there, and returning all those poor lost lives to the Digital world. I need you to kill me brother, please, show me compassion, and kill me.”

                “I ... I don't know what to do, I ...”

                “You are loosing concentration, you are leaving. The next time we meet, I expect you to have found your power, and I want you to kill me. I beg of you brother, please.”



                It felt as if a river had just fallen on top of Cyrus as he sat up and gasped for air. It was still the middle of the night. Val was still sleeping, only she had rolled over and fallen off of the bed. He stood up, and lifted her off of the ground, she felt so light. He placed her on the bed and gave her a kiss on the forehead, that's when she curled up into a little ball and smiled.

                He walked out of the cave, and out from under the falls. For some reason, everything was different to him, not so much for it was night, in fact, he never saw more clearly before in his life, but everything is in more detail. He could tell the difference in all the different smells that hit his nose, he could see far into the darkness, as if he were standing a mile away, he could here the sound of Val slightly snore, even over the thundering sound of the falls.

                He walked around for a while, thinking about the dream he had, if in fact it was a dream. “I am more of a Digimon then my brother? I have the power to destroy both him, AND father? Non of this makes sense ...”

                “HEY! What are you doing here?” Another familiar voice came from the woods, it sounded mad.


                “BLUE BLASTER!” The stream of ice cold blast was sent flying at Cyrus, he quickly and more gracefully then ever jumped out of the way. It hit the ground, and turned the grass into ice.

                “Hey, what did you do that for?” Cyrus looked in the direction that the blast came from.

                “I come back home, expecting to see my lovely Val, and instead I find you coming out of the cave. What have you done to her?!” The Gabumon came out of the trees, an angry expression on his face.

                “I didn't do anything to her, she is asleep, and if you keep this up, you will awaken her.”

                “I don't care, leave this place! HORN ATTACK!” The Gabumon ran fast at Cyrus, he tried to dodge it, but was caught off balance, and was struck in the chest.

                “AHHH!!” He was sent flying back into the cliff, where his head slammed into the rock. He slid down to the ground, where his blood poured out of the wound.

                The Gabumon walked over to him and smiled. “That will teach you.”

                Meanwhile, Val stirred awake at the sound of a faint yell. Not seeing Cyrus, she got up, shook her body awake, and walked out of the cave. That's when she found the body of Cyrus covered in blood. “CYRUS!!” She ran to his body and lightly shook him, but he didn't respond. She turned her gaze and looked at the Gabumon. “Alex?”          

                “Yes, it is I. Here to rescue you from this, this thing. He isn't a thing, he is Cyrus ... he was my friend... ” Val was crying, and Alex's smile turned into a frown.

                “Oh man, I am sorry, I didn't know. I thought he was trying to hurt you...”

                Val got up and struck Alex across his face, a small trickle of blood trailed down the side of his mouth. “You idiot! Why did you do that? You had no right to ...”

                “SILENCE!” Val was interrupted by the sound of Cyrus's voice. She and Alex tuned to look at him, and he was standing up, his wound almost completely gone. “You ill die for that Gabumon!” He took a step forward, and a dark energy formed around his arm, forming a blade, much like that of Hybridmons. The blade turned solid and jagged, awaiting the blood of a victim.

                “Oh my God!” Both Val and Alex gasped at the sight of Cyrus.

                Cyrus grinned evilly, and lunged forward at Alex, who just dodged out of the way.

                “Cyrus! STOP!” Val screamed out, but he didn't listen to her. Cyrus was slashing away at Alex who was trying his hardest to dodge the blade. Alex tripped over his own foot, and fell to the ground. Cyrus steeped on Alex's chest, holding him down as he placed the blade right to Alex's neck.

                Val ran towards Cyrus. “LIGHTNING PAW!” She stretched her arm out, ready to claw at Cyrus, but, with his other hand, he caught her arm. She was left struggling to get free, but the grip that Cyrus had her by was too strong.

                Cyrus then let Val go, and backed away from Alex. The blade went away and he grasped his head. “What's going on? I feel such anger, it is so dark, so evil, so cold...”

                Val and Alex ran to, and hugged each other. Cyrus fell to his knees, confusion filling his mind. Val and Alex, still holding each other, tiptoed there way to him.

                “Are you OK?” Alex asked, half scared, half worried.

                “Cyrus, are you all right?” Val asked, full of concern.

                “I ... I don't know. I just felt such anger, and I let it take control of me, it was like nothing I have ever felt before, the energy, so dark. I'm so sorry...”

                Both Val and Alex walked over to Cyrus, each taking a different side of him, and helping him up, they walked to the cave, and placed Cyrus on the bed. He laid down, and almost immediately fell asleep.

                Val and Alex sat next to each other, near the fire. “Why did you attack him?” Val asked Alex.

                “I have head of a Digimon, that goes around killing other Digimon for fun. Cyrus fit that Digimons decryption, so when I saw him, I feared that he had done something to you.” Alex looked into Val's eyes and smiled. “I didn't mean to hurt him, but I guess I didn't. What is he?”

                Val gave a sigh, and looked at Alex, “You remember back then, when you jumped off of the cliff, and you had that dream?”

                “Yes.” Alex nodded.

                “Well, Natasmon, the Digimon in your dream, is Cyrus's father.”

                Alex gasped and jumped a little. “What?”

                “Shh! You are going to wake him up.”

                “Sorry. I'm sorry, I just ... wow.”

                “Yeah, and you know that Digimon, the one you were talking about, that goes around killing others for fun? That's Cyrus's twin brother.”

                “Wow ... please, tell me more.”

                “All right.” Val then told Alex all about Cyrus, his past, and his present.

                Cyrus woke up after having the best night's sleep he ever had, for he had no dream to go with it, at least, no dream that he can recall. He sat up on the bed, and saw neither Val, nor Alex. He stood up, and stretched his arms and back out, cracking his spine. He gave a sigh, then headed out of the cave. That's where he found Val hugging Alex.

                “When will you be back?” Val asked.

                “I don't know, but I won't be long, I mean, I just got back, right? ” Alex replied. Then they kissed each other, hugged again, and Alex walked off into the forest.

                “Where is he going?” Cyrus walked up to Val and asked.

                “Oh, hi, I didn't think you would ever wake up.” She looked at him and smiled. “He is off to run some errands, he just came by to say hello, then he will be back. I can't wait. We have A LOT of catching up to do. If you know what I mean.” She grinned.

                “Oh, I see. Well, are you ready to take me to the city now?”

                “I am ready if you are. Let's go.” She said as she started walking in the opposite direction that Alex walked off to.

                Cyrus followed her. “How far is it?” He asked.

                “Not to far, we should be there in no time.” She replied, and they continued to walk.



                “Hey, wake up.” Shadou Renamon tried to wake Weregarurumon up, but he was sound asleep.

                “Mmm, I love you to Cyrus.” Were smiled and rolled over on the bed he was on.

                “Hey! Wake up!” Shadou chuckled lightly as he gently tapped Were's cheek.

                “Huh? What happened, Cyrus?” Were woke up and looked around, his vision blurry.

                “You are going to go look for him, that is, if you wake up.” Shadou replied as he walked away from Were's bed.

                “Oh yeah.” Were threw his legs over the edge of the bed, and stood up, rubbing his eyes clear of the morning blur. “What time is it?”

                “Mid day. I tried to wake you all morning, but you wouldn't listen, you kept rolling over, and mumbling something about Cyrus”

                “Oh, I'm sorry.”

                “Don't worry about it. You ready now?”

                Were stretched out his back and his arms as he nodded.

                “All right, just follow me, and we will be out of the city in no time.”

                Were nodded again, as they both headed out of Shadou's home.



                “I thought you said we would be there in no time?” Cyrus complained.

                “I'm sorry. I used to come to the city all the time, I would look to see if Alex ever ended up here. So the trek is nothing to me. LOOK! THERE IT IS!” Val shouted as a large city came into view.

                “Weregarurumon... I can feel it ... he's there!” Cyrus said as he started running towards the city.

                “Cyrus! WAIT!” Val called to him, but he kept running, so she did the only thing she knew to do, she ran after him.



                Shadou had finally showed Were to an exit of the city. They had trekked under the city for a while, then came out of the basement of an old Pizza place. Were gave a sigh of relief as he saw the forest. He also saw two figures running towards the city, one of them was yelling out something, so he twitched his ears so he could hear what was being shouted.

                “WEREGARURUMON!” It was Cyrus. Were filled with joy as he ran to him.

                Cyrus ran as fast as she could, but it didn't seem that he was going anywhere, in fact, he wasn't. He was frozen in his tracks, as was Val, Were, and Shadou.

                “This all ends here!” A voice unwelcome shouted as a dark energy formed in-between Cyrus and Were. It was Hybridmon.

                Cyrus and Were were transported to another place, it was that forest that Cyrus had visited in his dream, only the trees were gone, it was a barren wasteland, swamp like. Cyrus was standing by himself, and Were was on the ground, tied down by the roots of a now docked down and dead tree.

                “Weregarurumon!” Cyrus shouted and tried to run to him, but was still frozen.

                “I told you, brother, the next time we met, I expect you to kill me. Now is that time. Here, where Father cannot interrupt us.”

                Cyrus was released from his paralyses, and he steeped forward, catching his balance. “You want to end this? Fine, it all ends here. SHOW YOUR SELF!”

                “That's right, give into the anger, let it run through your body, know who you are, the son of the master of evil.” Hybridmon appeared in front of Cyrus, in-between him and Were. The blade on his arm was fully formed, and longer, darker then ever.

                An energy formed around Cyrus's arm as well, but it wasn't dark, it was light, the feeling of peace could be felt just by looking into it. It formed into a blade, almost looking like half of an angle's wing, while Hybridmon's looked like a Scythe.

                “You have to much of mother in you brother, can you really kill me?” Hybridmon asked.

                “I will kill you to end the suffering of all the Digimon in the world.” Cyrus replied, with every second, his blade increased in size, and power.

                “Then let's begin!” Hybridmon shouted as he ran after Cyrus, his blade thrust forward, ready to plunge into Cyrus's heart.

                “I think not!” Cyrus raised his hand, and stooped Hybridmon in his tracks.

                “What? No! This can't be!” Hybridmon was trapped in a paralyses, much like what he would do to others before he would kill them.

                “You want this to end brother, then I will end it quickly, without any blood shed.” Cyrus raised his arm/blade into the air, and more energy formed around it, forming a ball of pure light energy. “HEAVENS CALLING!” Cyrus shouted as he aimed the blade at Hybridmon, the ball gathering in size. It then fired at Hybridmon.

                “If I die brother, I at least take your love with me!” Something struck Cyrus that he had forgotten, Weregarurumon was right behind Hybridmon, the blast would hit him as well.


                Time was moving slowly as Cyrus ran to get in front of Weregarurumon, to stop it from hitting him. Hybridmon gave a final evil laugh as the ball of energy hit him, dissipating his body. Cyrus leapt on top of Weregarurumon, and covered his body from the blast.

                “I love you Weregarurumon....” Cyrus gave Were his first and last kiss as the ball of energy hit him. He threw his head back and screamed in agony as his body, and the ball of energy disappears.



                Cyrus was surrounded with a bright light, it was warm, and filled his body with pleasure. “Cyrus ... Cyrus, wake up.” A voice called out. A hand then struck against Cyrus's face as the light faded away. He woke up in a field. He looked around and saw a lot of Baskets, each one of them was filled with an egg, a Digi-egg.

                “Where am I?”

                “You are in Primary Village. You are back in the Digital world.” The blue, furry creature in front of Cyrus said.

                “Weregarurumon? Is that you?!” Cyrus couldn't believe his eyes. Were was kneeling right in front of him, with a huge smile on his face.

                “Yeah, it is me.” Cyrus gasped and lunged forward, tackling Were down in a large hug.

                “What happened?” Cyrus asked as he stood up.

                “After your attack killed you, I was returned to the Digital world. I told Shadou and that Gatomon, Val, what had happened. They both showed me sympathy, but then I figured that if your brother was part Digimon, then you had to be as well, and all Digimon that die, return to this village. So Shadou and I said our good byes, and he returned to his city. Val walked me half way here, but then she turned back to meet with her Alex. I continued to walk, and when I got here, I found you asleep, and, here we are.”

                “I can't believe it ... I am alive, and here, with you, without a worry that Hybridmon will interrupt us.” Cyrus smiled as he hugged Were.

                “I know, it is a good feeling.”

                “I ment what I said, Were. I love you.”

                Were pushed Cyrus away, so that he could look into his eyes. “And I love you Cyrus.

                They looked into each other's eyes for a moment before they locked into a passionate kiss.



                “Enjoy the moment while you can, my son. For your brother may be gone, but I am still here, and I will soon be set free, and the both worlds shall be mine.” Natasmon watched the lovers from his throne in Digihell. He then gave a demonic laugh, that shook all the caves of Digihell.




That's it my friends, I wasn't really writing this Lemon for the sex involved, more rather the stories end. But I hope you liked it, for it I think it was the last Lemon I shall write, I am not for curtain, but only time will tell. If you liked this Lemon, and would like me to write more, please E-mail me at You can also Talk to me via AOL, or AIM. My Screen name is Darkcyruss. I look forward to your comments, and I hope you enjoyed my writing. ^.^