Two figures, each one from a different world, were in the woods. One standing, naked, the other, clothed, kneeling before the other. One a werewolf type creature, called a Digimon, in his own world. The other, a human, a stranger in this world. The werewolf was standing, the human kneeling, with the werewolf's bare crotch right in his face. "Umm ... you do know that ... well, do you realize that you are naked?" The human, full of fear and shock spoke, his low voice almost cracking to that of a squeak.
The werewolf, looking down and realizing that the human, who is of an unknown species to him, spoke the truth, quickly jumped over the human to the stream that ran nearby. He picked up his clothing and put them on post haste. First, he put on the snug blue jeans, that fit tightly around the wolf's lower body. Then his arm sleeve, the strap, going around his chest, and pad, then finally his brass, almost golden, knuckles.
The human stood up, and watched the wolf as he dressed. *OMG, is that really him? Is that really Weregarurumon the Digimon? The one from my dreams? * He thought to himself as he stepped out of the bush and into the open, getting closer to wolf. "Are you Weregarurumon?"
"Yes, I am. Are you Cyrus?" After finishing putting on his clothing, he walked up to the human. They stared each other in the eyes, The human with his icy blue eyes, the wolf with his red.
"Yes, How do you know who I am?"
"Most likely the same way you know who I am, through a dream that has been haunting me for many a nights."
"You mean ... this is ... am I really in the digital world?" Many questions entered Cyrus's head, all of which he wanted to be answered. Also, another thought was in the back of his mind, one that was something he didn't want the wolf to know of, but yet he had a hard time keeping back. *Wow, his body is really hot. What I wouldn't give to have him right now...*
"This is the world, I don't know what you mean by the 'Digital world.'" *What is he talking about, the "Digital world"? Is he from another world? Can he be one of those Humans I have heard about before? * Questions were in the wolfs mind as well. And even though he has never had a homosexual sensation before, he couldn't help but feel attracted to the man of his dreams. *Wow, for some reason, he looks really attractive in person. * "Wait, are you human?"
"Yes, this has to be the digital world, I was in my world, I walked into a small patch of woods. I saw your fire pit and bent down to look at it because I never saw it there before, and then I was here, in your world."
"I have heard of humans who have come to this world by some force, but the reason was always unknown.  Maybe it has something to do with the dream..." He wasn't sure if he should've brought it back up, but being so close to the one who gave him so much pleasure in his dreams made him want to make the dream come true.
"Yeah, about that..." Cyrus slightly blushed. "You have been having the same dream as me?"
"I am not sure. The dream I have been having, you and I were walking in the woods, looking for a nice quiet spot, and when we found one we..."
"Yeah, that's the one." Cyrus, after sitting down, interrupted Weregarurumon. He didn't want to admit to the dream, but he didn't want Were to continue.
Were sat down as well, in front of Cyrus, he was a werewolf, a born fighter, a learned protector. He once was driven by his primal instincts. Find a shelter, water, food, all things he could do, but there was one more instinct, one that he couldn't fight, no matter how hard; one he felt building up inside of him every second he was around Cyrus. The instinct to mate.
Why are you so quiet? You are making me nervous." Cyrus, a human by nature, an animal by heart. He too was driven by instincts. Only he was able to express himself a bit more freely then Were. "There is something I need to say to you Weregarurumon..."
Were, brought back from his wondering questing mind, looked at the human, he almost knew exactly what Cy was going to say, as if they were connected at the mind. "I am listening."
"I never thought I would ever get a chance to say this to you, but I have always wanted to. Weregarurumon I... I love you." He sat there, awaiting any sort of reply from Were, who sat across from him.
Were knew it was coming, but he was still taken by shock, words he always wanted to hear came from a creature he was not expecting it to come from. But deep within, he knew... "I love you to Cyrus."
Both creatures, so different, yet so alike, just expressed there love for one another. Cyrus smiled. Were did the same.
"Really?" A skeptical feeling was within Cyrus.
"Yes," But to his assurance, Were answered.
Cyrus leapt from his seat and tackled Weregarurumon to the ground in a massive hug. "Oh how I have dreamed of this moment, I have never been so happy!" And he wasn't lying. Never before in his life has Cyrus been so happy. He has a love, one that can't replace Ariel, but one that can fill the emptiness in his heart.
Were, as well, was filled with delight, he finally has a love of his own. Even if they are from different worlds, even if they are different species, even if they are the same sex, they are happy, and happiness is the greatest gift anyone can give. Were hugged cy tightly, never wanting to let go. He stood, using his strength to pick Cy up with him. They continued to hug, and then Cyrus kissed Were on his muzzle. Taken by shock, Were dropped him.
Cyrus fell, on his rear, to the ground. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have." He got up, brushed himself off of some dust, and looked away in shame. He then felt Were's powerful arms wrap around his chest and pull him back, his rear bumping into Were's crotch. "Oh my. Hehe."
You have nothing to be sorry for, I should be apologizing, I was just shocked by the kiss." Were hugged Cy gently, rubbing his head with his muzzle. Can you forgive me?"
Cyrus turned around, wrapped his arms around the back of Were, and looked him in the eyes. "Does this answer you?" With that, he leaned in, and kissed Were on his lupin lips. Using his tongue, he penetrated both pair of lips and swirled around the inside of Were's mouth, enjoying the bliss that had filled him.
Were played with Cy's tongue, using his own. The both of them had been taken to a place of ecstasy. Sheer bliss was in there heads as the swapped saliva. But from a shadow, a being watched the two in disgust. "No... What are they doing? They should be ripping each others hearts out, not giving them to each other, what went wrong?" The being whispered to himself, so low, that even Weregarurumons wolven ears couldn't hear. The being was filled with anger, his plans to have the two kill each other failed. But, unfortunately for Weregarurumon and Cyrus, this creature of evil did its best thinking while filled with anger, and that said, a black light bulb, dripping with blood, appeared inside the beings head. "I know what to do. And I thought I wouldn't have any fun with these two. Hehe."
The creature in the shadows gave a laugh so maniacally evil, that it sent chills up the spines of both Were and Cy who broke there kissing and looked around.
"W-Where did that come from?" A slightly scared Cyrus asked.
"I don't know." Were replied. The both of them looked around, still, for the thing that had the capability of that laugh.
"You know, for a while I was beginning to become bored with you two, but then ... then I had a brilliant idea. One that you will hate from deep within your souls, and one that I love from where I am supposed to have one." The voice of the being came from every direction, not allowing the two to know where it was coming from. The thing was, that the voice was a deeper copy of Cyrus's.
Were looked at Cyrus with a raised brow. "What are you talking about?"
"What are you talking about, that isn't me." Cyrus explained.
"Oh but it is you my friend, only a different you, a more powerful one." The creature came out of the shadows of the trees, across the stream. He was dressed, and looked to be the exact double of Cyrus, only his presence gave off a sense of doom and despair.
"What's going on here," Cyrus stepped forward, in front of Were, almost as if shielding him. "Who are you?"
"I am, as I said, you, but the digital form you have created in your mind. I am Hybridmon."
Were watched as the two Cyrus's spoke, then, hearing the creatures name, he gasped deeply, and stepped back. "I have heard of you, you are the unbeatable one."
"The unbeatable one, I like that title, did your little puppy mind think that up?"
"Hey, don't speak to him that way!" Again, Cyrus tried to protect Were, but he was unaware that his honorable attempts were nothing if not futile.
"Yes, yes, I know. You have feelings for this, this beast." The creature, Hybridmon, walked towards them. When he should have fallen into the stream, he meerly walked over the water. Both Cyrus and Weregarurumon watched in amazement. "I was the one who made you two have those dreams, and I was the one who brought Cyrus into this world from his own."
"You have the power to do that?" Cyrus asked.
"He has the power to do whatever he pleases. He is power."
"The beast speaks the truth." Hybridmon said after crossing the stream and coming to a stop in front of the two.
"I told you not to call him a beast!" Cyrus yelled and charged at Hybridmon. He wasn't sure what was going through his head, but he knew that Hybridmon was evil, and needed to shut up.
Hybridmon laughed and through an open palm at Cyrus. "Paralysis Wave!" A gust of wind blew from Hybrid's hand and hit Cyrus, stopping him dead in his tracks. Cy struggled, but he couldn't move.
"Cyrus!" Were took a step towards Cyrus, but stopped, thinking it unsafe. "What have you done to him?" Instead, he looked to Hybridmon and growled at him through his bared teeth. His teeth were long and sharp, ready to chomp down on Hybridmon if needed.
"Nothing compared to what I am going to do to you, believe me, my little puppy."
"AAHHH!!!!" Hybrid smiled as Were leapt at him, but moved not. "Garuru Kick!" Weregarurumon went to kick Hybridmon in the chest, but as soon as he was about to make contact, Hybridmon used his left hand to catch Were's foot. He hardly used any strength to throw Were away. Were flew through the air until he hit, and knocked down, several trees.
"Weregarurumon!! NO!!!" Cyrus was still struggling to get free, but all he could do was speak.
Hybridmon walked over to Weregarurumon, who was weakened by the trees that he was sent through. Were tried to get up, but fell back down. "Arrg..."
"Now the fun begins." Hybrid picked Were up by the throat, choking him, and threw him over, in front of Cyrus. "Get a good look, for this is the last time you two will ever see each other again."
Were hit the ground in front of Cy with a grunt, his head with a thud. He looked up at Cyrus with blurred vision. "My love..." He tried to reach up for Cyrus's extended arm, but was kicked in the ribs by Hybridmon. Were cringed as he heard a snap from his rib cage.
By now you should be to weak to move, so I should get this underway, I do have others to torment you know." Hybridmon turned Were over onto his stomach, then grabbed his pants. "You won't be needing these anymore." With a simple pull, he ripped the jeans off of Were's body. Were was lifted off the ground a bit, but fell back down, hardly breathing.
"What are you doing to him!?" Cyrus demanded an answer from Hybrid.
"Watch and see, maybe you will enjoy it." Hybrid smiled and looked at Were who was laying on the ground, naked. Hybrid continued to smile as he began to take off his own pants.
"No, no don't, STOP!" Cyrus yelled at Hybridmon, for he knew what he was going to do.
"Yeah, I don't think so human. I am going to do to him what you only dreamed of, oh the irony." Hybridmon's pants were off now, and he had tossed them to the side. He moved to Were's feet, and spread his legs, making a way to Were's ass hole.

Were was to beaten up to protest as Hybrid moved in and laid atop him, lightly pressing his member, which was just as long as Cyrus's and almost rock hard, against his hole.

"STOP THIS NOW HYBRIDMON!!!" Cyrus yelled at the top of his lungs. More and more he struggled to get free and help his lover, but all he could do was stand and watch as Hybridmon reared back, and quickly thrust forward, slamming his member into Were's tight ass hole. "NO!!!!"
"OH MY GOD! He is so tight, it feels so good!" Hybridmon screamed out as he began to forcefully thrust in and out of Were. "A bit rough but the blood is beginning to lubricate well."
Were was in pain beyond his mind thought possible, he was being raped, and hard, blood slowly seeped out of his ass, but Hybrid found this only to be a better sign, as it would mean easier motion. Tears filled Were's eyes, and fell to the dusty forest floor, but he refused to cry out in pain, for he knew that Hybrid would only get more enjoyment from that.
Cyrus watched for several minutes, as Hybridmon took Weregarurumon as his own, until Hybrid finally arched his back, and with one final hard thrust, shoot his seed into Weregarurumon. All Cyrus could do now was cry, letting his tears also fall to the forest bottom.
Hybrid slipped his member out of Were, letting a mixture of Were's blood and Hybrid's milky cum spill out.
"I swear I am going to kill you... I swear it." Cyrus told Hybridmon, who was putting on back on his pants.
"Oh, I am so scared. But wait, I am not done yet, That was only the beginning of what I am going to do to you, Cyrus. I told you that you two were never going to see each other again, and I ment it. Say good by to you lover, FOR I AM SENDING HIM TO HIS DEATH!"
"What? NO!"
Hybrid lifted his open palm, and pointed it at Weregarurumon, who was barely breathing on the ground, the blood having just stopped. Hybridmon took a deep breath as a ball of black light started to form around the hand pointed at Were. "Feel the power of pure evil, FEEL MY ATOMIC BLAST!"
The world went silent. All the birds seemed to have had there life force pulled out of them, as did most of the other Digimon in the digital world. All over, Digimon just randomly dropped dead. Trees and plants withered in seconds. And the sun grew darker as the black ball of energy around Hybridmon's hand grew into a full force beam, and fired at Weregarurumons back. With the last remaining strength that Were could muster before the beam struck, he turned to the crying Cyrus and uttered. "I love yo..." But before he could finish, he was hit.
The blast was so powerful, it sent a Shockwave that blew Cyrus high into the sky, and far away, he few trees that he had hit knocked him unconscious.
"Yo, Cyrus. Yo. WAKE UP!" The back of a hand lightly struck Cyrus's face repeatedly, an attempt to wake him up. "Hey, come back to reality man, don't make me kick you in the balls."
"W-What? What happened, where am I?" Cyrus slowly woke up, though his vision was unclear, he knew, from a feeling, he was back in his own world. "Weregarurumon, where is he?"
As His vision cleared, Cyrus saw that he was in fact back in his own world, back in his little forest patch. Before him stood a friend of his, Joe, a tall, skinny fella, short blond hair, green eyes. He was standing over Cyrus, who was leaning back against a tree, His tree. "Weregarurumon? What are you talking about man? Come on, get up, it's time for school, you're lucky I found you here, or you would have been late, so let's go man, I'll see you there." Joe walked away, towards the school, and Cyrus stood up, his head slightly spinning.
He looked around, and saw the streets of his neighborhood past the trees. He looked down, and saw no fire pit. He looked around one more time, no Hybridmon, no Weregarurumon. The only thing he did see, was his backpack, laying right next to him. Confusion flooded his mind as he picked up his back pack, and threw it over his shoulder. "Was it a dream? No, bore like a nightmare." He spoke aloud as he slowly made his way, following Joe to school.
A small breeze blew as Cyrus exited the patch of trees, with the wind went some dust the wasn't packed down. It blew away, revealing some golden brass knuckles. Also with the breeze went alight evil chuckling. "I'll get you yet Cyrus. I'll get you yet."

To be continued...