Pen Name: CZD
Characters: Cyrus/Weregarurumon
Title: Can Dreams come True? The Day Dream.

It was a cold night in the Digital world. The sky was clear, the moon was shining brightly in all its full glory, and stars were beyond count. In a large forest, a fire was made in a small clearing. It gave off a bright luminescence, making it possible for the werewolf like creature that sat besides it to see all around himself, should any danger arrive. Over the fire he cooked some fish that he caught from the stream that ran through the middle of the woodland. He sat patiently, waiting for his meal to finish.

He has long ears that look as if reaching for the moon. On his left one, two ear rings reflect the light of the fire dimly, as did his light red eyes. His chest was bare of clothing, instead he was covered with a fine coat of fur. The only thing he had on his upper torso, was a brown leather like strap, going diagonally across his chest to hold a pad on his left shoulder. On his left arm, he has a tight long sleeve, revealing his muscular arm, but hiding his fur. It goes all the way down his arm, ending shortly after his knuckles. With a clenched fist, he holds brass knuckles, on the outside of the cloth. His fingers/claws are, like the rest of his body, covered with fur. His nails are long, sharp and a shade of purple while his fur is a light blue. His other arm has nothing but his beautiful light blue fur. On many places of his body, there are strips of a dark blue fur, several on this arm. He has on a pair of deep blue jeans, battle worn and ripped in some places. It hugs his lower body, much like his one sleeve, revealing his muscles. On his left leg, just above his knee, there is a tattoo like picture of a skull and cross bones. On both of his knees, he has pads, but on his right pad, there are three long, sharp spikes. The jeans continue to hug his body don to his ankles, where they stop. His feet are large. He is a tad larger then the size of a typical 30 year old man, but his feet were twice the size they should be. Giving him extra balance, friction for fast running, and more power for swift kicks. Instead of five toes on each foot, he has three long ones, each of them have large claw like nails at their ends.

He takes off his strap and pad along with his brass knuckles and sleeve, and places them to his side. He raises his arms up, and pushes his chest forward, stretching out. Extending his arms over his head, he tries with all his might to touch the sky. He gives a long deep yawn sigh combo as he brings his arms back down and straitens his back. In a deep, masculine, voice, he speaks to himself. "By all that is pure I am so lonely." He sniffs the air near the fire with his long snout. "Well, at least my food is done." He picked up the stick that had the squired fish off of the fire and began to eat, sadness in his eyes, and a hole in his heart.

He would always travel round, helping those he found in need of assistance, and he would never ask for anything in return. Many a times others would put him up for the night, and give him a warm home cooked meal, but he would never accept anything other then that. One time he rescued a female from a burning building, when he first saw her, he fell in love. It was when he saw that she was mated to another that his heart broke, and he thought from then on that he would never find the one for him. It has been several years since then, he has done nothing but help others. Never finding time to settle down and find a mate, for he thought there was none for him.

*Sigh* A deep sigh as he finishes off his dinner. He stretches out again as he lay back on the ground, ready to sleep. "Well, another day gone, another day closer to finding weather or not I am destined to be alone forever." He put his hands behind his head, closed his eyes, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

"And wake up New Jersey! It is 6 AM on a beautiful Monday morning, the weather right now is..." The radio was hit hard by a massive fist slamming down on it, shutting off the alarm.

"Oh, man. Not another day of school, I just fell asleep too..." The sun was just rising as young Cyrus D'Mar woke up from an almost completely sleepless night. "That stupid dream again, man, can't I ever catch a break?" For the past couple weeks, he has been having the same dream over and over, although now it is more like a nightmare.

There is a certain TV show called "Digimon: Digital Monsters" on Channel 5, it is Cyrus's favorite show, it has different types of monsters that all have different powers, personalities, and what not, but one, one sticks out to him, the one called Weregarurumon. He is a werewolf type monster, and all his life Cyrus has been in love with werewolves, but this dream takes it to a new meaning.

"Cyrus! Are you up yet?" From a room next to his own, Cyrus's mother calls out.

"Yeah Mom, I am." He yells back in response as he gets up and heads for the bathroom for his morning shower. He turns the light on, closes, and locks the door. Opening the shower curtain, he turns the water on, making sure that it is nice and hot, he is very fond to the cold weather, but his showers have to be nice and warm.

After getting the water just right, he begins to strip down to his birthday suite. His body was that of Weregarurumons, only human, with ice blue eyes, long black hair, and pale skin. Also he had one ear ring in each ear rather then two in one. First off was his T-shirt, letting his lean and very muscular body show in the mirror. Next was his bed shorts, they were loose, but his boxer briefs were very snug, hugging his thighs and groin. Finally, he took of his underwear, letting his member breath. Although he was only 17, he had quite a sizable one, but no one knows for he is a virgin. Many girls have tried to go out with him, but to there disappointment, he would always have to turn them down with the same comment. "Sorry, but I am gay." And he was very shy about relationships. He had a girlfriend when he was younger, she was the most beautiful girl in his eyes, and they were the best of friends as well, always got along, no matter what. They started going out, but never went farther then kissing and fondling. On the very night they were going to take it to the next level, they were walking to her house from a park, it was late, and very dark, barreling down the street was a drunken driver. He didn't see the two of them and ended up swerving onto the sidewalk. In an effort to save Cyrus, she, Ariel, pushed him out of the way. Her effort was out of her heart, and was the last one she would ever get the chance to make, the drunken driver hit her, sending her body flying several feet away. Cyrus ran to her side and held her, the last she said was "Never forget me my love." Before she died in his arms. From then on he never thought he would find love again, but he still looks, not to replace Ariel, but to move on, for that is what she would have wanted.

He stepped into the shower, letting the hot water hit his body. "Ahh, this feels so good." He mutter to himself, then began washing. First his hair, then his body, after he was done, he would sit in the tub, and let the water just fall on him. He always did this, fantasizing that he is in the woods and a rain shower was going on. His mind wandered though, and he thought about that dream. He was in the woods, no rain though, but a clear sky, the sun shining brightly. Only these were no ordinary woods, they were the woods of the Digital world, from his favorite cartoon show.


He walked around, enjoying the scenery. His gaze turning from the tree tops, to the ground, taking in all the sights. Then he would look to his left, and see more trees, finally he looked to his right, where his hand was holding that of another's. The hand was larger then his own, and it was covered in fur. When he looked, he saw the one he finally fell in love with, A tall werewolf like creature, Weregarurumon. They both had a smile on there face as they stopped walking.

"This looks like a good enough place, don't you thing my love?" Cyrus asked.

"Any place is a wonderful place, as long as I am there with you." Weregarurumon replied, a hint of blush showed from behind the light blur fur on his muzzle.

"Aww... I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I am glad I did it." Cyrus hugged the furred beast tightly. They were about the same height, six feet and some odd inches, so there faces met when they hugged. Cyrus gently kissed Weregarurumons snout, and Weregarurumon let his long wolfish tongue out of his mouth, licking Cyrus's neck and cheek. Cyrus chuckled as he let his own, human, tongue out, meeting Weregarurumons. The licked each others tongues before they both leaned in and kissed, still licking each others tongue, only this time through pressed lips.

Cyrus broke the lip lock, and started kissing Weregarurumons furred cheek, and nuzzling him. He moved slowly down to his neck, kissing with every inch he moved. Down to his chest. Kissing, and now licking, leaving small trails of saliva all over Were's chest.

Were was giving off low growls of pleasure as Cyrus continued to move down. Cyrus heard the growls as he got to the end of Were's bare fur, and to the beginning of his pants. Cy took note, that in the crotch of the pants there was a bulge. Cy knew that there was something inside that wanted freedom, and also want to have some fun.

His hands undoing the buckle to a belt that Were wore, Cy used his teeth to undo Were's jeans zipper. From within the pants came a strong, musky smell, that filled Cy's nostrils, sending his mind into a land of pleasure. With the buckle undone and the zipper down, Cy pulled off Were's pants as Were lifted his feet to allow Cy to do so.

Were wasn't warring his arm sleeve, nor his brass knuckles, and he never wore any kind of underwear. This caused him to be standing in front of a kneeling Cy, completely naked. From the kisses of his lover, Were had grown hard, his member extending out a full ten inches.

Cy knelt there, looking at Were's member point him in the face, and instinct took over him. He lent forward, mouth open, taking in Were's member. He couldn't get all of it in, but Cy did manage to fit eight inches.

Were stood there, his eyes wide, jaw open, mind gone. Cy started to lightly lick the tip of Were's member, then he started sucking, bobbing his head back and forth. Were was lost in a world of delight as Cy continued to suck. Were moved his arms and ran his clawed hands through Cy's hair, grabbing, softly, the back of his head, he help Cy increase speed. Cy went along with Were, increasing his speed and suction. Were started to thrust his hips forward, putting more of his member into Cy's mouth, almost gagging him, until he arched his back, eyes closed, and shot a load of salty liquid into Cy's mouth.

Cy swallowed what he could, but some cum escaped from his mouth, and ran down his chin. After licking clean Were's member, Cy stood up. Were looked at him and licked off what cum was on his chin. They then looked each other in the eyes before kissing each other again. Cyrus broke the kiss quickly. "Were, just in case I don't tell you thins enough, I want to tell you something."

Were smiled. "OK, what is it?"

"I love y.."


Cyrus Gave a sigh as he realized that is the point where his alarm clock radio would wake him up. He shut off the water, grabbed a towel out of the shower cabinet, and dried himself off. He stepped out of the tub, towel around his waist, turned on the bathroom fan, letting the steam from the hot water out a window, and left the bathroom, entering his own.

Making sure his door was closed and locked, he dropped the towel, opened his dresser drawer, and took out a pair of black boxer briefs. Going to his closet he picked out his favorite outfit to wear today. His short sleeved V-neck T-shirt, a pair of loose vinyl pants, a pair of socks from his dresser, and his steel tipped work boots, all his attire pure black.

Grabbing his back pack, he unlocked and opened his door, walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a package of pop-tarts, he liked to eat them cold, and headed out the door, saying good bye to his mother who was in her room watching the morning news. When he got outside, he reached into his backpack, took out a pac of cigarettes and his zippo. He took out a cigarette, lite it, took a drag, looked down the street, and started off for school. The dream still replaying in his mind, as it did everyday, all day.

It was a humid summer morning, the last day of school, and Cyrus walked slowly. He left his house early everyday so he could take the long way to school, through a small patch of woods, the closest thing to a forest he can get to. Every day he would come and just sit at the base of a large tree for five minuets before continuing on his way. He entered the trees, like any other day, but this time he stopped for a brief second.

"Something feels different. I don't know, maybe it is just me." He said to himself before he started for his tree. When he got close to it though, he noticed something out of place. "What the heck?" Before the tree was a circle of stones, enclosing the remains of a small fire. He walked over, dropped his back pack to his side, and knelt down to the charred remains of sticks and found some discarded fish bones. "What is this? There is no lake or river near here, so where did the fish come from? And a fire would have been spotted by anyone from within this small patch of trees..."

He went to grab his back pack, but it was gone. "What the?" He stood up and looked around. He was no longer in the little patch of woods he was a minuet ago. From his tree, he was able to see the street, but now all he saw were trees. He's in a large forest now. Birds sang from the tree tops as he looked around once again. His mouth and eyes opened wide as he found himself to be lost.

"H ... Hello?" He lightly muttered, but got no response. The birds above went silent for a second, allowing Cy to here a light splashing of water in the distance, before starting again. *A splash of water, that might be someone in a pool, maybe they can tell me what is happening to me. * He thought to himself as he headed towards the sound. He slowly walked, listening for the sound again, and hoping not to get even more lost then he is.

*Splash* He heard it again and sped up his walking. He came across some small bushes, just in case what he found wasn't what he wanted to find, he hid behind it. He peered over and saw what was making the splashing sound. What he saw made his jaw almost hit the ground and his eyes pop out of there sockets. In a small stream he watched as a creature bathed, but it was no ordinary creature, it was one that had been haunting his dreams.

He watched as the naked figment of his imagination stood right before his eyes and cleansed his body with the water of a small stream, surrounded by woods. Cyrus looked at the edge of the stream and saw Were's clothing, his jeans, his arm strap and pad, his arm sleeve, and even his brass knuckles. "This has to be a dream. This can't be real ... can it be?" He thought to himself. "I've got to get closer, make sure that I am not just seeing things."

He stayed low to the ground, hiding behind the trees and brush. He was doing well, he got a few feet away from Weregarurumon, but then, *Snap* Cyrus stepped on a fallen twig. He froze in place, making not a sound, not a movement, not a breath. after a few seconds of not hearing anything, he breathed again, and slowly lifted his head above the small bush that was covering him.

Nothing. All he saw was the stream, no Weregarurumon. He did, however, still see the clothing. He looked around again, but didn't see him. "Where did he go?" He whispered lightly under his breath.

"Right here." From behind Cyrus came a low growling voice. Cyrus gave a slight gasp as he slowly turned around. Right in front of his face was the furred crotch of Weregarurumon. From above came a deep growl as Cyrus blinked and moved his gaze up to Were's chest, and then his face. Were's eyes opened wide as he looked down at the intruder who was spying on him. He gasped as he took a step back and muttered, "Y-You... What are you doing here? I thought you were only a dream."


Weregarurumon woke up after a bad nights sleep, just like he had been doing for quite some time. He stood up, stretched out his arms and back. He gave a yawn as he picked up his belongings and headed into the trees, leaving the small fire pit behind.

"Another night, another torturous dream." To himself, he spoke in a low, growling voice, which was full of anger and aggravation. "If these dreams don't stop I think I am going to go insane." He walked for only a few moments then came upon a small stream. It was about six feet across, and five feet deep. "Ah. Well, at least I get to look forward to a nice bath each morning to take my mind off of that odd creature." He went to the edge of the stream, placed down his strap, pad, sleeve, and brass knuckles, then shed his jeans, and stepped into the stream with a relaxing sigh.

He had no soap, but he bathed himself with the clear, clean water. He thought his mind would be at ease in the tranquil waters, but alas, his mind was preoccupied with his dreams which he considered nightmares. Over and over, night after night he would have the same dream of him and another, strange creature from a different world. They would be walking in the woods, holding hands with a smile that nothing cold take away. Then, they would stop, look at each other and start to kiss. Not only does Weregarurumon find this odd for the reason of them being a different species, but also for the fact that they were the same sex.

After lip locking and tongue wrestling for a few moments, the other creature would start moving down Were's chest. He stopped when he reached Were's pants belt buckle and started undoing it. Were gave no resistance, instead, he stood there, enjoying every minuet. After the creature got the Were's pants off, with his help, he started to suck on Were's member until Were's member exploded into it's mouth. They then kissed for a while until the creature stopped to say something, but never would it he be able to finish what he was trying to say, for Were would wake up before he could. Were, however, knows what the creature's going to say. Even though never finished, he knows that the creature is trying to tell him that he loves him.


Were's mind wandering was interrupted by the snap of a twig. He looked around, but saw nothing. He then raised his muzzle to the air and took a deep breath through his snout, and quickly picked up the scent of an intruder who was in his vicinity. Using his enhanced animal abilities, he leapt out of the water, not making a sound, and entered the woods, traveling at such a high speed that light couldn't touch him. He came to a stop behind a small bush where the interloper was kneeling, he was no longer wet, the fast moving dried him off. The stranger whispered to himself, "Where did he go?" in a low voice that almost matched Were's own.

Weregarurumon, in a low, growling voice, answered the stranger." Right here." The stranger gasped, and slowly turned around. He was kneeling so his eyes saw Were's crotch first. Were narrowed his eyes and growled as the stranger stared at his member. The stranger then moved his gaze up. His eyes traveling up Were's chest, then meeting eye to eye. Were gasped as he stared the stranger in the eyes, for he recognized him. It was the very same creature that haunted his dreams night after night. Were took a step back, and muttered, "Y-You... What are you doing here? I thought you were just a dream."

Weregarurumon was standing there, and Cyrus was kneeling, both taken over by shock, something that was only a dream to them was now right in there faces. But while they were there, another creature watched from the shadows of the trees. Watching them, with a sick and twisted smile upon its face, and plans of unthinkable evil running through its mind. "That's right, little ones. That's right, first you meet, then you kill each other, It all works out. Your torture ends, and I am entertained. All is good, all is right."

Two creatures, each from different worlds, each a different species, each a different personality, and yet so much alike and they don't even know about it. The both loved and lost, only one more then the other, they both are subjects to a tortuous recurring nightmare. Are they destined to be together, or are they destined to live a life full of hardships? Will they know of the truth between them? Is there some kind of connection? What ever it is, it must have something to do with that Creature who watched from afar.