By: Cyber Stryker


Standard Cover your butt disclaimer:

I do not own Digimon: Digital Monsters or any of the characters herein. I receive no payment for this story and have written and posted it solely for my own and any readers’ entertainment. This story is meant for adults so any minors please back out now. Anyone who doesn’t like the idea of underage cartoon characters being sexually active, please pull the stick out of your ass, crawl back under the rock you’ve been living under since the fifties and go read something else. Thank you.


This story takes place during T.K. and Kari’s trip to America to see Mimi. A day or so before they run into Willis and Terriermon who were being attacked by Wendigomon (Kokomon is actually the name of his in-training from. I know most of you probably know that but FYI.)


T.K. tried to blink away the momentary blindness that came from Kari taking yet another picture. They were in New York visiting Mimi for a few days this summer. The other digidestined were still back in Japan enjoying lazy days on the beach and all the other relaxing things that kids their age could get away with. Yesterday they had spent the whole day with Mimi cruising all the malls she could drag them to.

But today was all about them. They were in Central Park somewhere close to the zoo since every once in a while they heard some sort of exotic animal noises. T.K. was stewing over the same thought he’d had since they had gotten away from Davis’ ever-watchful eye to keep them apart. The one thought that had been screaming in his head for the past four years, Tell her how you feel you idiot!!! When they had first met he thought that he just had a little crush on her, but as time went on and his feelings didn’t change it was starting to drive him nuts. Then the incident in the Dark Ocean had just stirred up more feelings and if he didn’t have the inevitable conversation soon he’d scream!

“So where do you want to go now?” Kari asked in the same sweet voice that haunted his dreams and fantasies.

He stood there staring at her for another moment before muttering, “Oh the hell with it.” Kari looked at him with a puzzled look for a fraction of a second before he swooped in, pulled her close and pressed his lips against hers. Patamon fell off his perch of T.K.’s head and barely caught himself with a few flaps of his wings before he hit the ground. Kari on the other hand had gone stiff from shock to mind-numbing bliss in two seconds flat.

Gatomon stood leaning against the tree they were next to smirking. “I was wondering when that would happen.”

“Uh huh,” Patamon mumbled in shock as he stared at his partner while T.K. kissed the girl that he loved. “I just didn’t expect it to happen like this.”

The kiss broke and T.K. gave Kari an apologetic smile. “S-sorry it’s just that I’ve been wanting to do that for so long…” He looked away blushing before she took his hand.

“You know that was my first kiss.” She said with a bit of a blush of her own.

“Mine too.” T.K. said making eye contact again now that he knew she wasn’t mad at him. They stood silent for another few seconds before Gatomon cleared her throat.

“You know I hate to ruin this deep moment but I’m getting hungry.”

“Me too.” Patamon added.

“Um, okay we could head back to the hotel and call for room service?” T.K. asked with a raised eyebrow while looking at Kari.

“Sounds good, I don’t think I want to explain to a restaurant why we have a talking cat and a…a-“

“Whatever?” Patamon added.

“So now you’re The Great Gonzo?” T.K. Asked jokingly. Patamon gave him a mischievous grin. T.K. smiled back. “Okay let’s go.”

Twenty minutes of walking to get out of the park, another five to get a cab and thirty minutes of midday traffic got them back to the hotel where they were staying. It was seven blocks from where Mimi’s family’s weekday apartment was so they could get together easily. By the time they got up to their rooms they were all hungry and their feet were sore from all the walking they’d been doing over the past two days. They decided to call room service from Kari’s room for the simple fact that hers was the closest.

After their stomachs were full Kari stood and stretched before announcing she was going to take a shower. “Oh okay we’ll just go to our room.” T.K. said while getting up.

“Don’t bother,” Kari said grabbing her bag, “just go on watching…what is that anyway?”

“Something about odd power fluxes in Colorado, I don’t know I’m really not paying all that much attention to it.”

“Spacing off?” Kari asked.

“Yep.” Kari gave T.K. a grin and went into the bathroom. “So what do you two want to do tomorrow?” T.K. asked turning to Gatomon and Patamon, both digimon shrugged. T.K. sighed, “Oh well no use worrying about it.”


Kari stood in the sprinkle of semi-cold water trying to wash her hair although the lack of water pressure was annoying. She’d decided on a cold shower since she couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss T.K. had given her in the park. She’d always wondered what her first kiss would be like and never imagined it would be so tender and loving. She got lost in her thoughts as she finished her shower and dried off in a short time.

She was just about to get dressed when she realized she grabbed the wrong bag, the suitcase that had all her clothes was under the bed in the other room. She snorted in annoyance and grabbed the hotel issue robe that was hanging on a peg on the door. She cautiously stuck her head out of the door to see if T.K. had noticed her coming out of the bathroom but he wasn’t in the room. Their digimon however were still on the bed watching TV.

“Where’s T.K.?” She asked.

“He said he wanted a shower too and went to his room.” Gatomon said as Patamon laughed at what they were watching. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason.” Kari lied as she pulled out her suitcase and grabbed nothing but a pair of underwear and slid them on under the robe. "I’ll be back in a little while.” She said as she nonchalantly opened the divider doors between her room and his. Gatomon had already lost interest in what Kari was doing anyway and had gone back to watching TV with Patamon.

Kari stepped into T.K.’s room and sat down on the bed, she could still hear the water running in the bathroom so she tried to get comfortable despite her nervousness at what she was about to do. When she heard the water turn off she almost bolted to the door but she managed to stay on the bed. A few minutes later T.K. came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and one over his head as he tried to dry his hair.

“Dumbass thin towels,” he mumbled, “been drying off for five minutes and I’m wetter than when I started!” Kari giggled at his ranting which stopped T.K. dead in his tracks; he moved the towel away from his face to see her sitting on his bed in a robe. “Uh…hi.” Kari smirked.

“Is that all you have to say?” She asked in a cute little pout.”

“Um I uh, confused…” T.K. stuttered not really knowing what to say or do for that matter. Kari stood up and walked over to him.

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that kiss.” She said in a sultry purr, then she leaned into him and slid her tongue into his mouth. It took a few seconds for T.K.’s brain to catch up to what was happening before he started to kiss her back. The kiss was kind of sloppy considering that this was their first french kiss, but it got better as the seconds ticked away before they had to come up for air. Both teens were breathing heavily as they stared into each other’s eyes and turned bright red.

“I really wasn’t expecting….” T.K. tried to say smoothly, but his voice squeaked at the end causing him to blush again.

Kari giggled, “I wasn’t either, this was kind of a spur of the moment type thing.” She gasped as T.K. scooped her up in his arms and walked her over to the bed. He hoped he was coming off as romantic and not some horny, skirt-chasing pervert. He put her down on the bed and sat down next to her and was about to start kissing her again when Kari swung one leg over him and got comfortable straddling his lap.

They went back to kissing, softer this time but still full of passion and after a few moments T.K. got a little bolder and untied the belt of Kari’s robe. He slid his hands underneath the material then around to her back intent on unhooking her bra but discovered she wasn’t wearing one. After hesitating for a moment he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her tightly to him.

Kari let the robe slide off her shoulders and held onto him just as tightly as he held her. She still couldn’t believe that she had initiated this. She wasn’t sure if she was even ready to go any farther, yet here she was topless on his lap and she could feel his erection pressing into her from under the towel. She had fantasized, even masturbated to this scenario more times than she was willing to admit to. Terror, anticipation and desire were currently waging war inside her head and she suspected the same was happening to T.K..

She realized that she was acting extremely out of character by being so brazen, but something seemed to fuel her forward. In the back of her mind she knew that she was far too young to be doing this, but a combination of love for the boy she was on top of and pent up desire was a force to be reckoned with. Honestly she didn’t even really want to fight it. She supposed the line of work they were in had forced them to grow up a little quicker than others their own age.

She’d noticed that Davis was a lot more immature than T.K. was. Hard decisions at a young age tended to do that to a person and she’d seen enough death and destruction during the battles with the Dark Masters to last her a lifetime…all those numemon. Before she could depress herself further she was snapped out of her troubling memories when she suddenly felt T.K. gently nibbling at her neck. She let out a small gasp of pleasure as he moved up to suck on her earlobe while his hands had migrated down and were lightly massaging her rear-end.

The heat that was generated by her arousal spread up through her body. None of her fantasies had been this tender and loving. She realized that the fact that her panties were still on at all was well beyond any timing she had in her mind. She also finally noticed that both she and T.K. were slowly undulating their hips together. Need seemed to still have a small bit of control over their more feral instincts.

The light friction between them was serving to help in the steady moistening of her sex. A quiet groan escaped her lips as T.K.’s lips came in contact with the hollow of her throat. Once again desire had taken hold completely as she raised herself off of T.K. slightly and pulled the towel off of him so it lay flat under him. Now the only thing between the two of them and the penetration she both feared and yearned for was a thin pair of arousal soaked cotton panties.

When she repositioned herself and their bodies came into very intimate contact they both let out moans of unmistakably carnal desire.

T.K. couldn’t believe how much heat her beautiful little body was generating. The rational side of his personality was trying it’s hardest to keep the part of him that desperately wanted to bang little Miss Kamiya’s brains out in check, but he was terrified that he’d lose control. The thing he didn’t count on however was how strong honor and above and beyond all other emotions love was backing up his willpower.

T.K. shifted their weight and tilted her back slightly and got his first real look at her breasts. She was developing quite nicely by any standard and he couldn’t help himself as his right hand left her equally well proportioned butt and began to ever so delicately palm the lightly raised flesh of her chest. She gave a sharp intake of breath as his thumb and forefinger gently tweaked the beautifully placed and hardened nipple in the middle of her light-pink areola.

His remaining hand slid up to the small of her back as he leaned in and kissed from her collarbone to her cleavage then to the unattended nipple of her right breast. He moaned into her chest as she had suddenly ground her hips into his from the sudden warmth of his mouth. He seriously doubted he’d last much longer under these conditions since the combination of the moist cotton against their most sensitive areas and her heat was such a huge turn on.

He really didn’t want to deal with the embarrassment of cumming this soon but at the same time was determined to make as many of his fantasies as he could a reality. He briefly considered getting off as fast as possible while he proceeded in what he was about to do and hope that he’d recover quick enough as to not disappoint her if she did want to go all the way. Common sense struck down that idea and he hoped he could just hold on until the timing was right.

Kari too was close, very close. Any more loving attention anywhere on her and she’d climax, why did he have to be so damn good at this? They were supposed to cross the threshold together, that’s how she’d always imagined it. On the other hand her fantasies never had this much foreplay or had been even close to being this good. She bit her lip against screaming out an ‘I love you!’ which she did with all her heart but she’d always felt that saying it like this would make it seem less than sincere.

T.K. slowly leaned back onto the bed, guiding her with him until she was lying on top of him. He switched to suckle at her other breast as he sent his hand back to her butt. He continued on and gently but firmly caressed her thigh and pulled her legs slightly further apart. The hand that was on her back also moved back down and he slid his fingers underneath the elastic band of her underwear.

Kari gasped as he simultaneously squoze her right butt cheek and added more pressure to her nipple. He let his hand continue and is fingertips finally came in contact with the hot, wet flesh between her legs. Her body reacted immediately as she pressed back into the welcome intrusion and two fingers slid unimpeded into her tight vulva. She groaned in pleasure as T.K. tried to get some sort of rhythm going from the odd angle at which his hand was trying to pleasure her.

The best T.K. could achieve from this position was up to the first knuckle as he stroked from the base of her cleft to the top. Barely half a minute later Kari knew she was going to cum within the next few seconds and was about to tell him to wait since she still wanted him to cum with her but she hadn’t even gotten the chance to get her mouth open.

She bucked into him and clamped her legs shut around his hand, as her eyes tightly closed, still not able to contain the bright white light that seemed to consume her field of vision. She loudly called out his name and felt the familiar gush of her cream as her vagina also clamped down on his fingertips, which had come into contact with her stiff and sensitive clitoris setting her off.

T.K. winced at the slight pain that snapped into his wrist as her legs did the same. He heard her scream his name and then the sudden wetness covering his hand, along with her hips grinding into his own roughly. Despite the fact that he was willing himself not to cum Kari’s sudden movement against him had been exactly what was needed to push him over the edge and with a grunt slightly muffled by her chest against his mouth he came in the hardest orgasm he’d ever experienced.

Kari collapsed on top of T.K.’s body limply. She was panting heavily and felt like she couldn’t move. Fortunately for her she didn’t have to, T.K. rolled them over so he was positioned lightly on top of her as his mouth found hers and they shared a long passionate kiss. After their lips broke contact and she had regained enough of her composure to breathe more or less normally Kari kissed him along his jaw line. “Thank you.” She said a little sadly.

“What’s wrong?” T.K. asked worried that he’d done something to upset her.

“It’s nothing really,” she sighed. “It’s just that in all my fantasies we finished together.” T.K. gave her the biggest dumbass grin she’d ever seen. “What?”

T.K. chuckled lightly and kissed her just as gently. “We did. Cum together, I mean.”

She almost didn’t believe him until she got her hand between their bodies and felt the thicker cream that was on the outside of her totally soaked underwear. In the next instant T.K. groaned as his semi-hard member was being slowly stroked by Kari’s soft hand. Now that the initial mind-altering lust had somewhat drained away along with the tension Kari was determined have a little more fun and for that she needed him hard again.

T.K. closed his eyes as she slowly and gently continued the hand job, but this soon after the last orgasm he was almost too sensitive to enjoy it. “It’s a little too soon.” He whisper/whimpered into her ear and she reluctantly let him go. He had taken care of her needs first and she hadn’t even been thinking about his and she wanted to make up for it. He took her hands and laced his fingers in with hers and held them above her head.

“Anything I can do to get you ready again?” She asked hopefully.

“Well there is one thing I’ve always wanted to do to you.” He said nuzzling into her neck and enjoying the smell of her skin, which seemed to be a mix of the soap from her shower, sweat and her arousal.

“What?” She half sighed as he gave her a light hickey. He made eye contact and she could see a playful glint in his eye.

“Just lay back and let me do everything.”

“But that’s what you did last time.” She protested, feeling as if she wasn’t doing her share in their lovemaking.

T.K. kissed her again, his tongue running over her teeth for a moment. “I like taking care of you.” He said so soft and lovingly that she blushed. With nothing furthermore to say he began kissing down her body again, darting his tongue here and there whenever he came to something he liked, which was often. Kari cooed with delight as he found more and more sensitive areas to touch her in. He spent a few minutes around her breasts liking and suckling wherever he chose and Kari loved every moment of it. He slowly continued downward and ran his tongue over her stomach and flicked it into her bellybutton.

Kari shifted and fidgeted in anticipation of what she was sure he was going to do to her. The very stuff of all her wet dreams, the one thing she wouldn’t dare to ask for directly but wanted almost as much as she wanted him to be here with her. T.K. got off the bed and stopped when he was on his knees in front of her. She felt his hands on either side of her panties and he drew them down slowly, exposing to his eyes what he had wanted to see just as badly as he wanted to touch, to pleasure.

After he got the soaked underwear off of her he tossed them behind him since they were little more than a nuisance at the moment. And there she was. Her lovely body in all her supple glory. Her legs were open to a slight vee leading up to her excited entrance and the light colored hairs that sparsely cover her mound which had begun to grow in the past six months. T.K. knew he was staring but he couldn’t help himself. She’d slowly revealed herself to him over the last half-hour but this blew away all prior thoughts.

She was so beautiful…all of her. Here was the girl he’d spent the better part of the last five years dreaming about, she was and always had been no matter what the age his idea of the perfect woman. His penis immediately came to full -almost painful- attention at the sight of her. One look at the slightly embarrassed smile on her face and he fell in love with her all over again.

Just as badly as he wanted to pleasure her he wanted to cradle her in his arms and never let go. He wanted so badly to profess his love for her here and now but as desire addled as they both were it probably wasn’t the best time. He’d take care of all of that once they were finished. Once he had his arms around her as they lay in the afterglow of the pleasure he’d tell her over and over again along with little kisses just how much he cared. But for now he needed to make his favorite fantasy come true.

T.K. repositioned himself, leaned down and softly kissed her tummy again. He darted passed her center altogether and kissed along her thighs, alternating between sides. He felt her shudder with excitement as he drew closer to they point they both wanted him to touch so badly. This close to the source of that sexy, musky scent and he lost his resolve to tease her any longer.

He placed a gentle kiss on her puffy lower lips and slowly slid his tongue up and down and then inside her as far as he could. Kari moaned, pushing herself into his mouth and running her fingers through his hair. Nothing had ever made her feel this good, this sexy and this loved. T.K. licked from top to bottom and back again. He couldn’t quite compare her taste to anything he knew and he really didn’t care. She tasted great and that’s all that mattered at the moment.

He decided to find her clit, which was a lot easier than he thought it would be once he set his mind to it. As soon as he heard her gasp and press harder into his face he knew he’d found it. Wrapping his lips around her love button he began to suck and then hum against it. This seemed to drive her wild as she bucked against him and moaned out his name. He brought up his hand and slowly began to pump one finger into her.

Kari moaned and bucked at his mouth then began to pant as he added another finger and sucked on her clit even harder. She pressed her hands harder into the back of his head as if she was afraid he would stop. She couldn’t take much more of this and was about to tell him she was close when his fingers began to twist inside her and he quickened his pace and his tongue flicked back and forth over her clit.

Kari’s hands balled up into fists in his hair as she came again, this time even harder. She had opened her mouth to call out to him but all that she could manage were soundless cries of ecstasy in contrast to the noise she had made before. Her back arched as she involuntarily raised off the bed trying to push herself further into his mouth. As she came down from that monster orgasm and her mind slowly regained some control over her hormones she realized that T.K. was still, although slower and more gently eating her out.

She let go of his head and noticed that her hands hurt. How tightly had she closed her fists anyway? A quick look at her palms and she saw that her nails had left grooves on her hand along with a few loose hairs she had accidentally pulled off of T.K. who either didn’t notice or didn’t seem to care. He slowly started kissing back up her body until he was back on the bed with her. Their lips found each other again and they kissed for a few long seconds. When the kiss broke Kari tried her best to give him the sexiest look she could and softly whispered, “T.K. make love to me…”

“I don’t have a-” He started.

“I really don’t care.” Kari interjected.

“Maybe I could run down to the hotel drug store.” Kari bit her lip. She wanted him now, but they couldn’t risk her getting pregnant. She could almost hear all the yelling that would cause. Tai and Davis would probably beat the living crap out of him. That would end up causing both their brothers to start a brawl fest. Not to mention their parents.

“Hurry.” She said more like a command than an entreaty. T.K. was off of her and tearing through his suitcase for his clothes in what seemed like no time at all. He slipped on his shoes, grabbed the room key and with one last look back to her he was gone. She could hear him running down the hall for a few seconds before she guessed he had gotten to the elevator.

A minute ticked by then another; she was starting to get nervous. Without him here holding her, fear started creeping into her mind. What if he didn’t want her after this? What if she wasn’t good enough? Then again it wasn’t like either of them had anything to compare to. At least she hoped he didn’t have anything to compare to. He never really talked about friends he’d made when he’d moved to France with his mother for that year and a half. Had he met some little French tramp who purposely swished her hips when she walked and been with her?

Kari shook herself out of that train of thought. She was being paranoid; there was no reason for her to even suspect he’d had a previous girlfriend. Suddenly she heard the key in the lock and he was back, he kicked off his shoes and had his shirt off by the time he made it back to the bed. He had a small box in his hands so he’d apparently been successful in getting some condoms.

His tongue slipped back into her mouth and she was lying back on the bed before she’d been able to think of something to say. “I missed you.” He said breaking the kiss as he started trying to get his shorts off. He couldn’t seem to get a grip on them with the condoms in his hands so Kari just yanked them off of him. A few kicks later and all his clothes were on the floor and his tongue was back in her mouth.

After a few seconds of actively trying to suck each other’s lips off T.K. rolled off of her and reluctantly turned his attention to getting the box of condoms open. Once he’d completely mutilated the box beyond recognition he started trying to get one of the little packets open. Kari grabbed one and didn’t fare much better as they sat there being thwarted by foil. The ridiculousness of the situation hit her and she started giggling almost uncontrollably.

T.K. looked at her like she had lost her mind for a second before he too started laughing, which just made Kari giggle harder. After she’d regained some of her composure she picked up one, which the packaging hadn’t been twisted to the point of refusing to let what it held out and she calmly found a notch that had a little arrow that said ‘tear here’ did so and pulled out the latex disc. After scanning the back of the foil for instructions she took it upon herself to put it on him.

She placed it over the head of is penis and slowly rolled it down getting a groan out of him as she gave him a gentle squeeze when it reached the base. T.K. wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her on top of him, which was fine with her, she wanted as much control as possible at this point. They shifted their position until she took him in her hand and started to guide him into her. She stopped lowering herself onto him just as she felt the head slide into her. They both moaned and she felt him twitch inside her.

T.K.’s hands went back to her bare butt and he tenderly kneaded her cute little behind. They continued kissing for the next few minutes as they each half-heartedly fought their urges to grind into the other. Finally the need became far too great and Kari slowly lowered herself totally onto him. T.K. moved his hips upward to meet hers as she completed their link, both moaning all the way.

For a few seconds he was confused, he thought there was supposed to be a barrier they’d have to breakthrough. Kari seemed to pick up on it as she saw the unasked question in his eyes. “I um…took care of that myself a few months ago.” She could feel her face burn with the blush as she had just admitted to him that she had been masturbating. Relief crossed his features as she realized that he had been afraid that he hadn’t been the first. She opened her mouth again but stopped short of asking.

T.K.’s gently whispered, “You’re my first too.” Kari sucked his tongue into her mouth and her lower lips clenched down on him and he moaned into her mouth. Slowly Kari began to rise off of him until only the head was still inside of her before she quickly came back down. She continued the rhythm for a few minutes before T.K. held her from moving.

“Just wait a minute. I was really close.” He gave as an explanation. After a few soft kisses he moved back down to her chest and began tweaking her nipples with his tongue and lips. This combined with the feeling of him inside her and Kari had to start up the rhythm again. This time she moved slower and had wriggled around so that every motion came in contact with her clit. Both their moans slowly turned to grunts of pleasure until Kari was sure she’d explode.

Suddenly without any warning T.K. flipped them over so that he was on top and took over the harder task of keeping up the rhythm. She was very grateful for that considering the fact that she had no idea how long she could keep it up. Their mouths found each other again and T.K. urgently nibbled on her lower lip then slid his tongue back into her mouth to play with hers.

She wrapped her legs around his torso, which seemed to allow him to thrust deeper into her and she felt the building orgasm reach the breaking point as she went over the edge and came harder than the previous two she’d already had. She screamed into his mouth as the white-hot pleasure coursed through her body. Her body pressed into his roughly as the climax continued to an almost painful degree. After what had to be at least five seconds of ecstasy she fell limply against the bed, post-orgasmic delirium coated her mind like an impenetrable fog.

She was dimly aware that T.K. was still pumping into her try to reach his own orgasm. After what seemed like forever to him but what was in actuality only a few seconds T.K. reached his limit and came also. He fell limply against her and they lay there panting in a daze for a few minutes. A few gentle kisses later T.K. slowly raised up, pulling out of her. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no way he’d be able to do much more of anything for a while, but it didn’t seem to be an issue.

Kari had a demure little smile across her soft features so he guessed she was satisfied. After almost falling over when he tried to stand up he trashed the condom, cranked up the AC since the room felt so hot and eagerly slid back into the bed with Kari. She snuggled up against him and he wondered if she had even noticed him getting off the bed in the first place. He kissed her a few more times and pulled her tighter into his arms, he felt so sleepy but there was one last matter he absolutely had to attend to before he gave in.


“Hmm?” She sounded half-asleep already.

He raised her head with a finger under her chin so that they were making eye contact. “I love you.”

“I know, I love you too.” She whispered then kissed him again then closed her eyes. He lay there staring at her pretty features as her breathing slowed and she fell into a deep sleep. That would have to do for now, he’d make some sort of grand gesture later. Now he was just too sleepy…


In the other room Angemon lay holding Angewomon against him, a contented smile on her pretty face. He had no idea what had forced them to digivolve or why she had jumped him like that. Their helmets had rolled off somewhere and he had no inclination to find them anyway, he had always loved her eyes, they were so beautiful. She was breathing deeply and her wings were comfortably folded on her back. There were feathers all over the room and he was rather surprised that T.K. and Kari hadn’t…heard…them.

An idiotic smile mirroring T.K.’s appeared on his face as he realized what had happened. They’d always suspected that more then just their digivices connected both digimon and partner, this only seemed to prove it. Although he was puzzled at how she had digivolved to ultimate at all since they didn’t have their crests anymore. Oh well it didn’t really matter. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head, he’d always been attracted to her, even when they had been enemies.

He’d have to remember to tease T.K. a little bit about him knowing later. He closed his eyes and also slowly fell asleep. Just as his breathing started to slow both digimon de-digivolved back to Patamon and Gatomon, still curled on the bed together.