Takari Recess


(Enter: Crimsonphoenixmon (in his human form which he'll be in unless I or he says otherwise), TK, Kari, Tai, Matt, Sora and Mimi).


Crimsonphoenixmon: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm Crimsonphoenixmon, the author of the lemons you'll be reading or listening to. Basically I’ll be narrating the lemon. I would like to introduce the stage direction reader, my friend Crimsonmon.


Everything he says will be in brackets.

This series will be read from the stage in the theatre we are in, which is in my massive house. My home is in another dimension to the digital world, like that Dark Ocean, except my world obviously isn’t evil.

Also I would like to dedicate this series to Robster80, Lord Archive and Red Rover, but I mainly dedicate it to Robster80. You got me into this stuff and you can’t persuade me out of it.

A little about me, I am an extreme level Digimon, the level after mega, and one of the most powerful ever. My powers include being able to change between a human form, which I’ll be in usually because the other, real, form is me the huge phoenix Digimon. In my human form you couldn’t distinguish between me and a real human until I show that I can fly, my psychic ability,  my extremely fast reactions and how fast I can fly, run and generally move.

I am a great fan of Takari, as my favorite characters are TK and Kari and this is the lemon where TK and Kari loss their virginity for those of you who don't know.

Tai: Now I'm finally gonna be told the story of how my little sister lost her virginity.

Kari: We told you Tai.

Tai: No you didn't.

TK: Yes we did.

Tai: When?

Matt: When we got back from the digital world when we were 12.

Tai: I didn't believe you then.

TK: Tell him the lemon, to prove to Tai that we're telling the truth.

Crimsonphoenixmon: (making notes) Ok. This.............

Sora: Don't for get the disclaimer.

Kari:(sort of lying) What's the big deal with disclaimers, sure it tells that he doesn't own Digimon or any other big company shit he mentions in this lemon. Also it tells you that if you are under the age of 18 or if you're offend by sex tales not to continue reading. It just makes me thing that you could put 'see the last episode' in.

Mimi: This is the first episode.

Kari: Sorry, I forgot.

Crimsonphoenixmon: Thanks for reading the disclaimer for me Kari.

Kari: No problem.

Mimi: You forgot something.

Crimsonphoenixmon: What?

Mimi: You forgot to say that this is the Young Love series.

Crimsonphoenixmon: It’s actually the Young Love sub-series. The whole series is called The Life’s Game Series. Anyway, this is my first lemon; I'm probably shit at it, but if I'm not these are for your pleasure........

Sora: Who ever said that you're shit?

Crimsonphoenixmon: No one. I'm just assuming that because I'm new to the business.

TK: Now can we prove to Tai that Kari and I are right.

Crimsonphoenixmon: Ok. Now for your enjoyment I'm proud to present my first lemon.......................

Mimi: Wait!

TK+Kari: SHUT UP!!!!!!

Crimsonphoenixmon: It's a Takari......

TK+Kari: (applauding) Yeah.

Crimsonphoenixmon: Thanks, and now here's Takari Recess.




"Let's set up camp for the night," Mimi groaned as her digidestined group marched uphill through a digital forest. The group had been split up into 2. TK, Kari, Sora, Mimi and their Digimon in one half with Tai, Matt, Izzy, Joe and their respective Digimon in the other.

"Let's get to the top of the hill first Mimi," Sora replied warn out herself.

"Why?" enquired Mimi.

"Because if we don't the chances of us finding Piximon's friend are dramatically decreased," finished Sora.

While Sora endeavored to explain to Mimi on what they had to do, young TK was thinking of other. Kari was walking in front of him and he had a major crush on Kari since the day they first met. He had a problem though; he was to shy to tell her how he felt and also what he would do if she didn't fell the same way about him. Luckily for TK, Kari was thinking about him in the same way but she's also to shy to him know. So for now TK could only stare at Kari's young slim body, which he continued to do up till the top of the hill where the group set up camp.

During the night TK awoke needing a piss, so he walked for into some bushes, unaware that he had woken Kari, who curiously followed him. The young girl followed TK through some bushes where he was pissing up a tree. Kari waited for him to finish and called him, "TK."

"Who's there?" TK jumped in shock.

"It's me TK", Kari walked out of the bushes.

"Kari what are you doing here?" TK continued to question.

"I wondered what you were doing so I followed you," replied Kari sitting down. TK walked over to sit with Kari. The two sat there for a few minutes enjoying each others company, until Kari noticed something sticking out of TK's shorts.

"What's that?" Kari asked, "It's so big."

"Eeeerrr.... thanks," TK replied as Kari began to touch his cock. This stroking caused TK to gasp and moan. After about half a minute TK finally found the courage to tell Kari how he felt. He gently lifted Kari's face to his, "Kari, I have something to tell you."

"What is it TK?" Kari curiously asked.

TK swallowed hard and told her, "I love you Kari. I've loved you ever since I first set my eyes on your good lookin' body, and I........... I would like to date you."

A large smile grew across Kari’s face and then she pushed him over while giving him a passionate kiss. TK’s cock became harder as it was pushed against Kari’s young crotch.

Kari broke the kiss, “I saw this thing which Tai and Sora were doing, where they put their tongues in each others mouths. Do you want to try it?”

“I’ll try,” TK replied as he moved closer to French kiss Kari. The two continued for a few minutes until Kari again broke it.

“What is this big hard thing TK?”

“It’s my dick, I use it to pee.”

“Ohh, Tai has one of them too but I think his isn’t as big as yours.”




Mimi: Everyone knows that TK has a bigger dick than Tai now.

Tai: (blushes) SO.

Kari: Yeah so. I have bigger tits than you but you don’t see me making a fuss about it. (Starts to stroke TK’s crotch n TK begins to moan)(Mimi finally shits up).

Crimsonphoenixmon: Finally someone shut her up.

Matt: Can we continue?

Crimsonphoenixmon: Yes.




“What are you doing Kari?” TK asked as the young girl started to take his shorts and boxers off.

“Getting a better look,” Kari answered as she pulled his boxers off his legs.

TK, being hot, removed his hat and all his upper body clothes, leaving him naked with Kari rubbing her hands up and down his hard member. The rubbing made TK begin to moan in pleasure. Kari stopped a seconded to taste some precum on the tip of TK’s cock. She licked the tasted so she began licking the head causing TK to moan louder. The brown haired girl realized that she was giving her friend pleasure, so she took more of the shaft in and deep throated some of him. Kari slowly bobbed her head up and down over TK’s dick while sucking hard on it. TK’s moans began to get loader as Kari’s pace and his pleasure built up. When Kari was going as fast a she could, TK let out a really loud moan and squirted a few tiny drops of hot, thick cum into Kari’s mouth. She loved the taste and swallowed all of the cum.

“That was great,” TK panted, while he moved so he could strip Kari. The young boy removed all of Kari’s clothes a quickly as he could before he started kissing her neck. He slowly moved down to Kari’s right nipple and began to suck. Kari moan, indicating to TK that she was enjoying it. The blonde boy moved his right hand to Kari’s left nipple and began to rub it between his fingers. After a few minutes, TK decided to move down to Kari’s perfect, hairless pussy where he rubbed his long up and down the soft lips. Kari moaned again as she felt TK’s soft tongue brush over her lips, up to and over her clit, then back down again. Kari moaned again but this time it was much loader. TK playfully inserted his tongue between the pussy lips and licked up all the moisture that had collected there. The blonde boy then moved his mouth so he was in a position to suck Kari’s hard clit. He flicked it with is tongue as he gently rubbed the bulb between his teeth. This made Kari’s moans even louder because of the pleasure she was receiving. TK finally decided to move down the slit to a hole he found earlier, the hole that the moisture was leaking out off. He gently pushed his tongue up and explored all the area before Kari’s hymen.  The young boy began licking around in the small area finding out that certain places, when he licked then, made Kari moan more loudly. TK began to speed up his licking making Kari moan more and leak the juices he was after onto his tongue. The blonde boy loved the taste and smell as much as he loved Kari herself. Kari’s moans turned to screams as she felt like her cunt would explode if TK continued. Indeed it did explode as she screamed while arching her back and covering TK in her sweet cum. Kari lay on the ground, panting as TK clean himself and her up.

“What do you want to do now?” Kari looked up at TK.

“Don’t know,” the boy replied.

“Do you want to try and put our two things together,” Kari continued.

“I’ll try,” TK replied as he climbed over Kari and positioned himself at her entrance. “Are you ready?”

“Sure,” Kari replied as she braced herself.

TK placed a hand on his hard cock to help guide himself in. The young lad pushed his dick into Kari’s wet, from her orgasm, pussy, until he hit a barrier. He pulled back slightly before trusting himself through the barrier and all the way up to Kari’s cervix.

“AHHH, you’re so big!” Kari screamed in pain and pleasures as TK’s cock stretched open her virgin pussy. TK pulled back before pushing himself back up to Kari’s cervix and his rhythm began. After a few humps Kari’s pain disappeared. She realized that TK’s length was a perfect match, even though his dick was slightly too fat for her comfort.

It didn’t talk long for the two young kids to reach synchronization, which was surprising because or their inexperience. Both young digidestined enjoyed the feel of TK’s cock sliding up, deep, and down Kari’s wet pussy. This was emphasized when they reached their first moans together. Kari’s juices started to slowly dribble out off TK’s cock onto his balls, then the floor. TK picked up his pace increasing the couples moans and pleasure. The amount of precum juices and moans continued to increase as the pleasure built up with in the kid’s little bodies. The couple screamed each others names when they reached their climax, together. They arched their backs as Kari’s pussy tightly gripped TK’s pulsating dick. The blonde haired lad shot his few drops of cum powerfully and deep into Kari’s waiting womb as the girl’s pussy cover TK’s mid section in cum.

TK collapsed over Kari as they both lay there totally drained of their energy. “I love you Kari,” TK looked his girlfriend in the eyes.

“I love you too TK,” she looked back at him.

After a couple of minutes they finally regained enough energy to grab their clothes and head back to camp. That night they slept naked with sleeping bags zipped up together.




(At the back of the theatre)



(As you can guess they’re fucking. Now back to the front).

Sora: They’ve not changed since.

Crimsonphoenixmon: Well what did you think?

Matt: I liked it.

Sora: Yeah, it was great.

Crimsonphoenixmon: Any comments and ideas could you send them to me at Crimsonphoenixmon@hotmail.co.uk. Also could you send me any nuclear warheads or any other weapons of mass destruction you may have?

Mimi: Why?

Crimsonphoenixmon: So I can defend myself against terrorists if they come after me or my stories.

Tai: That makes sense.

TK: (Now fully dressed and back at the front with Kari) See Tai we were telling the truth.

Tai: Ok.

Crimsonphoenixmon: Anyway I must go now; I’ll see you all net time. Keep the fire burning, peace out.