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Story - 01 [Digital Beginning's]



Series - 01 [ Digital Beginning's]



there is no sexual content in this story because it is the intro to the characters



Characters used  [my own names i came up with  and digimon from the shows]



            It was your average day at Parkveiw Middle School, Bobby and his friends



Christal, Thea, Bruce, Richard, and Bruce's little brother David where all in the computer



lab alone seeing as how the teacher Mrs. Garrard had left them to receive a phone call



from her Husband.  Bruce was already surfing the porn sites as Richard and David



watched, Myself (Bobby, your narrator and main character [i sooo rock]) was busy



looking at digimon info from my favorite TV show.  When suddenly a strange greenish



glow began to emit from my Computer, we all jumped back and watched as a bright void



came out of the monitor.  Then just as suddenly we felt ourselves being sucked into the



void, strange bright lights flew past us as we were sucked through the portal, not knowing



where our destination lied, but one thing was For sure this was NOT normal. 



            Soon after we awoke we found ourselves in a strange place, but for some reason it



Felt oddly familiar to me, like I had been there before yet I knew I hadn't.  As i began to



look around I noticed that everyone was looking at me weirdly like i had something on my



head, as i reached up i found that i had a pair of goggles on my head, as soon as this



realization hit me i Knew exactly where we where.



Bobby: " oh my God this must be the Digital World"



Christal: " don't be so stupid that's just a kids TV show"



Richard: "oh yeah? well how else do you explain where we are"



Bruce: " we sure aren't in a porno, that's for sure"



David: " i wanna go home.. i don't like it here"



Impmon: " yeah well i don't really like you guys being here myself"



Christal: *screams and points at impmon* "what the heck is that!"



Bobby: "Cool its an Impmon!!!"



Impmon: "yeah yeah thats me kid so how'd you guys get here?"



Richard: "isn't it obvious" *pointing to the sky* " we fell from this weird hole or void"



Bobby *thinking to himself * ~~man it would be so cool to have Impmon as my partner~~



as I think about how awesome Impmon is and how much i want him as my partner



Impmon Begins to glow and a digivice appears floating to my hand.



Impmon: "whoa whets going on"



Bobby: "whoa cool I have a digivice... Impmon must be my digimon now ... oh this is






Impmon: " yeah i guess so"



Bobby: "hey lets get going to see how many other cool digimon we can find guy's!!"



David: "Yeah I'm with you Bobby!"



Thea ~id follow you anywhere~ "yeah sure thing Bobby"



Christal: "this is stupid ... we should be trying to get back home!!... my mom will be



worried sick!!"  ~thats if i could get her to pay any attention to me~



            As they walked on through the digital world passing many digimon villages and



meeting some cute in-training digimon Thea met up with a Gabumon who became her



partner, Christal met up with a Gatomon who became her partner, Richard met up and



became Partners with an Agumon, and David soon after found his partner in a Palmon.



Christal: "man your digimon are so small if we get into trouble how are we going to



protect ourselves!"



Renamon: " I have to agree, and who better then myself to protect you and your digimon"



Impmon "hey toots, did I ask you to protect me?? eh??"



Bobby *Chuckles*



Renamon "very well but still you will need at least one more digimon to travel with


right?" *looking at me being the obvious leader*



Bobby "yeah but i have a digimon" *holds up my digivice* "and so does everyone else but



Christal... and good luck getting with her"



Christal ~renamon is bigger then these others ... maybe if I get it to be my partner we wont



get into too much truble~



            Then Renamon glowed and soon a digivice was in Christal's hand.



Christal: "whoa.. that's cool"



Bobby: " hey guys do you hear that sound?"



Richard: "yeah its like a weird buzzing"



Bruce: " i hope that's my digimon" *looks around like he was suddenly forgoten*




            as the kids look around trying to find out where the buzzing sound is coming from,



Bruce falls over a rock, but as he gets up he notices the rock is really a betamon!



Bruce: "Cool! what are you!!??"



Bobby: " that's a betamon stupid "



Betamon: "yep that's me!"



Bruce: " will you be my digimon!!??"



Betamon " sure!"



Bruce "coooooooool!!"



            as bruce reseaves his digivice from Betamon, the buzzing has gotten a lot louder



Bobby: " oh shit!... Its a Snimon.. and it doesn't look too happy!!"



Impmon: " yeah kid your right.. Everyone run away!!"



            And as the snimon attacks them the kids all run in different directions  getting



mixed up with their partner digimon Bobby accidentally gets lost with Gatomon, while



Impmon and Thea get separated, Gabumon ends up with Christal and Renamon, Richard



ends up with Betamon scooping him up and running away with Bruce right behind, David



gets pulled behind Palmon And Agumon.






Well, that's the end of this my very first lemon!! (yay) i hoped you liked it !!!



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