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Hall of mirrors

Silver door part one, chapt 2

non con ken x Kimeramon

Lost to the night..again


The day along with the sun flees over the mountains and into the sea, leaving the sky barren of anything as the
dark night settled in, sweeping the world clean.

The night spread itself thinly over the sky, pale round face of a full moon gleaming down from above, shedding its
cold light through the open windows of the fortress.

He leans heavily on the pillar, knowing it will be back soon, stinking of blood from a fresh kill.

There is no escape, he could run to the mountains, the farthest reaches of the world and it would still be able to
find him no mater what.

The boy, the former Kaiser, was a slave to his own creation.


He plopped down on the cold hard floor, watching the wind blew dried up leaves across the gaping window.

He curled up into a ball, hugging his knees closely to him and slowly rocked back and forth. Slender tears as
salty and clear as the sea of lost dreams, rolled down his cheeks, dripping to the floor far below and shattering
with the lost hopes and dreams.

Why. Why couldn’t he leave it, and the imposing darkness that suffocated his mind.

A single boy huddled in the shadow of the ancient fortress, something inside broken for all time.

Dirty, he felt dirty.

Ken clutched himself even more, withdrawing into himself.

“ What did you do to me?”

Unaware of his own hand sliding across his firm chest at the thought of the dark beast, invading his small body
forcefully, using him, like he used the others.

He could feel it in the back of his mind, its presence a dark iron ball of concentrated darkness lurking just out
of reach.

He bit his lower lip, trying not to think of what had happened last night.

The sound of a heavy metal buckle hitting the floor echoed in the vastness, bouncing off the shadowy walls of
nothingness and lost memories.


He stroked his erection through the thin fabric of the pants, feeling the need, the dark hunger slowly swell like
an oncoming tide.

It smashed with the force of the unyielding sea against rock, neither willing to give, neither will to submit to
the other. The force of the sea ramming again and again on the rock, tirelessly.

“ Why? Why are you in my mind?” he whispered to the fortress, only the ghosts of the past hearing his desperate
plea and ignoring him as they simply wait and watch from the corners of nothingness.

He let his hand wonder down his pants, slipping the buckle loose and slowly unzipping them. He whimpered as he
stroked his erection, droplets of pre falling down his smooth hand.

Pulling his pants further down so his warm skin was resting against he cold rough stone, feeling it slide against
his flesh in an unforgiving way.

So he was reduced to this, left along in the bowls of the fortress, unable to stave off the sweet sickly darkness
that was the other side that he didn’t want to face, not now, not ever.

He stroked with the desperation of a madman seeking some immortality from the gods of old, the sheer wanton need,
the primitive want flooded his mind with a black tide that engulfed and drowned him, dragging him deeply into the
forbidding treasures of the deep. He clawed at the stone floors as warm salty pre, as salty and pure as the sea,
flowed down his hand to the floor below.

It was an addiction, one he willing took and let it eat him alive. Devour every waking moment and sleeping

“ I..I want you in me, I want to feel it.” he whispered into the lightless passages of night.

Kimeramon, the beast, the monster, the taker of life. It cared little for whom or what if killed. Rending with its
cracked claws. Its dark twisted mind seeped into his, sinking deeply into the darkest depths. It knew everything he
did, every desire, every hate, everything no mater how he tried to hide it.

It was the power he wanted for himself, all to himself. Power he would never have so he made it.

Its cold black tongue danced on his naked flesh, seeking the soft warmth .Human warmth it lacked and wanted. He
shuddered under the memory of its touch, the rough pads of its long clawed hands caressing every inch of his skin
despite his pleas to stop his mind begged for it, calling out with a lust unheard of before.

The former Kaiser cried out as sensations coursed up his back, dull compared to the heat shared by the closeness
of the beast.

He screamed in frustration, tearing at his suit, ripping the thin midnight sort fabric. He clawed at the
unyielding stone, yelling at Anazani in all his pent furry and hate, pounding on its cold walls, screaming at it.

If the ancient fortress was listening to the small human it gave no sign, remaining impassive and silent as ever
in its own timeless way.

He slumped down, his voice cracking slightly as he vented his rage the stone.


“ No! How can you be so stupid!” Osamu flung the papers at the small child’s face with a snarl. Ken had long
learned to expect to be beaten or worse, only a question of when.

“ I..I’m sorry..” pain blossomed in the left side of his head, the pain came in layers of old memories as the dull
ache spread through his jaw.

“ Look at me you bag of crap!” Osamu’s fingers were talons as they dug into his arm as he pulled his much smaller
brother off the floor were he had fallen, nearly wrenching his arm form its socket.

Ken gritted his teeth as the muscles at the back of his neck seized like steel cords to prevent his head from
snapping back and forth like a dolls.

His mind was already retreating back to its safe sanctuary of ivory far away from the coming pain, trying to
shield itself. To run away, to hide itself.

Tears fell down the sides of his face as he flinched away from the raging force of his brother, shrinking down,
making himself smaller.

“ Stop cringing damn it!”

His legs gave out and he collapsed to the rough carpeted floor.

Tears were a weakness, and weakness was not to be tolerated. He hates weakness.

He wanted to scream, but he couldn’t or he would be beaten badly. The wail raised the back of his throat as he
fought it back, cringing in the shadow of the beast.

With out warning he knelt and pulled his brother upright, he squeezed ken shoulder tightly, leaving a set of
bruises on the fair flesh as she whimpered in the vice like grip.

He went limp as the sound a zipper slowly being undone, his mind screamed in its bony cage and clawed at the edges
of darkness in vain, it knew all to well what was coming.

“ You’ve been bad Kenny boy. And bad boys need to be punished. “

His mouth worked and no sound came from it and the tears only came faster.

His mind shut itself dawn as much as it could, catching only the fading glimpses of what was coming. The rough
hands all over his skin, the cold uncaring touch on places he tried to shield with his hands only to be hit hard
enough to draw a soft cry from his lips.

He gripped at the soft cotton pajama bottoms as they were ripped off, he cried loudly as his flailing legs were
pinned down, the rough carpet fibers digging into his skin.

Release did not come in merciful darkness but in pain.


Dark agony that ate way the foundation of his mind and soul, smothering the bright light forever with a veil

Osamu griped the small boys legs tightly, not caring of the pain he caused as he forced his large prick into the
small hole, each thrust making it go a little deeper inside. He liked to watch it disappear in side the warm
tightness that engulfed it. He didn’t hear the screams of the child over his own pleasure.


A dark long shadow fell over his still from as he slowly slides to the floor; the sound of claws ticking on the
stone floor filled his ears, waking him from his nightmarish memories.

He vaguely remembered his pants were still around his knees.

Something brushed down his back, ruffling the torn stained shirt. The first touch is light, experimental, almost

It knew there was something wrong with its creator. Something deeply troubled it. Though it had only seen glimpses
of things, images through its mind. For some reason it could not explain why these images bothered it.

It didn’t like things that bothered its master.


He hissed as he felt the cold scaly lips trail fire down his throat and collarbone and a clawed hand easily and
slowly slid his pants off. The smell of wanted desire thick like the jungle mists, fertile and male.

The dragon’s lips pressed harshly against the boy’s soft lush lips, drawing the sweetness from them.

Its long black tongue rasped over his, exploring and intertwining with his own tongue as he struggled under its

He stopped struggling slightly as it passed over his chest, tasting and caressing with maddening light touches
soft as a feathers over his tanned firm skin that made him squirm. It lapped at his neck, delighting how the human
twisted to get away, feeling how he secretly desired it. He shudders under soft touches as it dances across his rib
cage slowly sinking lower. Pushing aside the shirt with its long slender snout, its warm breath on his skin raising
goose bumps.

The will to fight melted with the coming of the darkness filling his mind, chasing the frail light away.

It presses him harder on his back.

“ Please.. don’t.”

Some part of him wanted it badly, struggling to dominate the mind, to seek out the pleasure-inducing thing.

“ Mine.”

Ice over ice, reaching the farthest limits of the light and shadow, two powerful forces slowly grinding away at
each other, one evenly giving to the stronger.

And he hates it, every last moment of the cold dark shadow looming over him, its touch drawing unwanted pleasure
no matter how hard he tries to fight it.

It gripped his thighs tightly, the long claws breaking his skin.

He twisted in its grip; the heavy oily musk sent threatening to over whelm him again.

Tears slip form his eyes.

The creature’s tongue brushed over his skin, Ken bites back a soft moan at the touch, his fists clenching tightly.

He lies panting, his erection standing painfully out.

His thighs are willing spread now, no longer fighting the creator’s power.


He tried to stop himself from wanting the dark pleasure. To crawl away but something held him there.

He could feel the dragon’s cock press against him; the ring of his ass was on fire as the head shoved against it,
forcing its way in inch by painful inch.

He thrashed against the mass of scale and muscle, making no difference as it forced it in.

The steady burning pain invaded his mind and body.

Pain and pleasure mixed into a blur of things his overworked mind could not comprehend as he cried out to the dark

Ken’s body shuddered with each rough thrust, moaning as its warm slimly tongue danced over his sweat soaked flesh.
His hands twisted in its fur tightly gripping.

His head swam and his body was on fire, nothing was ever like this, being filled, being forced open by the
powerful thrusts of another males cock. He trembled as its body pressed down on his.

Ken started to rock with the motions, his own mind lost in another’s. The pleasure is mind shattering, griping the
dark fur now soaked with pre and sweat, he can only gasp and moan as the waves hit. Each one rocking him back.

He can feel the pole of flesh sliding in and out, the hard breathing of Kimeramon and himself. Its hot breath
washing over him.

Kimeramon grunted in low tones, griping him tightly with each rough thrust, penetrating the small hole.

It was anything but gentle with him, its long claws pricing his skin slightly, Ken didn’t notice, too lost in his
own dark pleasure.

Ken squeezed his eyes closed as he was fucked with no mercy.

“ Unnnn…Dai-kun!”

A steady flow of warm cum rocketed up his sore ass, as Kimeramon let out a roar that matched Kens own climatic cry.


TBC part three dreams to nightmares