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The air was damp and thick with the smell of dead things, some how familiar and frightening at the same time. The
canopy of the forest rose around it, blocking the frail cold light of the moon.

How long had it been since he had set foot inside the deep forbidding fortress of stone, too long.

He pulled the cloak around his thin frame as he slowly entered the gapping maw, the ancient wooden gateway having
long rotted away, leaving the fortress open to the harsh elements. Withered leaves blew across the scared stone
floor among the desiccated remains of creatures long the walls. The sad remains of a war long over.

Ken shivered, he had forgotten all about this place of nightmares as he sidestepped a skeleton.

He always came back, came back crawling on his hands and knees before the creature he had created.

Came back to it every time, crawling on the dusty floor of the cavernous hold like a slave coming to its master.
He was supposed to be the master, him, the former Kaiser of the digital world.

Even now in the dark musty halls were frameless pictures hung on empty walls and dust gathered in corners, he
could feel it. Feel its very presence in the maze of dark shadowy halls and rooms.

Time had still here, held in thrall by forces of the moon and stone so nothing moved in the fortress that was
slowly crumbling away to dust, slowly returning to the bones of the earth. The relentless growth of the primal
forest that overran much of the smaller structures, engulfing the small turrets in a tight embrace that would end
only in destruction.

This place was forbidding and cold as the day he left it a year ago. He left it and the thing he hated so much,
along with the mantel of Kaiser. Leaving it in the dust of forgotten memories and broken dreams that lingered on
too long in the dim night, clinging to the false hope and self hatred.

It called him back to the old fortress he had forgotten about. Back to were the nightmare had began.

The mind contained in the shell of patchwork parts was powerful and eclipsing, suffocating him in cold darkness,
pulling him from the faint light that he clung to so desperately. It had called him back, after all this time he
had forgotten but it had not.

The very creature he had created. No, not creature, monster. That’s what is was, a monster. Made form bits and
pieces scavenged and cut with a surgeons precession from corpses and the still living, piles of bloody entrails and
rejected parts covered the floors.

He never told anyone, hiding his own fear behind rage he could bare like a whip. And it cut just as deep.

A cold dark fear welled up inside. He felt sick as a cold nausea washed over him in a wave. It was calling him.

Clutching his hands over his ears and squeezing his eyes tightly closed, it would not relent.

His world fell away to a spinning darkness; Ken tried to grasp at the edges it as it crumbled to dust as the
darkness came flying up to met him. His cry of terror was cut off as it engulfed his mind like a wet blanket,
suffocating and cold to the touch, surrounding his skin with a sticky wetness and stench of something rotten and

He twisted and squirmed in the grasp of what held him though he knew he could not escape it, not now, not ever.

He could smell it before he ever saw it, the smell of rotten things and a thick oily musk of its body as it’s
closed around him none to gently as it’s pulled him into its own mind.

Ken gasped, trying to breath past the smell, clawing at the cold stone floor that comprised this floor. Sharp
pains from his hands ground his nerves as finger nails snapped off.

It loomed from the darkness, moving with a fluid grace that belied its construction. Its large dark leathery wings
folded across its long muscular back. Once, when he had first created it, it had been a mix of colors, now all
faded to a deep dusky black except its eyes. Dark red eyes that stared through you, shredding your soul like frail

Kimeramon was vaguely draconic, large black scales covered its lean body. Its fore arms were too long, the back
legs powerful and short, like a great apes. Patches of long silky fur covered its back and a line of thick silky
fur traveled under both sides of its jaw and under its neck, down its belly to just before its hips.

Its head was long and skeletal, a pair of curling ram horns on either side, perched on a short but strong neck. It
stood at seven feet, slightly hunched with a long whip like tail trailing behind.

It was a terrifyingly beautiful thing.

Everything about it was a giant puzzle, much like Doctor Frankenstein’s monster. He had wanted to create a god and
so he did, but one he had no control over.

It forced him inside with its body. It kept ushering him deeper inside to an older part of the massive structure.
The air grew damp and cold, as they ventured deeper in. The walls gave way to cracked pillars and large empty rooms
watched over by the ghosts of the past that shrieked and moaned as the wind gave them voice.

The hall way emptied out into a large room with pillars carved with things in untold pain and suffering, the cold
stone faces seemed to stare accusing at him as if he was the source of their suffering for all time.

He shivered under those stares.

It pushed him down to the dusty floor and lowered its long slender head even as he struggled. A long black tongue
caressed his soft skin.

It lapped greedily at the faint sparks of his shattered soul, drawing a substance form it. Nuzzling his damp
sweetly flesh, breathing deeply of the sweet bitter fear.

Ken was slowly striped of any clothing, ripped away by the massive claws and fangs that nicked his tight skin.

He shuddered with each touch. He felt...dirty.

Dirty, unclean with the touch. Suddenly as filthy as any beast that had crawled from the primal mud of a swamp.

" My little pet..." it whispered in his mind, the sound of its rough voice left trails of ice in its wake.

No mater what happened he would always come crawling back to it no mater how much it abused him. He always came

He felt sickened at the need he felt from it, a need so primitive it was like a drug that he couldn’t get enough
of. Licking it from the base of the night as it fell in soothing liquid drops down his throat, the sweet and salty
balm that feed his sanity and the darkness with in him. The sheer need of it almost drove him to madness at times.

Its long tongue worked over his body, seeking out any warm crevices was nerves were hidden. Ken withered against
the treatment, gasping loudly as pleasure shot hot up his spine like molten lead as its brushed over his ball sack.

He let it cling to him, rubbing and brushing. The long forked reptilian tongue left trails of slimy warmth over
his tanned firm skin. Moving gently over his flat stomach and down a leg.

He nearly cried out loud from the slow torture.

He would never admit it, not to any one, not even himself, he secretly enjoyed it. He got a sick dark pleasure
from it that raping or torturing his slaves could not fulfill. Not even frequently beating the day lights out of
poor Stingmon gave him this kind of secret joy.

Nothing could compare to it.


It was something forbidden, and he craved it too often and got addicted. He kept finding himself awake at night,
slowly jerking off to the deep dark pleasurable thoughts of the beast that sat in the very dimness of his mind.
Feeling its own darkness encompass him, feeling its power gave him a hard on like no other.

Ken wanted some of that power, that ultimate power. The pure sexual energy generated by it.

He could feel it; the lust, power and he wanted some of it. He had lusted after such a power ever since its
creation and Kimeramon had willing gave it to him. Let him become addicted to the drug he so craved.

He hated it at the same time. It made him feel..dirty.

He could feel the vice like grip release him, letting him rise from the floor, his skin shimmering in the light.

He didn’t feel ashamed as he stood before it, pale moonlight filtering in from an overhead hole in the ceiling
shimmering on his skin..

Kimeramon leaned back against something for support, his long powerful legs spread so its offering could be
drunken in by gaping eyes, a godly picture of perfection as it sagged slightly under its own mightily weight, as it
waited for the boy who stood before it.

The beast was silent save for it’s breathing in the damp air now reeking of musk.

He reached out, his fingers brushing against the rough pads of its large hind feet. Letting his hands trail up the
powerful legs.

The scales were hard and cold under his hands as she slowly stroked the long powerful leg, every bulge, every
curve of muscle and bone were defined clearly under the midnight black hide.

Kimeramon watched the young boy with hooded eyes that betrayed no emotion in the beasts’ mind.

The dragons cock had slipped free of its sheath and lay slightly erect on its belly. Its member was male beauty
incarnate, a picture of perfection, befitting a god made by human hands and cursed with a immortal soul of the
dammed, as it sagged under its own weight. It was like it was carved from ivory or white marble, shaped by an
artist of bygone days. It was as sleek as the rest of its body, heavily veined that pulsed with unnatural life

Ken found himself drawing closer and closer to it, part of his mind screaming at him to turn and run. But he
couldn’t tear himself away from it.

Shaking slightly he raised his hands and grasped the firm flesh, it was warm and slightly damp, nearly two feet of
living flesh , carved of living ivory pulsed under his hands, the sent was as intoxicating as any drug could be.

He softly stroked along the skin of the cock, wrapping one hand around the firm pole he slowly stroked up and
down. Curling his fingers around its impressive girth very loosely and moved from sensitive tip to its base.

The dark beast inhaled a bit but did not stir otherwise.

The light and gentle touch was driving it crazy, it did its beast to maintain its composure but an occasional
grunt or sharp breath slipped.

The head started to drip a clear pre as salty as the sea and throb with a pent up need for release.

Ken took the length into his mouth, ignoring the protests of his screaming thrashing mind as some part of him
broke off.

The salty pre jetted down his throat, some of it leaking out around his lips, although long, it wasn’t very thick
and he could easily fit most of it into his mouth.

His tongue danced over the slick phallic mass of flesh, the tip of the cock sliding in and out of his mouth as he
sucked away at it like a wanton street whore, trying to get the thick creaminess that was hidden deep inside.

Had Kimeramon needed to breath, it would have been holding it, barely able to concentrate with the new sensations
flooding its mind.

Ken shivered as a rough clawed hand ran down his inner thigh, coaxing beads of sweat from his skin.

Kimeramon’s nearness along made his own erection grow notably till it stood out proudly in the shadows, thin drops
of pure rain of goodness falling form its tip.

More of the shaft was pressed at the back of his throat as if trying to seek entrance.

Ken closed his eyes and tried to shut it all out, the feeling of a massive warm body pressed to his, the image of
pale fleshy cock going down his throat, and the sick almost over whelming pleasure.

A claw inched against the tight puckered entrance, rubbing slightly before slowly but surely entering. Ken moaned
around the mouthful of cock at the sensation. It wasn’t entirely painful but not entirely pleasant either.

That made his sicker then before, the perverted pleasure of the act made his head swims. He tried to pull back as
some of his sense started to come back but a bony claw forced his head down, making him gag on the flesh.

He found himself pressing into the hand that supported his firm ass globes, seeking attention.

The draconic digimon worked the very tip of its claw into the tight hole, teasing gently.

Slowly more and more slide in, drawing muffled sounds from the human.

The thick musky smell, the maleness of it surrounded him, it coated his already wet skin with its own stickiness.

He could feel the shaft throb as the seed poured in to his stomach; a hot saltiness filled his mouth.

He gagged violently and wretched out of the grasp.

He swore he could hear Kimeramon's cold distant laughter.

The beast’s malevolent eyes glittered in the dark.

Ken weakly protested, as it picked him up, the claws settling none to gently below his rib cage were there would
be bruises come morning.

The smell, dear god help him, it was intoxicating. It all but over whelmed his weakened senses with the force of a
battering ram bashing down the walls of a rotted castle.

Filling and dulling his senses to the point he was limp like a doll in in its hands, too weak to do much other
then struggle slightly. His bare feet thumping harmlessly against the mass of muscle as he struggled slightly in
its grip.

A long rough tongue brushed his sweaty skin, tasting the splattered cum and salt.

Ken groaned slightly as it passed over a nipple, he felt what little resolve he had left slowly dissolving.

Its long tongue worked over his body, Ken withered against the treatment, gasping loudly as pleasure shot hot up
his spine like molten lead .

He let it cling to him, rubbing and brushing. The long forked reptilian tongue left trails of slimy warmth over
his tanned firm skin. Moving gently over his flat stomach and down a leg.

He cried out every time the pole of dragon flesh brushed his backside, rubbing slowly between his cheeks.

He gasped for breath as Kimeramon shifted, his body sliding across the thick cool scales as the male sent filled
his nose.


He was slowly pushed down, he cried out and panted, eyes wide with fear.

He struggled with a renewed strength as the powerful arms pinned him down against its warm scaly chest, his legs
straddling its wide hips.

It wouldn’t…It was too big. It would never fit.

Kimeramon's cock rested between the firm cheeks of his buttocks the cock was already wet from spit and cum but it
didn’t mater as it was forced in.

“ Don’t struggle, it will only hurt more.”

He thrashed, trying desperately to get away as it forced the head of it into his ass. It popped in.

Ken screamed in agony as sickening fiery pain spread up his body.

Pain beyond words invaded his mind, burring into it like a torch in a dark cave, spreading the dark joy of it as
the shaft forced him open like nothing before.

He was crying by the time the warm crotch was pressed flush with his sore and stretched ass.

Ken’s body shuddered as the digimon pulled out slightly, making him ride the shaft of godliness like a street rat
for a few coins. He slumped, his lithe form jerking with each hard forceful thrust as it pounded into him.

Fiery pain washed over him in waves as the beast began to fuck its creator in earnest.

He could feel Kimeramon groan under him, its breath coming in short grunts as it forced Ken down.

He could feel himself being forced open wide with each hard uncaring thrust, the soft warm fur and scaled flesh he
was pressed against rubbed his own erection.

He trembled, crying out in pain and helplessness as he was filled with the massive pulsating shaft. He tried to
fight the force of the thrusts, but each time he tried to force out the hurting intruder, mind-blowing pain
exploded in a show of light behind his eyes as he squeezed them shut.

Part of his mind was filled with mind numbing pleasure that defiled any words for it. Rocking his senses to a
climatic while the other felt only the pain, the constant pain.

His own erection was rubbing against the scales; small bursts of pleasure that sailed up his spine like fire.

The patchwork digimon pulled him up slowly, his anal passage forced to close as it was pulled out.

Ken almost cried in relief only to have it slammed back in.

Every muscle screamed in protest as the massive cock plowed into weak muscles, forcing him open.

Ken griped a hand-full of fur and all he could do was gasp with each thrust, tears falling like a gentle rain from
his eyes.

The pressure built inside the nuggets of life as Kimeramon groaned loudly, its claws griping much harder then it
intend to as thrust upwards one last time.

Ken screamed out as his own climax mingled with the digimon, hot seed flooding his insides like a fire hose as his
own meager organ sprayed a fine whiteness over its chest.

He lost conciseness, the darkness over taking his mind.

He awoke in the thin light of the throne room, surrounded by the pale wash of moon light streaming in through the
mud caked windows. The ancient throne no longer stood, only the foundations of were it once was. Most likely having
been torn free by vandals trying to erase some dark part of their own history.

His whole body trembled as he slowly got up from the cold floor he had fallen on, not remembering how he had
gotten there.

His clothes were partly on him.

Shaking hands clawing at the thick sweat soaked cloth, not caring if the zipper tore loose as he flung it away.

He pulled at his clothes in frantic effort to be rid of the smell; the thick musk of male ejaculation, the pale
sweat and the every essence of Kimeramon that still lingered in his mind were it had ever since the day of its
horrid creation.

He flung the midnight soft cloak across the room, its feel all to remaining of what happened last time.

He fell to the floor of his throne room, half naked.

His shirt ripped open, hair soaked in sweat so it matted across his eyes.

He gasped for air in the paleness of the light, his chest heaving. He felt sick.

He clawed at his own flesh as if he could pull his old skin off and there would be a new one under it, a clean
one. One not tainted by the monster he had created.

But he liked it, he had a taste of the drug he craved and there was no turning back now.