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The 'Helping Hands' Series
Pressure Armadimon/Iori Yaoi
Held to His Word Armadimon/Iori Yaoi, masturbation, autofellation
Drabbles N/A Various and random tidbits for the viewer's enjoyment
Daring for Dangos V-mon/Armadimon Rimming, Yaoi
Briefing and Debriefing V-mon/Daisuke Foot and scent fetishism
*Culinary Emergency* Jou/Iori Yaoi
*Four-Step Plan* Mantarou/Leormon yaoi, crossbreeding, dom/sub

At a Glance

Writing Preferences:

Likes: Rimming, Yaoi, Digimon/Digimon, Digimon Crossbreeding
Dislikes: Poor grammar and spelling, Overgrown Cock Syndrome

About the Author:

Circeus is a native speaker of French who loves Digimon, writing and graphic stuff. And he should really get a life.


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