Title: 03000030

Rating: XXX

Author: Chill the Devil Dragon


Notes:  This story ends without an ending.  The reason is that the actual ending

quite possibly violates the terms of "The Digiartists Domain" the super-cool place that

I am hoping to submit this story to.  The second half of this story is available via

E-Mail request, however.  chill_devild@lycos.com


Warning: Anyone under the age of 18 should close this file, legal etc. blah blah.

The following story contains explicit sexual shenannigans.

So, if you're either a wuss or someone who's easily offended, (or underage) close this file right now.

Otherwise, consider yourself warned!



The story begins with our intrepid heroes wandering about the Digital World smashing control

spires.  While most of the others are in the shoreline and desert regions, Kari and T.K. were

in the forest region.  Kari and Nefertimon and decided to split the area with T.K. and Pegasusmon,

and they took the southern half as their assignment while T.K. and Pegasusmon took the northern

half as their assginment.




"Yeah!  Way to go!", Kari encouraged Nefertimon as she shattered another control spire with her Rosetta

Stone attack.


"Thanks", Nefertimon said in acknowledgement, "theres' just one more that I can see around here."

Kari nodded, and they flew closer to take down the instrument of evil.  However, as they neared it,

a form blurred by the rapidness of it's movement burst out of the trees beneath them.


"Ahhh!", yelled Kari, tightening her grip on Nefertimon and the mystery Digimon blew past her.  Turning

a bit, she could see that it was a Flymon as it turned around to make another pass.  "It's a Flymon"

she informed her partner.


"No problem", replied Nefertimon as she began a steep, banked turning ascent.  When she was facing the

flymon, she increased to her maximum velocity and flew directly towards it.  Flying in opposite directions,

they were only side-by-side for a fraction of a second, but that moment enabled Nefertimon to spot the

dark ring that was controlling Flymon.  They both completed tight turns, but Nefertimon made sure to

bank enough so that Kari wouldn't lose her grip and tumble to the ground far below.  Nefertimon and

Flymon both charged at each other at top speed once again.


"Brown Stinger!"

"Cats'eye Beam!"


The dark ring on Flymon disintegrated, and disoriented, the Digimon raced as far away from the control spire

as he could.

With a triumphant laugh, Nefertimon and Kari returned to the job of destroying the control spire.

When it was broken,  Nefertimon spotted a small clearing in the trees, and turned her head to the side

"Kari, wanna take a break for a moment before we go looking for more?"


"Ok", Kari nodded in agreement, and Nefertimon landed in the clearing, and Kari jumped down off of her back

and sat down.  Nefertimon didn't de-digivolve back to her Gatomon form, but instead just sat down, and basking

in the sun, gave a contented sight.


After a few minutes of resting, Nefertimon's thoughts drifted to Pegasusmon.  As Patamon's armor digivolved form,

he was very handsomely built, with powerful porportions, and a regal grace that she adored.  He was a noble warrior,

fighting with purpose and great ability, his attacks always found their marks.  He flowed with the air when he flew,

rather than pushing through it, and he had a magnificent blonde mane too!  All in all, he was very desireable, and

Nefertimon was beginning to desire him with a particular ferocity at this moment.  He was attracted to her; she could

tell, and she wanted to share herself with him in an intimate joining, but she was afraid that he would probably be too

noble to ask her outright, and if she asked him, he'd likely be too embaressed to accept.  She continued to daydream,

imagining with an incredible vividness what an experience of intercourse with Pegasusmon would be like.  She must have

made a sound of some kind, because she was startled out of her daydream by Kari anxiously asking her if something was

wrong.  "N-No, everythings' OK", Nefertimon replied, certain that if she was in any of her other forms right now her

face would be flushed bright red.  She really wanted to masterbate, right now.  But it would be really hard to do in

her current configuration, unless... ooh, this was an awkward situation.  But maybe... "Actually," Nefertimon said

after a moment's silence,"I... I... uh... I've got an itch."


"Oh?", said Kari, blinking, "Well, tell me where it is, I'll scratch it for you!"


Nefertimon smiled as best she could using her face mask, and Kari moved to the side of her back.  Nefertimon folded her wings up tightly, and Kari placed a finger on the top of her back, between her shoulderblades. 


"Here?", she asked.

"Lower", replied Nefertimon

Kari moved her hand a few centimeters lower



Kari moved her hand further down Nefertimons' back.



Kari moved her hand further down Nefertimons' back.



Kari moved her hand down further... to Nefertimon's rump.

"Here?", she asked, cautiously.

Nefertimon lowered her head a bit, and stared at the ground.  She took in a deep breath, this was the moment of truth.

"Lower", she finally said.

Kari was silent for a moment, then finally replied.

"Oh...", she paused slightly, "THAT kind of itch..."

Nefertimon nodded silently.

"Well," said Kari, "you're my very closest friend!  I'll help you, if I can."

Nefertimon turned her head, "Really?"

"Mm-hm", Kari confirmed.

Nefertimon lowered her self the rest of the way to the ground, she had been sitting with her hind legs folded and her front

legs extended so that she was in an upright position.  Now she she was parallel to the ground.  She raised her tail out of the way as Kari knelt beind her.


Kari was unsure exactly of how to proceed.  She'd masterbated, of course, but she'd never done so to another girls' body.

She put two fingers on Nefertimon's slit, right below her anus.  Putting only a gentle pressure on them, she dragged them

down to the front of her slit, and then back up to the top.  She did this several more times, putting just a tad more pressure on her hand each time.  The eighth time she did this, she rubbing along the base of Nefertimons' body, at the

absolute inside of her vaginal lips.  She heard a quiet, but contented murmur from Nefertimon, and rubbed around in there

for a little while longer, then began to play with the small fold of skin at the front of Nefertimon's slit, pinching it

a bit and tugging on it.  Upon hearing some more happy sounds from her friend, she pinched it a bit harder while she

tugged on it.  After that, feeling a bit braver, she slowly inserted her index finger into Nefertimon's vagina.  Nefertimon

tensed slightly, then relaxed.  Kari moved her finger around a little bit, then withdrew it.  She now put two fingers together and inserted them in, as far as she could.  She moved them around a bit, and got a happy sigh from Nefertimon.

Kari realised that her friend was definetly larger than a human, so she withdrew her fingers, then put all of her fingers

AND thumb together, into a cone shape, and carefully pushed into her friend's opening.  As she pushed her hand in up to

her knuckles, and rotated it slowly to the left, then to the right, she heard a very delighted exhale from Nefertimon.

Suddently, she was aware of the fact that her friends' tail was moving about her waist, and rubbing along the crotch of

her shorts.


"Hunh?" she asked, suprised.

"You're helping me, Kari," said Nefertimon sofly,"So I think it's only fair that I should help you.  Ah... take off...

your shorts and underwear?"

Kari withdrew her hand, and stood up.  Then, ignoring the moisture on her right hand, she pulled her shorts and panties

down her legs, and tugging them over her boots, off.  She then knelt back down, and set them beside her on the ground.

She began to re-insert her hand, and then spread her legs apart as she felt Nefertimon's tail pressing against the back of

her legs below her bum.  She was slowly inserting and withdrawing her fingers from Nefertimon as her friend's tail carressed

her own slit and vaginal opening.  Kari was aware that she was a bit wet herself, from the experince of exploring her friend's body, and she realised that Nefertimon became aware of this too as she inserted her tail into Kari's vagina.

Although Kari greatly enjoyed the sensation, the three inches of tail were thrust within her with much more force than she was expecting, and letting out a suprised gasp, she moved herself up against Nefertimon... and accidentially popped her

hand into Nefertimon all the way up to just past her wrist.  Kari was a little worried that she may have hurt her friend,

so she asked,

"Uh... is that OK?  What I just did?"

"Yeah...", breathed Nefertimon, then, sounding a little puzzled, "Uhm Kari, don't human girls have a... uh... barrier

of some kind inside here?" she moved her tail around a little bit, "Y'know, until they..."

"Oh yeah...", Kari replied, she'd been hoping that Nerfertimon wouldn't have noticed that she didn't have a hymen,"Well,

I sorta had a little accident a few days ago,"she said, thinking back to the previous week when she'd been taking a shower,

and had noticed how long, thin, and rounded the handle on the back-washer was.  She'd been inserting it carfully into

her vagina, experimenting with how it would feel to have something other than a finger inside herself, when someone knocked

on the door really loudly, and startled her.  She'd slipped, and the back-washer handle had dissappered further within

herself than she'd ever intended.  It didn't hurt for very long in the warm shower, and it had only gone in an extra

two centimeters to an inch, but it was far enough to break that tiny barrier.

"I've never actually slept with anyone,"She finally said quietly, then brightening up a LOT,"but I'm playing with you, now!"

And she began to work her hand around inside her friend, pushing and pulling a little bit, then spreading out and re-closing

her hand. Nefertimon, now in a wonderful sensation-induced bliss, sent a wave through her tail that caused Kari's hips to rise and rub herself against Nefertimon's leg.  Nefertimon continued to send little waves through her tail into her friend, and Kari moved her hand back and forth within Nefertimon as she rubbed her self against Nefertimon due to almost involuntairy motion on the part of her hips.  And so it continued, their tempo increasing, and becoming more vigous, they were drawing close to orgasm, and probably would have reached it too, if it weren't for the fact that they were interrupeted.


Flying overhead, T.K. and Pegasusmon were looking for control spires to destroy, when they spotted Nefertimon and Kari on

the ground.


"Oh my GOD!", T.K. exclaimed, when he realized what was going on.

"You can say that again!", Pegasusmon agreed, to which T.K. replied:

"Oh my GOD!"


Pegasusmon looked down, and saw Nefertimon anxiously shifting her body around where she lay, trying to squirm further up

Kari's arm.  She looked perfect, with a graceful, slender feline body and a glossy white coat.  He'd often thought

about asking her if she'd sleep with him some night, but had never gotten up the nerve.  Instead, he'd just dreamed

when he was Patamon, or if he was still Pegasusmon, layed around all night with a massive erection, much like the one he'd

just aquired.

"D'oh!", said Pegasusmon quickly.

T.K. did not notice what Pegasusmon said, as he was too busy staring at Kari.  No, he shouldn't look, it wasn't proper!  But, but... who cares about proper!  T.K. gave his conscience a good swift boot to the head, and returned his gaze to his long-time friend.  She had her shorts off!  T.K. leaned over further, trying to get just close enough to see in greater

detail.  Nefertimon's tail disappeared somewhere beneath Kari, and with the way both it and she were moving... "Man!", T.K.

thought, "I really wish I was that tail!".  He was still trying to make out the details of Kari's wonderfully shaped bottom

when he was snapped out of his thoughts by his buddy.


"So, T.K....",Pegasusmon paused for a moment,"What do you think we should do?"

T.K. thought for a moment. "Well," he began,"We should just fly away and forget that we ever saw anything."

"Hmmm...",Pegasusmon agreed.

"But!", T.K. straightend up his back,"I know what we WANT to do."

Pegasusmon turned his head a little to look over his shoulder at T.K..

"And," T.K. continued, "I say we go for it!  This may be our only chance!  I mean, I've seen the way you look at Gatomon.  Or Angewomon, or Nefertimon, and how you'll probably look at any form she takes in the future.  C'mon, lets' go for it!"

"OK!", Pegausmon whole-heartedly agreed with that one, and saying only "Here we go!", began his descent. 


Kari and Nefertimon didn't notice Pegasusmon and T.K. until they had actually landed in the small clearing.  Nefertimon

noticed them as T.K. hopped down off of Pegasusmon.  Surprised, she popped her tail out of Kari, who breifly protested,

then, upon noticing the presence of additional people, blushed brightly and quicly covered her crotch with her hands.


T.K. realised that he would have to move quickly if he was to keep this from stopping before it really started.

"No, No, it's OK!  See?", he said, and began to remove his own shorts and underwear as quickly as he could.  However,

he tried to move a little too quickly, and lost his balance, falling on his side.  Kari moved one hand to her mouth to suppress a giggle, but it broke out into a full fledged laugh.  T.K., now wearing only his shirt and hat, moved up to Kari

and took each of her hands in his own, and after looking her straight in the eyes for just a moment, went for it and planted

a strong kiss right on her lips. 


Kari, happy that T.K. was taking an interest in her beyond mere aquaintenceship, leaned closer to him and kissed back.  She was surprised to suddently find his tounge in her mouth though!  It felt really odd, but kind of fun, so she poked it with her own, and then... sort of wrestled with his tounge, the sensations within her mouth sending little sparks of joy rocketing

down her spine.


Pegasusmon watched as his partner successfully made a move for his heart's desire, and resolved that he could do no less.

Nefertimon was still lying on the ground, so he walked carfully over to her and placed his muzzle on the spot where her neck

met her shoulder, and gently rubbed against her there, then walked down further behind her, all the while keeping his muzzle pressed against her back, running it down along her fur.  He would have kissed her, but in his current form, he couldn't actually open his mouth due to the shape of his helmet.


Nefetimon stood up as Pegasusmon reached her backside, convinced that she must be in the middle of a dream.  He was really going to make love to her?  She braced her rear legs further apart, and straightned, waiting.  Kari and T.K. had broken

their embrace, and were now watching their Digimon partners.  Pegasusmon reared up on his hind legs, and flapping his wings

to maintain his balance, slowly lowered his front legs onto Nefertimon's shoulders, glad that they were covered with armor, as he didn't want to leave a bruise by accidentialy hitting her with his armored boots.  Pegasusmon brought his body foreward slowly, carfully, moving his penis ever closer to Nefertimons' waiting vagina, and finally reaching it... missed.  Pegasusmon

was really embaressed as he pulled back a bit to try again.  He wished that he could actually see what was going on, and was

worrying about what Nefertimon might think if he missed his entry again when he suddently felt HANDS on his penis!  He was able to turn his head enough to see that Kari had moved over to them and was holding onto him.


Kari had been happy that Nefertimon was going to finally get together with her "secret" admirer/"secretly" admired, so when

she saw Pegasusmon miss in his attempt at insertion, she couldn't allow herself to stand by while her best friend's moment of happiness might come to an unhappy end.   She quickly approached, and took Pegasusmon's penis with both hands.  Even so, she

couldn't actually get her hands to meet in an encirclement of the massive shaft.  And it's length... Now she knew for sure what was meant by the phrase "hung like a horse"!  She gently guided Pegasusmon's member to it's waiting recepticle, and

as soon as it started to enter, she let go and moved back.  Kari clasped her hands together and smiled as she saw a fairly decient-sized portion of the penis dissappear within Nefertimon, with Nefertimon giving out a loud gasp and then a really blissed-out sounding exhale.  Then, she was aware of T.K.'s arms wrapping around her from behind. and pressed up against the small of her back...


Nefertimon was in heaven!  To finally feel Pegasusmon's "angel rod" stretching her open, and moving within her was

incredible, it seemed to cause joy simply by rubbing against her insides.  She could feel her passageway being opened up

to make room for the foreign member, and straightend out as the arrow-straight shaft moved in, and closing up as it retreated during Pegasusmon's dips backward before each thrust foreward.  Her breathing was heavy, and if the world had ended around

her, she wouldn't have cared, as the appearantly perfectly shaped and fitting penis moved fore and aft along the length of passage that it was granted within her.  She could feel her nipples pressing against the inside of her breastplate, and

wished that she'd removed it before they'd begun, but that was promptly forgotten as Pegasusmon's penis popped out of her

vagina... but only breifly, it was quickly thrust back in, and Nefertimon let out a loud "AAHHHhhhh!" as she raised her face

to the sky.


Pegasusmon was barely aware of the pleasured sounds coming from Nefertimon, he was too busy concentrating on the sensations

that he was getting from his loins.  Her vagina felt like it was made of the softest stuff in the universe, but is also

had a grip that felt like it was going to pull the skin right off of him.  And on top of that, the muscles that it consisted

of were rythmically contracting, as if trying to pull him deeper in.  He moved back as far as he could, then advanced again.

He felt an urge to push in as rapidly as he could, but he wanted to savour these moments, and forced himself to hold to

a slower pace so that this miraculous sensation would last for as long as possible.  Out a bit, back in, out... the head of

his penis was being gripped intently by the opening of Nefertimon's vagina, so he tugged outward... it felt awesome!  Then

he plunged back in, coming close to burying three quarters of his extra-long horse style shaft inside of her.  Appearantly,

she was built just right inside to allow access by such an object, as he wasn't sensing any resistance to advancements within

her, the only resistance came when he tried to leave her, and teasing her with such an action was causing real pleasure!


As he was watching Pegasusmon and Nefertimon get it on, T.K. couldn't help but get really worked up.  More so that is, than

he had been when they'd landed.  The fact that his bare penis, in full-erect mode, was pressing up against Kari's back wasn't helping much either.  So he moved a hand to each of her shoulders, and turned her around to face him.  She was looking at him, so he gazed directly into her eyes for a moment, then gave her a quick kiss, and proceeded to fall backward.  In a rather controlled fall, though, and he he pulled her down with him.  Soon T.K. was lying on his back, with Kari sitting on his chest.  She followed every movement that he attempted to direct her to do as he got her to rotate her position and had

her on her knees with her crotch positioned directly above his face, and her facing down his body towards his feet.  He was

looking directly at her bare genitals.  His pulse quickened... if it were possible for it to actually get faster than it was already... as this sank in.  His eyes were actually exploring a delicate, precious area that he'd only dreamed about before today.  And now... now, he lifted his head slightly, looking directly at her slit and the vaginal opening contained within.

He took in a deep breath, and in doing so, got a good taste of her scent.  It was beautiful, just like all the rest of her.

T.K. tilted his head up and reached out slightly with his tounge, running it along her vaginal lips.  They had an interesting taste, being covered with Kari's juices and all.  He licked again, this time probing deeper into the opening between the lips.  There was a slight muscle contraction as he did this, and Kari made a soft murmur.  Encouraged by

the thought that he was giving her pleasure, T.K. continued to apply his tounge, licking with a strong vigour.


Kari was really enjoying the attention that T.K. was paying to her,  it felt as though a really soft and slippery finger was

trying to cover all the area it could, particularity to her vagina and it's immediate area.  It actually was almost unbearably ticklish, but it was making her feel better faster than Nefertimon's tail had... in fact, she was starting to feel really light-headed, and noticed her breathing deepening.  Suddently, T.K.'s tounge hit something inside of her that caused

a powerful jolt of pleasure to course through her.  It left her spine and the back of her neck, not to mention her vagina, tingling with happiness, and she closed her eyes and let out a small, sharp cry as her upper body involuntarily jerked foreward, so that she was supporting herself with her hands on the ground.  When she opened her eyes, she could see that

T.K.'s erect penis was just a few centimeters from her face.  She stared at it for a long moment.  T.K. was working so hard to make her feel good, she really should do something for him too, just as Nefertimon had done for her.  Kari moved her head

closer, then stopped, unsure of exactly how to proceed.  She gave the tip of it, which was currently leaking a clear liquid,

a quick lick.  She didn't taste anything horrible, as she feared she might: actually, she didn't mind the taste of T.K. at all!  So she took a deep breath, and quickly enveloped about half of T.K.'s penis with her mouth.  She could hear a muffled

sound behind her, and felt an extra-strong lick, so she decided that he was enjoying it, so she began to suck on him, and

moved her head slowly up, then quickly down his penis.  She set into a medium pace pattern of this, and soon found that the

foreign member's prescence in her mouth actually seemed to be adding to the pleasurable sensations she was getting from the

licking that was happening below her.  She moved her lower body back closer to T.K. than it had been, so that he might be

able to get just a little bit of extra distance with his licks.  It seemed to work, as she was jolted as T.K. hit that miracle spot again.  She discoved that she had accidentially moved all the way down to the base of T.K.'s penis, and the top

of the shaft was now in her throat.  She almost choked, and pulled back, but not off of his penis.  Kari took in a deep breath, and soon she was able to proceed again.  This time, she tried purposely to accept the full length of his penis into herself, and found that with a little practice, she was able to handle it with relativly little discomfort, so she readjusted her pattern to that on every forth or fifth downward motion, she moved her mouth down the full length of his shaft.  T.K. seemed to have located exaclty where that special spot was, as every now and the, he gave it a bit of extra-special attention, and that wonderful tingling sensation kept growing within her crotch.