Title: 02000020

Rating: XXX

Author: Chill the Devil Dragon



OK, there turned out to be a bit more violence in this than I had originally planned to include, but stuff

just seemed to develop on it's own during writing, so I hope it doesn't interfere with anyones' enjoyment

of this story.  Also, this is a different LadyDevimon from the pure evil one that we've all come

to know through the show.  Have fun y'all!



The following story contains explicit sexual shenannigans and bloody violence, sometimes all wrapped up together.

So, if you're eigther a wuss or someone who's easily offended, (or underage) close this file right now.

Otherwise, consider yourself warned!



The setting is the realm of Man-Beasts, the JouJinKai, currently known as the Digital World after it's

transformation by the power of human wishes during the advent of the Digital age.  Relativly peaceful

right now, except for a rather bored and horny LadyDevimon.  Thus, our story begins:


LadyDevimon lounged about in the top of large tree, not far from Primary Village on File Island.  Despite her

rather undead-like appearance, she was very much alive, and enjoyed basking in the bright sunlight.  As she

relaxed, her mind wandered to thoughts of pleasure.  Her pleasure.  She smiled as she recalled the previous

evening she had spent with a Gessomon, she hadn't realised just how much fun having sex with a partner who

had lots of tentacles to play with could be.  She'd been massaged all over as he slowly but surely brought

her to orgasm.  He knew just the right way to rub every part of her body.  Just thinking about it now was

making her horny.  Again.  She'd just finished releasing her desires a few minutes previously.  There was

no doubt about it, those self-service jobs just weren't worth the effort.  Maybe she could find a partner

around here somewhere...


LadyDevimon hadn't flown far when she spotted some people in a field ahead.  She quickly flew into a nearby

tree-top to hide.  She moved from that one to another, then finally to a tree-top on the edge of the field.

Down in the field, she could see two humans and two Digimon.  She looked closer.  Hey!  Those were Digidestined!

She recognised one of them as belonging to the first group.  Matt, that was his name, wasn't it?  Yeah, at ultimate

stage, his Gabumon partner would digivolve to Weregarurumon, she'd heard.  Whoo, a hunky werewolf.  Who wouldn't want

to bed one of those?  And the other one... Ah, one of the new group, he was the obnoxious one.  Unlike the older group,

he'd quickly get his partner to over-digivolve to quickly out-power an opponent.  But then again... she looked around

once more... she didn't see his Digimon's DNA-digivolve partner anywhere, so he'd most likely just use one of his

Armor-Digivolved forms to counter a threat.  He wouldn't be worth her time, he was just an immature whelp.

Hmm... now that the Digital World was more or less at peace, in theory, she could just walk up and ask that Gabumon if

he wanted to have a good time.  But, being all heroic as they were, they'd probably turn her down.  She'd have to

come up with another approach.  If she could get him to Digivolve to Ultimate, and work up his temper, she shouldn't have

much trouble arousing him enough to just jump right on her.  A good quick screw, and they'd part ways, and nobody'd be

hurt.  She smiled, she was great at coming up with these plans, wasn't she?


Matt and Davis were warming up with their partner Digimon while waiting for some more of thier friends to arrive for a

game of soccer... humans vs Digimon!  Davis was excited.  Now he'd get to see if Veemon was as good at leading a soccer

team as he was!  Matt stretched, he was looking forward to a good workout.  Just then, Matt heard a loud noise from the

edge of the field, and turned to see a LadyDevimon flying towards them at top speed, holding her claws in a strike

position.  "Heads up guys!" he yelled, getting into a defensive stance.  He wondered why his digivice handn't given him

an enemy alert beep, but readied it.  Gabumon moved to get in front of Matt, and said, "I'm ready to go!"


"Huh? What's going on?", asked Davis, he and Veemon looking in every direction except the one Lady Devimon was coming from.

He figured out what was going on when he saw her fly overhead.  "Hey!  Whattdya think you're doing?!", he exclaimed.


LadyDevimon smiled.  "What do you *think* I'm doing?" she replied, and turning, flew back, this time strafing the ground

with her Darkness Wave attack.


As the dirt around his feet was torn up, Davis took the lead, and activated his D3.  "Go for it, Veemon!" he cried, and

Veemon leapt into the air.




Flamedramon lightly touched the ground, then sprung up into the air in a spiral jump manuover.


"Ok Gabumon, you too!", said Matt, realising that his pre-game workout would be a little different than anticipated.


"Right!", replied Gabumon, striking a fancy pose.




Garurumon sprang into action, moving at top speed in a semicircle, then dodging from side to side as LadyDevimons' attacks

slammed into the ground where he was moments before.  Screeching to a halt, he dug in his paws and let loose an attack.


"Howling Blaster!"


The blue energy beam burst from within him, and lanced towards LadyDevimon, who dodged it at the last possible second, grinning.  "Is that the best you can do?" she taunted.  Then, she became aware of a form speeding towards her.  She turned,

just in time to see Flamedramon's razor-sharp claws closing to within a few centimeters of her face.   As one of the blades

approached her eyes, she opened her mouth to yell, and whipped her left arm at her attacker, sending Flamedramon flying to

the ground.  She realised that she had underestimated him as he plummeted, trailing a little bit of blood from three small

cuts on his shoulder where her claws had cut him.  Whoops!  She hadn't meant to really hurt him, she just wanted to get them

worked up enough to...




She heard Matt yell.  Well, it looks like she'd accomplished the first part of her goal.  She smiled, and turned to face

Garurumon, hoping that Flamedramon wouldn't hold a grudge against her.


Power surged through Garurumon as he used the power of Matt's friendship to digivolve.




Weregarurumon smiled.  It was fun to howl.  And now, he'd smack this nasty chick around, and get back to his soccer game.


LadyDevimon dodged his attacks, and tossed a few of her own at him.  Up close for some strike and parry, she could see

his huge muscles rippling, and feel his primal energy.  It was SO exciting!  She smiled, and upon dodging a haymaker strike,

she slipped behind him, and reached around with her right hand to grasp his denim pants right on the crotch.  She gave it a

gentle squeeze, then quickly retreated beyond his reach.  He spun about, and stared at her.  She was smiling at him.  He recognized that look.  His eyebrows slowly twisted down into a frown, and his lips curled into a snarl.

"Is THAT what this is all about?" he asked.  She nodded. 


"Only if you can catch me!" LadyDevimon replied, flying off into the trees.


Weregarurumon clenched his fists tightly.  She was keeping him from his friends, starting a fight, hurting his buddy, just

because she wanted to have sex with him?  His vision seemed to be taking on a red tinge and he could feel the better portion

of his judgement leaving him as rage took over.  He howled, full of rage, then sprang into the trees after her.


LadyDevimon looked behind her, she could see him starting to give chase.  Perfect!  She'd lead him to someplace with soft

ferns on the ground, away from prying eyes, and they could engage in some fun.  But... she could hear the sound of branches

being shattered.  She saw him now, springing off of a tree trunk, and smashing his way through the branches that stood in

his path.  He seemed a little... angry?  Maybe he was just eager, she told herself.


"Wolf Claw!"


She barely had the time to put her arms in front of her to sheild herself before the energy blade attack was upon her.

It scorched her a bit, and she realized that, to be using a full strength attack like that, he must be really, really pissed off.  The next thing she knew, he was just about a foot away from her, and was letting fly with another of his haymakers.

She dodged it, but his next attack followed so quickly that she couldn't bring up a defense.  Weregarurumon's left fist

connected squarely with her gut, and she folded almost completely in half around it.  She plummeted to the ground, and hit

the forest floor hard, which didn't help her regain any of the breath that had been evacuated from her just moments ago.

The last thing she saw as she passed into unconsiousness was a blur of movement decending upon her.


When the world slowly faded back into existence, it took LadyDevimon a few moments to remember what she was doing.  Her ribs

really, really hurt, he must have nailed her one just after she'd passed out... "say...", she wondered, "where was he anyway?"  He must have been satisfied at the pummeling he'd given her and left... "WHAT?"  It had taken her until now to

realise that she couldn't move.  Looking around a bit now, she realised that she was tied to a large tree by... HOLY CHARMS?

They seemed to just be paper, but she couldn't tear out of them.  She heard some low, growly laughter and looked in it's direction.  Weregarurumon was standing in the shadow cast by another tree, laughing as he glared at her.  If he was the one who had done this, where on the DigitalWorld had he gotten access to holy charms?


"I want to teach you a proper lesson," he began, "so I asked a friend of mine for help".

He gestured to someone who was standing behind a tree, and they moved into the light.  The Angemon smirked as the bright sunlight glittered off of his pristine helmet.  So HE was the one who had tied her spread-eagled to the tree.

Weregarurumon moved in closer, and stood with his arms folded, still looking very angry.  He took a step forward, and using

his claws in a none too careful manner, he slashed open the part of her costume that covered her breasts, leaving a few razor-thin cuts across thier surfaces as they bounced upon being freed.


This really wasn't what she'd planned on, did they plan to destroy her when they were done with her "lesson"?


"So, do you want this lesson, or will you be good from now on?" Weregarurumon asked, as he ripped off her costume starting

from just above her navel.


Despite the "bondage" look to the costume that is given to all LadyDevimon, she had no intention of being a helpless victim

in whatever lesson they had planned.  So she looked him square in the eye, and said "I'll be good".


Weregarurumon raised an eyebrow "Oh really?  Well then, I guess we'll just let you go".


Relieved, LadyDevimon couldn't suppress a small sigh.


"NOT!" Barked Weregarurumon, "I've dealt with your type before.  The second my back's turned, your claws are in it." He unzipped his jeans to reveal not only the fact that he went commando, but a slightly larger than what would be normally

porportional penis.  "You'll get your lesson, and then you'll never bother us again."


"No, No, No, don't do this..." now thouroughly frightened by the thought of being shredded at Weregarurumon's claws,  LadyDevimon tried to convince him not to go through with his plans.  To no avail.  Weregarurumon stepped closer, and

braced himself against the tree, preparing for his entry.  Then, he was still for a moment.


"Actually," he said, "I think I'll let my good buddy at you." 


Angemon moved closer while tucking his loincloth through the

back of his costume.  He unbuttoned his pants, and pulled out his penis.  "Behold" he said, in a rather cheezy tone

"My 'Angel Rod'".  It wasn't nearly as large as Weregarurumon's penis, but it did approach the limits for normal length.

He moved right up to LadyDevimon, and put his hands on her breasts.  He gently rubbed them for a moment, then roughly

squeezed them, twisting and pressing upon them, causing the small cuts to ooze blood and LadyDevimon to yelp.  Then he

smeared some of the blood over his penis and her vagina, to provide lubrication.  Satisfied that he had enough there,

he quickly plunged into her vagina, almost burying all of his penis with her.  LadyDevimon screamed.


Bright lights exploded from behind her eyes as Angemon penetrated her, and a searing pain grew as his penis slipped deeper

and deeper into her.  It felt like her insides were being burned, or ground up into small, tiny pieces then acid tossed upon

the wounds left behind.  It didn't alleviate at all when he withdrew almost completely from her, but got worse when he plunged back in.  She cried out again, and fought to keep from shedding tears at the pain.  She now knew for certain why she almost never heard of any virus type digimon having sex with vaccine type digimon, and NEVER heard of an unholy digimon having sex with a holy digimon.  She continued to let out small cries as Angemon built up a rapid but steady rythem, causing her breasts to bounce as he popped her up and down.  She was just barely aware of the charms being broken and being moved away from the tree.  Then, she realized what was going to happen as she felt Weregarurumon's hands upon her.  He moved a hand through the crack of her bum, and finding her anus, thrust a clawed finger in, exerting enough force to put it in to the knuckle.  Then, unimpeded by the constant motion caused by Angemon's continued assault, he stuck a second finger in, now

both the index and middle fingers of his right hand were within her, creating a very uncomfortable feeling.  Somehow, he also

managed to get the index and middle fingers of his left hand inside too.  LadyDevimon felt horribly full in her lower regions, as anal sex was something she hadn't tried since she was a rookie-level Digimon.  "AAAAHHHH" she cried as he spread his fingers apart, opening her anus up more.  Then, feeling something sliding down her back, then the fingers moving outward yet more, she realised that Weregarurumon's penis was larger than what her rear entry was currently opened to.  In one lightning quick motion, he placed his penis as far into her as he could, then whipping his hands up to her shoulders, matching up to when she would have been on the way down from Angemon's thrusts, he pushed her down hard, causing her body to completely swallow up not only his penis, but Angemon's as well.  Feeling ripped open, LadyDevimon could no longer hold back tears, and allowed them to coat her cheeks, hoping that they would somehow lessening the terrible pain.

Weregarurumon and Angemon concerted their thrusts, one going up and in as the other was coming down.  She could feel the

penises passing each other within her as they alternatingly pistoned in and out.  Weregarurumon reached around to in front of her and grasped her breasts, tightly squeezing them, bringing them close together and then pulling them far to the sides.

Their rythems increased as they got closer to orgasm.  Then, Angemon came, splurting horribly burning, liquid fire into her vaginal passage, causing her to scream a bit.  He pumped in and out of her a few times more, then withdrew.  Quickly, Angemon put a hand beneath her front opening and collected as much of his semen as he could, and smeared it over her breasts.  It stung where it got into the cuts.  Weregarurumon continued to increase his tempo, and she thought that finally, it was almost

over.  But not quite the way she was expecting.  Weregarurumon grasped her by the back of the head, and lifted her up and off

of his penis, then, before her anus could have a chance to close from where the monster werewolf penis had stretched it, he

thrust up his right arm and rammed his fingers. Hand. Wrist.  And part of his FOREARM into her anus.  Completely shocked, LadyDevimon opened her mouth to scream, but didn't make more than a little gurgle.  Popping his arm out, he spun her around and, making use of Angemons' semen as lubricant, rammed his penis into her vagina.  LadyDevimon couldn't make a sound as

she looked down to see herself "breadloafed", with Weregarurumon's over-large penis up far enough inside to occupy her womb and push it, and her vaginal tube, outward so that her lower abdomen bulged out from not being large enough for what was inside.  Finally, she was able to scream, and did so in a voice reflecting the horror she felt.  Weregarurumon erupted

within her, unleashing a torrent that, unable to find a place to stay within her, seeing as how her insides were more than slightly occupied at the moment, squirted out abound the base of Weregarurumon's penis.  Thoroughly worn out from these events, LadyDevimon slumped forward into unconsiousness.


His sense returning to him as the glow of orgasm left,  Weregarurumon pulled Ladydevimon off of his penis, and laid her on the ground.  "Whoops" he said, turning to Angemon "I think I may have overdone it!"


"Don't worry", said Angemon, smirking again, "I'll use some healing power on her, and then she'll just need a few days of

rest to be fixed up again".


"Hmph", said Weregarurumon as Angemon cast an goldenly glowing light over LadyDevimon,"At least she won't be bothering us

again.  C'mon, lets' go get back to the game!  Everyone else should be there by now."


"Yes", Angemon confirmed, finishing up,"we're gonna whip them good!" he grinned.


"Oh yeah!" was Weregarurumon's reply as they walked through the woods in the direcition of the game, leaving a messy, but sleeping LadyDevimon lying on a soft blanket of ferns...