Title: 01000010

Rating: XXX

Author: Chill the Devil Dragon



I haven't actually read any digi-hentai myself yet, but I'm assuming that this story

covers two of the more common themes in the digi-hentai realm.

I've also taken some liberities with re-decorating and re-locating Kari's room.


If you don't want to read digi-hentai about Tai having sex with Kari and Agumon having

sex with Gatomon, then you probably should close this file. 



And so, the story begins:


The whole gang has just finished saving the world twice, once globally and then

once again back in Japan from Arukenimon's most recent wicked scheme.  Now, they are

having a relaxing day off.  Davis and Ken are taking Chibimon and Minomon to

10th street high school winter carnival, Yolei and Poromon are cleaning up her parent's

store, T.K. and Patamon are hanging around Cody's Grandfather with Cody and Upamon.

Sora, Biyomon, Mimi and Palmon (their digimon were pretending to be dolls... again...) are going

shopping in the Nerima Department store, looking for ventriloquist dummies and anything pink.

Matt and Gabumon are hanging around as only popstar slackers can.  Joe has Gomamon promising

to allow Joe absolutly no time to study over the Chrismas holidays.  Izzy and Tentomon are both

busily answering the 1/2 Terabyte of fanmail that the Digidestined collecively recieved.

And Tai, Agumon, Kari and Gatomon are all leisurely lazing around the otherwise deserted Kamiya

residence.  Aren't they?  Well now, that would make for a pretty boring story, now wouldn't it!


*Part 1 *********************************


Kari, who has now had her own room for a few years, is sitting at her desk in that room, trying

to learn how to draw, after discovering that Davis' stick figures looked better than hers.  And

there was NO way she'd let him find that out, he'd just try to teach her how to draw them

properly, figuring that he was scoring points of some kind.  She wouldn't mind T.K. teaching her,

she thought, but she'd never acutually seen him draw anything other than Kanji.  She straightened

up and stretched out her arms, yawning, then got back to work.  She'd get this licked yet!


Gatomon had gone up to the roof of the apartment building for some sun and fresh (if slightly raw) winter air. 


Agumon and Tai were watching TV.  Suddently, Agumon just HAD to go to the little digimon's room,

and left for the toilet.  Tai idly channel surfed, and "just happened" to hit one of the adult channels.

As he watched some bizarre Japanese porn, Tai gained for himself one of the most massive boners he'd

ever had.  He shifted in his spot on the couch, trying to find a more comfortable position.  He absoutely

 had to get larger underwear!  As he continued to watch the movie, he really began to feel the effects

of being really horny.  Tai began to feel a bit dizzy, and his mind started to wander.  The first thing

to enter his mind was Sora.  He wished he could see her naked.  He imagined her, for just a moment, and

his erection seemed to get larger.  He really, REALLY wished she was here.  She liked him, he was sure

of it.  Anyone would do.  Mimi, or that red-haired transfer student with the short blonde friend that

followed her everywhere.  If only there was a girl around.  He adjusted his too-tight underpants and

shorts, and then, it hit him.  There was a girl around.  His sister, Kari.  But, she _was_ his sister. 

The nagging bulge in his pants again demanded to be tended to.  She was only a couple of years younger

than he was, surely she was old enough to understand that sometimes, you just need to do things.  He

felt like a force was pushing him towards doing this, something he couldn't resist.  He got up, and

walked toward his sister's room.  He passed by a mirror on the way there, but failed to notice the

off-bluish hair that hung down the side of his face, coming from just above his temple.


Tai opened the door to Kari's room, but she didn't notice.  She had her back to him as she sat at

her desk, working on something.  He walked across the room towards her, and he could feel his heart

pounding.  He should stop, not do this, right?  Again, something pulled him on.  It gave him a little

jolt of pleasure when he gave in to this little... voice?  Whatever, he brushed off the thought as he

reached the back of her chair.  He bent over, then quicly whipped his arms around the back of her chair

and under her arms, and clamped his hands over where he assumed her small breasts would be.


Tai had guessed very well, and a startled Kari jumped up from her chair.  "Tai?  You scared me!" she

said, turning her head.  She was expecting him to say "Gotcha!" and laugh, or give her a nougie or

something.  But Tai was silent.  "Tai?" she asked, then realized that he hadn't let go of her.  Looking

down, she realized where he was holding her.  At first, she had thought that it had simply been chance

as to where his hands had found their hold on her, but she now realized that it was anything but an

accident as his fingers slowly spread and then closed, squeezing her nipples through the fabric of her

shirt.  Now thoroughly shocked, Kari just blinked as he pulled her closer to him.  Feeling his erection

poking her in the small of her back jolted her from her shock just enough to squirm a bit, saying

"Tai? What are you doing? Tai?"  Wrapping his left arm across her chest and holding tightly to her

right breast, he bent over further, and stuck his hand between her legs, and using his index and middle

fingers, strongly traced her crack from stem to stern.  He did it again, and Kari had the strangest

sensation.  It was tingly, but it felt... nice.  No!  That was wrong.  It couldn't feel nice!  He did

it again, and she felt her legs twitch towards each other involuntarily.  She let a slightly wavering breath

escape as she felt a slight warmth reach her cheeks.


Putting his right hand on the front of her lower body, he picked her up, and carried her closer to her bed.

He stood her by the side of her bed, close to foot board of the bed.  Still facing her back, he tugged her

shorts and panties down to just below her bottom, and then put out his hand to touch her.  He dragged his index

finger across her vaginal opening, putting it in a tiny way.  He did this several times, and he began to feel

moisture.  He pushed his finger in to the first joint, and when he pulled it out, he heard a quiet smacking

sound.  Tai then put it in a bit further... but just a little.  He probed around until he touched something

that made his sister's body jerk.  He rubbed and prodded around that spot for a while, and then it was

more than just a little wet.  His erection swelled again, and he withdrew his hand.  Kari made a small noise,

but Tai couldn't tell what it was.  He put his finger back on the outer regions of her vagina as he thought

aloud.  "Hmm... I really shouln't put it in there... but...", Tai moved his wet finger closer to himself,

touching her tightly closed anus,"Back here, I shouldn't have any worries".  He slowly wormed his finger in,

just past the first joint.  It was so tight, he realized, that her bum must have been completely exit only until

now, she couldn't have gotten curious or anything.  Kari turned her head around and weakly protested, but he bent

her over, laying her over the edge of her bed.  He pulled down his own pants and underwear, and with one hand on

Kari's back, he positioned the head of his penis at the opening of her bum.  Then, it dawned on him that it would

probably really hurt if he just plunged right in... if he could make it in at all.  He quickly surveyed her room

for something... anything... that he could use as lubricant.  Not noticing anything, he brought a large amount of

spit to his mouth, and dripped it carfully, from a height of just a few centimeters, onto the upper crack of her

bum, right above her back opening.  He opened it up a little with two of his fingers, so the spit went inside her a

little.  He picked up some that ran down to the front of her crack with a couple of fingers, and spread it around

on the head of his penis.  Hoping that he now had enough lubricant,  he once again positioned himself at her anus.

He put each of his legs up against the side of her bed, and with one hand pulled her shorts and panties down her

legs, which she curled up behind his back, and off over her feet.  He let them drop to the floor, and then got rid

of his own shorts and underpants.  Tai positioned himself between her legs now,  and he began to press forward,

slowly and steadly, moving in as gently as one can press something through an opening currently 1/4 of it's size. 


Kari's breathing deepened, and she tried to relax herself to grant him easier, and therefore less painful, passage.

She felt her bumhole opening slowly as the tip of his penis entered.  Then it began to hurt, and just seemed to get

bigger and bigger.  She hoped that it would soon be in, as she felt as if she could fit her hand inside herself, it

was open so wide.  Then, the head of his penis popped through, and about two inches of his shaft disappeared within

her.  She sharply inhaled, it really hurt.  She did realize, looking over her shoulder, her cheeks red, that there

was still about 3 1/2 or so inches left outside of her, but she _felt_ full now.


Tai was experiencing more pleasure than he had ever before.  He slowly pulled back, but the head of his penis was stuck

in there unless he really pulled hard, it was gripped so tightly by the ring of her anus.  He didn't mind.  He pushed

in again, slowly, as it was really tough going.  He still put only about two inches in, and then began to pump with

a slow rhythem.  He leaned over her as his hips worked back and forth,  and reached beneath her body to grasp her breasts.

Kari's breath shook a bit when he pinched and tickled her nipples, so he did it a bit more.


Kari was better able to tolerate the rod invading her bottom with the hands playing with her breasts.  Her nipples,

now swelled with blood, were sensitive to touch, and the touch that they were getting now was heavenly.  She began

to feel pleasure?  Yes, pleasure rising within her, but she needed more to reach what she had experienced only once

before, while she read a particularily steamy romance novel late one night, and had been playing with her breasts.

Looking to her left, she thought of how she might gain those extra sensations.  It wasn't something she would normally

even consider, but she seemed to be thinking normally right... *OH!  She twitched for a moment as her breasts were

tweaked in just the right way AH! She sighed* ...now. 


"Tai", Kari asked, "could you do me one favor?"

"Hmm?", He replied, focusing mainly on the sensations he was getting from pumping two inches of his penis in and

out of her bum.

"Tai, could you please move me... us... to the footboard?"

"Huh?", Tai uttered, confused.

"Just let me show you, OK?", Kari said, a bit pleadingly.


He allowed her to get up off of the bed, but didn't withdraw from her.  When she was mostly upright, he pulled her shirt off,

and removed his own as well.  She moved, with Tai as if her shadow,  to the footboard.  She lifted her right leg

up and over, straddling the foodboard.  The top of her footboard wasn't flat, but had a wave-like pattern, smooth and

rounded, on the top.  She settled herself onto the side of one of the rises, and bend over, rubbing and pulling her

vaginal lips and clitoris against the wood.  That felt good...  Tai slowly pumped in and out again, letting her move

forward and back, rubbing and squeezing her bare breasts and nipples, while still keeping his shaft the two inches it

had managed to get in so far.  Soon, Kari had an orgasm.  Until now, she had not realized that her anus contracted too

with the rest of her body's movements during an orgasm, but she did now, and it felt great!  Her cheeks had a bright glow

to them as she happily panted, enjoying the powerful feeling.


Tai noticed that as he withdrew his penis to the point at which there was just the head within her, there was some

new glistening wetness on his shaft.  He touched it, it was kinda sticky, but really slick.  He rotated his hips around a

bit, trying to pull some of the stuff out a bit more.  Succeeding a little bit, he pulled back, then making use of this

new lubricant provided from within Kari, he plunged foreward, sinking all of his penis within her guts.  Kari gasped for

breath, now that a total of about six inches of her insides were filled pretty much to capacity.  Tai pulled back, his

shaft now coated with this new slickness, and began to thrust rapidly in and out of her, slamming into Kari so that she

shook forward when his lower abdomen impacted with the back of her bum.  Kari tightly gripped the footboard,  the penis

stroking deep inside her was causing pain, but the downward pressure on her was also succeeding in grinding her vaginal

crack and lips onto the footboard, sending waves of pleasure into her.  Bent over, she panted with her mouth open.  In

the powerful mix of sensations, her body was releasing massive amounts of endorphines, which were now beginning to make

their presence known.  Her vision began to blur, and she failed to notice the trail of drool that had decided to escape

her mouth and run down her chin.


Tai put both of his hands on his sister's nipples, and pinching them tightly, pulled them away from her body, then

let them snap back into place.  He did this twice more, then upon getting half-aware delighted squeals from Kari in

response, he putting a hand on each of her hips, and obeying the suggestions(?) creeping into his brain, gave it to

her as fast and as hard as he could.  Feeling like a blur, he pumped extremely quickly, her hair bouncing forward with

each impact, and both their breathings deepening,  he felt bliss each time his shaft dissappeared within her.  In and out,

Her bum hole still gripping tightly despite the rapid action it was getting and the lubricant, he pumped as fast as he could,

he couldn't stop now!  His right hand slipped, and he felt that the footboard beneath where Kari's vagina was situated was

coated with the juices that had started flowing with her orgasm and hadn't really stopped yet.  Dispite the blurr that was

his pumping shaft, he almost thought that the glistening coating was taking on a slightly red tinge.  But he pushed any

relavance that might have away as he felt his orgasm approaching.  He slammed into her really hard now, Whack! Whack!

She cried out with a sharp sound each time... Whack! Whack! Whack! on the fifth time, she had another really strong orgasm,

maybe even stronger than her first.  Her anus and the flesh of her rear tube contracted very strongly,  pulling on Tai's

penis, inviting it even deeper, making it even a bit bigger.  Then, it erupted, even as Kari's orgasm continued, Tai's began.

Semen gushing forth with the strength of weeks without a wet dream to release it, with several minutes of sex to build it,

gushed deep inside, coating her intestines and splashing about.  Kari, overwhelmed by the sensations pouring into her,

passed out before Tai's orgasm, or even hers' were finished.  Tai, who was holding her more or less upright and close to him

during the orgasm, squeezing her left breast with his right hand, didn't let her fall when she passed out, at least, not

until his own orgasm ended.  Then, his erection slowly softening, he let her fall, chest first, onto her bed.  He looked

at her were she lay, her cheeks still bright and flushed, her mouth wide open with clear drool dripping out, and lower...

Her legs were widly spread, with a lot of cum and a little bit of blood coming out of her slowly closing anus and pooling

between her legs at the base of her torso.  He felt a rush of renewed desire, his penis twitching a bit and stiffening

once more, and moved around to the side of the bed.  Then, however, the blue-grey hair exploded into a brightly shimmering

energy, and disintegrated.  Tai, suddenlty feeling exhausted, flopped onto the bed beside Kari, and passed out of



*Part 2*************************************


Agumon, meanwhile, had returned to his usual space in front of the TV to find Tai gone, and... what the?  What was this on

the TV?  Agumon's jaw dropped, and he stared at the screen, transfixed.  Watching the human pornography made the reptile Digimon horny.  Sex play between Agumon was generally rough (kind of like Klingons from Star Trek), and Agumon hadn't had

any for a very long time.  He scratched the top of his head with his claws, thinking.  Hmm... where was he going to find some pussy at a time like this, in the real world, no less?  Ah! He had it.  There WAS a pussy-CAT around here, wasn't there?

Agumon grabbed the hooded pullover he used as a disguise and headed out the door, up to the roof in search of Gatomon.


Finally reaching the roof, Agumon took off the pullover, and began to search around for Gatomon.  He found her, lying on a black sheet she had taken from the apartment, sunning her back.  Even in the brisk winter weather, she was sure to find a way to laze around in the heat.  She seemed to be asleep.  He really should ask her first, he thought, but what if she said no?  There'd be nothing that he could do about that, then.  But... he should at least give her a little warning.  He walked up behind her, and said "Gatomon?"


"Hmmmm?", she purred, warm and cozy in the sunlight.


"Enough warning!", Agumon thought to himself, and leapt forward, grabbing one of her legs with each of his arms, and gave her a big wet lick right on the slit.


Thoroughly surprised, Gatomon quickly raised herself up onto her arms, and turned her head to look at Agumon. "Agumon!  What in the name of catnip are you doing?!", she exclaimed.


Taking advantage of her surprise, Agumon fell backwards, landing on his bottom, and pulling Gatomon back with him, aiming to have her fall right onto his penis.  And he scored a bulls'eye!  Despite being a Champion-Level Digimon, Gatomon was a bit

smaller than Agumon in terms of raw mass.  His penis popped right into and up her vagina, the saliva from Agumons' lick providing more than ample lubrication.


Gatomon, now firmly held in place by Agumon holding her arms, wiggled a bit, deciding that this really wasn't so bad.  At least, not until she felt the surge of power.  "Now wait a minute!" She said, turning a bit to try and coax Agumon out of his planned course of action, but she was too late. 




Gatomon screamed.  Wargreymon was three sizes too large for her.  Then she looked down.  Ok, Wargreymon was SIX sizes too large for her.  She was having difficultiy catching her breath as she studied her current situation.  Wargreymon wasn't holding her down anymore, he didn't have to.  Only the head of Wargremon's penis was inside of her, and there was absolutly no way that any more was getting in there.  Her stomach area had expanded greatly,  it looked like an oversized loaf of bread was sticking out from inside her.  She couldn't see any blood from her viewpoint, but she knew it was there.  Using all of her mental strength, she concentrated as best she could.




Angewomon sighed, settling down onto Wargremon's penis.  Now just about one foot shorter than he was, everything had a much better fit.  Without making any move such as hinted that she wanted off, she elbowed Wargremon in the ribs.

"You bastard!  What'd you do that for?  If you wanted to have sex, you just had to ask!", she said.


"What?  Really?", he said, suprised.


"Yeah, really", she confirmed, then stretching and folding up her wings, she removed her glove.  "Ok, so lets' get this show on the road!", she said, turning her head just a little bit and smiling at him.


Wargreymon dumped his claw-shields onto the ground, he wasn't going to be needing those!  He moved his right hand down, sliding it across her stomach,  placing it on her left hip.  Then, he put his left hand across her chest, and pulling down her costume, began to caress her right breast.  Angewomon leaned back, against his chest, and reaching up, circled her arms

around his neck.  He began to pump slowly in and out of her, matching the movement of his hips by raising her up by the hand on her breast when he pulled outward, and pulling her back down by the hand on her hip as he pushed in again.  He twisted her nipple a bit as he did this, all the time maintaining a firm grip on her beautifully shaped breast.


Then, Angewomon quickly freed herself from his hands and spun around, still impaled on his penis.  Now facing him, she pushed

him down onto his back.  Placing her hands on his stomach, she raised herself off of him, until just the tip of his penis was within her, then slowly lowered herself back down, but only about half way.  His penis was still a bit bigger than what her body was meant to allow in, so her vagina tightly gripped his member as she slowly moved up and down it's shaft.


Wargreymon was getting very excited from her teasing, and he could feel the pleasure growing in his loins.  Noticing this,

Angewomon drew herself up, and waited for what seemed to Wargreymon an eternity before dropping down again.  He caught his

breath quickly as his penis twitched intensly.  He let out a wavering breath as a slyly smiling Angewomon did this twice more.  By playing the head of his penis around so much at the entrance to her vagina,  Angewomon was getting a LOT of pleasure out of this frolic, and she was feeling a great need for release.  Noticing that it probably wouldn't take much to set Wargreymon off now, she plunged down hard onto Wargreymon's penis, driving it deep inside her.  This was enough to send

Wargreymon into orgasm, and orgasm he did!  He groaned loudly, and his penis, buried deep within Angewomon, began to spurt out a great deal of semen.  Angewomon wasn't prepared for the force at which the hot liquid shot about within her, and jerked up and down on the base of Wargreymon's penis, letting out a few short, sharp panting sounds.  Then her orgasm began, triggered by the sensation of Wargreymon's fluid splashing within.  Her vagina clutched and massaged his penis, and she didn't think her nipples could possibly get any harder as her muscles contracted and she felt pleasure firing up her spine.

It continued until just after Wargreymon finally stopped filling her insides with semen.  Being as huge as he was, he'd actually fired about a litre of semen within her, and when she pulled herself off of him, there suddently wasn't anything holding inside anymore, and it began to exit her in a big gush, then a more steady flow that continued as she crawled up his

body on all fours, then gave the side of his helmet a quick, cat-like lick.  She settled onto his chest, and put her arms around the back of his neck.  Wargreymon wrapped his arms around her in an embrace as their combined juices continued to soak his armor. 

"Thank you, Angewomon", he said.

"No probmmm, thnks toooo...", she replied, drifting off to sleep as the sun and the warmth inside of her kept the winter chill far, far away.