Digi-Porno: Yolei & Hawkmon 

“Home Alone ‘Play’ Time!”

By: Capt. Rico

School is out for the summer. Yolei & Hawkmon have been looking forward to summer for the whole school year. It would be a time for fun-in-the-sun, out-all-night parties, slumber parties, & ‘private’ parties. 
It’s a beautiful sunny morning at Yolei’s cousin’s home, a huge mansion like the ones found only in Las Vegas & Las Angeles. It’s a Tri-Level-Plan-Spirals-Up-To-A-Cozy-Penthouse-like mansion. The Lower Level has the two-car garage with a hallway leading to spiral staircase that heads up to the other 3 levels. 
The First Level, the Entrance Level, consists of the foyer, the main entrance to which the staircase leads. Then there’s a hallway that leads to the first bedroom on the left, the family room up ahead, & the second bedroom & bathroom to the right. The family room has a glass sliding door that opens to a small deck overlooking the backyard swimming pool. 
The Second Level of the house starts out with the dinning room & living room with a small opened area looking over the foyer below. There are a lot of large glass windows overlooking the backyard & forest. The sun shines through them. To the right is the doorway to the kitchen & nook. At the end there is a door that goes to another deck with two stairways, one going down to the garage area, & another going up to the private deck above. 
The spiral staircase finally ends at the top level, the Penthouse. It stars with a small hallway with one side opened to the dinning room & foyer in the two levels below. At the end there is a two-door entrance, which goes into the master bedroom. The master bedroom is huge. It has a coffered ceiling, a walk-in closet, & two other doors, one going into the master bathroom with glass-shower & spa, & the other going onto the private deck overlooking the whole forest.
The sun continues to shine as morning comes. Its about 8:00 a.m. Yolei & Hawkmon are both in bed in the master bedroom. The bed is huge, big enough for four people. It’s a waterbed of course. Hawkmon is the first to wake up. At first he wanted to wake up Yolei, but he felt that she still needed some sleep. Yolei was wearing sexy white panties & a bra. She had a beautiful body. Even though Yolei was only 13, she had the body of a 17 year old. The type of bod you would find in Playboy Magazine. Big boobs, & a nice ass. 
Hawkmon got out of bed & headed down stairs to the kitchen. He figured he find Yolei’s cousin in there cooking breakfast. Yolei’s cousin did own the house, & they were only visiting her for the weekend. In the stairway, Hawkmon looks at a beautiful picture of Yolei’s cousin. She had black hair. Her age was around 22. She had the sexiest bod in the world. Boobs as big as Yolei’s. She was wearing a red top & tight blue jeans. She never looked so beautiful in her life. Hawkmon looked at the picture for a minute & then continued down the stairway to the kitchen.
In the kitchen, Hawkmon finds a note on the cooking island. He picks up the note & reads it:

Dear Yolei & Hawkmon,

I’m going out for the whole day. I won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. Until then, you guys got the house to yourselves. There’s some food in the refrigerator. I’ll be back soon.



Hawkmon felt a little excited about this. Having the house to themselves meet having fun all day long! Swimming, eating ice cream, the works! The first thng on Hawkmon’s mind was food. He goes to the frig & gets something to eat.
Yolei wakes up. She feels rested & ready to enjoy another great summer day. She puts on her glasses. She storks back her purple hair. She finds that Hawkmon isn’t around. Yolei looks under the bed & finds Hawkmon’s porno magazine. She flips through the pages & finds a pic of two beautiful girl giving each other orgaziums. This starts to turn Yolei on right away. Yolei begins rubbing her body with her hand. The more she stares at the two women eating their pussys, the more sexual feeling she gets. Yolei takes off her bra. She is very proud to have boobs as big as the two girls or her cousin. Yolei starts to squeeze & rub her boobs. 
“Mmmmmmmmm,” moans Yolei as she plays with her tits.
The pic starts to turn Yolei on even more. Yolei rubs her hand across her body all the way down to her panties. She opens up her legs so she could see her hand rub her panties, with her soft sweet pussy underneath. Yolei can almost feel her fingers go into her pussy. Yolei throws the magazine away & takes off her panties, revealing her soft I-shaped purple pubic hair & her plumed sweet pussy.
“Mmm,” said Yolei as she stared at her pussy, “just the wake-up call I need.”
Yolei begins to slid her two fingers deep into her pussy. It starts to feel like a dick fucking her very slowly. Yolei begins to moan with joy & sexual esnty. 
“Aaaaaaahhh. Ooooooh!”
Yolei lays back across the bed. The waves from the water in the waterbed sooth her as she plays more & more with her tits & her puss. She rubs her boobs & pubic hair. She wiggles her two fingers inside her pussy as she looks up through the ceiling window at the sky, picturing a clouds as beautiful women she dreams of being.
Hawkmon heads back up to the master bed. He begins to hear Yolei, moaning. Hawkmon has a good idea what she is doing. 
When Hawkmon reaches the master bedroom, he walks in slowly & quietly, keeping low so that Yolei won’t spot him. He reaches the end of the bed & takes a peak at what’s happening. He sees Yolei playing with herself. He can see her pussy wigging from the fingers inside her. He can also see her squeeze her big boobs & wiggle her titties.
Hawkmon begins to get turned on right away. Watching his own digi-partner play with herself made him want to fuck her so hard, that he would never stop. Hawkmon sits on a small seat in front of the bed, so that he could see & Yolei won’t notice him. 
Hawkmon takes out his dick & begins to masturbate. He begins to stare at Yolei as she continues to play with her pussy more & more.
“Oh yes!” Hawkmon thought to himself, “I never thought that I would get the chance to see Yolei naked. Let alone play with herself. This is great! Look at her go. That’s it Yolei. Take those fingers. Take them all the way in. Stare at her pussy. Squeeze that pussy baby, that’s it. Yesss.”
Hawkmon’s dick gets long & hard right away. His dick was about 3 inches long, enough to give Yolei what she wants. He masturbates harder & moans a little.
Hawkmon doesn’t notice that Yolei hears him right away. She stops playing with herself, takes her fingers out of her pussy & crawls down across the bed & finds Hawkmon, masturbating. Yolei was surprised. She smiled & giggled.
“Hawkmon you little shit,” thought Yolei, “Guess I turn you on huh?”
“Hey silly,” said Yolei with a smile.
Hawkmon is surprised & falls out of his seat. Hawkmon shook his head & looked up at Yolei. Yolei just sat there smiling. Yolei notices Hawkmon’s big dick & smiles a little more & giggles.
“I had no idea you had a nice dick,” giggled Yolei.
Hawkmon was embarrassed. Hawkmon covers his dick with his hands. 
“There’s no need to cover your dick,” said Yolei, “I don’t mind. Besides, I think it’s cute.”
Hawkmon does what Yolei says. 
“Now come onto the bed,” said Yolei.
Hawkmon got onto the waterbed. Yolei crawls backwards on her back until her reaches the pillows. She lays down relaxed. Hawkmon crawls up & lays next to Yolei.
“Here’s no need to be embarrassed Hawkmon,” said Yolei, “I know I turn you on. That’s why you were waking off.”
“I didn’t mean to come in like this,” said Hawkmon, feeling sorry.
“Don’t be. It’s O.K. I be masturbating too if I came in & caught you playing with yourself. Besides, I found you masturbating with Kari once. I found it to be very sexy.”
“I see.”
Yolei looks at Hawkmon’s big brown dick for a minute, & then looks back at Hawkmon & smiles some more.
“Do you dream of fucking me?” asked Yolei.
Hawkmon was stunned at the question.
“What?” asked Hawkmon.
“Do you dream of fucking me? Be honest.”
“Well….yeah. I do.”
“You know, since I meet you, I’ve had a sexual fantasy of fucking with you too. I dream of sucking you dick, & then ramming it into my pussy. You would fuck me long & hard.”
“You know, I dream the same thing about you & Kari, Sora, Mimi & Biyomon.”
Yolei crawls down backwards & gets in front of Hawkmon’s legs. She lays down front across the bed, right in front of Hawkmon’s dick. Yolei then grabs his dick with both hands & squeezes it a little. Hawkmon is very stunned & surprised.
“What are you-?” asked Hawkmon.
“What do you think?” said Yolei in a sexy voice, smiling, “I’m going to make our fantasy come true. You ready? Here’s goes.”
The next thing Hawkmon sees is Yolei slowly kissing the head of his dick. A few seconds later, Yolei slowly put his dick in her mouth & begun sucking it. Hawkmon started to feel sexual aroused right away as he felt Yolei’s tong lick the head of his dick & her mouth sucking the rest.
“Mummmm,” moaned Yolei as she sucked some more.
“Oh yess,” said Hawkmon, aroused in sexual esnty. 
Hawkmon just lays back & stares at Yolei sucking him.
“Oh right!” thought Hawkmon, “This is really happening to me. I finally get to fuck Yolei, yes! That’s it baby, take my big dick, take it all the way in. Sucking dry. Oh yes Yolei, you got me now. I’m all yours!”
“Aaaaahh,” moaned Hawkmon, “Woo.”
“You like it?” said Yolei in a sexy voice, still sucking.
“Yeah,” said Hawkmon.
Yolei continues to suck Hawkmon for about a few minutes. Hawkmon never felt anything like this before. This is the first time he had a blowjob.
Hawkmon looks down at Yolei. Yolei looks back & smiles as she takes his dick out & wiggles the head with her tong. She winks. 
“I would sure like to have you on my face,” said Hawkmon in a sexy voice.
“You read my mind,” said Yolei.
She licks the head of the dick for a minute then stops. Her lets go of Hawkmon’s dick. Hawkmon can see his dick was all wet from all the sucking.
Yolei crawls up the bed with Hawkmon’s body between her legs. Her crawls until his head was directly between her legs & in front of her pussy. Hawkmon holds Yolei by the ass. The next thing Yolei sees is Hawkmon’s tong licking the sides of her pussy-lips. This feeling turns Yolei on beyond the limits. Yolei smiles more & just seats there & watching Hawkmon eat her pussy right up.
“Ooooooh,” moaned Yolei as she felt Hawkmon’s tong lick her, “Aaaaahh…god that feels so goood. Mmmm…great job. Oh yes!”
Yolei starts playing with her boobs as she watches Hawkmon’s tong go into her pussy. A few minutes later, Hawkmon was wiggling his tong inside Yolei’s tasty pussy. 
“Mumm,” said Hawkmon.
Yolei then sees his tong move up & starts to wiggle her ‘pleasure center.’ This puts a big smile to her right away. Yolei takes Hawkmon’s face away from her pussy & he looks up at her.
“You ready?” said Yolei.
“Yeah,” said Hawkmon.
Hawkmon lets go of Yolei’s ass. She crawls down backwards until his dick & her pussy were a few inches in front of each other. Hawkmon grabs his dick & gets it to her pussy. Yolei helps him out by opening her pussy & put his dick slowly in. Hawkmon’s dick slowly goes in. Yolei starts to feel very excited as his dick goes in deeper & deeper. Finally, Hawkmon’s whole dick is all the way in. By his point of view, Yolei’s pussy feels tight & wet & soft at the same time. He has never felt anything like this before in his life, but he’s startng to like it a lot. 
“Mmmmmmm,” moaned Yolei, feeling Hawkmon’s dick inside her, “that feels good. Yeahh.”
Yolei & Hawkmon begin to fuck, slowly. Yolei begins to moan more very time she feels her pussy push & pull Hawkmon’s dick in & out of her. Yolei thought to her that she was very lucky, because when she went to a sex doctor, she discovered that she was infertile. She was unable to have a baby, for she had no ovaries. Therefore she knew she didn’t have to worry about taking Hawkmon’s dick out when he begins to shoot out cum. 
The waterbed begins to rumble a little from Yolei & Hawkmon’s moving as they fucked. Hawkmon could feel his dick move in & out of Yolei’s pussy. It feels good. 
“That’s it Yolei,” thought Hawkmon, “Take my big dick. Take it all the way in. Squeeze it tightly, that’s it! That’s it baby, you got me now! I’m all yours. That’s it. That’s my bitch. Yesssssss.”
“Hawkmon,” said Yolei, “does…mmm…your dick belong to…me?”
“Yes,” said Hawkmon, “Its yours, Yolei. Does your pussy belong to me?”
“Yes… it does.”
“And your big boobs?”
“I love you…Yolei.”
“I love you too…Hawkmon.”
“This id great!” thought Yolei, “I never imagine I would fuck a Digimon, let alone my own partner. That’s it Hawkmon, take your big dick & fuck me hard. Stare at my pussy. Make my pussy squeeze your dick tightly…until it shoots your hot cum into me. Ohhh Hawkmon! I love you! Yes! YES!”
“Hawkmon,” said Yolei, “fuck me hard …& faster…mmm…please?”
“Anything for you… Yolei,” said Hawkmon, sexually overwhelmed.
Hawkmon begins to fuck Yolei faster, pushing harder on her as he pushes his dick deeper into her. Yolei begins to moan more & more every time his dick rams into her deep tight pussy. The waterbed rumbles more & more as Hawkmon & Yolei begin to fuck faster & harder than ever. The two begin to bounce on the bed as they fuck. The waves of water in the bed from the bouncing turn the bed into a trampoline, making the two lovers feel like their flying into the air.
“That’s it!” said Yolei “Harder, Hawkmon! HARDER!”
“Oh yes!” said Hawkmon, “YES!”
The two fucked as they never fucked before. They bounce hard on the waterbed as they went at it. Just then, Hawkmon began to feel something. He felt his dick was about to pump something out. He knew what it was right away.
“I’m about to cum!” said Hawkmon, “You ready…Yolei?!”
“Yes!” said Yolei, sexually overwhelmed, “Let me have it! Fucking give it to me!”
“Here it comes!”
Then finally, SPLUSSH! Hawkmon ejaculates & shoots his cm into her pussy. The cum shoots in like taking a piss. To Yolei, it feels like a waterfall inside her. Both Hawkmon & herself begin to fell totally beyond overwhelm.
“Oh yes!,” screamed Yolei with joy, “YES!”
“Woo!” said Hawkmon, still overwhelmed. 
“I can feel…your HOT cum shooting into me…Hawkmon!”
The two begin to sweat as they fucked. Yolei was beginning to be very pleased. Hawkmon was feeling the sexual esnty as he fucked her harder.
“Oh Yolei!,” said Hawkmon, “OH YES!”
“Ohh Hawkmon,” said Yolei, “I want you to fill my pussy with your HOT cum!”
“Anything for you…Yolei!”
“I want to bathe in your cum! Drink your cum! Until…I can’t take it anymore!”
“Oh man…this feels good! Oh yes! YES!”
“Aaaahhh! Oohhhh!”
“Oohh that…feels soo…good! OH HAWKMON!”
Yolei & Hawkmon fuck for about a few more minutes. Finally, Yolei has had enough. Yolei takes out Hawkmon’s dick & aims it at her mouth. Cum continues to shoot like crazy out of Hawkmon. Yolei masturbates Hawkmon, stroking his dick as the cum went flying out & into her month. Yolei swallows the cum in her mouth, & then aims Hawkmon’s dick at her boobs. The cum goes flying on to her tits. Both Yolei & Hawkmon are pleased.
After about a minute, the two stop & Yolei falls on to Hawkmon. Yolei gets off of Hawkmon & lays next to him. Both of them are satisfied.
“That was wonderful Hawkmon,” said Yolei.
“Thanks,” said Hawkmon.
Yolei grabs Hawkmon’s dick & gives it a kiss on the head. She lays his dick back down. Hawkmon holds Yolei’s pussy-limps & give her a kiss on her ‘pleasure center.’ Yolei giggles a little. Hawkmon gets up to Yolei’s boobs & kisses them on the tits. Then he gets up to Yolei & gives her a kiss on the limps. Both of them give each other a long French kiss & then both layback facing each other.
“Next time we do it, you want to fuck me in the ass?” asked Yolei.
“Whatever you want me to do, baby,” said Hawkmon in a sexy voice.
Both of them hug each other a cuddle up together. Hawkmon puts his dick back into Yolei’s pussy, slowly.
“Can I keep my dick inside you for a while?” asked Hawkmon.
“Sure,” said Yolei.
Hawkmon’s dick goes all the way up Yolei’s pussy. Yolei lays back on the bed with Hawkmon on top of her. She reaches for the covers & they both cover up. Hawkmon begins to fuck Yolei again, very, very slowly. Both of them giggles a little.
“Guess your not ready to quite yet, huh?” giggled Yolei.
“No,” said Hawkmon.
Both continue to giggle & laugh a little for as they began to talk for a while. One thing’s for sure, this is the best morning Hawkmon & Yolei ever had.
“Can’t wait for Hawkmon to fuck me in the ass,” thought Yolei.
Yolei hugs Hawkmon as they talked. Yolei has never been more happy, or pleased, in her life. 

The End