Seductive Haze


    by Blackmink






    Disclaimer:  The characters in this lemon fanfic are owned by Toei


                      Animation, and are being used without their knowledge


                      or consent. (Digimon 02)


    Warning:  These characters engage in adult situations.  If you are not


                   at least 21 years-old, please leave now.








         As Sora waited for the elevator to drop her off on her floor, she read


    the note she had recieved one more time.  "Dearest Sora," it began, "I


    need to talk to you about us.  My parents are out tonight, so we'll be


    alone.  Please come.  Tai."  Her heart jumped when the chime sounded


    and the doors opened. 




         She quickly folded up the note, stuffed it into her blouse pocket, and


    stepped out of the elevator.  When she reached the Kamiya's door,


    Sora discovered that her heart had not slowed.  It thudded in her chest


    at the anticipation of what this meeting was about.  She and Tai had


    been good friends since their early adventures in the Digiworld.  They


    had only recently started dating, but she was already starting to fall in


    love with him.  Sora hoped the reason he wanted to see her alone was


    that he wanted to tell her the same thing.  Sora raised her hand, took a


    deep breath, and knocked on the door. 




         A few seconds passed, then the door began to open.  Her anticipation


    sank at the sight of the girl who had answered.  Kari smiled at her, and


    the only polite thing to do was smile back.  Sora was also a little surpri-


    sed that she had answered the door wearing only a nightshirt.  It was


    short sleaved, came down to her knees, and was colored pink with Hello


    Kitty on the chest.  Sora always thought that Tai's little sister was a


    cuttie, and now that Kari was older - and just about as tall as she was -


    she thought she was a very pretty girl.




         "Hello, Kari," she said.  Deciding that she probably already knew


    about she and her brother, she asked, "Is Tai home?"




         "He had to go out for a minute," Kari answered.  "Would you like to


    come in and wait?"  She stood aside as an invitation.




         "Yes, thank you."




         Kari closed the door behind them as Sora slipped off her shoes and


    set them out of the way.  She took a seat on the couch, and her hostess


    went into the kitchen.




         "Would you like something to drink?" Kari offered.




         "Yes, please," Sora accepted. 




         While she waited, Sora absently flipped through channels on the


    television.  She had stopped it on a romantic movie by the time Kari


    returned with her drink.  She had gotten one for herself as well, and


    joined Sora on the sofa.  They sat silently, sipping their drinks and


    watching tv, for several minutes.  Sora noted a strange taste besides


    the cranberry juice, but it was too good to put down.  It also made her


    feel more at ease, lighter.  She held the last gulp in her mouth and


    sloshed it around with her tongue before swallowing.  She stared at her


    empty glass, wondering what she had been drinking, but wanting more. 


    Before she could ask, Kari was pouring her some more from a saki bottle.




         "We can't drink this," Sora complained weakly.  "Can we?"




         "Don't worry," Kari told her as she poured more for herself.  "I bought


    this from a friend at school.  Nobody else knows that I have it."




         Sora took a sip of her refill, then asked, "Why are you giving it to me?"




         Kari took a big gulp of her own, set her glass on the table, then turned


    to face Sora.  "Because I have something to tell you, and I wanted you to


    be calm when I said it."




         Sora set her own glass aside and took Kari's hands in her own.  "What


    is it?  Is something wrong?  Is it Tai?" she asked with concern. 




         "No.  Tai's fine."  Kari took a deep breath.  "He's out with the guys tonight."




         "What?" Sora asked.  "But he sent me a note to meet him here."




         "He didn't sent the note, Sora.  I did," Kari confessed.




         "You did?  Why?"  Sora pulled her hands away, hurt by this betrayal


    from someone she considered a friend.




         "I'm sorry," Kari said as her tears began to flow.  "I needed to talk to


    you alone, and it was the only reason I could think of that you would come






         "Oh, Kari," Sora said as she put one hand on Kari's, and rubbed her


    tears away from her left check with the other.  "You didn't have to trick me. 


    Whatever problems you have, I'm happy to help you with them.  All you


    have to do is ask."




         "You will probably never want to see me again after I tell you."




         "Don't be silly.  Of course I will.  You're Tai's sister, after all."




         "And you like my brother, don't you?"




         Sora blushed a little as she answered, "Yes, I do."




         "That's what makes it so hard for me to tell you what I have to say,"


    Kari said as she stood and faced away from Sora.




         Sora feelings went from infatuation to concern, fearing that Kari's


    news meant she had no chance with Tai after all.  She took up her


    glass of saki and drank it all down.  After putting the glass back on


    the table, she went up behind Kari and put her hands on her shoulders. 


    Noticing that the younger girl was shivering, she said, "You can tell me


    anything, Kari.  I can take it."




         "I..."  Kari was having trouble saying it aloud, but Sora had to know. 


    "I want to make love to you, Sora."




         Sora stiffened, her eyes wide with shock.  "What... What did you


    say?" she asked.




         "I want to have sex with you," Kari clarified as she turned around to face


    her.  "But first, I want to kiss you."  She pulled Sora's lips to her own.




         To say Sora was stunned was beyond words.  Tai's little sister was


    kissing her!  Even more surprising, she was letting her.  Sora didn't know


    if it was the saki or the moment, but she held Kari close and began to kiss


    her back.  She opened her mouth to let the young tongue tangle with her


    own.  She had never kissed anyone like this before, and she liked it.  It was


    making her feel warm inside.  All too soon, Kari pulled away and laid her head


    on Sora's shoulder.




         "I've been wanting to do that for so long," Kari sighed. 




         "I could tell," Sora said.  Not knowing what else to say, she simply held






         "I have another secret to share with you, if you'll let me," Kari said as she


    took Sora's hand and placed it on her crotch.




         Through the cloth of Kari's nightshirt, Sora felt something that shouldn't


    be there.  It was hard, and throbbing.  Startled, she pulled her hand away,


    jumped back, and stuttered, "Wha... What th... the heck is that?"




         Kari giggled joyfully, then blushed as she said, "It's what you think it is." 


    She grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulled it up just past her stomach.  What


    she revealed shocked Sora even more than the kiss.  Poking out of Kari's


    pink, cotton panties, was the dripping head of a penis.  "I'm not like normal


    girls," she explained.  "I have a pussy, too.  I was born this way.  Only my


    family knows, then Gatomon, and now you."




         Sora was at a loss for words.  She just stared at it, mesmerized.  Kari


    pulled her nightshirt over her head, then pushed her panties down to her


    ankles and off.  Then she sat down on the sofa, and spread her legs.  As


    Sora watched, Kari held her penis up - which was still growing - to reveal


    her pussy.  She fingered herself, slipping them inside to prove that it was


    real.  When she pulled them out again, the were wet.




         Kari began to rub her penis with her slickened fingers as she said saucily, 


    "I've dreamt of the day that you would suck on my penis, Sora-chan.  Won't


    you please make my dream come true?"




         Sora watched as Kari penis didn't seem to stop growing.  The sight of


    it made her very hot inside.  She was beathing hard, and she had to loosen


    her blouse.  Before she realized it, she had unbuttoned it all the way and had


    dropped it on the floor.  'This is crazy,' she thought.  She unhooked her bra,


    slipped it off, and knelt between Kari's legs.  'But I can't help myself.'




         "Yes," Kari said as she offered her now ten inch penis to a captivated Sora. 


    "Don't be shy," she told her.  "Take it."




         Sora touched it with the tips of her fingers.  She rubbed the beading juices


    from the tip, let her fingers trail down until they reached the pussy, which also


    began to drip.  Kari gasped as Sora took hold of her sticky penis.  "It... It's so


    big," she commented.




         "Please, Sora-chan," Kari begged, "Take it in your mouth."




         'I can't believe I'm doing this,' Sora thought as she wrapped her lips around


    Kari's nearly inch thick monster.  She tried to take in as much of it as she


    could, but could only manage half.  Then she pulled her mouth back and lick-


    ed the head as she would an ice cream cone before taking it into her mouth


    again, bobbing her head up and down, and sucking hard.  She alternated her


    movements, taking it in and out and licking it, as Kari ran the fingers of one hand


    through Sora's hair.




         "Mmmm, Sora-chan," Kari moaned.  "Don't forget my pussy, please?"




         Sora trailed her tongue from the tip of Kari's penis to her wet pussy lips. 


    She licked up delicious juices, then probed the inner folds with her tongue.


    All the while, she continued to stimulate the other sex by pumping it with her


    hand.  Sora found Kari's small bud, and nibbled at it, making Kari squeel with


    pleasure.  Replacing her mouth with her fingers, Sora went back to the object


    of her primary attentions.




         "Ohhh, yesss," Kari said gripped the couch coushions with both hands. 


    "Oh, Sora-chan.  Ahhh, ahhh, oooo...  Ohhhhh...  I'm gonna come, Sora!  Oh,


    yess!  I'm coming!"




         Sora felt Kari's pussy grip her fingers, and her penis begin to pulsate. 


    Suddenly, hot juices shot into her mouth.  Sora's eyes went wide, as she


    was startled for a moment.  But only for a moment.  She closed them and


    savored the salty/sweet taste of the juices.  She swallowed as much as she


    could, but there was so much of it that it dribbled out of her mouth and onto


    the sofa cushion.  When the flow finally ended, Sora pulled her mouth off of


    Kari's penis and looked at the fingers that she'd had in her pussy.  They


    dripped with more juices which she licked clean, noting the much sweeter


    taste.  She then looked up at Kari's face, who was clearly out of breath, but






         "You've done this before, havn't you," Kari accused.




         "No!" Sora lept up to her own defence.  She calmed herself, blushed, and


    went on, "No, I havn't done anything like this before.  I did see a hentai maga-


    zine once, but I never thought anything like this would happen to me."




         Kari stood up, and began to suck on one of Sora's budding breasts, then


    the other.  When she finished there, she moved up to her face, licking her own


    juices off before kissing her again.  This kiss was deeper and more passionate


    than the one before.  As her tongue was kept busy, Sora could feel Kari's still


    hard penis press against her bare leg up under her skirt.  Kari's hands also


    found there way under her short skirt and felt the crotch of her panties.  Her


    fingers found their way behind the cloth to her - though she hadn't realized it


    until just then - wet pussy.  Sora broke their kiss with a gasp at the intrusion.




         "Was there anything else in that magazine that you wanted to try?" Kari


    asked seductively.




         Red-faced, Sora could only nod.  She stepped back, slipped off her skirt


    and panties.  She then went to the couch, knelt in front of it.  She gathered


    the juices that had escaped her a few minutes ago, put them in her mouth,


    and placed her elbows on the cushions.  She turnered her blushing face to


    Kari, smiled shyly and said, "I saw it done this way many times in the maga-


    zine.  Is that all right?" 




         "That's perfect," Kari said as she knelt behind her.  She kneaded Sora's


    beautiful buttocks with one hand, and fingered her pussy with another.  "You're


    perfect."  Kari used what little juices she collected and rubbed them on her


    penis.  As she positioned herself to enter Sora, she asked, "Are you a virgin?"




         "No, I'm not," she confessed.




         "Why you slut!" Kari accussed, slapping Sora's rear.  "Who was your first?! 


    My brother?!"




         "No!  You're my first, honest!" Sora blurted.  She calmed herself.  The


    smack on her butt had surprised her, but what was more surprising was that


    she liked the tingle that it left behind.  She went on.  "I was hoping Tai would


    be my first.  To get ready for that day, I ordered a dildo through that magazine. 


    I've used it every night since I got it."  If her face could get any redder, it did.




         "Well, well," Kari said.  "Our sweet Sora is really a pervert.  Do you still


    want to wait for Tai?" she asked teasingly as she put the head of her penis


    against Sora's pussy.




         "No.  I want you.  Now.  Please," Sora begged.




         Kari slowly - aching slowly - pushed herself into Sora.  Sora gave an


    unlady-like grunt as her insides were filled to near bursting with Kari's


    monster penis.  She relaxed her muscles, and finally it was all inside. 


    'I can't believe I'm doing this,' she thought again.  'But it feels so good.' 


    Kari pulled back until just the head of her penis was inside, then pushed


    forward again, begining a steady rythm of pumping.  As Sora's pussy be-


    came used to the size of the sex invading her, she relished in the deep


    pleasure it gave her.  She could hear that Kari was also enjoying herself. 


    All this time, Sora had thought of Kari as a younger sister.  Never in her


    wildest fantasies had she thought that she would become her lover.




         "Oh, ohhhh," Sora gasped.  "Kari-chan, you're so b... big!  Don't stop!


    Ahhh, yesss!"




         "You're so tight, Sora-chan," Kari responded.  "Feels soooo good!"




         "Unnh, ohhh yesss!  I'm gonna come!  Oh, Kari-chan!  Come with me!"




         "Ahhh, Sora-chan!  I will!  But...  Oh, unh...  I have to pull out!"




         "No!  Come inside me!  Mmmm, yeah...  I want feel you shoot into me! 


    Oh, yes!  I'm coming!  I'm... OOOHHHHHHHH!!!"








         Their orgasms hit almost simultaneously.  Sora clutched the cushions,


    arched her back, and bent her knees as Kari thrust into her one final time. 


    Through her own spasms of pleasure, she could feel herself being filled with


    hot juices.  There was so much of it, that some of it escaped her pussy to


    flow down her legs.  Kari collapsed on top of her, her penis still twitching as


    Sora's pussy squeezed it dry.  Both lay there for a few minutes, panting for


    breath, their brows dripping with sweat.  Finally, Kari pulled her softened penis


    out of Sora and leaned on the sofa beside her. 




        "I can't believe we just did that,"  Sora said when she had the breath to.




         "Why not?" Kari asked.  "I thought you liked it."




         "I did.  That was incredible, but..."  Sora looked over at Kari.




         "But you expected to do it with Tai," she finished for her.  She looked away


    and put her head on her folded arms.  "We had fun tonight, though.  I understand


    that you still want to be with my brother."




         "That's just it," Sora said as she pulled away from the sofa to sit on the floor. 


    "I don't think I do."




         "What?"  Kari asked as she sat facing her.




         "If I'd had any feelings for Tai at all, I wouldn't have let this night with you happen. 


    I want do this again, and again.  I don't want tonight to end," Sora confessed.




         "Oh, Sora-chan!"  Kari threw herself into her arms and they kissed.




         When they separated, the both had tears of joy in their eyes.  "When does


    your family get back?" Sora asked.




         Kari looked at the clock on the wall, and her eyes went wide.  "Oh, no! 


    Any minute now!"  She jumped up, raced into the kitchen, and returned with


    damp paper towels.  "Quick, help me clean up!"




         Sora did.  They wiped their sexes, then the spots where juices had drip-


    ped.  They then picked up their clothes, and went to the bathroom.  They took


    a shower together, taking turns washing each other off, enjoying each other's


    touch.  Then they quickly dried, dressed - Kari added a robe - and returned to


    the living room just before the front door opened.  Kari nearly had a heart attack


    when she noticed that they had forgotten about the half finished bottle of saki


    still on the table.  Sora grabbed it, and put it behind her back just as Mr and


    Mrs Kamiya walked in.




         "Oh, hello Sora," Mrs Kamiya said.  "Did you come over to see Tai?  He should


    be back any minute now."




         "No, mam," Sora answered.  "I just... uh..."




         "She came over to see me, Momma," Kari covered for her.  "She invited me


    to her place for a sleep-over weekend.  Can I go, please?"




         "I don't see why not," Mr Kamiya answered.  "As long as you promise to be-


    have yourself."




         "I will!  Thank you, Daddy!"




         "Thank you, sir," Sora said as she headed for the door, careful to keep the


    saki hidden.  "I'd better be getting home before Mother worries.  Good night, Mr


    and Mrs Kamiya."




         "I'll walk you to the elevator," Kari offered.




         "Good night, dear," Mrs Kamiya said.  Her tone betrayed a little suspicion,


    but she set it aside.




         As they waited for the elevator to arrive, Kari said, "Thanks for taking the saki.


    They would have killed me if they had caught me with it."




         "It was the least I could do," Sora said.  When the doors opened, she held


    them open, and turned to Kari.  "We can finish it tomorrow night.  And this, too" 


    Sora pulled Kari to her for a short kiss.  Then she stepped back into the elevator.


    "Good night, Kari-chan."




         "Night, Sora-chan," Kari replied, placing her fingers on her lips. 




         They kept their eyes locked until the doors closed, and the whiring machinery


    separated them.  But only until tomarrow.






    Note:  I know a lot of people will probably be offended by this story, so let me ex-


    plain.  Hermaphrodites are a big hentai fetish in Japan.  Every now and then, you'll


    see favorite female anime characters with penises.  I just thought I'd try a story in


    that vain.  I thought it turned out rather well.  But if anyone has any complaints, you


    can send them to