Pillow Talk Three


    by Blackmink






    Disclaimer:  The characters in this lemon fanfic are owned by Toei Animation,


                      and are being used without their knowledge or consent.


    Warning:  The characters herein engage in adult situations.  If your are not


                   at least 21 years-old, please leave now.










         "Why are we doing this again?" Mimi asked as Kari tied her other


    hand to the headboard.




         "I told you," Kari answered sweetly, "it's a surprised."  She whipped


    out a thick, dark scarf which she used to blindfold Mimi.




         "What's the surprise?  So I can't see you as you lick my pussy.  I'll


    have to admit, though, this is kinky."




         "I'm glad you think so," Kari said as she rubbed her naked body up


    against Mimi's to whisper into her ear, "but are you sure that I'll be the


    one who's licking your pussy?"




         "What?!" Mimi said, truely surprised.  At that moment, she heard


    a door open.  From the direction the noise came, she guessed that it


    was the closet.  "Who else is here?"




         "Now that would be telling," Kari giggled as she slipped off of Mimi. 


    "Relax, lover.  I think you'll really enjoy this."




         Mimi heard Kari whisper to whoever it was.  Soon, she felt tentative


    fingers touch between her thighs.  First the just brushed her pubic hair,


    but then they went to work on her pussy.  Mimi let out a sigh as they


    explored, and penitrated.  Someone gave her a passionate kiss as they


    squeezed her nipples.  Mimi knew right away that it was Kari.  They had


    kissed so often that it was hard not to know her tongue.  Then whoever


    was between her legs began to lick her pussy.




         At first, that alien tongue just went over Mimi's pussy lips, but then


    it became more ravenous.  It thrust its way deep into her as fingers


    squeezed and twisted her clit.  She couldn't tell how long that this went


    on, so lost was she in her pleasure.  When her orgasm hit, it rolled over


    her body like thunder.  Mimi twitched uncontrolably and would have let


    out a screem if Kari weren't occupying her mouth.  After Kari pulled


    away, Mimi just lay there and gasped for air as the unknown person


    between her legs lapped up her juices.




         "Oh my!" Mimi finally said.  "Who was that?"




         "Do you really want to know?" Kari asked teasingly.








         "Ta-daa!" Kari said as she tore away the blindfold.




         Mimi's eyes went wide when she saw who it was.  "Yolei?!"




         Yolei smiled shyly, some of Mimi's juices dripping from her chin.


    "Hi, Mimi," she said.




         "Wha...?"  For the first time in her life, Mimi was speechless.




         As Kari untied her wrists, Yolei explained.  "I... I've loved you


    since that adventure we had in the Digiworld.  I confided in Kari


    how I felt, and she told me about the relationship that you two had. 


    I was really mad at first..."




         "She nearly took my head off!" Kari interupted.




         "I was jealous," Yolei flushed.  "I admit it.  I wanted to be able


    to be with you, too.  Kari and I talked, and she came up with this." 


    She waved a hand to take in the situation.  "I was too shy to ask


    you to have sex with me, so Kari thought of this to get it out of the


    way first and talk to you about it afterwards."  Yolei looked down at


    her hands which twisted around themselves in her lap.  "I'll under-


    stand if you're mad and never want to see me again."




         Mimi pulled up Yolei's chin to look her in the eye.  'She is very


    pretty without the glasses,' she thought.  Then she pulled the girl's


    mouth to hers and gave her a deep kiss.  Mimi could taste her own


    juices as she probed Yolei's mouth with her more experienceced


    tongue.  When she pulled away, Yolei had tears of happiness in


    her eyes.




         "I'm not mad," Mimi told her.




         "Oh, Mimi!" Yolei cried as she threw her arms around her.




         "Oh, you two!" Kari cried playfully as she threw her arms


    around both of them.




         "Okay, okay," Mimi said as she struggled to get loose.  "That's


    enough of that."  She picked up one of the peices of cloth that Kari


    had used to tie her up with.  "It's your turn, Yolei."




         Without another word, the new girl in their little group let herself


    be tied to the headboard.  Mimi was very gentle as she licked and


    sucked Yolei's reddening pussy.  During this time, Kari contented


    herself by just watching and fingering her own pussy.  It wasn't long


    before Yolei cried out as she came all over Mimi's face.  They kiss-


    ed deeply again as Mimi loosened Yolei's bonds.  Mimi whispered


    into her ear, and suddenly both girls grabbed Kari and tied her se-


    curely to the headboard.  Then they mercilessly ravaged her with


    fingers and tongues.  Afterwards, Mimi and Yolei snuggled together


    on a thick blanket on the floor and fell asleep.  Kari was left tied up


    on the bed, wondering if they would let her go in the morning.






    written 9/24/00                 send comments to: blackmink@excite.com