More Pillow Talk


    by Blackmink






    Disclaimer:  The characters in this lemon fanfic are owned by Toei Animation,


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    Warning:  The characters herein engage in adult situations.  If your are not


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         "Are you serious?!" Kari asked, unbelieving.




         "Yes," Mimi confessed as her cheeks flushed bright red.




         "Tell me!  Tell me!" Kari said excitedly.  "How was it?"




         "It was wonderful..." Mimi sighed.




         "I want details!"




         "We were just supposed to study.  He was helping me with


    my biology because I had a test coming up.  Then the electricity


    went out.  He got some candles, and we went back to studying.


    At least he did.  I was watching him in the candlelight.  He had


    gotten so handsome since I've been in America.  I knew his par-


    ents had gone out for the evening, so I thought I'd make my move. 


    I reached out and held his hand.  We looked into each other's eyes,


    and then..."  Mimi paused to relish the memory.




         "Don't keep me in suspense!  Then what?"




         "I kissed him.  He was surprised at first,  then he kissed me


    back like he had waited his whole life to.  He may be awkward


    most of the time, but - ohhh! - what a kisser."




         "I'm hurt."




         "It's true!  We made out for quite awhile.  When we finally


    came up for air, I asked him to make love to me.  If you thought


    he was surprised before!  He wasn't sure, so I decided to help


    him make up his mind.  I popped a cd into his player and strip-


    ped for him, just like I had always imagined I would.  He watch-


    ed with a blank look on his face, but the lump in his pants told


    me what he really thought of my dance.  I knelt in front of him,


    unzipped his pants, and took out his penis."




         "What did it look like?"




         "Exactly like the anatomy book that we got from the library


    shows.  Can I get back to my story now?"








         "It was hard and thick.  You know how long I've dreamt of tas-


    ting one?  Well, that's what I did.  It wasn't unlike licking your


    pussy before you come.  I licked and sucked on it for awhile,


    making it get harder and thicker.  I could tell that he was enjoy-


    ing what I was doing as he moaned and ran his fingers through


    my hair.  Suddenly, he cried out my name as he shot his come


    into my mouth.  I was able to swallow every drop."




         "Wow...  What did it taste like?"




         "Tangy, and it was nice and warm as it went down my throat. 


    He thanked me, but I told him that the best way that he could do


    that was to screw me.  He said that he couldn't, that he was afraid


    that he might get me pregnant.  So I dug into my purse, and gave


    him the condom that I had been saving."




         "Slut!  You just happened to have one, didn't you?"




         "It always helps to be prepared.  Anyway, I gave it to him and


    told him that he didn't have an excuse anymore.  He couldn't get


    his clothes off fast enough!  I wached as he put it on as his penis


    began to grow again.  Then we got on his bed, we kissed some


    more, and I spread my legs open for him.  He thrust into me so


    hard that I yelped.  He asked if I was alright, and I told assured him


    that I was.  Then he began to pump me, steadily going faster and


    faster.  The friction of his penis moving inside me made me get hotter


    and hotter.  I could feel myself squeezing him as I came again and


    again.  Finally, he thrust into me one last time - giving me the biggest


    orgasm I've ever had - as he shot another load into the condom.  He


    collapsed on top of me, gasping for breath.  We were both exausted. 


    After a few minutes, he smothered me with kisses.  We cuddled for a


    little while, and then cleaned up and got dressed before his parents


    were supposed to come home."




         "How did it feel?"




         "It was the best feeling I've ever had."




         "Who knew that Joe had it in him?"




         "I did."




         "I am so jealous!  And so horney."  Kari moaned as she fingered


    her dripping pussy.




         "Well, at least I can help with that last part," Mimi said.  She


    scooted underneith the covers and began licking Kari's swollen


    cherry.  Mimi had her lover crying out with pleasure within minutes.






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