Pillow Talk


    by Blackmink






    Disclaimer:  The characters in this lemon fanfic are owned by Toei Animation,


                      and are being used without their knowledge or consent.


    Warning:  The characters herein engage in adult situations.  If your are not


                   at least 21 years-old, please leave now.








         "It's good to have you back in Tokyo for a while," Kari said.  "I've


    missed you so much."




         "I've missed you, too," Mimi told her.  "Writing each other e-mail


    just isn't the same."




         "No, it isn't."




         "We probably could have met up with each other in the Digiworld."




         "It would have been too risky, what with the Digimon Emperor.  The


    little punk might have been able to peep on us."




         "I thought you liked taking risks."




         "Stop teasing me!  You know what I mean."




         "I do.  Oh, I hear you have a couple of guys competing for your


    affections at school.  TK and that new kid, Davis."




         "Yeah.  TK's pretty sweet and Davis is kinda cool, but I don't


    know which one I like more."




         "Then you really want to try it?"




         "Well, maybe just once.  Just to see what it's like.  Have you


    done it with a boy yet?"








         "Why not?  You're so gorgeous, I bet you could have gotten


    some boy in America, easy.  Aren't you at all curious about what


    it must feel like?"




         "A little, but most of the boys were so immature over there.


    There were some cute ones, though."




         "Is there someone here that you were saving yourself for?"




         "Well... Yes.  I really like Joe.  That time we spent together in


    the Digiworld was special to me.  If anyone were going to be my


    first, it would have to be him."




         "First, huh?"




         "You know what I ment.  Ready to go again?"




         "Always.  Let me start, okay?"




         "Be my guest, love."




         Kari disengaged from their snuggle, and threw the covers off


    of their naked bodies.  She squeezed and licked Mimi's blossom-


    ing tits for a while, then kissed her way down her stomach.  Fin-


    ally, Kari reached her destination.  She ran her fingers through


    Mimi's pink pubic hair, finding her sensitive bud, and played with


    it.  Mimi moaned with pleasure as Kari began to lick her pussy


    lips.  Kari's tongue darted into her hole and tasted the juices that


    were begining to flow.  She massaged Mimi's inner thighs as she


    tickled her clit with her tongue.  Eventually, Mimi let out a whimper


    - she had to hold back a screem or Kari's parents would hear - as


    her orgasm shook her body.  Kari licked up and swallowed all of the


    delicious juices flowing from her lover.  She ran the palm of her hand


    over Mimi's stomach, waiting for her to come down from her heavenly






         "Do you really think we still need boys?" Kari asked.




         "Well," Mimi gasped, "maybe not for awhile."




         Then Mimi pulled Kari's lips to hers for a loving kiss.






    written  8/20/00              send comments to: blackmink@excite.com