Note: This Lemon takes place before the fall of the Digimon Emperor in Season Two. It is based on

4 drawings that Bizzaramon A.K.A. Glenn did for me. You can see the pics at the yahoo club JUST

DIGIMON SEX. Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, copyright Fox Kids.


                                  VEEMON VISITS PRIDE ROCK

                                          PART TWO


      Veemon waits impatiently for Simba return to the oasis. While waiting he goes over the

events off the past two days.  "Lets see." he says to himself. I put Davis’s copy of the Lion

King into the DVD player. My head hurt, so I started think about Simba. The next thing I’m here

with Simba. But now I remember something else. There was a flash. Davis’s Digivice gave off a

brilliant flash. That must be it. The Digivice was next to the DVD player. It must have somehow

opened a portal into this world. Izzy said that he doesn’t know what the new Digivices are

capable of. I wonder if I can digivolve. Veemon armor digivolve to Flamedramon. Nothing. I guess

I can’t." "Who are you talking to Veemon?" asks Simba jumping out from behind a bush, causing

Veemon to jump out of his skin. "Don’t sneak on me like that Simba. I was just talking to myself.

Nothing that concerns you. Are ready to get back to the game we were playing." "You bet Veemon. I

thought of nothing else since I left to hunt. What do you want me to do to start Veemon?" Veemon

thinks for a moment. "I want you to stay right were you are." Veemon walks behind Simba, his

digihood getting hard just thinking about what he is about to do. "Simba please raise your tail."

Simba does and looks behind to see Veemon getting down on his knees. Veemon spits into his hands

and rubs his penis. "Simba this is going to hurt for a few minutes. But it will get better. I’ll

go slow."

      Veemon positions the tip of his penis on Simba’s anus. He slowly pushes in. Simba lets

out a tiny roar as Veemon’s 7 inches enters him. Veemon stops once he is fully inside. "Simba are

you O.K.?" Veemon asks, worried because Simba is whimpering. "The pain is fading Veemon. You can

continue now." Veemon reaches down and feels Simba’s erection. He jacks the young lion off for a

few minutes waiting for Simba to adjust to his size. Simba begins to purr as Veemon stimulates

his penis spines. Confidant that Simba is ready, Veemon stops and begins to pull out of Simba.

Just before he is completely out Veemon stops and wraps his arms around Simba. "Get ready Simba,

for the ride of your life." And with that Veemon picks Simba up and drops him back down onto his

length. Simba lets out a moan of pleasure while Veemon struggles to hold onto the him. "Your a

lot heavier then you look, Simba." Veemon lifts him back up and drops him back down again.

Simba’s purrs get louder and the vibrations travel up Veemon’s Digihood. "I think this isn’t

going to work." Veemon mutters to himself. "Better do Simba Garuru Style (The Digiworld

equivalent of Doggie Style.)  Veemon puts Simba back down and really begins to hump him. He loves

the feel of Simba’s furry balls slapping against his. Simba feels Veemon humping faster and

faster. He looks down between his legs to see his cock jerk in rhythm to Veemon’s humping.

Suddenly Simba erupts, shooting cum into his face. Simba licks the cum off his face, this is the

first time he has tasted himself. "Tastes different then Veemon's." Veemon is lost in his own

world. He sees Simba look down and can feel him shoot. No long able to hold back from the

pleasure, Veemon plunges deep into Simba one last time and erupts. Simba feels a warm liquid

begin to fill him as Veemon shoots into him, causing him to cum again. Veemon exhausted form his

frantic humping just collapses on top of Simba. "Veemon are you O.K.?" Simba asks when Veemon

collapsed on to him. "Just tired from our game, Simba. Let me just rest for a second." Before he

knows it Veemon is asleep on top of him. He tries to move out from under Veemon, but Veemon is

still buried deep in him. Simba decides to let Veemon sleep and soon  both are in slumber.


Meanwhile back in Davis’s room Davis watches the entire episode of Veemon humping Simba. "Veemon

I don’t know how you made this strange movie but I like it. You can come out of hiding now."

Davis still gets no reply. "Veemon? Where are you.?" Still no reply. Davis decides to check

Veemon’s location using his Digivice. He walks over to it and picks it up. Davis turns it on. The

screen displays a reading. "This can’t be right. It says Veemon is in the room. It must be

broken. I better call Izzy and see if he can take a look at it." Davis walks over to his phone

taking the Digivice with him. Just before he reaches the phone, the Digivice emits a powerfully

bright light. Davis closes his eyes and drops his D3. 


To be continued.

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