Note: This Lemon is a third in a series based on four drawings that Bizzaramon A.K.A. Glenn did

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                                       VEEMON VISITS PRIDE ROCK

                                              PART THREE


      Davis’s D3 hits the floor, followed by his unconscious form. Two beams of light shoot out

of the D3’s display. The beams coalesce into the forms of Veemon and Simba. Both are still

asleep, Veemon a top Simba. Simba begins to awaken, due to smelling a strange odor. Opening his

eyes, Simba see that his surroundings have changed.  He has no idea where he is. Then his eyes

come across a strange creature lying a few feet away. "I guess that’s what is making the odor."

Simba waits to see what this new creature will do, but it doesn’t move. It's then when he

realizes that Veemon is still on and in him. Simba rocks back and forth in an attempt to wake

Veemon. In doing so he stimulates Veemon who, still asleep, begins to hump him. "Oh Gatomon",

Veemon moans in his sleep. "Vee, ugh, Veemon, wake up. This is no time, ugh, to play, ugh, your

game. We ,ugh, have a, ugh, strange creature, ugh, nearby." This has no effect on the sleeping

Veemon, so Simba tries something else. He roars. Veemon wakes with a start, literally leaping off

of Simba and into Davis’s bed. Simba can’t help but moan in pleasure as Veemon pulls out of him.

      Veemon, fully awake now sees that he is lying in Davis’s bed. "That was some dream I had

about Simba". He sits up and notices Davis’s prone form on the floor. He then sees Simba, who is

currently licking himself clean of Veemon’s digiseed. "Wait a minute, how are you here in the

real world?" Simba looks up at Veemon. "Sorry for roaring but I had to wake you up. A strange

creature lying over there. I think its dead." Veemon jumps down off the bed and over to Davis’s

side. "What did you do to him Simba." a note of fear and anger in his voice. "I didn’t do any

thing to him, Veemon. You fell asleep after you game and so did I. Its odor woke me up. I then

tried to wake you, but you went back to your game, moaning something about Gatomon." Veemon

blushes at the mention of Gatomon’s name. "I roared and you jumped off of me and landed up

there." Simba stares at the bed for a moment before returning his gaze at Davis. Veemon places

his hands on Davis’s prone form and shakes him. "Veemon, be careful, we don’t know what it is."

"Simba, this isn’t an it, this is a human and I happen to know him." "What’s a human, Veemon?"

"Something that you’ll never meet again, I’m positive of that. This human’s name is Davis. He’s

my partner and friend." Veemon replies. "Davis can you hear me. It’s Veemon." Davis lets out a

moan and slowly opens his eyes. "What happened Veemon. Why I’m I on the floor?" Veemon helps

Davis to sit up, keeping his body in front of Davis’s face to block his view of Simba. "I was

hoping you could tell me Davis. Do you remember anything." Davis thinks for a minute before his

memory focuses on the last couple of hours. "We came back from the digital world. I left the room

for a minute. When I came back you were gone, but the Lion King was playing on the T.V. You were

in the movie, but that’s crazy. I went and picked up my D3 to locate you. The D3’s reading said

you were here, but you weren’t, so I went to call Izzy. I was halfway to the phone. There was a

bright light. I closed my eyes and then your standing in front of me. Pretty crazy Huh Veemon."

"Davis that doesn’t sound to crazy. When I was on the T.V. what was I doing?' Veemon asks him

with a hint of embarrassment in his voice. "You were playing with Simba, and I don’t mean a kid

game. You two were having sex. How did you make that movie any way Veemon." "Davis I don’t know

how to tell you this but the movie really happened." "Veemon stop joking with me." "Davis I’m

not." Veemon moves so Davis can see Simba sitting there listening.

      "Oh my god. Its. Its Simba. But that’s impossible. He’s just a cartoon. Veemon is this

some kind of Digimon that looks like Simba." "Hey. I’m not a Digimon, I’m a lion, and yes I’m

real." Simba replies walking over to sit next to Davis. "Veemon can you explain this." Davis asks

his partner. "I’ll try Davis. You listen too Simba, some of your questions will be answered also.

When we got back from the digital world you left the room. I decided to watch the Lion King. I

was daydreaming about Simba. My head hurt. I must have blacked out. I awoke in an oasis. The one

you found me in Simba. As far as I can figure your D3 next to the DVD player opened a portal to

Simba’s world, which transported me there. As far as being a cartoon, that must not be true. I

guess any movie that has been put on DVD could be entered by using your D3." "You mean I could

transport myself into any movie" Davis interrupts. "Yes, but I suggest you ask Izzy about that."

The blue digimon fixes his gaze onto Simba. "Simba your not in your world anymore, you’ve been

transported to mine. Welcome to my world." "How do I get back to my world Veemon?" "I don’t know.

Davis you better get Izzy over here now." Davis goes to the phone and picks it up. "Its dead.

Guess I’ll send him an E-Mail." Davis goes to the computer and frowns. "I left this on after we

returned. But now it isn’t working. I’ll have to go over to Izzy’s house." Davis grabs the D3 and

heads for his bedroom door. "Veemon. You and Simba stay in the room. Don’t leave. My parents will

be home from work in three hours and I don’t think they would react kindly to you two being here.

I’ll be back in a hour at most."

      As soon as Davis closes the door Simba and Veemon exchange glances. "Veemon what should

we do." Veemon walks over to the door. "Veemon don’t leave I’m scared. Besides your friend said

to stay here." "I’m only leaving to get some food. If your afraid come with me." "Hey I’m brave

when I’m in my world." Both return after ten minutes with their stomachs full. "Boy Veemon, it

must be nice not to have to hunt for your food. I don’t know what you gave me but it was good.

Can we play your game again? I rather enjoyed it." "I thought you would never ask Simba. But it

will have to be fast before Davis and Izzy return. Lay down and roll over.' Simba does as Veemon

says. Veemon takes hold off Simba’s hind legs and spreads them apart. He notices that Simba’s

dick has already starting to pop out of its sheath. "My. Somebody is eager to begin." Veemon

grabs hold of the young lions meat and begins to massage it, causing more to poke out of the

sheath. Simba moans from the pleasure and tries to hump Veemon’s hand but can’t since he’s on his

back. "Not yet my randy little lion." Veemon tells him and lets go of the cub. He then gives the

cub’s dick a couple of good licks to lubricate it and then hops off of Simba. Simba looks at

Veemon wondering why he has stopped. He notices that Veemon has gotten on all fours and has

raised his tail. "Simba come over here. Its time that you had some fun." Simba rolls over and

pads over to Veemon. Unsure of what Veemon wants he begins to lick the blue dragons balls. "No

Simba. Not that. Mount me." Simba stops licking and looks at the blue digimon as if he just

sprouted wings. "Well come on Simba." Veemon tells the lion. "Ah Veemon I don’t know how to do

this." "That’s O.K. I still forget that your new at this. Place your front paws on my back. Simba

does as he’s told and wraps his paws around Veemon’s tail. "That will have to do Simba. Now bring

your hind legs forward." Again Simba does as he’s told. His erect cock briefly makes contact with

Veemon’s anus but slips down under his ball sac. "Hold on Simba. I’ll give you some help." Veemon

reaches back with his hand careful not to topple over. He grabs Simba’s cock and guides it to his

waiting anus. "Push Simba now." He tells the cub. Simba pushes and his cock slowly enters Veemon.

Both let out a low moan as Simba pushes all the way in.

      Veemon and Simba stay still for a moment. Veemon squeezes his muscles around the cub’s

cock. This must of been a wake up call because Simba’s instincts take over. He pulls back and

plunges back in, faster each time. Veemon moans as the young lion gets into a rhythm. He can feel

the cub’s penis spines rubbing his insides. This drives him crazy and before long Veemon is at

the edge. Meanwhile Simba is enjoying this new pleasure. His eyes are shut, his claws dig into

Veemon’s blue tail and he is purring. The young cub’s hindquarters are really moving as he

continues to ram in and out of the Digimon. Veemon can no longer hold back. He shoots a load of

digicum all over the floor. Simba just goes on humping. Veemon knows that Davis and Izzy will be

arriving soon so he decides to help Simba to orgasm. He reaches his hand back and begins to

fondle the cub’s furry balls as they slap against his. He places a claw against Simba’s anus. As

the cub rear back the claw goes in. Simba moans in discomfort but goes on with humping. Every

time he pull back the claw goes in. This drive the cub wild. Between that and Veemon’s tightness

around his penis spines, the cub begins to shoot a load of lion cum into Veemon. As soon as he’s

done tossing off, Simba stops his motion. "Now that your done Simba, you can pull out now."

      Simba pulls out and begins to clean himself. "Good idea Simba. I better get something to

clean this up." Gesturing at the puddle of his Digicum.  Veemon just about reaches the door when

Simba calls out to him. "No need Veemon. I cleaned it up." Veemon spins around to see Simba

lapping up his Digicum. "This tastes good Veemon." Soon Simba has the Digicum licked up and just

in time because Davis and Izzy walk in. Davis points to Simba. "See Izzy. I told you that I wasn’t

making it up." Izzy just walks over to Simba and pets his head. "Well Izzy. Are you going to say

something." Davis asks. Izzy says the first thing that comes to his mind. "Prodigious."


To be continued.


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