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Veemon Visits Pride Rock
Part One

Davis and Veemon both slump down on his bed after an exhausting game of soccer. Davis
tries not to yawn but fails. “Veemon that was a well played game of soccer.” Veemon looks at
his friend. “Davis how about getting us something to eat?” Davis just smiles at Veemon. “You
never stop thinking of food do you Veemon?” “Nope” replied the blue dragon. Davis sighs as he
gets up. “Alright. I’ll find you something to eat. Be back in a few minutes.” he says as he
walks out of his room and closes the door behind him. Meanwhile
back in the bedroom Veemon gets
up and goes over to Davis’s extensive DVD collection. The Digimon scans the titles looking for
something to watch reading the titles aloud “the Fellowship of the Ring? Too long. Jurassic
Park I, II, or III. Nah not in the mood for dinosaurs.” His eyes
continue to look at the titles
before landing on The Lion King. “Perfect.” Veemon pulls the movie off the shelf and takes it
to the DVD player. “I just love watching that sexy Simba.” he says to himself. Veemon quickly
loads the disk into the player, plugs in a pair of head phones to the audio jack and goes back
to sit on the bed. He places the head phones onto his head and gets comfortable on the bed. As
the main title goes up, he can’t help fantasizing about Simba. Veemon’s hand goes down to his
crotch and he rubs his sheath, the red tip of his member just slightly sticking out of it.
Veemon moans and closes his eyes. On the shelf next to the DVD player, Davis’s digivice begins
to glow. It spreads filling the room with a brilliant light. When it fades, Veemon is gone,
with a smoking set of headphones laying on the bed.

Veemon’s head began to hurt. He opened his eyes back up. The movie on the screen looked
clear but the rest of the room was hazy. Veemon closes his eyes and rubs them, then reopens
them. Davis’s entire room is still getting fuzzier to see while
the movie on screen seem to be
getting larger. Veemon decides to get up and see if that would clear his vision. But when the
Digimon goes to get up, his vision goes completely dark. Veemon’s hands fly to his head as it
feels like it going to explode. Veemon passes out from the pain,
his blue body falling backward
when Davis’s bed suddenly vanishes out from under it. The first thing Veemon feels when he
regains consciousness is the heat. Then he feels the soft grass under him. “Grass? That’s not
right. I was on Davis’s bed.” Veemon opens his eyes and see blue sky. Carefully lifting his
aching head, he looks around. The Digimon sees that he is no longer in Davis’s room, but in
some sort of jungle. “This isn’t the digital world. It doesn’t have a jungle. So where am I and
why does this place look familiar to me?” Veemon says aloud. Veemon gets up off the ground and
moves to a nearby tree. “That’s better.” he says feeling the heat lessen in the shade of the
tree. After a few minutes rest, letting himself cool down, Veemon decides to take a look around.
Veemon soon comes upon a tree with fruit on it. See the fruit makes him hungry. The blue dragon
rushes over and starts to gorge himself with fruit. His dinner is soon interrupted by voices in
the distance. Veemon quickly stops eating and listens. “Can’t make out what is being said. I
bet its Davis looking for me.” Veemon raises his sticky hands to his mouth and shouts “HEY
DAVIS. I’M OVER HERE.” The voice, which were getting louder and
closer, suddenly stop. Veemon,
already locating the direction the voices are coming from, heads in that direction. He only
manages to take a few steps, when something golden/yellowish comes leaping out from the under
brush and knocks him down.

Veemon looks up at the thing that attacked him, and currently has him pinned. The
Digimon’s mouth opens in surprise. “This isn’t possible. Your not real.” he says. The golden
furred creature responds to this. “Hey. I’m real.” it says, flashing Veemon a mouth of very
sharp white fangs. “But what are you? I’ve never seen a creature like you before.” Veemon
thinks a minute about how best to explain what he is. “I’ll try to explain to you what I am,
but first you will have to let me up, Simba.” Veemon see the look of surprise on the young
cub’s muzzle, which quickly turns to suspicion. “How do you know my name?” Simba asks. “Let me
up and I’ll tell you.” Veemon replies. Simba’s expression changes to look of deep concentration.
The cub finally comes to a decision. “O.K. I’ll let you up. But if you try to run off, I’ll
pin you again.” Veemon smiles at this. He knows Simba can’t pin anything. ‘The only reason
Simba got a chance to pin me, was I wasn’t expecting it.’ he thought. As Simba moves to get off
of Veemon both of their ball sacs rub together. Veemon moans feeling Simba’s furry balls
against his and starts getting aroused. Veemon would like nothing better than to let this
contact go on for hours, but Simba, unaware of what he is doing to Veemon, finally climbs off
the Digimon. Veemon quickly gets up, and places his still sticky
hands in front of his erection.
He starts to think about other things, which is very difficult, but soon his erection slips
back into his hidden pouch. Simba meanwhile is still waiting for some explanation. “I’m
waiting.” he informs Veemon. Veemon goes over and sits down on a
nearby log, his hands still in
front of his hidden pouch, just in case his erection makes another appearance. “Well Simba. My
name is Veemon. I’m a dragon type Digimon. Don’t even ask what a Digimon is Simba, because you
would not understand. Trust me on this.” Simba thinks about what Veemon just told him. “O.K.
Where are you from? I’ve never seen any ‘Digimon’ around here before.” Veemon answers the cub.
“I’m from a place called Japan. I haven’t a clue as to how I got here. One minute I was there,
the next, here in this jungle.” Simba just looked at Veemon and got a little closer to him.
“You don’t know how you got from this ‘Japan’ to here in my lands, but you know my name. How do
you know my name?” Veemon noticed that Simba called this jungle ‘his lands’. He decided to
reveal a little about what exactly he knew.

“Yes I know your name. In fact I know all about you and I can prove it to you. These
lands don’t belong to you yet, they belong to your father Mufassa.” Simba laughed. “Everyone
around he knows that. But someday I’m going to be a mighty king, and this will all be mine.
Your didn’t provide me with any convincing proof Veemon.” Veemon goes on to try to convince
Simba. “Your best friend is Nala.” Veemon blurts out. “Sorry. Also common knowledge.” Simba
replies. Veemon thinks. He already gathered that he was somehow
playing out the Lion King movie.
’If this is true then Simba hasn’t met Timon or Pumba. I have to find out where in the movie I
am.’ Simba gets tired of waiting for Veemon to come up with some
kind of evidence. The cub gets
even closer to Veemon, his nose coming right up to Veemon’s hands. Simba licks the dried fruit
juice off of the blue dragon’s hands. Veemon lets a moan escapes his lips. Veemon pushes Simba
away gently. “Sorry but they are just going to get sticky again”
he tells the cub. Simba stops
licking. “Well I got to go find Nala. My uncle Scar just told me about a great new place to
explore.” Veemon knew exactly where in the movie he was now, thanks to Simba’s information.
“Simba before you go, I’ll give you some proof that I know all about you. Later today your
father is going to tell you this ‘SIMBA I’m VERY DISSAPOINTED IN YOU’. Remember that. If it is
enough to convince you that I’m telling you the truth, then come back here tomorrow.” Simba
frowned. “Why don’t you come back to Pride Rock with me?” “Simba
I can’t” he told the cub “It’s
better that I stay here. Just don’t tell anyone I’m here.” Simba turns and heads off to find
Nala. Veemon just stares at the Simba’s furry balls bouncing under his tail. Once Simba is gone,
Veemon is stiff. He quickly jerks off while dreaming about what
he will get to do with the real
Simba tomorrow. After he’s done, Veemon climbs the nearest tree,
curls up on a branch and falls

When Veemon awoke the next morning he was momentarily disoriented. He couldn’t figure
out why Davis’s bed was so hard. Then he opened his eyes and almost fell before he realized
that he was in a tree. His blue hands quickly wrapped around the branch and kept him falling.
When he was sure that he was not going to fall, Veemon climbed down and ate some more fruit.
Just as he was finishing cleaning his sticky hands in a nearby lagoon, when the Digimon heard
Simba approaching. “You need to learn to be more quiet Simba, or you’ll never sneak up on
anyone.” he tells the lion. “Hey Veemon. You were right. My father told me those exact words.
Just tell me one thing. How did you know he was going to say that?” Veemon quickly changes the
subject. “Simba can we play a game?” Simba thinks it over. “What
kind of game? Will I like it?”
he asks. “Simba I’m sure you’ll love it. Before we start to play you have to promise never to
tell anyone about this. It has to stay a secret. You can’t even
tell Nala, unlike what you did
yesterday. Now do you promise?” Simba frowned at Veemon “I guess I should have kept that a
secret. I promise that I will never tell anyone of the Game you want to play. Now how do we
start?” Veemon walks over to Simba and starts to pet his back. “Simba I need you to roll over
onto your back.” Simba reluctantly does so, not use to in such a vulnerable position. “What
kind of game requires me to be on my back?” he asks with a slight quiver in his voice. Veemon
noticed Simba’s nervousness. “Relax Simba. You’ll enjoy this game.”

Veemon kneels down next to the cub. He places a hand on the lions furry balls and
starts to rub them. Simba lets out a little worried yelp upon feeling his balls being massaged.
“I see you like that Simba” Veemon says seeing Simba‘s red member start to poke from its sheath.
The blue dragon decides to step up the pleasure. Veemon lowers his head and gives Simba’s tip a
lick. The member pokes out even more and Simba moans. “Veemon” he says trying to keep his voice
steady “why are you grooming me?” Veemon couldn’t help but to smile at what the cub just said.
“I’m not going to groom you. I’m going to give you what’s called
a blow job.” The Digimon gives
the cubs member a few more licks. Simba shudders at the pleasure. “I’ve never felt anything like
this before Veemon. It feels so good.” Veemon decides to see if
the cub will go father with his
‘game’. The Digimon opens his mouth and engulfs the cubs entire
member. Simba didn’t know what
to do when he felt the warm mouth slide over his meat. The lion lets out a kinda roar when
Veemon’s tongue starts to play around his penis spines. Veemon continues to suck on Simba,
getting hard himself. He stops , gets up and climbs on top of the cub, placing his own hard
member in front of Simba’s muzzle. Simba just looked at Veemon’s rear, not knowing what to do.
“Well. Go ahead. Do to me what I’m doing to you.” he tells Simba. The lion cub opens up his
jaws and licks Veemon’s balls with his sandpapery tongue. Veemon
moans and almost loses control.
Simba continues licking the blue dragon, eventually taking the member into his muzzle. Meanwhile
Veemon goes back to taking care of Simba. While he sucks, his hand grabs the lions furry sac
and starts to rub it. Simba lost in pleasure he has never before experienced, almost bites
Veemon. Luckily for Veemon, Simba managed not to. Simba released the member and abruptly told
Veemon “I feel strange. Like I got to pee. You better let me up.”

Veemon knows what really is really going to happen with the cub. Simba is about to
orgasm. “Simba. Trust me your not. Your going to cum. So will I very soon.” Simba whimpers in
pleasure as his balls tingle. He feels them contract and something shooting from his member.
Veemon sucks down the warm lion cum that shoots into his awaiting mouth. It isn’t much but
he’ll take what he gets. Just drinking down Simba’s seed drives
Veemon over the edge. He shoots
his own digiseed all over Simba’s muzzle. The cub licks at the sticky white stuff that’s all
over the fur on his face. It tasted funny, but good. Veemon lets Simba back up after cleaning
the cubs member. Simba rolls over, his legs a little weak from the experience. “Veemon that was
an interesting game. I liked playing it. You think Nala will like playing that game with me?”
he asks. ‘Uh oh’ Veemon thought. “Um. Simba remember your promise. You can’t tell anyone about
this game or me. Not even Nala.” Simba frowns. “Awh I think she
would enjoy it. But I’ll do as
you say. I won’t tell.” Simba begins to feel hungry. “Veemon want to go hunting with me for
some Zebra?” Veemon rubs Simba’s back and replied. “I’d like to, but I can’t. Its better for
me to stay here. Besides I like my meat cooked.” When he said that Simba got a confused look
on his face. “Never mind.” He tells the lion. “Go hunt. I’ll eat more of that fruit when I get
hungry.” The blue dragon gets a thought. “If you come back later I’ll teach you more of the
‘game’” Simba gives Veemon a surprised look. “There’s more to the game Veemon? I’ll make sure
to hurry back.” The cub eagerly runs off to hunt, leaving Veemon alone. “Simba is going to
love what I do next. I know I will.” he says aloud.

Back in the real world, Davis returns to his room, with dinner. Only to find it empty.
“Veemon where are you?” Davis gets no reply. ‘Guess he went to the bathroom’ the dig destined
thinks. Davis put the food down on his desk. He sees the empty Lion King DVD box laying on his
bed out of the corner of his eye. “Veemon, your obsessed with this movie.” Davis turns to see
if the movie was paused and that’s when his mouth fell open with
shock. On the screen is Veemon
and he is talking with Simba. The boy quickly unplugs the headphones from the audio jack and
switches the sound to his stereo speakers. “Simba is going to love what I do next. I know I
will.” Davis, confusion written all over his face, sits down on his bed to watch the strange
event playing out on his television.

To be continued……