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"Stay With Me"

By: Anonymousmon

Lemon Pairing: Wargreymon/Exveemon

WARNING: This fic contains yaoi/lemon/sexual content between 2 male Digimon. If you are offended by such content, then please close this browser window immediately, especially if you are a minor trying to get away with it.


"V-Laser!" A beam shot at Wargreymon as those words echoed across the large canyon in DigiWorld. With a nimble dodge, Wargreymon moved aside and evaded the beam, which hit a small cliff and turned it into mass rubble.

"Nice move, but try this! Terra Force!" Wargreymon shouted, a yellow sphere forming in his hands. He fired it at his training partner, who quickly flew away from the giant ball as it hit another cliff. Exveemon quickly rammed Wargreymon into a nearby wall and buried him in it. There, in the wall, Wargreymon stared at the avid, blue Digimon, who grinned.

"Got you by surprise?"

"You bet. I was so close to evading it..."

"Well, you know how would Davis feel if I told him I had yet again failed to hit you. We gotta get better to stop those Digimon that are growing even stronger."

"Yeah, yeah, Tai said the same. Damn, I think I've changed. I'm even starting to swear."

"You know it's alright as long as you don't mean it."

"I don't think so. I guess it's just not normal. Either that or something is happening to me."

"Like what?"

"I don't know, V... Maybe I'm growing up, as they say."

"Nah. That's just you in your head."

"You think?"

"Of course."

"Well, I just hope what you say is true..." Wargreymon looked down. "We should get down. I think I'm done for the day."

"Yeah, me too. Hey, look at that river over there." Exveemon pointed out at a small pond with crystal-clear water that glistened in the distance. "I think I'll go have a small, refreshing bath there. Wanna come?"

"Sure, I was thinking the same anyways."

The two Digimon flew in a steady pace towards the river. They landed right in front of it, and stared in awe at the glimmer of it, the digital sun aiming at the water, creating an incredible show of dancing lights in it.

"Isn't it nice?" Wargreymon asked Exveemon as he looked on to the river.

"Yeah, it's nice. I bet it's also to my liking when it comes to taking a bath in the water." That said, Exveemon jumped into the water and dove into it. Wargreymon, deciding that the most polite thing to do was to wait, he sat on the green meadow at the river's bank, and there he started to ponder...

'I wonder... Why am I flunking so much in training lately?' Wargreymon asked himself in thought as he looked on to the shining river. 'Why am I failing so much at doing simple things, such as evading an attack? Something's bothering me, but what? What could be bothering me at this time? It's just not fair... What could it be that's making me fail so much?' He thought for a short while longer, until he realized what was it that was truly bothering him. 'Could I... Be in love with him? But, what will he say if I tell him? Bah, this is just turning into an impossible taboo. How will I tell him now? The only way I'll ever be able to break that distraction is by telling him, but... If I tell him... Will he hate me?'

Meanwhile, Exveemon was diving in the river, reaching its blue depths. There, while diving, he pondered as well...

'What is wrong with me? Why am I sounding so... Tempting right now? Everytime I talk to him now, it's almost like I want something from him. But what could that be? I'm feeling so... Tempting. No...' He realized something, but he just didn't want to accept it. 'I can't be in love with him! What will he say?! Damn it all, why am I being so sarcastic about this? I should be getting to terms with this instead of fighting my mind over it. That's it... I'm telling him!'

He swam back to the surface, where he rested himself on the meadow, looking at the sky. Looking to his side, he realized that Wargreymon was at his side. "Didn't you take a bath already?"

"Nah, I decided to wait instead. Guess I was too polite."

"Oh... You know... There's... Something I should tell you."

"Me too." Wargreymon, having said that, looked over to Exveemon's eyes well. Then...

"I love you." The two said at the same time. They gasped. The two of them?

"What, you too?" They asked each other, again at the same time.

"Yeah, dude!" AGAIN, they replied at the same time.

"I don't believe it... We both were hiding something and we just discovered what it was."

"Heh, I don't believe it either."

They looked at each other, lust invading their minds. Then, Exveemon, finally being the first to succumb to it, leaned in to Wargreymon's neck and kissed it. Quickly, he pulled back. Wargreymon stood up, looking at the lake. "Thanks, I really needed that."

"Huh?" Exveemon asked, this time wondering about what to do. Wargreymon took off his helmet, revealing his young face, which was pleading for attention just by looks. Turning to Exveemon, he rested himself over the blue dragon, and locked his lips over Exveemon's. Soon, they only started to kiss each other, their tongues tasting each other's mouths. Exveemon felt Wargreymon's mouth a bit rough but hotter than his, while the Mega Level Digimon felt the other's mouth soft and hot. Soon, they stopped, and Wargreymon raised himself from his lover. He only started to take off his armor until only his shorts were left. Then, Exveemon quickly raised himself as well and appeared in front of Wargreymon. He kissed him again.

"Let me help you with that..." Again, they started to kiss each other, this time a little bit more of passion involved. Exveemon's hands softly traveled around Wargreymon's chest, feeling the hard muscles with just the touch of his hands, their members now pressing for ecstasy. Soon, they traveled to Wargreymon's shorts, and, hastily, started to take it off. Soon, the hands suddenly pushed Wargreymon into the green meadow, him falling with a thud. Exveemon's hands resumed their activity of removing the shorts that hid the small mountain built in the shorts, while his tongue traveled through all corners of the muscleful body, the tongue enjoying the feel of those. Then, before fully taking off his shorts, Exveemon staretd to suck Wargreymon's nipples, hardening them and building up pleasure for the tow of them. Soon, Exveemon finally took off Wargreymon's shorts, and the member was revealed, which towered over the yellow body.

"Hey, Exveemon..."

"Yeah, what?"

"How are we even doing this if we've never done this before?"

"I don't know, guess it's our mating instinct."

"Instinct? Oh, sorta like you already know what to do?"

"Yeah, exactly it! Now, please let's continue this... Moment."

Soon, Exveemon descended his mouth into the yellow member, and started to taste its wonderful taste. Wargreymon jumped from the excitement, moaning upon the wetness of Exveemon's mouth massaging the member. As Exveemon kept raising and lowering his mouth up and down into the cock, his tongue kept licking and enjoying the taste of the shaft, dancing around in circles.

Then Exveemon pulled his body back a little, and with his right hand, he started to masturbate while also tasting the member in his mouth. Wargreymon's moaning increased to a higher level as Exveemon also started to suck on his balls, enjoying their taste. But soon he resumed his sucking and tasting.

Wargreymon suddenly got up a little, his hands set on the meadow, as his moans quickly intensified. Suddenly, however, he felt something in his member: Something that pleaded to be released and that was pumping its way through. Now he placed his hands on Exveemon's head, and started to push it down his member, moaning even harder and eventually roaring as a white liquid shot through his member and splashed into Exveemon's mouth, almost choking him. But soon after, Exveemon wasn't choking-he was tasting the white substance instead.

Afterwards, Exveemon rested himself on the open meadow, his member poking out and towering itself over the blue, sweaty body. "Your turn, and I loved that..."

Nodding, Wargreymon placed his mouth over the blue member, which he started to suck quickly and violently as Exveemon moaned out in total fury. HIs mouth, tasting all of the cock, shaft included, actually kept licking the end of the penis, causing Exveemon's body to spasm, and making him throw his arms around in total ecstasy and fury.

But then, Exveemon felt his member pulse a little, until it started to bulge quickly. His body spasmed, and his member shot out his sexual fury in the form of white liquid, which splashed into Wargreymon's mouth, and flooded it with the liquid. Swallowing the white liquid, Wargreymon suddenly felt a rush of energy on his body. Looking up to his lover, he nodded. Exveemon only said, "Yes, do it..."

Turning around and laying flat on the grass face-down, Exveemon beckoned his newly found lover to enter him. Soon, Wargreymon, muscles with veins and begging for pleasure, kneeled in front of the tail-hole and, setting his hands on Exveemon's waist, placed the furious, cum-filled yellow member inside Exveemon's 'back door', and gave a full thrust inside. The dragon couldn't help but scream out an excited scream. Then, the yellow Digimon started to pace himself as he started to press and push into him in a wild manner. Exveemon let out moans and screams as Wargreymon kept entering him in a fast and steady pace.

But then, Wargreymon only arched his head back, roaring in the place as he came again, cum filling Exveemon's hole, the blue dragon screaming out moans of pure ecstasy. Soon, Wargreymon only fell back, almost collapsing. But Exveemon only turned, a malicious grin filling his face. "...We are not done yet."

"I know, just give me some time." Soon, Wargreymon turned, and lay face-down on the meadow as well. He got up and only kneeled, almost losing his balance. He got up again, resting his hands on a cliff nearby, standing up. Exveemon came up behind him, kissing Wargreymon on the neck as his member at last entered Wargreymon's back-door. Moaning hard, Wargreymon stood there, receiving a brutal humping from Exveemon.

The blue dragon, moaning and arching his head back, eyes closed in total ecstasy, kept entering Wargreymon from behind, the blue member feeling the tight, hot flesh, making Exveemon moan even harder. The tip of the member, however, was the place receiving all the pleasure, making Exveemon spasm again. Still thrusting, Exveemon shot out his white liquid again, filling out Wargreymon's hole, making the dinosaur moan and scream hardly until they were no more. Soon, Exveemon fell down, followed by Wargreymon, finally falling to exhaustion.

"...I... Have a request, Wargreymon..."

"Y Yeah...?"

"...Stay with me. Please."

Nodding to each other, the two Digimon finally fell asleep, happy dreams receiving them...


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