Super Mario Erotica: The Fall of the Plumber and the Rise of Lust




DISCLAIMER:  Bowser does not belong to me-he's property of Nintendo, and no infringement of the law is meant.  Also, the same goes for ExVeemon and Growlmon: Property of Bandai and Toei.  The story takes place in a different time in both worlds: Bowser has finally conquered the world and murdered Mario, Peach and their friends, whilst Growlmon and ExVeemon have betrayed Daisuke and Takato (Hee hee hee...) and have joined him as his right-hands.  HMMMMMM...  How will this turn out?




Super Mario Oblivion: The Fall of the Plumber and the Rise of Lust


At long last, he had done it.  Bowser was now the king of the world.  How did he do it, you might wonder?  That can be easily explained.  Bowser's plan worked perfectly: After Super Mario had defeated him for possession of the Shine Sprite Power of Isle Delfino, Bowser plotted something to finish him off once and for all.  He took possession of the Star Rod and kidnapped Peach, but instead of the usual keeping her, he used the Rod Power on her, instantly killing her and sending her corpse to a different dimension.


Then, the Mario Siblings, enraged, took the battle to him, but he had already taken all of Peach's power, and killed them both.  Afterwards, the next victim was Yoshi, then Wario, and so on...  Until all of Mario's friends were destroyed.  Now he was the king of the world... Along with the perfect servants.  Two monsters from another world known as Digimon.  They had betrayed their friends, and now they worked with Bowser as murderers.  The dream of the Dark Kingdom was true to Bowser.  He was free to do as he pleased.  He now had all the land to himself.  He had infinite power.  Everything.  But...  No one.  He was...  Alone.


"Yo, Bowser, we just finished putting the last slaves to work!  Anything else!?"


“Hmmm... Just get the last group and do whatever you want with them, Growlmon!”




“You can rape them if ya want!”


“’Kay!” ExVeemon yelled in response as the screams of people were heard in the distance.  Bowser didn’t care about those people: He was evil, after all.  So, he only had to order, and it was done.  However, he rarely did rapes.  In other words, his crotch’s seed was rarely used.  He gained full right to that pleasure as soon as the rebels of Mario’s were erased from existence. 


“I’m most certainly bored...  Maybe I should have some fun today...” He decided to take a walk across his new ‘village’: The Bowser Town. 


He looked upon the frightened slaves.  He looked around nonstop until he saw a gorgeous human he found: She had long, black hair running through her body, and her curvaceous body proved too much attraction to the Koopa King. She tended to her work in sheer despair, but as soon as he picked her up and took her to the castle, she knew she wouldn’t be spared...


Later that night...


Ahh, please let me go!  I beg you!”


“Aw yeah, you bitch you’re so fucking good...  Ahh, ohhh, yeah, yeah, YEAH!


He was having the time of the world as he penetrated her front hole hard.  Blood was pouring out of her hole like a river as she screamed in total pain and horror.  Bowser’s muscular frame shook as he entered an orgasm, now fucking her faster than before.  Each thrust into her innards meant one orgasmic wave, whereas she was killed, since his large, muscular member had destroyed her vital organs easily.  But then, he faced his best when he spewed hot seed into the hole.  It was too much, so the seed was flowing out of the hole, almost burning her innards.  As soon as he was done throwing it out (two minutes actually), he knelt in front of the hole and started to lick it completely, drinking whatever was inside.  He lustily licked his lips once he was done, looking at the dead body with an evil grin. 


“Fuck, she was a good one!  Hmmm, say... This could be a nice pastime!”




Bowser awoke with a jump.  He realized his prick was erect, between his chest and the bed.  He sat on the bed restlessly, and looked out the window, and what was his surprise: His right-hands were having some private time.  ExVeemon was giving Growlmon a deep-throated blowjob, while the red Digimon humped slowly into the mouth with pleasure with each time the blue Digimon sank his mouth into the shaft.  Bowser was quickly aroused by this, so he had little choice: He sat on the bed and started to stroke his penis.  Faster than he usually did.  Ohh, you two... You’re so... Fucking hot... Aw, yeah... I gotta go for it...”


He pumped faster as soon as he saw that Growlmon took control, face-fucking the blue dragon whilst he held the head and pulled it into the dick.  Bowser just started to moan as he neared orgasm, and with it, the shooting of his white life.  However, he only shut his eyes and fell to the bed, pumping at his fastest.  He roared in a low tone, making his pleasure known as his semen spilled all over his muscled chest, covering his abs and nipples.  Meanwhile, ExVeemon was done sucking Growlmon’s life, the other moaning in relaxation.


“Hey... I think I just heard His Majesty yelling out.  Maybe our little secret’s out.”


Ohhhh... Just... Take care of it...” That said, Growlmon fell backwards, a mess of semen sprawling all over the place. 


“Hmm... Hope he doesn’t remember then...” He flew all the way to Bowser’s room, getting ready for any sort of treatment.  He was clearly expecting a lot.  Meanwhile, however, Bowser stopped stroking the cock, letting his life take care of everything else as it pushed its way outside into his black world.  However, he stopped for a few minutes, getting back his breathing.  Suddenly...


‘Sloop, sloop...’


Ohh, what the Hell is that...?”


‘Sloop, sloop...’


The instant Bowser looked down to his chest he was shocked to see ExVeemon licking all of the life in the chest, licking his lips after each slurp of his tongue. “WhaWhat’re YOU doing!?” Bowser tried to get away, but the blue dragon was clever.  He jumped on top of Bowser and kissed his neck lightly, turning the Koopa King back on.  “Why are you...?”


“Let’s say I want to help... I can’t stand seeing people like you go to waste easily.  They need some big-time... Entertainment.” The Digimon then proceeded to swipe his tongue on Bowser’s upper chest, enjoying the salty taste of sweat and sweet taste of life, quickly letting his dick go erect.  Bowser couldn’t help but stare at the blue Digimon work on him, feeling a sinful desire swelling up on him.


“But... I’m not gay, you’re not gay... Why?” Bowser moaned out in a questioning tone, not being able to resist for longer.


“Preference matters not.  Pleasure is everything.”


Bowser surrendered himself to the dragon’s might as he slowly got up, grabbing the Digimon by the waist and turning him around, placing his tail-hole all to himself.  He aimed his monstrous penis at the hole, and then he pushed the organ all the way inside quickly, ExVeemon screamed out in total pain and enjoyment.  “I guess you’re right-let’s witness how you ENJOY THIS!!!”


Bowser started to hump inside all the way, feeling no remorse at all.  His fast humping was followed by moans from both as their bodies felt, for the first time, true pleasure.  After three minutes of brutal fucking, Bowser turned his mate around, making ExVeemon sit on him and his dick.  ExVeemon took charge as he started to ride Bowser and wrapped his tail around the Koopa King’s neck, masturbating at the same time, since his dick was rubbing their chests at the same time, which meant more erotic stuff for them. 




ExVeemon started to orgasm and so did the Koopa King as he took hold of ExVeemon’s muscled chest and started to lick it, enjoying it.  However, after fifteen minutes of serious pleasure, neither of them could hold out anymore, and started to quickly scream.






The two finally came, semen exploding out of their respective organs.  Bowser’s life poured into the innards of ExVeemon’s tight ass, gushing out since it was too much.  The Digimon’s white fury was expelled all over them, covering them from the face to the abs, feeling very hot.  After they were finished...

Vee... You my bitch?”


“Yes, Bowsey, now let’s treat ourselves to this...” The two finished the job with a kiss... And some nice life-sucking; they licked each other, taking that substance and jotting it into their mouths.  But Bowser added an extra pleasing: He just bit the Digimon in the neck, and while ExVeemon just suckled on Bowser’s muscles, the King slowly turned him into his pleasuring mate forever as he took the blood...