CHAPTER ONE:  Edge of Insanity











...Insanity was at its edge inside of him.  Madness was pouring like rain over him.  And it couldn't have been any better for

him.  If it wasn't for a thought he had about a certain Digimon.


“Damn it, I want him!” He yelled as he stroked his own dick, moaning in delight at each stroke to the shaft.  Wargreymon’s

MINE!  He’s no one else’s bitch, he’s mine, mine, and MINE!  Ah!”  His own pleasure had also consumed his mind.  Exveemon

used to jerk off every single day, up to an exaggerated three times a day.  Also, he was an expert thief:  He used to break

into every single store in the real world and would steal whatever he wanted.


But the mistake that turned him insane was breaking into that adult store; one he had broken into a while ago.  He was

looking for something to heighten pleasure.  He found penis enlargement pills, ejaculation delay medicine, and some porn

magazines.  He had taken them all.  There was more, but he was not interested in that.  Also, he was in a strict diet:  He

was eating anything that was healthy, but in scarce amounts.  And he was also in a strict exercise basis, just to keep

himself in shape...  Especially his own cock.  He always did exercises with it to increase his good time and its long girth. 

It was long, and also it was wide: Extremely wide. 


But then again, being alone without a mate didn’t matter to him one inch.  Only at times, he felt a little bit sad.  Maybe a

little.  Or maybe not...  “Ah, oh yeah!” He muttered, feeling that pushing sensation of his own life inside of him.  Soon,

his moans turned to screams as he started to have an orgasm, immediately resting himself on the ground in a flash.  Exveemon

folded his wings as he raised his legs at just the right height and played with his tail a little bit, stroking it a little

with his neck and chest.  Then, as he continued to have his orgasm (he HASN’T ejaculated, mind you) he placed the tail in his

mouth, quickly pushing into the innards of his hot mouth, feeling himself as he suckled on the tail and started to face-fuck

himself in a sick fashion. 


Then he took the tail and started to fuck himself on the back hard.  Soon he started to roar as his white substance was

released, covering his body, arms and muscle-bound chest all over.  He grit his teeth as his muscles suddenly paralyzed and

showed off veins and arteries as he arched his body.  However, the force with which the semen was being released made it fall

right into his lips and mouth, so he licked some of it off his lips, and he swallowed some of his life as well, tasting each

milliliter of it.  Then, in horrendous sexual style, he released his tail, and rubbed it on his chest, moaning in contentment

as it gave him more to moan at.  However, his eyes suddenly shone white as his inner demon was unleashed: His tail moved to

the hole again and started to enter him faster than before, making him roar louder. 


Soon, he felt even more of his lusty self coming out of him.  He screamed and roared all night long as he continued to

release semen and fury on himself.  It was then decided for him:  He loved to have sex, regardless of whether it involved

himself or somebody else.


Three days passed by, and he spent them all sleeping, fucking any Digimon or human he saw in his dreams.  He enjoyed all of

it.  Until he woke up, that is.


“Damn, I wanted to screw that girl again...  Her pussy looked so tight...  Oh well.  I might as well find me someone...” He

grinned with lustful intention as his eyes shone white once again.  “And this’ll be something worth looking around for... 

Hah hah...”  He started to laugh for himself as he flew around that night, looking for someone to torture with his insane

ideas.  He didn’t care about whether it was male or female:  It didn’t matter to him as long as he continued to receive

pleasure in tons.  Tired, he landed in a forest nearby, and sat down under a tree.  "...I'm bored...  I know,"  And there, he

once again started to play with his dick out of boredom.  However... 


"Ohh, shit..."


“Hmm?  Did I just hear a light moan and the word 'shit'?” He looked around.  It was no doubt a female, but the moans were

light.  He walked around, investigating the scene, until he found it.  A yellow body was in a nearby river.  The river

sparkled along with her wet beauty as she inserted a finger into her cunt and started to wiggle it around her front as her

other hand played with her left tit.  “Ah, I guess I’m not alone, Renamon.”


“Who’s there!?” She said as she turned and saw him.  “What do you want?”


"Who, me?" He asked her, starting to get annoyed at her game.  "Oh, nothing."


"Then why are you staring at me?" She replied back, covering herself just a little bit and staring at his genitals, which

were manly beauty compared to what she had seen in her past.


"Just admiring your beauty." He grinned.  And she made an annoyed face.


"Is that it...?  Many Digimon have come by this cunt, you know, but none of them have filled my expectations." She sentenced,

starting to know him a little more.  And wanting him from inside.


"Oh...  Well, you let me savor you, I won't disappoint you."






"What do you really want here?"


“Hah, I’m after anything that gives us a nice time.” He replied in annoyance as he stroked his shaft a little bit; she

chuckled at the action.


“You mean...  You want me?” She asked, slowly approaching him as he did the same.  But as soon as they were near, they were

unable to hold off their inside monster.  She knelt in front of him as he nodded in lust.  Then, she placed her mouth inside

his erected dick and started to push her head into his meat.  He had a better idea instead: He placed his hands on the back

of his head as he pushed into her, earning a moan as a reward for each entrance he made and for each time the tip touched the

back of her mouth. 


"I'll make you moan in pain!"  He bellowed, showing off this figure to her.  His biceps were quite the formidable pleasure

for her to stare at as she looked up at her newly found lover while he thrust on.  The veins in the muscles all over his

chest and legs were merely decoration to her as she felt the throbbing dick inside of her mouth.  She was starting to gasp

for air, but he refused to let go.  She was barely able to breathe as she continued to taste his penis, eyes closed, tongue

swirling all over his attractive toy.  However, more veins were drawn all over his body as he continued to pump in, feeling

no regrets.  Besides, how could he feel regret if he was as insane as, well, anything?  But suddenly, she placed her hands on

his hips and stopped him. 


"What now!?" He asked, but with no response, she started to suck his balls, tasting his scent and their taciturn exquisity

for about a minute, after which she resumed her usual penis-sucking technique.  But after about five more minutes, however,

he was literally screaming as his body’s muscles reached their limit and moved inside him crazily while his own liquid

spilled into her mouth without remorse as she drunk it all, some of it spilling out into her body and face.  She had drunk

the life nonstop for thirty seconds until she was finally able to breathe.  She looked up as Exveemon was flexing his arms

even more, breathing at a fast pace, eyes turning white slowly and wings moving at a quick pace. 


“Well, that was fun, hot boobs,” He started as she rested herself on the grass, him entering her while she moaned in sheer

ecstasy.  She looked at his eyes, which were morbid, white-shining lust as he started to fuck her fast and hard in her cunt,

“But we’re not done yet!” He stopped for a minute as he licked his OWN life off of her face and body in a really horrifying

motion.  His mouth suddenly grasped her right breast and he started to suckle on it, his dick having some high-temperature

therapy, fucks included. 


"Augh!" She screamed in pain as she closed her eyes and took hold of his body and rubbed it everywhere, especially in his

upper chest and nipples.  She was amazed at his sheer will.  She had never seen someone as disgusting as himself, nor insane.

 But she really didn't mind, since she was having, probably, the best moment of her sexual life.  She had never received so

much pain and pleasure before.  Exveemon kept entering her at his fastest, moaning lustily as he touched her innard's walls. 


He was really doing it.  Although he had raped many in his past, men included, Renamon was the first person who had willingly

submitted to his...  Ideals.  He remembered that his best rape was when he got hold of a human girl somewhere in the real

world.  She was poor, but that didn't stop him from fucking her *hard.*  Especially when that girl had a slender body, an

awesome cunt, and an even better ass.


But back to the subject, he was now roaring in pleasure and draconic fury as they entered orgasm, her being last as she

snapped her legs on his waist, screaming.  She tightened her grip on him as her hands quickly explored his chest, rubbing it

fast.  She was now feeling every inch of him:  His chest, his nipple, his erotic feel, and most especially, his muscle.  He

had a really brawny body: One of the best, she guessed. 


But alas, he started to come: He quickly arched his body as he spilled more life into her insides, and she was doing the

scream of her life as she felt a heat wave inside of her.  Soon, he fell on his back, panting, seeking some rest.  "Now

this...  Is...  Something...  Great..." He managed to say in tired fashion. 


"Who said we're done?" Renamon asked seductively while her front entered his dick and she sat on him with force, making him

moan in reply.


"Oh, fuck.  Who said I said that...?  Go ahead and do something, or else, I'll be really pissed off."


"Oh, I will, all right..." She said as she lowered herself onto his dick again...  And again...  And again without remorse. 

Exveemon simply laid his arms back on the floor, stretching himself and the arms as he let her have her way with him. 

Renamon started to quicken her pace as he started to sigh nonstop.  Exveemon started to lose it, and he proved it by raising

himself just a little bit to hold her.  He raised the upper portion of his body and remained sit; she was still practically

jumping, but now she started to fuck herself with his little cock at her fastest.  He was perfectly still as he started to

receive his orgasm. 


He only pushed inside just a wee little bit and with his hand he possessed her back.  His hand traveled up and down her fur

as she tortured herself, receiving his hot seed at long last.  However, although his eyes were pure white, he was caressing

her fur and his tail was caressing the nape of her neck.  She soon fell to his chest, to which he reacted by pushing her

aside and standing up, his genital still erect and jizz dropping from it.  She got up and stood in front of him as penis and

cunt crossed paths.  "How about some...  Passive excitement?" He nodded slowly, annoyed.  But he knew it would be great.  She

then started to kneel in front of him, but she only descended to chest height. 


There, she placed her mouth inside of his left nipple and started to suck it, tasting it and enjoying whatever came out of

it. In reply, Exveemon placed his hands on the back of her head and caressed it, eyes flaring white and beginning to like the

whole thing.  After about five minutes, she lowered her mouth and raised to several corners of his chest.  She was sucking

his skin, his veins, his muscle...  That is what she wanted to feel.  She kissed and sucked everywhere, and finally descended

to his cock again.  She tried to suckle on it but he only pushed her to the ground again.  She defied his erotic authority by

looking at his white eyes with a pinch of erotic intent.


"...Stand up and turn around!  NOW!" He ordered as she obediently did so, but by pure instinct she knelt on the ground,

showing off her cutesy ass.  "MUCH better!  Now then, I'll strike pleasure into that tiny hole of yours!" He said as he

stroke his balls and penis just enough for him to go wild. 


"Be my guest and fuck me!" She ordered as his eyes were at their peak.  He instantly obeyed as he drove his cock into her

back, super hard.  She screamed as he now fucked her in the ass at his fastest.  Her screams and the fucking in her ass

turned out to be faster and harder than when he screwed her in the cunt.  But of course, they completely forgot that as he

went wild, pushing everything he had into her ass.  Soon, his muscles suddenly augmented a little- not exxagerated, but they

did grow in size by a little bit as she screamed at her loudest.  They looked basically the same, but he was more brawny now

as his roars and bellows filled the air, probably brawnier than even a Zudomon.  He made her stand up as he kept fucking her

more.  His right hand caressed her right breast as the other hand's middle finger started to enter her cunt in a steady



"Ah!"  She was impressed as he took out the finger and started to suck it, tasting their lives.  They went wild as they

roared along with each other, reaching their maximum point of ecstasy, his life's hot temperature burning her, her ass

becoming rigid as his eyes were now completely white, grabbing her breast super hard and releasing some milk from it.  He

quickly released himself from her and knocked her into the ground face up.  He began now to fuck her in her cunt with the

same intensity as before, but now he was sucking her milky breast, tasting her white liquid and fucking themselves to sleep.


The next day...


"Ohh...  What a night, I--Huh?" She looked around.  No sign of him.  "Considering he's completely insane and that he likes to

fuck with anyone, I'm guessing he left," Renamon stood up and stretched herself as she suspiciously thought of Exveemon

again.  "Huh.  Now HE'S a different case when it comes to sex." She decided to leave her fucking place, some regret over her

returning.  But meanwhile...


"Whoa-hoh!  THAT was a true night! Now time to--" Exveemon froze in the air.  There he was.  The Digimon he always wanted. 

Wargreymon.  In the ground, near a spring.  "!!!" Exveemon flew down at him immediately, almost in a lightning-quick flash. 

Wargreymon was flying by unsuspectingly...  Or was he?  Just as he was about to hit him, Exveemon was hit back and plummeted

to the ground...  Painfully. 


Wargreymon landed on the floor next to him.  "I know you want me."


"Huh?" He looked up to the yellow Digimon. 


"You heard me!  You want me, earn it!"


"Wha-- How the shit did you know!?"


"Because I LIVE near you, stupid." Exveemon remembered that they were far-away neighbors. 


"You really heard?" Exveemon asked, completely baffled.


"Yes, if you want me, well...  Return here at sunset.  We'll do something by then." Wargreymon ordered as he turned to take

his leave, but the dragon stopped him. 


"Why are you acceding so easily?"


"Because...  I want you too." He turned to the blue dragon and stared at his eyes.  "You mind if I bring a friend over?"


"Not really, but not now.  Alone might be better first." Exveemon quickly retorted, evading any other mates.


"Well alright, but you're missing out." He took flight and left the confused Digimon.  He started to laugh maniacally...


"YES!!!  HAAA HA HAA!!!"




He was there.  Awaiting the big moment in which his biggest, wettest dream would come true:  Having the opportunity to fuck

his dream.  But Wargreymon, however, wasn't around.  "W-Where the Hell is he!?  It's already past sunset and here I am! 

Maybe he wasn't what I--"


"Expected?  I'm offended." Exveemon turned around to see his newfound lover behind him. 


"What the fuck took ya so long, huh!?  Do you have any idea--" He was silenced by a kiss.  Just one simple kiss.  The minute

he felt the tongue swirl around his, he returned it with his hands travelling all over Wargreymon's armor, slowly taking it

off until they were both naked.  Now their own 'friends' were completely erect.  However, they didn't really care: They kept

kissing...  A lot.  But Wargreymon was a different case: His hand was travelling all over the white chest, travelling all

over the six-pack and the upper portion until Exveemon went wild.  They rested on the warm floor as Wargreymon was now over

him.  Exveemon's only reaction was when he placed his hands on the back of his head.


"Now you'll see my true self..."


"Go right ahead, I'm ready..."


"Are you sure?  I don't want you crying then!" Wargreymon's eyes turned white now, completely, as did Ex's.


"Please, I used to fuck myself everyday with my tail."


"Hm, very well then." Wargreymon then started his therapy, by deliberately licking Exveemon's chest.  He carried the tongue

all over the chest, tasting every inch of meat around.  Then, when he was done there, he travelled to the big biceps on Ex's

arms and suckled on them as well, feeling their hardening sensation, moaning, muscles gaining extra veins.  Exveemon just

moaned and sighed in contenment as Wargreymon continued the session, until he finally descended towards the right nipple,

placed his mouth over it and started to suck on it.  Ex moaned in delight as Wargreymon continued to taste it, deliberately

tasting the sweaty-yet-delicious taste of it.  Wargreymon suddenly stood up and kneeled in the chest, making Exveemon moan

because his testicles shook him.


"UGH!  More, more!!  Oh, man you light my fire, please give me more lust!  Feed me!" Ex demanded, eyes shining with

adrenaline as Wargreymon started to step back. 


"Stay right there...  You won't regret it..." He retorted as he approached Exveemon's sheath and sank his mouth into the now

full of inner blood and rock-hard dick.  Exveemon roared as 13 inches of meat were deep-throated by his yellow mate. 


"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!  OH YES, PLEASE!!! FILL ME, FILL ME WITH LUST, I COMMAND YOU!!" Wargreymon simply continued to sink his

hot mouth even further at an incredibly rapid speed, taking in the whole meat, moaning in a muffled way as his tongue was

being pleasured as well.  Then Exveemon screamed out...  "AAAAAAHHHHHH!!" He came and the boiling seed penetrated War's

innards as he took all of it.  He couldn't swallow it all so he let some of it come out into the chin.  At long last, he

raised himself from the mouth and stared at the blue Digimon, who was panting quickly and tiringly.  Now Wargreymon's eyes

were far more dangerous than Exveemon's. 


"So...  You want more..."


"Yes!  Now come fuck me all night long!  I'm wild!" Exveemon replied as he came in to Wargreymon's front and pressed his body

and dick to Wargreymon's.  He started to suck his onw semen off the chin in an incredibly erotic fashion.  But then, however,

Exveemon rested himself in the ground again, but this time he raised his hips a little, Wargreymon coming in for the kill in

his ass.  Wargreymon lost it once he entered Exveemon's ass, for it felt very tight. 


Exveemon let out a moan of pure ecstasy as he raised his legs more and realized Wargreymon was actually staring to fuck him

in the ass.  His dick was towering over the blue body as he took his blue legs and wrapped them around Wargreymon's waist and

let him do all the work.  Wargreymon suddenly started to fuck Exveemon in the ass at a horrendous speed, his hands hidden on

the back of his head and showing off his muscular frame as it gained veins all over his body. 


"AAAAAHHHH!!!  OH YES!!!  YES!!!" Wargreymon screamed, but now their eyes turned into an insane red, Exveemon's tail fucking

Wargreymon's ass, the two Digimon dragons moaning and screaming their lust out as they were filled by pure sin.  The two

continued to give and receive for about twenty minutes nonstop until Wargreymon at long last started to fuck slower but a

thousand times harder as his life entered the dragon in blue.  Exveemon was coming as well, and his cum was being shot right

at Wargreymon's chest: Perfect for them.  After three more minutes of semen-release, Wargreymon released himself and stood there, Exveemon quickly coming in and enjoying the taste of his own semen along with the taste and feel of the yellow muscles.  Suddenly, when he was done, Wargreymon knelt in the floor, Exveemon quickly following and fucking Wargreymon now.  They kept their own pleasure at pace, Wargreymon and Exveemon building their own accord of sinful screams.








Enjoyed it?  I hope you did!  Now that I think about it, I pity Exveemon  A lot.  See you soon, readers!