Chapter 2
lust in the digital world
It was night. The sky above shone brightly, with a multitude of jewel-like stars illuminating all in the inky darkness of the jungle. Altima kneeled in the middle of a clearing, with a piece of flint, and steel he managed to procure a day ago. Garnet was not far off, with Altima's coat draped over her, like a blanket. She tsared intently at her savior, occasionally giggling in delight, whenever Altima turned towards her, to see how she was fairing.
Striking the flint against the steel, the dragon caught a spark, as it lit the wood beneath. "Well, there's our fire for tonight." Altima muttered, collapsing backwards onto his rump, sitting right next to Garnet. She smiled cutely at him, as Altima caught her smile, and blushed softly. The digimon blushed as well.
"So... You're not from around here, huh?" Garnet asked Altima, as she elevated her head slightly.
"Yeah..." Altima answered, plutting his claws out, warmign them against the gentle heat of the fire.
They stood silent for a moment, garnet watching Altima, as he seemed to ignore her stare. "You have no idea how you got here? no recollection at all?"
Altima shook his head. "Only thing I remember was falling, and busting my wings... Then waking up in a "ditch"" Altima explained.
"Oh... I'm sorry.." Garnet apologized, looking away for just a moment. Altima merely shrugged, still staring deeply into the fire. Garnet knew they had this conversation already, but Altima seemed to distant to her, and she REALLY wanted to get to know him a little more, especially since he saved her, and it was customary for her kind to give their saviors a gift. Garnet sighed softly. Soon, she'd be fully recovered, and from the looks of things, he might leave without recieving his gift, which would make her seem weak, and selfish, back in her clan.
"Uhm.." she began meekly, trying to engage Altima in conversation, and hopefully get him to talk more. "What're you gonna do now? I mean, you saw that digimon I was up against?" she stated, digimon reffering to the inhabitants of this world, whcih she explained to Altima was the digital world. "Well, there's plenty more tougher guys than that one was."
Altima sighed softly, turning to face Garnet. "I don't know... I was planning on helping you get back to your clan, was it? Well, when we get there, maybe I could find more information from someone there..."
Garnet mentally gasped, as she heard it. What she dreaded was true, he'd possibly leave her, and she'd be shunned from the clan, cast aside as an outsider, and possibly a traitor. She'd have to do something soon, or else she'd regret it.
"Ahh... Well, maybe we could team up or something? I mean, I know you don't seem to be a digidestined, but with my help, I could fight alongside you..." she explaiend, hoping he'd see the logiv in staying with her longer.
The dragon sighed, and shook his head. "No.. you're in no shape to continue fighting. You'd end up hurting yourself worse if you do. Or even worse, you might get killed."
"Well, I'm a digimon, I can fight!" she said, with enthusiasm,a s she stood up, and rasied her arms, flexing them. She regretted doing that, as she suddenly groaned in pain. Her body was still too numb from the pain, as she sat back down. "Ow." she grunted, lying back down, resting herself.
"See?" Altima sighed. "Soon as we get to your clans' location, I'm gonna stick around for a little, and then go..."
"But I can recover, I swear! please! don't leave me!" she pleaded, returning her gaze to his eyes, with a sad, innocent look in her eyes. "Please...."
"...Why....?" Altima asked, as Garnet stared, a sad look on her face. Tears welled out of her eyes, as she breathed heavily. "Why don't you want me to go?"
She took a moment to answer, trying to repress her sad thoughts. "B-Because.." she babbled amidts the tears. "I...I wan't to.... I want to reward my savior w-with a gift, before we part...w-won't you accept my gift?"
"I-uhm... what?" Altima asked, feeling ashamed of himself, for making poor Garnet burts into tears. "You know what? I'm sorry, garnet... I didn't know you wanted to thank me before I left, but... I don't need a gift... our friendship, however brief, was enough of a reward..." Altima smiled at ehr, as she noticed she blushed as he spoke.
"...W-well... i-it's customary for me to gift you... othwerwise, I'd... I'd be shunned for not properlly rewarding you... please, accept my gift."
with a silent nod, Altima smiled at her, placing a claw on her smooth shoulder reaffirmingly. "All right.. And uhm... How are you going to exactly give me a gift?" he asked her, staring deeply into her eyes.
She giggled cutely, as she blushed, looking away. "Uhm..." she smiled, as she removed her helmet, revealign her beautiful face, shining brilliantly with youth. Her eyes sparkled with that familiar childhood innocence. She couldn't have been much older than Altima, as the dragon was still in his teens. Nay, she looked younger, as she smiled at him cutely. "Then, close your eyes..." she asked. Altima did as he was told, closing his eyes. Immediately, Garnet began undoing the straps of her armor, starign with ehr breastplate. She quietly undonend the armor, carefulyl placing the pieces on the floor around her, until she was completely nude, looking defenitely young, but SEXY wtih her larger than average breasts. "You can open your eyes now. ^^" she said.
"All right, let's see what you ha-" Altima was cut short, as his eyes shot open. What he saw was the most beautifullest thing he had ever seen in his life. Garnet lay there, on the floor, arms at her side, as she looked up at Altima. Altima's gaze travelled slowly along her bodys' curves, taking in every little detail. He starred at her prefectly shaped breasts, and fleshy nipples. Then Altima couldn't help but trial down towards her virgin sex, examing her beautiful pink lips that screamed to him what he knew he wanted. Suddenly, Altima started feeling a little uncomfortable, now that he realised what her gift was. "I-I'm sorry," he apologized. "I just can't do it with you, if you're being forced into this..."
"No.." Garnet shook ehr head, as she stared pleadingly at Altima. "I want this, almost as much as you do... Please, Altima... Accept my gift..." she asked calmly, as she pread her legs, revealing the inner-workings of her labia. altima could clearly see her hymen intact, which meant she was a virgin.
[i]So... She isn't doing this because she enjoys it. Looks like I'm gonna be her first...[/i] Altima thought. "All right, Garnet..." Altima said, smiling at her. "If you want me THAT bad, I'll play along." he added, with a wink, as he began to undo his pants. Garnet beemed at him, looking the happiest she had ever been in her life.
"Oh, thank you! thank you!" she shrieked, as she leaned forward, and hugged altima tightly, her tail swishing wildly in happiness.
Altima chuckled, as he finally got his pants off, and struggled with his shirt, trying to get it off, without moving his wings too much. All the while, Garnet stared at him happily, a single blue claw running down her curvy form, as she began to play with her digi-sex a little, murring softly. Altima watched her for a moment, as he felt himself beginning to get aroused. His member slowly creeped out if his slit, glistening in the light of the campfire. Altima soon reached his maximum length of 11 inches.
Garnet gasped, as she saw the size of his cock, her virgin pussy dampening with anticipation. She wondered if she'd be able to accomodate Altima at all. With no time to take back her decision(as if she WOULD take it back), she merely spread her leags further, giving the handsome dragon easy access, as he crawled over to her, positioning himself between her legs.
Altima smiled at Garnet, waiting for her approval, as she stared back, slowly nodding her head. Altima slowly guided his cock inside her womanly-slit, feeling her shudder, and then moan, as he broke her hymen. Both reptilians groaned, one in pain the other in pleasure. Altima growled, as he felt Garnet's virgin interior squeezing all aorund his cock, making it difficult for him to gently slide in, without hurting the girl.
Garnet moaned in bliss, as she suddenly felt more and more of Altima's cock slide into her, she couldn't help but throw her head back, as with each inch that entered her, the more the mixture of pleasure and pain she felt. "ahh..!!!" Altima...!!" she gasped, as his cock brushed against her G-spot. She reflexively tossed her arms around him, and leaned forward, burying her cute face against his muscled chest. "mhh..!!! d-deeper!" she pleaded, wanting more of that feeling of ecstacy.
Nodding in agreement, Altima pushed the rest of his cock inside her, until his balls were pressed firmly against her bottom. He waited for her to recover, as he saw her squirming softly underneath him, her breathing heavy, which meant she was having an extreme feeling of pleasure. "How're you holding out?" he asked her, placing his claws gently against her hips, rubbing along them. She murred in response, as she smile back. [i] Good, she seems to be enjoying it...[/i] Altima pulled out roughly 7 inches, before sliding it back in, getting a soft moan in response from Garnet. Altima repeated, as he did this several times, until the digimon seemed to want more from him. Altima quickened the pace, humping with every exhalation Garnet made.
"mhh..!!" she panted, closing her eyes, and openign her maw. "ooh.. Alt... h-harder..." she moaned, as she humped against altima;s cock, feeling it glide along her clit. She felt a tiny wave of pleasure roll across her body, moaning softly in response. "Please, Alt... harder!" she pleaded once more.
"ooh.. Garnet.." Altima moaned, nodding in response, as he began to hump harder, pushing her body up and down the dirt below, as he felt his cock throbbing deep inside her; an orgasm was close.
"Aahh.. yes, Altima!! f-fuck me harder!" she begged, as she could feel her pussy close in all around his cock, the feeling of her inner walls become more and more sensitive. She'd be cumming soon. "Oh, Alt! I can feel myself about to come!" she moaned, as she wrapped her legs around Altima's waist, pulling him deeper inside her.
"Hrrr.. s-so tight, Garnet..!!" he grunted, as he humped her harder, and faster, feeling her buck in sync with his humps. He gritted his teeth, as his cock became sensitive, and his orgasm beginning.
"ALTIMA~~~ I'm CUMMING!!" she moaned loudly, almost screaming it, as she shuddered, experiencing an intense wave of pleasure, and the burning heat of passion, all in one climax. And just as her orgasm died out, she could feel her pussy clamping around Altima's cock.
"mmhh..!!! G-Garnet!" he called out, as his cock couldn't hold it anymore. He humped into her deeply, and discharged, filling her womb almost completely with his seed. Altima panted heavily, as it took a moment for his body to recover from the orgasm. "mmhh, Garnet... that felt... amazing..." he muttered, as he slowly opened his eyes, "... Garnet? Are you-" he cut off, smiling. Poor Garnet couldn't handle the intense orgasm, and had passed out. Altima smiled, as he pulled out, or at least tried to, before he felt Garnet's legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Too tired to try and remove them, Altima just laid his head down on her ample breasts, closed his eyes, and thought to himself. "Well, at least I made her happy..." he muttered, and smiled, feeling Garne'ts comfy tits. They felt like luxurious fleshy pillows. "mmhh.... Guess I'll" he never managed to finish that sentence, as fatigue drained the last of his energy. He was soon snoring atop Garnet.