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chapter 1
Intro to digital world.
Altima shook the grogginess from his eyes, not to mention the unbearable pain he felt hammering his skull. Whatever he drank last night gave him such a bad hangover. He moaned softly, as he tried to remember what happened last night. All that came to mind was that eerie dream he had, in which he swore he was flying-- or falling-- towards the ground. As he replayed the "Crash" into the gorund, his head burned with the seering pain of his odd hangover. Unable to withstand the pain no longer, Altima managed to crawl onto his knees, before vomiting.
Finally, as if the upheaval managed to clear his system, he could feel the rest of his senses returning. He felt the ground beneath him, which felt oddly angled, as if he were in an overlarge pothole. Altima clentched his claws, crushing dirt, and soil in his grasp. His sense of smell returned next, as he whiffe din the smell of charcoaled dirt, mixed with a fresh, earthy smell. He could also smell his vomit, which he tried to ignore, but since his face was only mere inches from the puddle of filth, the strong scent of stomach acid filled his nostrils, fully awakening him, as his hearing returned.
He could hear the wind, amidst a strange chatter of birds, the rustling of tree leaves, and the gentle whoosh of tall grass. [i] What the hell?[/i] the dragon thoght, as he got to his knees, and rubbed at his eyes, his vision slowly returning. Blurry, at first, he could only make up 3 colors, light blue, green, and brown. What did this all mean? Altima distinctly remembered that he chose grey as the interior coloring in his house, and if he was at Ishana's house, he'd be surrounded by more provocative colors, like red, pink, and purple. Something was definitely wrong.
Altima's vision finally cleared, as he began to make out his surroundings better. From what he could tell in his sitting vantage point, he seemed to be in some sort of hole, surrounded by trees of some odd sort. The trees looked exotic, like they belong to a rainforest, except, there weren't enough trees for it to look jungle-y. Not to mention, he didn't seem to hear other typical sounds from a jungle-like environment. Sure, he heard quite a lot of birds, but he couldn't sense anything different in their beautiful chirps. No, he was in a new habitat, one that was possibly unexplored by furry-kind. He shrugged, as he decided to clear that thought. Obviously, if that were the case, then how'd he end up here, if he wasn't dragged to this god-forsaken jungle-forest?
Sighing softly, his headache returning slightly, with the intense thought-making he had been doing(which was more than usual), he began to climb out of the 3 to 4 foot deep hole. After succesfully leaving that grave of his, he stood up, and turned around. "lesse how big the hole-" he began, before cutting himself off, as he stared in amazement at what the pre-mortem grave his his actually was. To his utter surprise, there was a large dirt trail carved at least 100 feet along the ground, gouging into the ground a few spots. Immediately, that dream of his made sense: Somehow, he had woken up, while falling, smacking the floor hard at an angle, creating a crater very much like a meteorite would make.
Still though, how in the world did he end up falling through the sky? was he completely smashed last night, and decided to fly through the sky at night, fully forgetting how to land properlly, or soemthing? Again, a sharp pang in his skull, too much deep thought for his own comfort. Altima groaned, as he stumbled around, blindly for a second, until he regained his bearings.
"Okay, course of action: I need to find out where the hell I am, and I need to find a way back home." he muttered, as he squatted down for a second, unfurling his wings, preparing for a launch. He prepare himself, keeping wings close to his body, at his sides, before forcing down on the ground with his legs, propelling him upwards at leastr a dozen feet skyward, as he opened his wings, and flapped hard--
--As another dose of sharp pain shot through his body, but this time, originating form his wings. Altima plopped back to the ground, face first. groaning in pain, he rolled onto his back, rubbing his tender, and bruised muzzle. He shook the pain away, as he turned to examine his wings, and winced. There were large tears in his wingspan, and it seems as if his wings were bent at an odd angle, presumably broken due to his first crash landing from space. Altima sighe,d as he rubbed his wings gingerly. The tears would heal, he knew, but the bones would be harder to mend without a proper cast. "Okay, just what I needed... My wings to be broken..." he muttered, as he collected himself, and continued walking forward.
An hour or so passed, as Altima traversed aimlessly through the jungle-forest, looking for any signs of intelligent life, capable of speech. His search turned up negative. He groaned in frustration, rather than dissapointment. Great, he was on his own, weaponless, defenseless, and wounded, and more importantly, he had no idea where the FUCK he was. "Fuck it..." he grunted, as he headed towards the sounds of running water. The young dragon came upon a river, which he rushed towards, as he tossed his ripped, and torn trench coat aside, and dove right into the cool water. "Aahhh.... just what I needed..." he murred, slowly closing his eyes, "A nice, cool bath, after a trek through a hot day, in the middle of nowhere."
His moment of respite only lasted for a few seconds, as he heard a scuffle going on, deeper in the brush. From the sounds of it, there were two voices. A female, and a deep snarling voice. Deciding to investigate, Altima swam across the river, leavign his coat behind, as he creeped out of the water, and headed deeper inside the forest.
You're mine!" snarled a red-shelled creature, with two large hook-like fangs jutting from it's skull.
"N-Never!" shrieked a blue lizard, clad in flame-embroided armor. This lizard seemed to have a feminine curvature, the armor fitting snuggley against her bossom. She darted at the large creature, aiming for it's face, with her dagger-claw gauntlets. There was a loud clanging sound, as she appeared on the other side of the creature, lifting her gloved fist up, and staring in horror, as the blades shattered. She turned, just as the creature caught her in the side with one of it's powerful appendages. She grunted in pain, as she flew right through a tree, shattering it into several shards, and splinters, reappearing brusied, and bloodied ont he otherside.
"haha! those blades of yours are useless against my thick shell!" the orange-ish beetle monster cackled, as he rubbed the spot she struck. though it didn't hamr him completely, her strike did manage to scratch his glossy armor. "Not even an armada of your kind could ever break me!" he howled, as he clambored after her, quickly overcoming her.
The blue lizardess quickly performed an evasive maneuver, dodging past one, two, three swipes, despite her bloodied condition. The beetle continued it's frenzied assault, lashing at her several times from both sides.
Finally, with one quick dodge, and a slide to the left, The armored lizard was out of the creatures range of attack. He'd have to turn to continue the assault.
"Take THIS!" she called out, as her eyes shone a deep fiery red, flames engulfing her last clawed gauntlet. "KNUCKLE FIRE!" she screamed, as she launced forward, just as the beetle monster turned, and caught a face-full of her firy fist. The attack smashed against it's skull, shattering one horn, as it stumbled back, but she wasn't done. For a brief moment, her body was engufled in a low flame, as she began to growl. The fires around her began to intensify in heat, and primal rage, as she gritted her teeth, aimed her helmetted head straight at the creature before her, and shouted "FIRE ROCKET!", before suddenly, like a bullet straight form the barrely of a gun, she zoomed right at the creature's hard exterior, slamming into him. the blade from her helmet embedded itself into his chest, blood, and gore began to ooze out, quickly catching fire, as the flames that had engulfed ehr only a moment ago now licked at his wounds, burning his fleshy joints under his adamant shell.
The creature roared in rage, as it stumbled backwards, toppling over. It was over, she did it. She managed to take him out. Unable to stand any more, spending all of her energy in that last attack, she collapsed on the floor, panting heavily. She chuckled softly, her wounds now catching up to her, as she groaned in pain. Nothing to worry about, she'll heal in a matter of hours. She smiled. "Score one for Garnet!" Garnet, the blue lizard sighed, as she stared at the sky, her body spread across the ground, as if she were about to make a snow angel.
Suddenly, she heard a grunt, as she troubled her head up, catching a glimpse of orange. She shuddered, and began to whimper softly, hoping that that thing was dead, and knowing all too well she was wrong.
"Damn... that hurt like hell. But I gotta commend you, bitch, you managed to shatter my armor." the beetle muttered, as it stood up, and clutched at it's broken face-plate, revealing it's half-exposed brain. "But I gotta say, you're going to be worth it. Soon as I transfer my data into your body, you're gonna wish you had been submissive from the start, because I'm gonna drain your filthy data, once I've used enough of your whorish body, to the point that you've exceeded your data output!" he snarled, as he hulked over her, planting a hand onto her armored breasts, and moved the armor aside, exposing her white, soft breasts to him. He squeezed her left breast tightly, as she groaned in pain, unable to make her body respond properly. The beetle smiled even more, as he squeezed tighter, almost until Garnets' DD-cup breast was about to explode
"AHH!!! S-STOP!! I'll do it! I-I'll give you all of my data! just stop h-hurting me!" she pleaded, barely able to squirm under his grip.
"Hmm, I might consider..." he began, tilting his head upward for a moment, giving it some thought, "...AFTER I've had some FUN!" he shrieked, as he suddenly grabbed her other rbeast, and squeezed both tightly.
"Then you might wanna reconsider, after I'm through with you!"
"Ehh?" Suddenly, soemthing launched itself onto the beetle, tossing it off-balance as it crashed to the floor.
"Take this, ugly!" Altima shouted, as he punched away at the creatures' skull, fracturing more and more of it's armor, pieces falling off everywhere.
"Aaaiieeee!!!" the creature howled in pain, trying to claw weakly at the dragon atop him. Altima managed to bat away each swipe with his arms, as the subdued creature below him continued to flail around.
"What's the matter? Can't you handle another reptillian smaller than you? or can you only resort to picking on girls!" Altima shouted, as he stuck his hands inside the skill, and began pulling the creature's remaining exo-skeleton off.
"Aaargh! no, bastard!" he howled, wagging it's head away from the dragon, but it was too late, Altima had removed the final skull piece, before jamming his fist straight into it's pulsating brain, piercing straight through the other side, launching blood, and brain matter out the back of it's head, onto the floor. The beetle's amrs slowly sank to the floor, as whatever was left of its' brain struggled to send messages throughout the body. The beetle died, making a soft gurgling sound, as its' fingers continued to twitch, even after mortem.
Panting softly, Altima slowly removed his claw from the dead beetle's brain cavity, and wiped the gore on his pants' leg. He turned slowly, and smiled softly at Garnet. "Heh... That'll teach him some manners.." Altima joked, as he jumped off the carcass, and strode over to the blue lizard.
"Uhm.." he blushed, realizing she was slightly barechested. "C-Can I help yah put that back on?" he offered, noting that she couldn't possibly do that on her own, after what she had gone through.
Blushing, Garnet didn't want her armor back on, enjoying the fact that this completely handsome warrior who saved her, was staring at her pride-'n-joys. She rushed through various excuses, before settling on the best one that fit the situation. "erhm... n-no.. I-I... My boobs still kinda hurt, from when that bastard squeezed them... D-Don't want my armor touching them, when they're so sensitive...." she smiled at him, making Altima blush deeper, the fleshy pink scars under his eyes turning a shade of crimson for a second. Garnet giggled softly, before it turned into a painful wheeze.
"!! You all right, there?" Altima asked, kneeling at her side, placing a claw against her shoulder.
"I'm all right, handsome... Nothing I can't handle..." she sighed, as she closed her eyes slowly for a moment, enjoying the warmth of his hand on her shoulder.
Altima's ears burned bright red for a moment, as he heard something he wasn't sure he heard correctly. "handsome?" he asked her.
"Huh? I said mster." she "corrected", blushing softly too, not realizing she said that.
"Ermh... Yeah... that's what I thought you said, ^^;;" Altima said, as he rubbed at the back of his neck. He cleared his throat, as he tried to look away from ehr chest, focusing only on her helmeted face. "My name's Altima." he said.
"Altima..." Garnet began, as she thought about ti, repeating it softly several times. "That's a nice name. And in my opinion, it's rather sexy! ^^"
That statement caused altima to blush, as he ran his claw through his hair, combing the dirt out of it. "Yeah, I think so, too. So... anyways, what's yours?"
The blue Lizardess took a moment to respond, staring deeply into the dragon's grey eyes. She smiled softly, before she answered. "Garnet."
End of chapter 1.