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Mimi had been missing for 2 months. I don't know how or why, but none of our friends have been able to find her. I’ve blamed myself so many times it's lost all-purpose sometimes, I think. Actually, I was the last one to see her that day. Everyone blamed me for it and I hated it. Everyone, even Michael blamed me. Michael and I were her best friends in America besides her friends in Japan. While her and I were considered as the odd couple, people quickly learned to realize we were meant to be. Mimi became popular once people got to know her besides the fact that she had pink hair. I am still questioned though; my hair being blue and taking Kido Kai (an advanced form of martial arts) I've adopted the nickname Akuma meaning Devil in Japanese. Mimi is the only one that calls me by my real name, Dan. That’s what made me like her so much - she found the true person in me - and we started to grow fonder of each other after a few months. And then that horrible day came. It flashes through my head everyday...and I can't help but blame it on myself.... What I could have done to change things… But, it’s all in the past now…


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The day started out normal as usual. I was at my locker getting my books for science class and checking my self in the mirror - uh my hair that is… can’t let the spines droop right? Lemme describe myself first off, I stand 5'8 a few inches taller then Mimi. My hair color as you know is and always will be blue and spiked. My eyes are a deep brown and conceal my pupils, which allows me to scare the shit outta people when they piss me off. My goggles are chrono blue with a vermilion lens. Regular jean shorts and T-shirt like any kid. Anyway, back to my locker. "Hey, Dan!" She was the only one that called me Dan...everyone - even my parents, knew me as Akuma. "Hiyas, what’s up Mimi?" I closed my locker and put all my attention to her. " After school I'm going to the Digital World for a late picnic. Michael couldn't make it so it's just me and you hun." Mimi gave me a wink and a punch in the chest. I wanted to cry because it really hurt! Aha just kidding! I knew what she had in mind but I wouldn't be able to go. " Damnit! I can't go! I have to practice for the big competition next week and Sensei gets pissed when I slack off in class." Mimi’s face went from a happy smile to a straight face.

"Well, can't you practice later? I mean its just Kido Kai no biggie right?"

"I wish I could Mimi it's just, that this is really important...I'm really sorry, I'll try to find ya when I'm done ok? I should be done by and I'm sure Palmon would love to join you."

"No....Palmons sick and can't do anything...” She said  Alright I guess I'll catch ya later."

"Alright. I’ll make it up to you Mimi." We exchanged kisses and went our separate ways, I to Kido Kai and she to the Digi World. Besides, I can always find Mimi on my computer thanks to Izzy her friend from Japan. He set up our digivices so I could track Mimi or she could track me when we needed to find each other or so I can apologize to Mimi if I got her angry at me.... Like now...


"Is something the matter Dan?" Leomon - my partner - was training with Sensei and me after school in the Dojo. " Well, yeah I guess. Mimi wanted me to go on a picnic with her and I couldn't make it...I feel extremely bad becuase she thinks that Kido Kai is more important then she is to me...."

"Well, go to her then."  My Sensei had been overhearing my conversation with Leomon. "What are you serious? Wh- what about the competition next week?"

"I'll show Leomon what you'll need to know and he and you can practice later. Your love comes before anything else, remember that Dan."

"No way! Thank you SO much Sensei! You totally kick ass...literally." With that I left Leomon and Sensei in the Dojo and raced home as fast as my legs would carry me. "Here I come baby!" I come around the corner of my driveway and got to my house. Racing into my room, I flipped on my computer and pulled up the map of the Digital World..."Where are you?" I searched the map at least 30 times...but no little pink dot showing Mimi's location. "No, you've got to be kidding me!" Checking my email I found nothing from Mimi so I sent her one to her D-Terminal...


Moments later I got an email back saying the email host I was trying to reach was not found. "Not good. No damn good." I left a note on the door telling Leomon I'd be back by dinner and went into the Digi World not knowing what to expect...."Please be here Mimi. Please!" I raced around asking every Digimon I could find till I found a ModokiBetamon that had seen Mimi go into the forest alone... Minutes passed like hours as I finally came to the clearing in the meadow. "Mimi! Where are you! Mimi!" She wasn't there. All around was grass. Wait! Over there! There was a basket! I came to the basket and found Mimi's things.... Her Digivice, D-Terminal - Both fried and the most shocking thing in among the clutter…. Her clothes? The food was never eaten and lay in the basket in the packages still. "Oh god no, I'm too late!"


Back in my room Leomon found me crying on my bed. "What’s wrong? Where’s Mimi?" Leomon looked concerned and sat down next to me. "She's gone... I couldn't find her...Only these things." Leomon looked on my desk and found Mimi's things.


The days to pass where even worse... Kids at school blamed me for Mimi's disappearance...Even Michael...I got suspended for a week because a group of Skaters tried to beat me up, but Leomon was watching and helped. Before the teachers found him Leomon got away and I took full responsibility even though it was eight against one. And Leomon… Leomon got a virus and was deleted before I could do anything. My life went from perfect, to hell all from one day.


* * * * * * * * * *


Two months went by, Sensei took me out of the competition and said to come back when I was ready...I'm still not ready. The DigiDestined in Japan found some information about a human called the Digimon Whore. I know in my heart that it's Mimi and she's still alive and waiting to be rescued.


* * * * * *


School couldn't have lasted longer! I'm back in school and Michael and I are friends again. Mimi is all I can think of and it's driving me nuts!

At my locker after school cleaning things out, Michael came over. "Look Michael, I have nothing to say right now. Today is the day we get Mimi back!"  He hadn't even realized what I said before a smile came across his face. "Great! I'm coming too!"

"No, you're not. It's my fault we lost Mimi and now I'm getting her back. I may be gone for a few days so I'm packing things that I need. Tell all our teachers I won't be in for a few days for...personal reasons kk?"

"Yeah, no problem bud." I grabbed my book bag, threw on my shades and started to walk out the door to leave. "And Akuma!" I turned around to see Michael and all of our friends standing there. Together they all yelled "Good Luck! And bring her back to us!" I turned around and walked out.




. I collected things I'd need: my gloves, sunglasses, food, Mountain Dew, shoes, bookbag, toothbrush etc. The note on my desk couldn't have been shorter - Going to save Mimi, be back - I left in the middle of the night so I wouldn't disturb my family.


* * * * * * *


Three days had passed and I had yet to find Mimi. "Jesus why can't I find you Mimi?!" I became frustrated as my search turned up nothing. To settle my nerves I began meditating next to a nearby tree. After about 10 minutes of meditating, I realized this is the meadow Mimi disappeared in. I heard a rustle off to my right in the woods. I threw on my Maverick gloves and prepared for anything. A human girl fell out of the bushes.


She was naked and shivering and dirty and naked and curled up and…. So… naked. "Holy shit! Hey! Are you okay?" I shook her shoulder trying to get a response. She gave a tiny moan like she was in pain and looked into my eyes, confused and scared. She looked so familiar and I didn't know why or how, but it was like we met before. "D...Dan...?” I knew who this girl was! After speaking my name she passed out. "Mimi!! Oh god I found you!" Her skin was dirty and pale looking and odd as it was, incredibly smooth. She was still shivering and didn't look like she was going to stop. I pulled my sleeping bag off my bookbag. Unzipping it into a blanket, I wrapped her in it to warm her up. It started to get dark.


A fire was started quickly and food was cooked. I sat there staring at her. I still couldn't believe that I had found Mimi. I finally broke down and started crying. I missed her so much that I didn't realize I loved her even more now then before that day she became missing. While I was crying Mimi woke up and sat up looking around. "Huh? Oh, you're awake!" I rushed over to her side with water which she quickly drank and nearly emptied the bottle. I became worried about her physical health so I did a quick check over her body for cuts or bruises of the sort. "D- do you know who I am? Do you know your name?" Mimi looked up at me and gave a weak smile "Yes...you're Dan my best friend and boyfriend. I'm Mimi your best friend and girlfriend." She seemed okay and was able to form words with no problem. Her eyes were the right size and they could follow my finger without a problem.


" Are you okay? Mimi where have you been?"

" I- I'm fine don't worry. How long have I been gone?"

" You've been gone two months Mimi. Everyone is worried sick about you. But things will be all right now that I found you. I...I'm so sorry I wasn't there to protect you that day..." I started to choke up and cry again as the memories came flooding back like somebody opened the water lock.

"Hey hey, it's okay Dan, I don't blame you at all, it was my fault for going without anyone there to keep me safe."


"Well...what did happen to you then?" I placed my hand on her shoulder.

" I...I was raped by hundreds of Digimon.... Oh Dan, it was awful! Day and night it never stopped! I haven’t washed at all! I was lucky if I ate or slept..."

This was horrible news to my ears and I couldn’t have been angrier. "Well don't worry now, I'll get you home and everything will be okay Mimi. We’ll leave first thing in the morning." She nodded at me and went back to sleep. I went back over to my spot and lay down to sleep as well....


The next morning we left to go home. Mimi was delighted to hear those words - go home. We got back to my house at in the morning so my parents had already gone to work. I gave Mimi some clothes to wear till she got her own. Since Mimi was so dirty I turned on the shower and let her clean herself up. Making sure she’d be all right I left her alone.


While Mimi was in the shower I sent an email to her friends in Japan and to Michael. Her friends in Japan were sleeping already and Michael was at school so neither would get them till later. I unpacked my things and made something to eat for both of us. I ate mine and left the rest in on the stove for Mimi.


I wrote in my notebook what you all have read up until this point. After I get some rest I’ll keep writing - Akuma July 2002.




After half an hour she still hadn't gotten out of the shower and Dan was getting tired from 2 of the 3 days being sleepless. In his room he took off his shirt and threw it into a corner. His Blitz Ball necklace was freezing on his chest and that’s when he realized everything was gonna be okay from now on...Dan lied down on his bed and fell asleep...




Mimi finished her shower and was finally clean. All the dirt, scum, dried cum, everything was finally gone. She put on a pair of jeans Dan let her borrow along with a shirt, pair of socks, and boxers. “Well it’s not my style but it’ll do.” She said as she left the bathroom. It had been so long that she almost thought she would never see her boyfriend again. She went downstairs and ate the food that Dan had left on the stove. Mimi then checked the calendar. It had been two months since she went to the Digital World! “Oh my god! I couldn’t have been gone that long, could I?” Mimi went upstairs to find Dan and thank him. She found him sleeping on his bed. “He’s so brave, so heroic, so noble to come and save me, I don’t know how to possibly thank him. He’s so cute when he sleeps.”


Mimi noticed her boyfriend’s cuteness as he slept and was glad she had met him in the first place. She now realized that Dan or Akuma as everyone knew him would do anything for her even risk his life…She HAD to pay him back for what he did. He deserved it after all. She crawled up onto the bed and straddled Akuma. Mimi looked him up and down and finally leaned over and kissed him. He instantly woke up and began returning the kiss. After minutes they broke their kiss. Mimi was the first to speak “I love you.” Dan ran his fingers through her hair. He then grabbed her cheek and stretched it out. He smiled at her saying, “Your skin, your expression that look in your eyes… it’s all real. You’re truly home.” She smiled saying  Please let go, your hurting my cheek.” Letting go of her cheek, they stared at each other with loving eyes until Dan broke the silence “I love you too, Mimi.”  Her eyes began to tear up “Oh no, I’ve made you cry again...” Mimi shook her head and she hugged him and they kissed again. This time Mimi slid her tongue into Akuma’s mouth and he did the same.


Both began to massage the insides of their mouths.  For the first time in their lives both Mimi and Dan finally understood what love truly was. Mimi looked at Dan and said, “This is for you. You deserve this both as my boyfriend and my hero.”  With that Mimi slowly took off her shirt. She threw it to the floor. Akuma’s mouth dropped as he saw Mimi’s now exposed breasts. She blushed and turned away but was stopped by Dan’s hand on her face. “Your embarrassed. Why?” Mimi looked back at him “Cause I wanted to save myself for you and wasn’t able to.”


Akuma looked at her shocked and amazed “You’ve got nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about.” He said as he noticed her breasts with now erect nipples. “You-your beautiful... Even more now then ever.”  Mimi smiled and hugged him. They both embraced each other forever. While they embraced Mimi locked eyes with her lover “You’re beautiful as well. There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think about you and how good you’ve been to me. I want you to make love to me. Don’t worry, I’ll help you if you get lost.” She said with a playful giggle.


His face turned crimson as she told him what was about to happen. Only 14, and about to have GET IT ON with his girlfriend. Heh, Fuck ‘Not Me, Not Now’ He thought as he began to kiss Mimi’s neck and chest, working his way down. She giggled and wrapped her legs around Dan’s torso as he kissed her upper body.


She wrapped her hands around the back of his head as he moved down to her breasts. He made his way down the left breast kissing it slowly until he reached the nipple where he swirled his tongue around it in circles and coating it with his saliva. She moaned out his name as she pressed her body against his. They both felt the heat that was exchanged between the two lovers’ bodies.


Dan moved his head back up to meet with Mimi’s and they gazed into each other’s eyes. He moved in for a kiss but she stopped his approach, placing her index finger on his lips and winking at him. Giving her a puzzled look Mimi motion her head down to where Mimi’s legs were still wrapped around Dan’s waist. “Ooh.” He looked up smiling “I don’t get it.” She laughed at his stupidity and gave him a playful slap across the face. “You truly are a knucklehead Akuma.”


She released her legs from his waist and reached towards his fly, he did the same with her. They both undid each other’s flies and buttons, but with no success pulling their pants off. Struggling for what seemed like hours they both flopped on the floor. Dan was the first to jump to his feet saying “Meant to do that! Totally planned I swear to god that was! Oh, are you okay?” His face turned red once he saw what Mimi was looking at. His member stood at attention measuring an above average eight inches long and 2 inches thick.


Mimi looked up at him with her mouth open wide “How long were you going to hide this from me mister?” She said acting like a mother who found her son’s porn stash. She pulled the rest of his pants and boxers down to the floor and laid them aside. Akuma pulled Mimi’s shorts down along with the spare boxers she was wearing and tossed them next to the pile of his things.


Akuma helped Mimi to her feet. Without warning, Mimi snatched his dick and wrapped her hand around it. This new sensation startled Dan and his legs buckled and he fell to the ground. “Get up you fool!” Mimi laughed as he once again hopped back up with a stupid smirk on his face like he’d meant to do that.


Mimi crawled onto the bed and awaited her lover to sit beside her. He plopped his butt next to hers. “This is for saving me. ” They turned so both of them fit onto the bed without having to fall off…again. She moved her hand down to his member, which was starting to go down due to the lack of excitement. She slowly rubbed her hand up and down the shaft and ‘woke’ it up so it sprung to attention.


“Now just to warn you, this will feel odd. So no fallen over, ya got that?” He gave her a sarcastic look as she lowered her head between his legs. Mimi gripped the base of his prick and began to lick the head all around. Dan let out a moan as she continued to lick around the head and then move down the shaft licking away. After getting his dick nice and wet with her saliva she slid the whole thing into her mouth and sucked on it for all she was worth. Akuma let out a squeak as she did this. Mimi pulled her head back and forth, up and down his shaft, moving her tongue all around as she went, giving Dan the pleasure he deserved.


After minutes of this treatment, Mimi pushed Dan onto his back and positioned her shaved cunt over his face. She went back to sucking on his dick while he stared at her pussy like a mo. Akuma finally got the picture and wrapped his hands around her ass and pulled her into his face. He started to lick her outer lips with his tongue. Mimi moaned creating a vibration on Dan’s dick. Liking this he sped up his tempo, licking inside of her pussy and out. He slowly started his tongue at her clit and worked it up to the crack of her ass.


Repeating this several times, Dan vapor locked his lips on her clit. Mimi gasped at the surprised feeling and moaned in complete and utter pleasure. He then began to flick her clit with his tongue as fast as it would go. Mimi moaned over and over again while sucking on his dick. Moments later of flicking and rubbing her clit, Mimi let out a cry as her orgasm hit leaking liquid out of her cunt. Dan sucked the fluids as they came out till it was all gone. Mimi sucked on his dick until he reached his climax as well, filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed the cum and gave his dick one final suck before she sat up.



“How was that, bub?” Mimi said mocking Akuma’s phrase. “D-Dan?” She waited for a response until Mimi felt tapping on her thigh. “Mmph!” Mimi looked down to see her lover trapped under her butt and cunt, cut off from his air supply. “Oh shit! I’m sorry!” She jumped off his face as he sat up gasping for air. “Thanks… a lot…” Dan looked up at Mimi with an evil grin upon his face. He pounced on Mimi knocking both to the floor.


Upon landing on the floor the two began feeling and kissing each other wildly. Akuma kissed up and down Mimi’s upper torso. Kissing around her nipples, down her stomach, up her neck. Mimi nibbled on Dan’s ear making it difficult for him to continue his work. Mimi fondled his balls as he massaged her breasts and squeezed her ass cheeks. Mimi felt something rubbing against her inner thigh as they French kissed each other.


“ Are you ready for round two?” Mimi asked giving Akuma a wink and a smile. “You kidding me? I was born for round two sister!” Mimi and Dan got back onto the bed. Mimi stroked his shaft and it became hard again. Mimi laid Dan down on his back and hovered her pussy above his cock. She moved her pussy up and down teasing his cock by only swallowing the head in her pussy before coming back up. Finally after minutes of this she dropped down onto his shaft.


Akuma’s eyes bulged out as his dick felt a brand-new, even better sensation. Mimi’s pussy was so tight and Dan couldn’t help but moan each time she bounced up and down on his member. Mimi began to moan wildly as she rode his cock. She bounced up and down, each time squeezing her cunt together creating a riveting sensation for both of them. Dan began to thrust into Mimi as she came down on his member. Both moving in unison as one came down and the other up. Mimi moaned with each movement showing she enjoyed what was happening. Bouncing on Dan and shrieking with pleasure Mimi’s orgasm rocked through her entire body. Dan, not yet have cummed, flipped Mimi onto her back so he could do his turn.


Mimi began to moan as Dan thrusted into her. Over and over again she would cry out, gripping the bed sheets as his cock rubbed against her insides. While thrusting into her, Akuma began messaging Mimi’s breasts. She painted and moaned as he gave her this wonderful treatment. Mimi could feel her second orgasm approaching fast. With one final thrust Mimi let out a cry as her second and final orgasm hit. Her muscle spasmed squeezing Dan’s cock and he too hit his climax and shot his load into her. They both moaned and sighed as their awesome feeling settled down. The embraced each other exchanging their ‘ I love you ‘ and fell into a deep sleep. Akuma’s last memory was hearing Mimi say, “ I love you Akuma… My Hero…”



POP! Akuma snapped to attention at the sound of a spark shooting out of the fire pit. “ Huh what? Mimi?! Where are you!” Dan stood up and look around franticly for Mimi. He noticed he was wearing the same clothes as the day… before when he was in the Digital World? “ What the HELL is going on?” Dan said out loud. Akuma noticed an arrow sticking out of the ground with a piece of paper attached to it. He pulled it off the arrow and read it. ‘ You are on the right path hero, but beware, for the world has changed and your search will be harder to complete. She is safe, but for long I cannot say. ‘ Dan dropped the note into the fire. A tear ran down his face as the paper crumpled into ashes and became one with the fire…


                                    “ I’m coming… MIMI!!”





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