Ok, Here’s the Explanation for this WHOLE series since I never wrote a beginning. For starters the main char Dan/Akuma is spose to be me, cause I thought it would be cool to write a fic with myself in it. Second, this takes place I guess after Malo Myotismon is defeated. Thirdly, I’ll keep this series going until I drop dead or I get an email from Soni telling me ta stop ^_^

*Warning, I don’t own Digimon™ or the Digimon Logo© or any of the Digimon™ Characters. BUT! I do own the character Dan(Akuma)® this is not a lemon but a prologue to my first two lemons (how much sense did THAT just make?) So I don’t think it matters if you’re under 18 for this right? RIGHT?! Right… Okay, enough of my idle chit chat babbling. ON WITH THE STORY!!!! ^_^ *


            “Hey so I was wondering Mimi…” Dan trembled as he continued this nightmare “S-so, yeah I was wondering, if you would go… out… with me?” His face turned crimson as he finally finished asking the girl he had had a crush on since he first met her, the question that had plagued him. Mimi was a beautiful teenage girl Dan’s age, who moved from Japan a few months earlier. She had perfect eyes, a great smile, with a witty personality that Akuma couldn’t resist.  


Mimi smiled at him and placed her hands on her hips “Yes, yes I would Dan. One of the coolest guys I know is you and I could never say no to someone like you!”.


The phone rang at Akuma’s house.

“ Hello?” His eyes searched space for a voice, his ears picked up sounds


Dan laughed at hearing his friends voice

“HA! What, ya jealous already Yuusha? Heh, yeah she said yes and it surprised the hell outta me too!”

Yuusha was Akuma’s best friend. They gave each other the nicknames they have now. Until now everyone knew Akuma and Yuusha as Dan and Bill, class clowns, wise guys, smart asses…you get the idea.

“ So, how much did ya have to pay her to go out with you man?” Yuusha couldn’t believe a word he was hearing.

“ Nothing, I just…asked her and she said yeah. Oh shit, I gotta go Yuusha, the animals need feeding and I’m the only one home so, I’ll see ya tomorrow in class, k?”

“Yeah, yeah see ya AAAAAAKUMA!”

            The sound of the phone hanging up was heard on Dan’s end of the phone. He laughed to himself and hung up the portable “Smart ass…” He sighed under his breath.



   “ They’re trying to build a prison... They’re trying to build a prison… Follow the rights movements you clamped down with your iron fist, drugs became conveniently available for all the kids-“ WHACK!!! Akuma slammed his fist down on the alarm clock.  “God damn school…has to start at fuckin 7….I’m trying to sleep damnit!” He mumbled and cursed getting out of bed looking at the clock it was a gloomy and the bus came at . Dan collected his clothes headed into the bathroom to do the same routine brush his teeth, take a show shower, and get dressed.


Dan dried off and threw on the pair of boxers and jean shorts that were in his pile of clean clothes. He looked himself over in the mirror like everyday. Akuma stood 5’7, normal for guys his age – 15 by the way – he weighed a perfect 132 pounds. Muscular and fit, he continued on looking over himself. Brown eyes that could stare down the devil were Dan’s to own. His hair was kinda dark but also light brown at the same time….so, he dyed it blue! I mean, not like THIS blue, but this blue.


He left the bathroom and went down the hall and was startled when a blue light lit up his bedroom. Astounded and shocked he entered his room to see his laptop had been turned on and a giant egg was pulsating sitting, on his desk… “Okay, the laptop being on was weird enough, but… What the HELL is THAT! “ His mouth literally hit the floor as his laptop again lit up and a another object came from the screen.

A powder blue device sat on his desk beeping and glowing. Akuma wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or not. “Alright, I’m taking a personal day…” He said to him self cautiously poking the device that sat on his desk.


            Mimi sat in class bored and depressed. She had hoped to see her new boyfriend Akuma since they had EVERY class together, but he wasn’t there because he was “sick”.

            Lunch was at the beginning of 5th period around 10:30am and Mimi knew that Dan would be awake or at least resting if he was sick, so she decided to give him a ring a ling…ling (yeah I’m nuts shut up)  Her English teacher Mr. Fireseed let Mimi use the phone to call Dan. “ Thanks Mr. Fireseed for letting me use the phone, is there anything Dan should need to know about tomorrow or anything to make up?” Mimi had her hand on the phone ready to call Akuma. “No, I’ll just flood his email account like he does to me whenever he’s sick.” Mr. Fireseed chuckled as he began typing on his computer.

Mimi dialed Dan’s number and waited for him or the machine at least, to pick up…

 “Hello?” asked Dan as he picked up the phone

“ Hey cutie, how “sick” are ya this time?” Mimi sarcastically remarked.

“ Oh Mimi, ahh hi. Heh heh, oh you know *cough* pretty sick” He pretended to sound sick.

“ Oh really? What, did doing math give you the flu? Or was it that French oral report?”

“Ok alright fine! So I’m not sick, but you gotta see what I got! It’s a long story so just stop by my house after school alright?” He sounded enthusiastic

“ It better be good you dweeb or you’ll be sorry bub!” Mimi warned him and then hung up before he could answer.   Moron…” She smiled and left the room.


            “ LEOMON?!” Mimi shouted as she entered Akuma’s kitchen. There stood a gigantic humanoid lion. “Mimi!!” Leomon smiled as she raced over to him and gave him a hug. “It’s so good to see you again! Wher-Why-HOW did you get here?!” Mimi was confused as to how her good friend arrived here. “Well, perhaps you should ask Dan.” She turned to her boyfriend with a puzzled look on her face. “Don’t look at me. Leomon and this thing came outta my laptop this morning.” He held out the powder blue object in his hand. Mimi couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “That’s a Digivice. I got one too, see?” She reached into her pocket and pulled out the same thing that Akuma held in his hand. “Well that’s all great to know babe, but… What’s it all mean?” Dan kicked up his feet and leaned back in his chair. “It means…” She kicked his chair causing him to topple over. “It means, you’re a DigiDestined like me and my friends who live in Japan.” Dan stood up rubbing his head. “ Oh kewl. Hey, I bit ma tong! Tanks a wot Meemee!”


_-=^=-_ Months have gone by (11 to be exact) and our couple is still together happy, and loving as ever. Mimi has gone to a few of the martial arts classes Akuma takes. Akuma has gone to a few rehearsals to hear Mimi sing. Akuma let Mimi be a singer in his band called Yuusha and Akuma’s Noodles and Karaoke. Dan played the electric guitar harmonica, Yuusha played the drums and sang, and Mimi was a singer too. It was one of the best garage bands in their whole school. They even got to play at the school dance a few times. Other then that Mimi and Dan had the picture perfect relationship, straight out of a story some said (and were pretty right too ^_^) Nothing could tear them apart not even when Mimi went to Japan for a few months, Dan was right at her side. Although when he tried speaking Japanese to Mimi’s friends, he didn’t sound too smart.… He asked her friend Sora if she would like to exchange phone numbers and was swiftly smacked by Mimi. “ Hey! What was that for?! He told me to do it!” Akuma said pointing to Mimi’s friend Tai as he was running away. Yup, everything was perfect for Mimi and Akuma until that one fateful day went both Mimi and Akuma’s world shattered…


Ok, end of the prologue folks, after thousands of emails (heh yeah I wish) I finally took the many suggested hint to write a prologue. So here it is ^_^ If you guys have any suggestions, comments, flames, email ‘em to me @ Cyrax57@hotmail.com