A Walk in the Park


      It was a beautiful sunny day in the Digital World. The temperature was a

wonderful 75 degrees. The wind blew through Mimi's brown tamed hair. She had

decided to spend a day in an area that was filled with exotic flowers and

ferns " Here we are. Yeah, perfecto!" Mimi had found a meadow surrounded by

the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen. "Too bad the others are

sleeping." Mimi thought as she remembered the different time zones between

America and Japan.


      Mimi had sat down and begun to eat her rice ball when she heard a rustling

noise in the distance. "Who's there?" She got to her feet and looked around.

Sounds were head from all over the meadow, but Mimi didn't move. From within

the forest something shouted "TEAR DROP!" A giant teardrop came from a space

rip in the sky and landed on Mimi's picnic blanket. "Ha! Ya missed!" Mimi

taunted until she heard the terrifying sounds of her D-Terminal and Digivice

shorting out.


      With a tiny explosion from her D-Terminal, Mimi fell to the ground with a

startle. Her only means of defense and help were now down for the count.

"You really should watch what you say little girl."  Another rustling was

heard from a tree over head as a Palmon lowered itself from a branch. It was

different from other Palmons. Instead of a pink flower top it had a see

through sky blue flower top. Its height and size were the same as other

Palmons though. "I didn't miss at all. Can't risk you calling for help now

can I?" The Palmon stood there, not moving but look like it was absorbing

sunlight. "What do you mean?" Mimi was looking a little puzzled. "Oh, you'll

see." The Palmon was scoping out Mimi's body.


      She stood about 5'6; her hair was back to brown straight hair. She had on a

rouge tank top. Her jean shorts were the regular blue except on the back

right pocket was the crest of sincerity. She was wearing a pair of pink

flip-flops on her feet. The Palmon shot his finger vines at Mimi. Her

managed to rip off her top and snapped her bra with one swift swipe. "Hey!

What the hell do you think your doing you pervert!?" Mimi's face was bright

red with rage as she tried to cover herself. "What, you telling me all those

stories I heard bout you human girls is wrong? Ha! Haha, You'll just have to

be my proof then." With saying that the Palmon flung out its vines and

spread Mimi's hands high above her head. Her hands no longer cover her now

exposed breasts. Her nipples now pointed and erect stood out from the air

stood out like a sore thumb.


       "Stop that! What do you think you're doing?!" Mimi protested in anger. The

Palmon used his free hand to massage Mimi's right breasts. Mimi let out the

smallest of smallest moans. He stopped and Mimi whimpered with

disappointment. Palmon tried to remove her shorts with no success. "Damnit!

Take off your shorts now!" Palmon became impatient and grew angry. "No way

ass!" Mimi was coming back to reality as her climax went back down. "Fine

I'll just have to make ya!" As the Palmon said this Mimi's eyes widened. The

Palmons eyes squinted as he used his spare hand again - since his other was

busy - and shot it into Mimi's mouth "Do it!" Palmon commanded. Mimi shook

her head. The vine in her mouth began to grow tiny spines that started to

grow bigger and sharper. Mimi began to sob with pain as the spines poked at

her mouth. "How about now?" Mimi nodded her head as the spines slowly shrank

back into the vine. He released one of her hands so she could undo the

buttons and the zipper.


      Still crying she slowly eased her shorts down to her ankles and the wiggled

them off completely. Palmon had seen her panties immediately. Mimi was

wearing a neon pink thong that would have made Tai and Matt get hard. He

quickly ripped her thong off with a silent rip. Mimi shrieked as the elastic

snapped on her bare skin. Palmon put Mimi's hand back over her head as he

drooled over her body. "Very nice..." He couldn't keep his eyes off her well

shave cunt. He thrusted his spare vines into her virgin pussy. Mimi moaned

loudly as he explored her insides. As he began to pull his vines out Mimi

moaned even louder as her orgasm began to rise again. Upon hearing this

Palmon got an idea. He pushed his vines into her deeper and deeper until he

hit her cherry and popped it. Mimi cried out in pain as this happened and

she realized what was happening...


      This Palmon was raping her and she couldn't fight back at all. Then the

vine came out with a sploosh sound. He combined all five vines into one big

vine. Without mercy he rammed the vine into Mimi. She gasped as she felt the

wonderful sensation. Palmon increased his tempo while licking her right

breast. The vine came out and Mimi moaned sadly. He lifted Mimi up into the

air and turned her so her back was facing him. He took the vine and rammed

it in Mimi's ass. Mimi screamed as she felt the dry vine painfully violate

her in such a way. She began to cry as he unmercifully increased his speed.

Mimi felt her orgasm rising fast and she began to cum all over the ground.

The Palmon quickly turned Mimi back around and turned is vine into five

separate vines again. He shoved all five fingers up her cunt and started to

finger her insides. Mimi moaned in ecstasy as her clit was licked and her

walls getting such a fingering. Her second orgasm came. Having a painful

hard on the Palmon sat her down on her back on the ground. He took her

picnic blanket and tied her arms behind he back.


      Using his vines he spread Mimi's legs in an M shape. She gasped as she saw

his cock. It had to be 9" long and 3" wide. Palmon lined his cock up to

Mimi's cunt and jammed it in. They both began to moan together. The Palmon

felt her tight walls squeezing the hell outta his dick. Mimi's pussy felt

great with such a huge cock in her. Mimi's third and final orgasm came. Her

body convulged and shook sending Palmon into his orgasm spraying cum inside

Mimi. Before she was able to recover the Palmon drags her off into the

woods. When the Digi Destined get to the area hours later all they find are

Mimi's clothes, digivice, d-terminal, and picking items. After months of

being missing the Digi Destined learn of a human called the Digimon Whore

who's fucked almost every type of Digimon and was in hundreds of orgies.


      Although suspecting the Digimon Whore to be Mimi she was never found, only

passed from Digimon to Digimon.


      Until one day she was found by one good friend

            but that's another story...



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